Thursday Y&R Update 12/7/17

The Y&R Update Thursday 12/7/17


Written by Ellen
Pictures By Christine

Lily rushes to the hospital at Cane’s request. It’s not bad news. She finds Cane holding his baby boy.

Hilary goes to Jack’s house with an offer he can’t refuse.

Abby and Scott run into each other on the Newman Enterprises elevator. He wants to talk about their relationship but she’s not amenable.

At the apartment, Billy presents Phyllis with a gift. She’s stunned: It’s a photo of a horse, but not just any horse---Phylly (a combination of their names) is a race horse, which they now co-own. What does Phyllis think? She thinks it’s insane, and she loves Billy for it. They’re overcome with passion and celebrate their new acquisition. Later, Phyllis feels guilty for playing hooky and has to get to the office.

Gloria sits at her desk outside Ashley’s office. Lauren is upset because Phyllis is nowhere to be found. She’s skipped two days of work. Gloria blames her truancy on Billy, the rogue Abbott. Ashley approaches and orders Gloria to get Jack on the phone for her.

At the Abbotts’: Hilary wants Jabot to sponsor her TV show. In the midst of her pitch, Jack gets Gloria’s call and says he’s too busy to talk to Ashley. This doesn’t sit well with Ashley. Minutes later, he gets another call. Apparently there’s a trespasser on the property. He summons Traci and Dina and solves the mystery. Hilary trashed Abby on her television show, so Dina wants her gone.

Scott pursues Abby into Victor’s office. Abby is afraid to have a serious discussion with him because the last time they did, they nearly kissed. Exactly why he thinks they need to clear the air. He isn’t ashamed of having sex with her. In fact, he can’t stop thinking about it and wants more of the same, but it’s not going to happen. He’s committed to Sharon. Abby is disappointed. She suggests it might have been a mistake to move in with her if his heart isn’t in it. He insists it’s what he wants, but Abby has doubts.

At the hospital: While the baby’s vitals are checked, Cane and Lily talk. He can’t thank Lily and Mattie enough for donating blood for Sam. It’s lucky they share his type. Lily is genuinely happy for father and son and predicts a bright future for the two of them.

At the Abbotts’: Traci leads Dina into the kitchen for a cup of herbal tea while Jack and Hilary hash out a deal. He drives a hard bargain. He wants top billing and heavy promotion of Jabot products, and he won’t stand for any more tabloid-type stories if the show is to be associated with the Abbott family name.

At Jabot: Ashley is livid because Jack quashed a deal she made. Gloria offers no support. Her loyalty remains with the real CEO of Jabot Cosmetics. Just then, Jack calls Gloria and asks her to tell Ashley about Jabot’s new partnership. Hilary arrives, as promised, and is escorted into Ashley’s office. She’s ready to get the ball rolling, but Ashley says there will be no sponsorship. She’s calling the shots now, not Jack.

Phyllis runs into her boss in the Jabot lobby. Lauren is understanding but really needs her right-hand gal now. Things are tense between Jack and Ashley and that could mean trouble for Lauren’s company.

Billy comes to the house to say goodbye to Traci, who is leaving tonight but wishes she could spend more time with her mother. Jack steps away to take a call from Hilary. He assures her he’ll take care of Ashley. Billy and Traci overhear and offer their advice on how to handle the situation, but he’s not pleased with Ashley and intends to let her know. Meanwhile, Ashley calls a board meeting.

Again in Victor’s office: Scott says there’s nothing more than chemistry between him and Abby. He asks her to keep quiet about their interlude because he doesn’t want Sharon to find out about it. Before she can respond, she’s called to Jabot.

At the hospital: Lily is able to spend time with Cane because Victoria gave her the day off, which was kind of her. Cane agrees she’s not such a tyrant. She’s even been nice to him lately. The baby is brought back and Cane takes him in his arms. He asks Lily if she’d like to hold him. She does and she’s smitten. Hilary lurks in the corridor and watches. Lily becomes overwhelmed with emotion, hands the baby to Cane, and runs from the room.

The board, including Lauren, Billy, Traci, and Abby, gathers in Ashley’s office. She has a quorum without Jack and Kyle, so she proceeds. The upshot is Jack is undermining her decisions and compromising the company’s stability. Therefore she’s asking them to vote her official CEO. Before a motion can be made, Jack breezes in and apologizes for his tardiness. His secretary just told him about the meeting. He and Ashley quarrel in front of the group until he adjourns the meeting so that he can speak with Ashley privately. They talk about honoring John Abbott’s legacy---*my* father, Jack says. Low blow. Ashley retaliates. Jack is less like John Abbott than she is. And it was Jack who allowed Jabot to be overtaken by Newman, which caused their father’s heart attack. Perhaps that’s why Jack is now so eager to gain their mother’s approval. Jack has heard enough and orders Ashley from *his* office, and he advises her to watch the Hilary Hour, which Jabot will be sponsoring.

At the hospital: Hilary and Cane talk about Lily’s acceptance of his new reality and agree it’s a lot for her to process. Cane asks Hilary if she’d like to hold Sam and she recoils. Babies aren’t really her thing. Cane laughs, thinking he finally found her Achilles’ heel. She takes the challenge and melts.

In the Jabot reception area, Ashley pressures Billy and Abby to take her side against Jack, which they are reluctant to do. Inside the office, Traci tries to calm Jack. She ventures that he’s clinging so desperately to the company because it represents their father, whom they already lost, and now they are losing their mother. Jack angrily denies it and immediately apologizes for snapping at her. They join the others in the lobby. Jack asks where Dina is. He left her with Gloria, but no one has seen them. They spring into action, searching the building.

Over drinks at the athletic club, Lily and Abby commiserate about family drama and men---who can understand them? Lily is surprised Abby is considering a relationship after what she just went through with Zack. It’s complicated, Abby says. Lily knows how that goes. In spite of everything, she still loves Cane.

As Ashley scolds Jack for bringing Dina to the office in the first place, Dina returns clutching a tray of test tubes. Gloria explains that she found her in the lab, protecting company secrets. With the crisis averted, Jack again takes aim Ashley. He’ll be out of town tomorrow, so Ashley can watch Mom. Have fun.

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