Friday Y&R Update 12/8/17

The Y&R Update Friday 12/8/17


Written by Ellen
Pictures By Christine

Even on her way to visit her grandmother, Abby can’t shake thoughts of Scott, specifically their encounter under the mistletoe. Ashley answers the door and invites her in. They talk about troubles at work, although for the time being Victoria is behaving herself with Abby. Not so Jack with Ashley. The meeting yesterday got ugly. Ashley supposes it’s nice to have an ally in Scott. Abby sits bolt upright and says he’s no such thing. Ashley is surprised and asks lots of questions about Scott, but Abby isn’t interested in talking about him. Is it because of the trauma they endured together? Yes, exactly. Moving on . . .

Scott waits for Sharon in the living room. He looks around at all the Christmas decorations, stopping on a photo of him with Sharon. His eyes play tricks on him, and Sharon morphs into Abby. Sharon returns from the kitchen and brings him back to reality. He’s eager to dive right into the holiday and wants to know everything about her Christmas traditions. Mariah overhears and says rule number one is no reindeer Christmas sweaters. He slinks to the tree and retrieves two boxes from under it. Seriously? Even so, Sharon replaces them. She loves him no matter what. Mariah says he’s one lucky guy to have such a forgiving woman.

Chelsea works from home and has one of those days. Everything that can go wrong does go wrong, but Nick seems not to notice. He’s busy working on her laptop. Some sneaky developer wants to build condos in Chancellor Park without community input, and he’s determined to stop it. Chelsea thinks it sounds like a big job. Is she doubting him? No, she supports him wholeheartedly. He leaves to put up flyers to spread the word.

At the Abbotts': Ashley secures Abby’s support in her fight against Jack and then they talk about Dina. Jack left town abruptly, leaving Ashley in charge of their mother for the day. It won’t be a spa day, that’s for sure. Ashley is realistic about Dina’s prognosis and wants to start planning for long-term care, but Jack isn’t ready to go there. Abby has to agree with Jack. Dina is still functional. Ashley agrees, but for how long? Abby thinks her mother should view this day as a gift, not a burden. Dina enters and accuses them of talking about her behind her back.

From the Crimson Lights patio, Cane texts Charlie and Mattie. He invites them to join him for hot chocolate and hopes for the best. Inside, Sharon learns about Nick’s fight for Chancellor Park. Both of them are fired up. Scott enters and Sharon tells him. Maybe he could do a story about the unscrupulous real-estate developer. Scott sloughs it off. He’s seen this kind of thing before and the little guy usually loses. Nick takes offense and leaves. He’s not the only one who’s upset. Sharon accuses Scott of shunning the issue because it’s too boring and small town for his magazine. He sarcastically apologizes for not being like her ex and storms out.

Again on the coffeehouse patio: Charlie shows up and demands his hot chocolate with extra cream. He and Cane have a good laugh and then sit down to catch up. Even though Charlie is a teen and probably not interested in talking about himself, Cane would like to know what he’s up to.

At the Abbotts': While glancing at constant incoming work-related texts, Ashley asks Dina how she’d like to spend the day. Dina says she doesn’t need a babysitter and encourages Ashley to go to work. No, Ashley says. They’ll have fun if it kills them.

At Crimson Lights, Mariah finds Sharon in a state. How did things deteriorate so quickly? Sharon fears she made a terrible mistake asking Scott to move in with her. The two of them have different priorities. She’s all about family and community, like Nick, but Scott isn’t. Mariah reminds her of what she likes about Scott, namely that he isn’t like Nick and he views her as a capable person who doesn’t need saving. Sharon admits she’s right, but still . . . All Mariah asks is that she take stock of her feelings before acting.

Scott approaches Abby at Newman Enterprises and asks her what’s up with her brother Nick. He’s causing trouble between Scott and Sharon. Abby couldn’t care less about his personal problems and tells him so. OK, what does Abby know about a company called Alco? Nothing. She wishes him luck with Sharon and walks away.

Scott returns to Crimson Lights and makes up with Sharon. He supposes he’s jealous. Sharon and Nick share a long history. She’s touched. She knows Scott is a man of substance, and she’s sorry she implied otherwise. He comes with a peace offering: the identity of the shell corporation that wants to steal Chancellor Park. Sharon can tell Nick, but she must keep his name out of it. The company is Alco, and it’s owned by none other than Victor Newman. Sharon wastes no time dialing Nick. He’s angry, naturally, but not really surprised and he flies into action.

Ashley is astounded that Dina wanted to go ice skating at Chancellor Park. Of course, Dina says, as they take a table at the café. Just like old times. She recalls in vivid detail taking Ashley skating when she was a child. Ashley was determined to teach herself, and she did. Dina couldn’t have been more proud. Ashley marvels that although she has no recollection of it, Dina remembers it as though it happened yesterday.

Nick barges into Victor’s office, but Victor isn’t there. Victoria is holding down the fort while he’s out of town, and is she ever busy. She sits up and takes notice when Nick mentions Alco. She defends the tactic of using a shell corporation; it’s done all the time in business. Nick doesn’t accept her reasoning and says she’s behaving just like Dad.

On the Crimson Lights patio: Cane and Charlie reminisce about having hot chocolate when the twins were little and how Mattie always finagled extra whipped cream. She’s all grown up now, Cane sighs, and not too happy with her dad. Charlie minimizes it. She’s caught up in Reed right now, but she’ll come around.

Again in Victor’s office: Nick says Chancellor Park is the town’s "backyard." Not everyone is lucky enough to have their own, like Victoria. And need he remind her that her daughter is named after Katherine Chancellor? Victoria stands her ground. The project will create jobs and housing. Spare me! Nick says. This confirms his decision to leave the family company was the right one. Just then he gets a call from the nanny. Christian fell and was injured. Nick makes tracks for the hospital.

Charlie asks for news and pictures of Sam. Charlie thinks it’s great he’ll be home for Christmas, but it’ll be the Ashbys’ first Christmas without Cane. Cane reminds Charlie that Lily has made her decision and moved on. Still, Charlie intends to spend time with his dad at the Chancellor place. That’s his decision, and Mom will have to respect it.

In the park: Of course Dina remembers that day. Regrettably, they went skating only one time. Dina goes on to talk about how stubborn Ashley was. Dina knew right then and there that Ashley would overcome any obstacle. Ashley is glad they’re making new memories now. Dina agrees and says next up: pole dancing! They laugh.

Chelsea is frantic when she meets Nick at the hospital, but no need. Christian’s injury isn’t serious and he’ll be released soon. Chelsea feels deeply for Christian, as if he were her own son. Nick feels likewise about Connor.

Victoria goes to the penthouse to check on Nick---he left in such a hurry. She tries again to explain her position on the condominium project, but Nick promises her a fight. Victoria accuses him of fighting not the project itself but their father. Not true. Nick sincerely wants to save the park. If it ticks off Dad, so much the better.

Mariah comes home and finds Sharon and Scott half naked---again. She needs a scorecard to keep up with them. Alone, Sharon assures her that everything is hunky-dory. She’s confident Scott would never do anything to hurt her.

Alone with Chelsea at the penthouse, Nick returns to the subject of their children. Chelsea is the only mom Christian will remember, and even though their kids are cousins, they’re being raised as brothers. These are the family values that inspire Nick to save the park.

At home, Ashley proposes a couple of hot toddies and Dina approves. Ashley revels in their quality time until it becomes clear that Dina has no memory of the last several hours. Skating? She hates skating and would never waste a day on it.

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