Tuesday Y&R Update 12/12/17

The Y&R Update Tuesday 12/12/17


Written by Ellen
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At the Abbott mansion, Jack and Ashley told Dina that they'd reached a compromise; Ashley would be working at the lab, while Jack would resume the role of CEO. Dina was angry that she wasn't consulted. She turned to leave, intending to catch a flight to Paris before they could send her to a nursing home. It was clarified that Jack would be working from home so that he could care for Dina while running Jabot. Dina didn't think that one could be CEO while working from home. Ashley explained that she was going to help by taking some meetings for Jack. Jack insisted that he could do the meetings by video chat, freeing Ashley up to do the research that she loved. He planned to have Mrs. Martinez help with Dina. Dina wandered over to the tree and began to remove the decorations. When questioned, it became clear that she thought it was February. Ashley raised concerns about Jack juggling everything, but he was adamant that he was capable of keeping Dina occupied while he worked.

At the cottage, Sharon realized that due to her college final, she wouldn't be able to take Faith to school. Scott offered to do it, but Faith said she didn't want him to. When Sharon asked why, Faith covered and said Scott drove too fast. Scott promised to slow down, but Faith wouldn't bend, so Mariah took her instead. Faith ignored Scott when he said goodbye. Scott helped Sharon study, then he asked what he could've done to upset Faith. Sharon suggested that Faith was jealous, and Scott wondered if he should move out. Sharon insisted that he shouldn't. She was confident that Faith would come around, just like she'd eventually warmed up to Nick living with Chelsea. She told Scott to be himself, and Faith would soon be as crazy about him as Sharon was. They kissed.

Later, Scott ran into Mariah at Crimson Lights and asked if Faith said anything on the ride to school. Mariah said no. she blamed Faith's coolness toward Scott on her being a tween, and told him not to take it personally. Next, Scott asked if Mariah had ideas about what to get Sharon for Christmas. He was caught off-guard when Mariah brought up a diamond ring. Although Sharon hadn't mentioned wanting to get engaged, Mariah thought that Sharon would be happy if Scott popped the question. Scott thought it was a little soon, and Mariah agreed, but she didn't think Sharon would feel that way. Mariah stressed that she wasn't advising Scott to do this. Scott talked about settling down and how the dangerous situations he'd found himself in caused him to rethink his life. Scott was inspired by Sharon because she hadn't let her battles harden her, and she'd come out on the other side with empathy and compassion. Mariah thought Scott sounded like a character in a movie. Scott knew he and Sharon would have obstacles, but he was ready for them. He wasn't ready to propose yet, but he said it might happen someday soon.

Victoria walked into Victor's office and found him having a disagreement with Michael over the audit. Michael thought they should take preemptive action, but Victor didn't see a need, because he thought the authorities were bluffing. Victoria felt that they should follow their lawyer's advice. Michael didn't think the case was frivolous, so Victor instructed him to go find out what the evidence was. Michael left. After assuring Victor that she was on his side, Victoria asked him how much trouble they were in. Victor gave Victoria access to all of his files in an attempt to convince her that he had nothing to hide. Victoria let him know that wasn't necessary; she believed him. She thought he must wonder what the investigators had uncovered, but Victor was confident that his financial statements were in order. Victoria suggested that this might just be a case of an accounting error, but Victor didn't think they'd be sending a high caliber investigator over for something so minor. Victoria asked if they should brace themselves for the investigation. Victor told her that he wanted to go on the attack next quarter's numbers looked good. He wanted to go publicly celebrate, where they could be seen and envied.

Kevin and Gloria met for breakfast at the Top of the Tower. Gloria felt that Jack should've appointed her temporary CEO instead of Ashley. Exasperated, Kevin noted that Gloria had been griping about Ashley non-stop. Kevin wondered what was keeping Michael, and Gloria went on about Victor snapping his fingers and summoning Michael. She said there was no crossing Victor. “Not unless you can get away with it,” Kevin replied. Gloria asked Kevin to move back to Genoa City, but he told her it wasn't going to happen. Michael arrived, and Gloria was irritated because he hadn't shown up until it was time for her to leave. Michael promised to make it up to her, and she told him that she wanted cash and lots of it.

After Gloria left, Kevin said Michael owed him for making him deal with Gloria alone. Michael countered that he lived in Genoa City and had to deal with their mother on a daily basis. Kevin asked what was going on with Victor. Michael brought up attorney-client privilege, but Kevin pointed out that everyone knew about the investigation. Michael said he was trying to find out what the government uncovered. He wanted to study up on errors in electronic bank records, but Kevin said that wasn't how Victor's accounts worked. Michael expressed surprise that Kevin was so well-versed in Victor's accounts. Kevin said he meant that Victor's accounts were structured differently because of his extreme wealth.

Kevin balked when Michael asked him to hack into Victor's finances to see what the government had on him. Michael didn't think Victor would mind, but Kevin countered that the records belonged to the government now. Kevin noted that he'd go to jail, and Michael would lose his license again. Michael admitted that Kevin was right and thanked him for the reality check. Later, Kevin went to the Club and placed a frantic phone call to a mystery person. He warned them that things were starting to unravel and that he was powerless to stop it. “It won't be long before the truth comes out and Victor discovers what you did,” Kevin said.

Gloria was all too happy to see Ashley moving out of Jack's office, and she even brought a box for Ashley to put her stuff in. Ashley noted that she still outranked Gloria. Gloria contended that things ran more smoothly with Jack behind the desk. To Gloria's dismay, Ashley revealed that Jack would be working from home so that he could continue to care for Dina. Gloria didn't look forward to having to report to the mansion for work, because that would mean dealing with “hypercritical” Dina. Ashley suggested that Gloria find another job if she didn't like it. Gloria was sure she could adapt, as long as she received a raise. Ashley told her to take it up with Jack, since he was the CEO.

Jack conducted a business meeting by video chat. Dina walked in and mistook the blonde woman on the computer screen for Traci. Jack put the chat on hold and tried to correct Dina, but she took offense to him suggesting that she didn't recognize her own daughter. Jack shifted gears and asked Dina to watch the business news show for him and to let him know everything that happened. Dina went off to complete her assignment, and Jack tried to resume the meeting, but the connection had been lost. Gloria arrived, and Jack admitted that his transition to working from home wasn't going as smoothly as he'd hoped. Dina walked in and sniped at Gloria. Gloria started to return fire, but she thought better of it. Dina asked why Gloria stopped. As Jack winced, Gloria admitted she was being considerate of Dina's condition. Dina was angry with Jack for telling Gloria about her health, but Jack felt that Gloria had a right to know since she'd be around Dina every day. Dina insisted that she could hold her own in a verbal cat fight. She goaded Gloria, who kept reminding herself that she needed the job. Eventually, Gloria cracked, and she called Dina a bitch, to Dina's delight.

Later, Jack and Gloria finished working, and Dina and Gloria traded barbs. As Jack walked Gloria out, he thanked her and apologized. After Gloria left, Dina shared what she learned on the news. There was a story on Newman's success, and one on Chancellor acquiring a skincare company. Dina thought Katherine must be thrilled about her coup. Jack was surprised because Chancellor had been stagnant. Dina wished Jabot was doing as well as the others. Jack stated that Jabot was holding its own, but Dina didn't think he should be satisfied with that. Jack noted that companies ebbed and flowed. He said Ashley made some mistakes, and he'd had a lot on his plate, but Dina ordered him to stop making excuses. She noted that John was successful, despite all he had to contend with. Dina told Jack that John had always considered him a disappointment. When Jack didn't believe Dina, she got angry at him for questioning her. She accused Jack of letting John down for Jack's entire left, then she stormed off, leaving him reeling.

Ashley ran into Victoria and Victor at the Club, as they celebrated their profitable quarter. Ashley hoped that took the sting out of Victoria's failure to poach Ravi. Victor gloated about Newman's numbers being higher than Jabot's, but Ashley vowed to best Newman's cosmetics division in the new year. Victor promised to give her tips on being CEO, but she revealed that Jack was back in that spot. Victor asked about Dina, and Ashley said they were pulling together as a family to keep her safe and happy. Victor felt that Ashley was carrying her own load as well as Jack's. He accused Jack of grandstanding and being all about himself. Ashley thought the same applied to Victor. Victor noted that he built his company instead of inheriting it. He believed that Jack was insecure and that he had a habit of taking on too much.

Ashley came home and reported to Jack that the lab's renovations were going well, and she had a great meeting. She was taken aback when he suddenly yelled at her about how well Newman and Chancellor were doing compared to them. Ashley reminded Jack that Jabot's profits were rising, but Jack argued that it wasn't happening fast enough. He noted that Jabot didn't get featured in the business news. Ashley mockingly accused him of being sad that his picture wasn't in the paper. Jack snapped that his reputation was on the line. He ordered Ashley to deliver innovative products so that he could build John's legacy and make the company number one for their kids. Ashley agreed that they should make Jabot a success, but she thought Jack should calm down since it wasn't going to happen overnight. She predicted that they'd be working together for years to come. Jack figured Dina once thought the same thing. He was adamant that he needed to make a mark and do it now.

Victor and Victoria went back to the office. Michael rushed in and told them that an official was on his way to meet with Victor about the anomalies. Victor insisted that the person make an appointment, and Victoria agreed with him. Michael stressed that Victor and Victoria were mandated to meet with the official today. Alarmed, Victoria wondered why she had to be there. Michael left. Victoria told Victor that the authorities were engaging in scare tactics. At that moment, the official arrived – Victoria's ex husband, JT.

Faith came home from school and peeked into the cottage, wondering if Scott was home. Mariah asked what Scott did to upset her. At first Faith said she just didn't like him. Mariah suggested that it wasn't fair to write someone off just for doing one thing that was wrong. She asked if that was what happened with Scott. Faith was about to say something, but Scott returned. He had flowers and grocery bags and a plan to surprise Sharon with dinner. He asked if Faith wanted to help, but she went upstairs to do homework. Mariah helped Scott cook. Later, Faith helped set the table and asked Scott why he was doing this all of a sudden. Scott wanted to do something nice because Sharon finished her finals. Mariah added that Scott was being considerate. Sharon came home and was pleased with her surprise.

Later, Sharon and Scott had the living room to themselves. Sharon asked if he remembered the day that he and Abby went missing. Scott asked that they not ruin the night by talking about Abby. Sharon wanted to talk about what she said that night. That night had been the first time she said she loved Scott. Sharon wished that she'd said that after a perfect night, like tonight, instead of blurting it out. She told Scott that she loved him, and he said he loved her too. Faith walked in and saw them kissing.

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