Monday Y&R Update 12/11/17

The Y&R Update Monday 12/11/17


Written by Ellen
Pictures By Christine

Victoria and Abby run into each other at the office and have a chilly exchange. Dad is back in town.

At the penthouse, Nick tells his mother who is behind the proposed housing development on the site of Chancellor Park: Victor. She’s furious but not surprised. Nick intends to fight and so does Nikki. Victor won’t be too happy to find the two family outcasts are his chief opponents. Chelsea listens quietly.

At the Abbotts’: Hilary brings Jack a few story ideas for the Hilary Hour. He isn’t shy about voicing his opinions and making demands. Hilary politely points out that he’s micromanaging. She’s not the first one to accuse him of that. Ashley did, and it turned ugly.

At Crimson Lights, Scott picks up a box of baked goods---a peace offering for Victor after Scott ran a story about Chancellor Park on Hashtag. Sharon says tequila is more Victor’s style, but still, she’s proud of Scott for taking a stand and hopes one day he’ll reveal his source to her.

Victor shuffles into his office, where he and Victoria discuss Nick’s reaction to the park project and the bad publicity it’s sure to generate. Victoria isn’t too concerned, and Victor rationalizes that although the park is a community resource, the land is owned by the city. It’s just business. Besides, Victoria adds, they intend to preserve a plot of green space to honor Katherine Chancellor. Victor is hearted and pounds his desk. If Nicholas wants to fight, bring it on!

At the Abbotts’: Jack likes Hilary’s show ideas. She accepts the compliment but is more concerned about Jack’s taking on too much. Caring for his mother is a big job and will get bigger as time goes on, and then there’s running Jabot . . . He realizes this and just needs to strike a balance. Hilary admires his determination but wonders whether that’s possible. He guarantees it is.

Victoria convenes a staff meeting outside Victor’s office. She invites Abby to join them and Scott arrives just in time. Someone has been leaking confidential information and it must stop. Everyone is to keep his or her eyes and ears open. She dismisses them. Scott takes Abby aside and says they need to speak privately---now.

Ashley rushes past Ravi into her office, chattering about all the work to be done before Christmas. She sees a bouquet on her desk and assumes it’s from Ravi. It’s not; it’s from Jack. When Ravi manages to get a word in, she’s not happy with what he says. He’s quitting? According to his contract, he can’t. When he reveals the name of his new employer, Ashley makes tracks for Newman.

Michael is admitted into Victor’s office. Good news. The company is free and clear of charges involving Design Date. Nikki arrives shortly thereafter. She needs a moment alone with Victor, and she’s sure he knows why. After Michael leaves, they get into it. How could he disrespect Katherine so? He repeats his speech about the good he’s doing for the community, but Nikki doesn’t buy it. She predicts he’ll lose this particular battle and storms out.

Devon, Nick, and Faith chat about Christmas on the Crimson Lights patio. Faith sure is a precocious one! Nick has a meeting with Devon, so he can’t take her to the park to go ice-skating. She should ask her mother. Nick gets to the point: He wants Devon to use his inheritance from his grandmother, Katherine, to save the park that is named for her. Devon is in a quandary. His company is doing PR work for Newman Enterprises, and Neil would certainly see such a move as a conflict of interest.

Ashley confronts Victoria at Newman and suggests she might want her lawyer present. Michael listens in while Ashley accuses Victoria of poaching. Victoria attempts to placate her with a generous settlement and a free lunch at Top of the Tower. She should know Ashley better than that. Ashley threatens legal action if Ravi violates his non-compete clause. Victoria scoffs. It won’t hold up. Newman is not a competitor of Jabot. Michael disagrees. It is now that it has acquired Brash & Sassy.

Behind the counter, Sharon is too busy to take Faith to the park, and she won’t allow her to go alone. Faith finally asks to call the sitter to come pick her up and take her home, which Sharon permits. But while Sharon serves a customer, Faith finds a business card for a taxi service and calls it instead.

At the penthouse, Nick updates Chelsea. He met with Devon while Nikki met with Victor solo. He thought it was for the best.

Faith ducks inside the park cafe when she sees Scott and Abby approach. They take a table and Scott reveals that, technically, Abby is the leak. Scott has put her is a bad spot, but he promises to protect her.

Ashley returns to her office and tells Ravi he’s off the hook. Ravi confesses he took the offer because he thought it would be best for their relationship. Ashley is touched, but she’d rather have him at Jabot. They’ll talk more about it later, after her meeting, but before she goes she tells him that Jabot rarely enforces the non-compete clause. In this case, she thought he was worth the fight.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon and Devon talk about Victor’s intent its implications. She’s surprised when Devon wavers. He agrees it’s an affront to his grandmother’s memory, so why doesn’t he buy the park and save the day? It’s complicated.

Hilary catches Devon as he’s about to leave the coffeehouse patio and persuades him to have one more cup with her. She can tell he needs to vent. He’s reluctant at first but eventually tells her about his moral dilemma. She knows the type of guy he is and already knows his decision. Oh yeah? he says. Then how much should he bid?

Ashley comes home and finds Jack in the living room. There’s still tension between them, but she thanks him for the flowers and offers an apology. After spending yesterday with Dina, she appreciates his point of view. He knows she’s unhappy about being unseated as CEO and offers a compromise. She takes a folder from him, which contains plans for a state-of-the-art lab at Jabot. It should be ready by the new year. Her reaction surprises him. She resents being squeezed out of upper management and thinks he’s bitten off more than he can chew. Nonsense. He’ll run Jabot from home, where he’ll care for their mother. Just watch him.

Faith remains in her hiding place at the cafe, waiting for Scott and Abby to leave. They continue their discussion. Scott assures Abby that her connection to his story is remote, and he wasn’t trying to set her up, as she suspected.

In Victor’s office, he praises Victoria’s handling of Ravi’s employment. A lawsuit is the last thing Newman needs right now. Nothing is to interfere with is purchase and development of the park. Michael enters with bad news. Although the company has been absolved of wrongdoing, Victor has not.

As Scott and Abby prepare to leave the park, he notices she’s not wearing gloves, and it’s freezing cold. She refuses to take his gloves, so he attempts to warm her hands by rubbing them in his and they end up kissing. Faith sees but says nothing.

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