Wednesday Y&R Update 12/6/17

The Y&R Update Wednesday 12/6/17


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At Hamilton-Winters, Devon tried to minimize the news about Tessa's arrest. He told someone to delete all comments and threads related the the story. Hilary came in, and Devon wasn't happy to see her. Hilary felt bad about telling the audience about Tessa's arrest, and she offered to let her come on the show to tell her side of the story. Devon admitted he was considering dropping Tessa from the contract. Hilary thought that would be a big story, but Devon said he hadn't made a decision. After Hilary left, Devon talked with Tessa. Tessa explained that she never intended to keep the gun – she planned to return it as soon as she knew Tessa was safe. While Devon was sympathetic to Tessa's decision, he asked if she'd thought about how her actions would affect the Newmans. Tessa was remorseful. Devon promised that he wouldn't overreact to what happened, and he asked Tessa to trust him. He called Hilary and arranged for Tessa to appear on her show.

In the park cafe, Tessa told Nikki that she'd been arrested, thanks to Nikki telling Victor that she stole the gun. She explained that the cops offered her a deal in exchange for informing on Victor, but she turned it down. Tessa continued that she didn't tell Noah that his grandmother was the one who ratted her out. Tessa felt Nikki and Victor owed her. Later, Nick, Connor and Christian met up with Nikki. Nick and Nick were curious when they saw a notice of public hearing about the future of Chancellor park. Nick had the nanny pick up the boys, and he and Nikki went to the meeting. They were outraged to learn that the city was selling the park that honored Katherine and a developer planned to put condos in its place. Nick and Nikki were determined not to let it happen.

At the penthouse, Nick let Chelsea read his letter to the mayor. She was just as upset as he was about the plans to demolish the park. Nick thought everyone should join together and fight the decision. He wanted to find the developer who wanted to purchase the land.

Nikki went to Chancellor mansion to tell Esther about the park. Esther wondered if they'd destroy the park if someone had chained herself inside. Kevin walked in and asked Esther where Bella's toy was. Esther told Nikki and Kevin to catch up while she went to get it. Nikki asked if Kevin knew anything about her email and cell phone account being hacked three months ago. Kevin pretended he didn't. Nikki turned up the heat, pointing out that Kevin was in town in September, right around the time Nick's money was stolen and Victor became privy to things in stored Nikki's private accounts. Nikki recalled that Victor had helped Chloe escape, which granted Kevin some precious time with her before her death. Nikki demanded to know why Kevin helped Victor access her personal data. Kevin said Victor helped him fund the move to Portland. Nikki threatened to go to Paul if anything like this happened again. She knew Kevin was smart enough to realize that Victor would let him take the fall if the truth came out, and she suspected that Victor had somehow blackmailed Kevin into helping him. She wondered what Victor had on him.

Christine was frustrated; she'd attempted to tie Victor to the sex ring through the audit and through Tessa, and neither plan had panned out. Christine and Paul were both displeased when they learned of the plans to sell the park. They'd been married in that park, and Paul envisioned being forced to carry out their anniversary tradition in a the condo's parking garage. Christine had to get back to work. Paul told her he might have a lead. After Christine left, Paul called someone and asked for their expertise.

Mariah ran into Abby at the park. Mariah explained that Scott was moving in with Sharon, and since Mariah didn't feel like she knew him well, she was interested in Abby's opinion of him. Abby thought it was clear that he had strong feelings for Sharon. Mariah asked if they discussed Sharon in the storage unit. Abby admitted they talked about a lot of things.

Sharon was surprised by how little Scott brought with him when he moved into the cottage. Scott explained that he didn't have much because he never expected to settle down, but now he felt it was time to go shopping. “I'm finally home,” he said, and they kissed. Mariah came home unexpectedly and walked in on Sharon and Scott having sex on the living room floor. Scott went upstairs, and Sharon apologized for the awkwardness. Mariah figured things could only get less awkward after this. Sharon grinned and told Mariah that Scott was a keeper. Mariah agreed, since Sharon seemed so happy. Scott got a text, and Mariah checked his phone, over Sharon's objections. Sharon and Mariah learned that Scott had a job interview in NYC. Sharon assured Mariah that it was okay to go to work. When Scott came downstairs, Sharon confronted him about the job. Scott said he'd been planning to tell her when she asked him to move in. She wondered what he would've done if she didn't ask. He said he would've turned it down regardless. Sharon apologized for jumping to conclusions and for checking his phone. Scott didn't mind if Sharon read his texts, but Sharon felt bad because they were supposed to trust each other.

Mariah arrived at GC Buzz just as Hilary took Devon's call. Tessa arrived and told Mariah that she looked amazing. Mariah was all business and explained that she was there to prep Tessa for the interview. Mariah asked about the arrest. Tessa didn't want to discuss that topic on the show, but Mariah warned her that Hilary would ask. Tessa leaned in close and confided that she stole the gun and gave it to Crystal, who used it to kill Zack. Mariah conceded that she shouldn't be surprised since Tessa had admitted to having secrets. Mariah wondered what the others were. Tessa swore this was the worst one, and she asked Mariah to help her hide it from Hilary.

The show started, and Devon was on set to watch the interview. Hilary introduced Tessa and alluded to her run in with the law. Tessa explained that her lawyer had advised her not to discuss her arrest, and she stuck to her decision, despite Hilary urging her to divulge details. Hilary asked Mariah for her thoughts, as Tessa's close friend. Mariah opined that they should give Tessa a break, as everyone was entitled to their secrets. Tessa sang her song. Noting that the song seemed deeply personal, Hilary asked what inspired Tessa to write it. Tessa explained that she wrote it about her missing sister. Hilary added that this was the same sister who allegedly shot Zack, the leader of the sex ring. Tessa asked Hilary not to call it a sex ring. She clarified Zack was a human trafficker who imprisoned Crystal and forced her into prostitution.

At Newman, Abby was alarmed when her phone alerted her that Tessa was a guest on the Hilary Hour. She called Scott, and when he found out, he decided to meet her at the office. Scott arrived, and Abby hoped he and Sharon hadn't been in the middle of anything important when she reached out. Scott assured Abby that he was glad she called. He and Abby watched Tessa's interview. Tessa stated that Zack took two people captive and was about to kill them when Crystal intervened. She explained that she wrote “You're with Me” when they were trying to locate Crystal. Hilary pointedly concluded that Tessa would do anything for her sister - maybe even break the law. Tessa cracked and admitted she gave Crystal the weapon she used to shoot Zack. Hilary felt that Tessa should be applauded for protecting her sister. Hilary revealed that according to Devon, sales of Tessa's song had shot up since the news of her arrest. In addition, Devon planned to donate the proceeds to charities that protected women. Tessa thought that it was a tribute to Crystal's bravery and spirit. Abby digested the news that she and Scott would be dead if Tessa hadn't given Crystal the gun.

Scott had observed Tessa's body language during the interview, and he believed she was hiding something. Abby didn't think it mattered, but Scott countered that he and Abby were a part of this, and it was his job to expose the truth. Abby warned him that he could end up hurting Tessa and Newman. Scott asked why Abby ordered him to come if she didn't want him to do what he did best. Abby clarified that she didn't ask Scott to come. He'd volunteered. She wondered if he just wanted to see her, and Scott suggested that she was the one who wanted to see him. Abby insisted that she was just trying to keep her job. Abby and Scott debated whether it was best for Scott to protect Newman, and protect his job in the process, or if he should pursue the story and uphold journalistic integrity.

Abby accused Scott of being naive to think that he should follow a lead that could hurt Newman and get him fired. Scott countered that he wasn't the one who fell in love with a pimp. Abby ordered Scott to take it back, and he did. He also promised not to pursue the story so that he didn't cause Abby any trouble. Abby was caught off guard – he was just going to cave? Scott reminded her that she asked him to. Abby thanked him in a dismissive tone, and Scott told her not to thank him, especially if she didn't mean it. Abby sarcastically thanked Scott profusely. The tension turned into sparks, and they almost kissed, but Scott stopped it and left.

Back at GC Buzz, Tessa pulled Mariah aside and blasted her for telling Hilary the details of her arrest. Mariah was shocked at Tessa's accusations. Tessa felt justified since Mariah was the only other person who knew the truth about the gun. Devon walked over and reminded Tessa that he also knew the full story. Devon revealed that he told Hilary the truth. Tessa's arrest had lead to a spike in sales, and Devon was concerned that the fans would turn against her if she tried to cover up the details. Tessa was annoyed that Devon didn't tell her about his plans, and Devon clarified that he sent her texts. Tessa apologized to Devon, and he forgave her and walked away. Tessa tried to smooth things over with Mariah. Mariah was hurt that Tessa would think she would betray her after all they'd been through together. Mariah stormed out.

Hilary handed Devon a glass of champagne to toast to another excellent show. Devon wasn't sure Neil would agree, but Hilary thought he'd get on board once he saw Tessa's latest sales figures. Hilary said she wouldn't mention Devon kicking her out of his office this morning, despite her solid instincts. Devon admitted that Hilary was right and she knew her audience. Hilary mentioned that the ratings for Devon's guest appearance were higher than usual. She pitched the idea of a reality show featuring the two of them navigating friendship after divorce. Devon stated that the marriage took a toll on them both. He wasn't sure why she'd want to live out the aftermath on screen in front of a blood-thirsty audience. He thanked her for putting Tessa on the show and left.

Back at the cottage, Sharon checked on the dejected Mariah. Mariah grumbled about working with a narcissist who treated people like puppets. Sharon was sure Mariah was stellar today, as usual. Sharon added that Mariah was a big help when it came to Scott. She explained that she and Scott had an incredible, honest conversation and that Scott wasn't planning to take the job. Mariah apologized for being suspicious of Scott. Sharon didn't mind because Mariah had been looking out for her. Mariah had noticed how happy Sharon had been lately. Sharon said she was in love, and she was sure Mariah would find love soon.

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