Tuesday Y&R Update 12/5/17

The Y&R Update Tuesday 12/5/17


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At GC Buzz, Hilary was on the verge of a meltdown because Tessa, today's guest hadn't arrived. Mariah assumed Tessa would be there soon. Devon arrived and learned that Tessa hadn't made it yet. It was fifteen seconds until the show, and there was no Tessa. Mariah noted that they'd improvised before, but Hilary countered that they hadn't done it for an entire episode. The show started, and Hilary did her intro. Devon connected up a microphone and joined Hilary and Mariah on stage. They made the best of it, and Hilary began to interview Devon about his new music service, LP Streaming.

Tessa was in Paul's office. She assumed she'd been summoned because there was news on Crystal, but Paul clarified that she was there to determine whether she was an accomplice to murder. Tessa noted that she was nowhere near the hotel that night. She rose to leave for her live television appearance, but Paul ordered her to sit. He pointed out that she committed a felony when she stole Nikki's gun, and that wasn't getting into the possible charges connected with the murder. Tessa was sure that Victor came in and tipped Paul off because he wanted her to get locked up. Paul asked why, and Tessa explained that Victor wanted her out of Noah's life. Paul didn't seem surprised, and he noted that Victor played by his own rules. Paul spoke with the DA, who offered Tessa a deal. They would give her immunity if she could provide information that linked Victor to the sex trafficking ring. Tessa didn't have anything on Victor, so Paul asked if she'd go undercover.

At Crimson Lights, Phyllis called Lauren and faked sick in order to get out of work the next day. Afterward, she told Billy that she was ready to take on NY and see if it could top Bourbon St. They shared a deep kiss.

At Jabot, Ashley happily told Ravi that the holiday shoppers were using JabotGo often. Ravi got a text inviting him to the new bar at the Top of the Tower. He asked Ashley to join him, but she declined because she had a lot of work to do. Ravi offered to stay, but Ashley insisted that he go enjoy himself. After Ravi left, Billy came by. He noted that Ashley seemed comfortable on the throne. Ashley replied that holiday sales were soaring, and she'd closed a deal that Jack had been chasing for quite some time. Ashley wasn't surprised by her success, because she'd done it before. Billy wanted to discuss the fact that he and Ashley weren't biologically related. Ashley was hesitant to dredge up ancient history, but Billy pressed the issue because he'd only recently learned the truth about her paternity. He added that some people would say they weren't siblings. Ashley's eyes were filled with tears. She was adamant that anyone who said that could go to Hell. They talked and were in agreement that they'd always be siblings and that they'd always love each other.

After a hug, Billy asked if he could borrow the jet to take Phyllis to NY. Ashley flatly refused his request. Billy protested that Jack let him borrow it, but Ashley stated that Jack didn't find out Billy took the jet until after the fact. She explained that the company jet was solely for company business. She asked if he and Phyllis kept vacationing because they were in a rut. Billy said they were great; he'd moved back in. Ashley wondered if he planned to propose, and she was relieved when he said he wouldn't ruin what he and Phyllis had with matrimony. Billy thought he'd need to sell Ashley on the idea of no-strings attached fun, and this lead to her telling him about what she had with Ravi. Ashley wondered if she was being fair. She asked if she should offer Ravi a commitment, and she noted that she was his boss. Billy thought Ashley should keep up the current arrangement if it made her happy.

Billy segued to the topic of the trip. Ashley suggested that Billy needed something more substantial in his life than trips. Billy said he put in a lot of hours at Brash and Sassy and it got him nothing. Dina's situation had spurred him to live life by the fullest. He asked about Dina, and Ashley said that she had ups and downs. Ashley agreed to let Billy take the jet, but she told him it was the last time unless he came back to work for Jabot. Billy reminded her that Jack vetoed that idea, and Ashley countered that Jack wasn't there. She thought Jabot needed a change and that she and Billy were the ones to do it. Ashley gave Billy a list of her clothing sizes, because she expected him to buy her things on his NY shopping spree. She told him that Phyllis knew her style – classy, the opposite of Phyllis's.

At Newman, Noah and Victoria discussed an unspecified topic. He asked if the cloak and dagger routine was really necessary. She assured him that it was. Noah went upstairs and greeted Ravi as he arrived at Top of the Tower. Ravi showed Noah the text, and Noah ushered him downstairs to the hallway outside Victor's office. Ravi was confused because it didn't look like a private bar. Noah excused himself, and a smiling Victoria invited Ravi into the office. She apologized for the subterfuge, explaining that she wasn't sure he'd have come if he knew the real reason for the meeting. Ravi was stunned when Victoria asked him to leave Jabot to head up Newman's software development department. She wasn't happy with Newman's current IT department, which couldn't even shut down Hashtag. Victoria had noticed Ravi's work when she was at Brash and Sassy, and she found it impressive. Ravi asked if she was just trying to one up a business rival, and Victoria assured him that this was about him. “It's you that I want,” she said, as she smiled and moved closer to him. While Ravi was tempted, he declined out of loyalty to Ashley. He corrected himself and said he was loyal to Jabot. Victoria urged him to give it some thought.

Ravi ran into Phyllis at the Top of the Tower. She told him about the plan to get Ashley to loan Billy the Jabot jet. Ravi didn't think Ashley would go for it. Phyllis asked if Ashley had been rebuffing his advances. Ravi hinted that things had heated up, and Phyllis surmised that he spent the night with Ashley. Although Ravi denied it at first, he eventually admitted it. Phyllis was happy for Ravi, but he confessed that he felt a bit used. He explained that he and Ashley used to connect on multifaceted levels, but now she only talked about was work, and when she reached out, she was only interested in the physical. Phyllis opined that in every stage of Ashley and Ravi's relationship, he'd always been Ashley's employee. She encouraged him to lose the underling label and show Ashley that he was just a man. After Phyllis left, Ravi called Ashley and invited her to dinner. She said no, because of work, but she suggested that they meet in the suite at the Club later. Ravi agreed.

Victoria filmed a statement stressing Newman's opposition to sex trafficking and revealing that 100% of the proceeds from DesignDate would be donated to organizations that stopped sex slavery. Afterward, Lily instructed the cameraman to take the video to Devon. Victoria asked if that was okay. Lily told Victoria that she'd came off as very sincere and that the video would help clear up any lingering doubts on Newman's position. Just then Lily's phone got an alert. They learned that Newman would be audited as a result of the investigation into the sex ring. Victoria didn't think the investigation would stop until someone went down. Lily had an idea, and she called Devon. Ravi called Victoria and accepted the job. Victoria was happy for some good news in the midst of the crisis. Lily asked Victoria if there were any Newman skeletons for the authorities to find. Victoria glanced up at Victor's portrait.

Back at GC Buzz, Noah came in and was surprised to see Devon, not Tessa in the guest's seat. Hilary noted that the number of subscribers for Devon's streaming service had more than doubled since he acquired the company from Mergeron. Devon was surprised that she knew that. Hilary said she was a fan of the service and its new boss. Hilary also mentioned that LP Streaming was about to get an award for being such a great service. Mariah thought of a couple of things to say, but the majority of the interview consisted of Hilary making informed and complimentary statements about Devon's service and of Devon's responses. Devon was impressed with Hilary's knowledge. Hilary teased that she should quit and go work for him. Devon joked that they'd kill each other. The show went on break, and Mariah told Hilary and Devon that they were great together. Noah asked about Tessa and learned that no one had any idea where she was. Now that the camera's were off, Hilary's relaxed demeanor faded. She tensed up because she still needed more material for the rest of the episode.

When the show came back from break, Hilary told the audience that Devon was her ex-husband and Mariah's ex-boyfriend. Mariah looked alarmed when Hilary invited her to talk about the relationship. Hilary suggested making a game of it and comparing notes. Devon and Mariah weren't interested. An assistant slipped Hilary a note. Hilary gleefully revealed that Tessa wasn't there because she'd been hauled off to the police station. Noah rushed out. Hilary continued that Tessa could appear on the show to explain herself, if she wasn't still incarcerated. Devon and Mariah protested that no one knew why Tessa was at the station. Hilary conceded that anything was possible with LP Streaming's most wanted songstress. After the show, Mariah blasted Hilary for making Tessa out to be a criminal, then she stormed off. Devon reminded Hilary of her vow to run a positive show after she'd been humiliated the other day. Hilary argued that it wasn't the same thing, but Devon disagreed.

Noah walked into Paul's office and learned that Tessa was under arrest. Tessa told Noah that Victor owed her big-time. After a private chat, Noah was up to speed, and he was disgusted at what was happening to Tessa. He promised to get her a lawyer. Noah explained that people were always trying to use the Newmans, and Tessa was part of the family inner circle now that they were living together. He felt that they should stick together. Tessa assured him that she wasn't going anywhere, then she joked that she couldn't, since she'd be in jail.

Dina and Jack admired the Abbott Christmas tree, as Dina explained the reason she had Jack spell his nickname as Jacky instead of Jackie. Dina suddenly sensed that she'd told the story before, but Jack assured her that it was one worth repeating. Nikki dropped in, and Dina accused her of coming crawling back to Jack. Nikki clarified that she was there to apologize for the way she treated Dina since Dina's return to Genoa City and about the knife incident. Nikki swore she never would've acted that way if she knew about – Jack touched Nikki to shush her. Dina snapped that she wouldn't melt if the word Alzheimer's was used in her presence. Jack mentioned that Nikki also knew what it was like to face a major illness. Nikki tried to find common ground with Dina and talked about what it was like to live with M.S. Dina scoffed and insisted that she had it worse and accused Nikki of trying to steal her spotlight. Jack chided Dina for being rude, but Nikki said it was okay. Nikki reiterated that there were no hard feelings since the stabbing. Dina grumbled that she had didn't know, nor care, what Nikki was talking about.

In the foyer, Jack apologized to Nikki. He explained that what they'd just witnessed was called sundowning – a condition where some elderly people with mental issues had worse symptoms after dark. Jack wasn't sure what was worse, the verbal abuse, the disorientation or the mood changes. Nikki put a positive spin on it by saying that Dina still knew who Jack was. Jack dreaded the moment when that changed. They shifted gears and Jack asked about Nikki. She told him about Victor's tree trimming party and explained that Victor had lots of ulterior motives floating about. Jack asked why she kept going to the ranch. Nikki admitted she didn't know, and Jack suggested that she was working toward reconciling with Victor. Later, Nikki told Jack that she understood why he had to leave her and Jabot. Jack said that although he was making the most of his time with Dina, he still missed his life. He knew he couldn't expect Nikki to be there when he was ready to go back to his old routine. Nikki kissed Jack's cheek and left.

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