Monday Y&R Update 12/4/17

The Y&R Update Monday 12/4/17


Written by Ellen
Pictures By Christine

Victor, Victoria, and Reed kick off the traditional Newman family tree trimming at the ranch. It makes Victoria nostalgic about her childhood.

Sharon prepares to take Faith to the main house for the festivities and is eager to talk to Scott on her return.

Lily, Charlie, and Mattie meet at Crimson Lights. Lily has just come from donating blood for baby Sam, but Cane calls asking for her help. Surgery is in a few hours and more blood is needed. On the patio, Nikki is sympathetic to Abby over the loss of her job, but Abby is in negotiations for reemployment at Newman. Nikki is surprised that Abby intends to issue an ultimatum (which Abby calls a “request”) and cautions her against burning bridges with Victor.

Noah and Nick sip eggnog in the penthouse living room while they wait for the ladies to come downstairs. Chelsea and Devon devised a new look for Tessa, and when she appears in a tight black mini dress, Noah approves.

Neil is unable to oversee the PR dog and pony show at the ranch, so Devon will do the honors, with a professional photographer. Abby arrives and asks Victor what’s going on. Damage control, he says. She again refuses to take the blame for Zack’s crimes. Sharon arrives with Faith and is invited to stay. She’s stunned, naturally, and declines. Scott is waiting for her at home. Victor is full of surprises. Invite him, he says. He’s one of the Newman Enterprises family.

At the penthouse: Noah can’t keep his eyes or hands off Tessa. He’s so enthralled, in fact, that he nearly forgets his command performance at Newman ranch. Tessa doesn’t want to go, and Nick doesn’t blame her. Chelsea tries to persuade Nick to accompany her and the kids, as she was invited too, but Nick refuses. He’s staying put with Christian.

At Crimson Lights: Mattie and Charlie had no idea the baby’s condition was so serious. Charlie is far more compassionate than his sister and tells Mattie to shape up. The baby is blameless and he’s their little brother. Mattie is unmoved and thinks Dad has a lot of nerve asking Mom to donate blood to a baby that isn’t hers. Charlie offers to accompany his mother to the hospital. Mattie mopes and declines an invitation to join them but asks Lily to deliver a message of encouragement to Cane. Then she texts Reed and asks him to meet her.

Noah continues to paw at Tessa and says it’s a good thing he’s not the jealous type. She’ll be on tour soon while he remains in Genoa City. Tessa still can’t enjoy her good fortune, knowing that her sister is on the run from the law and feeling responsible for her predicament. Noah protests. She was just trying to protect Crystal. Nikki arrives at the penthouse full of good cheer. She hopes to get a moment alone with Tessa, but Noah and Tessa leave for the ranch before she can.

At the ranch: As the photographer snaps away, Reed gets Mattie’s text and manages to sneak away. Tongue-in-cheek, Sharon congratulates Victoria on her promotion and then demands she quit harassing Scott.

At the hospital, Lily isn’t permitted to donate blood again. It’s too soon. Charlie suggests he might be a match. Cane is beyond grateful and hugs him. While Charlie heads to the lab, Lily relays Mattie’s half-hearted good wishes. Cane isn’t optimistic about her accepting the situation.

Reed meets Mattie on the coffeehouse patio. After a brief chat, he presents her with a silver bell Christmas ornament to mark their first holiday together. He’s forced to admit he didn’t buy it; he boosted it from his grandfather’s tree. She laughs and decides it’s the thought that counts.

At the penthouse, Chelsea takes Victor’s call in private. She doesn’t appreciate his bullying and will not leave Nick to bring Connor to the ranch. Nikki observes enough to know who called and what it was about, and she has a solution.

Scott arrives at the ranch and takes his place at Sharon’s side. Abby intrudes and asks his help isolating Victor.

Charlie isn’t a blood match, but he texted Mattie, thinking she might be. Cane doubts she’ll cooperate and everyone is surprised when Mattie shows up at the hospital. She’s not thrilled but is willing to roll up her sleeve. She turns out to be an eligible donor and Cane thanks her profusely.

At the ranch: Abby gets Victor alone and tells him her condition. She’ll return to Newman Enterprises as long as she can report directly to Victor. No, he says, she must respect the chain of command and report to Victoria. OK, but can Abby appeal Victoria’s decisions to Victor? Deal.

Devon approaches Scott and Sharon and reprimands him for giving an unauthorized interview. When Tessa and Noah arrive, Devon descends on them and organizes a group shot. Afterward, Victor takes Noah aside and tells him that Tessa stole Nikki’s gun, which was used to murder Zack. This spells more trouble that Newman can’t afford, so Victor insists Noah cut Tessa loose. Noah objects, but Victor won’t give up. Newmans have to look out for her type (i.e., gold diggers). Noah is conflicted.

Abby finds Scott and thanks him for his help. They agree they make a good team and find themselves under the mistletoe. Even Faith notices. Not to worry, Scott says. There’s only one woman for him. Across the room, the drama continues. Nikki arrives with Connor. Victor coolly thanks her for delivering his grandson. She may go now. This is a family-only event and by invitation only. Nikki surveys the room, sees what’s really going on, and offers to help. Devon is quick to accept and Victor grunts his consent. For the company, he says. Victor leaves to spend time Connor while Victoria complains to Nikki about her job. Dad is undermining her already. Nikki isn’t the least bit surprised.

Noah confronts Tessa. Why didn’t she trust him enough to tell him? They have the discussion about their different backgrounds but eventually smooth things over. Reed returns to the room with the piece de resistance: the gold star for the top of the tree. In keeping with tradition, Victor hoists Connor to place it.

At the penthouse: Nick puts Christian to bed and asks what’s troubling Chelsea. She reveals that Victor came by the other day and pressured her to bring Connor to the Newman tree-decorating party. She has no regrets about not going herself, but she felt guilty for keeping Connor away from his grandfather.

At home, Sharon has a surprise for Scott: a stocking with his name on it for “their” fireplace. In case he missed the subtle hint, she’s asking him to move in, and he’s been preapproved by Faith. In that case, yes! Absolutely!

Again at the ranch: Victoria needles Abby about her relationship with Scott. Being trapped with someone in a life-or-death situation can intensify feelings. Abby won’t engage. She’s through letting people take advantage of her.

Devon snatches Noah for a few shots with his grandmother, which leaves Tessa open to Victor’s harassment. He calls her a thief and accuses her of keeping more secrets. He then offers her $100,000 to break up with Noah and disappear. She refuses and goes to the car to wait for Noah.

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