Friday Y&R Update 12/1/17

The Y&R Update Friday 12/1/17


Written by Christine
Pictures By Christine

Ashley and Ravi walked downstairs and into the Club's lobby. Ravi stated that last night was a welcome surprise. Ashley noticed Abby in the dining room and hesitated. Ravi left to spare Ashley from having to have an awkward discussion with Abby about spending the night with Ravi.

Lily and Abby toasted with mimosas, but Lily wasn't sure that Abby quitting was something to celebrate. Abby felt justified in quitting because Victoria had wanted her to make a statement saying that she was stupid and to take the blame for everything Zack did. Lily clarified that she wasn't downplaying that. She thought that Zack had put Abby through a living nightmare. Abby stated that it was horrible. Ashley walked over and noted that Abby wasn't at the office. Abby revealed that she quit rather than let Victoria turn her into a corporate scapegoat. She added that she refused to go along with the plan because Ashley raised her right. Abby elaborated, explaining that Victoria and Victor wanted her to take the fall for Zack's criminal activities in order to shield Newman. Abby thought she would've been fired or given a menial position after what happened at the press conference, so she took control and quit first. Lily revealed that she told Victoria that Abby didn't mean to cause any damage. Abby thought Victoria wanted to get rid of the competition. She felt it was Victor and Victoria's loss. Ashley had to get to work, but she wanted to discuss this further later. After Ashley left, Abby thanked Lily for standing up for her, then she asked for an update on Lily's life. Lily talked about seeing Cane and Sam's health issues. Abby thought Lily should go to the specialist with Cane. Lily was worried about the baby and Cane, but she didn't think it was her place.

At Crimson Lights, Scott finished up a call and told Sharon that Abby's press conference was still paying off. He'd just been invited to appear on a major cable news show. Sharon was impressed, and Scott was glad because it would give his article and Hashtag more exposure. Sharon asked if he needed permission from Newman. Scott was sure he didn't, since he ran the publication, and he assumed that Newman would be happy about the publicity. Sharon read up on the woman who'd be interviewing Scott, and she had second thoughts. The woman was aggressive, and Sharon worried that she might try to make Scott look bad out of jealousy over his scoop. Scott was confident that this wouldn't happen. Sharon supported his decision to go.

Scott met with Kelly Forrest, the commentator on the set of News Time Now. She raved about the article and noted that her show's site had received more traffic since it linked to Scott's story. Kelly thought that the audience was interested partially because of the lengths Scott went to to get the story. Scott clarified that he wasn't alone.

Victoria approached Cane, who was on Crimson Light's patio, and gave him her condolences about Juliet. A subdued Cane told her that Sam wasn't doing well, so Cane was meeting with a specialist. Victoria was sympathetic, but Cane told her that she didn't have to pretend to feel bad for him. She assured him that she was sincere. She gave him the number of a good doctor who recently helped her friend's premature baby, and he apologized for what he said. Victoria noted that Reed was premature, as were Cane's twins, and they were all perfectly healthy. Cane thought about all the time he'd spent being angry with Reed over Mattie, and how it all seemed insignificant now, due to Sam's issues. Victoria promised to send him and his son good thoughts.

Cane smiled when Lily walked into the hospital. She'd hoped to sit in on the specialist's meeting, but Cane said she just missed it. Sounding worried, he told her that his four pound little boy would need cardio-thoracic surgery. Cane did research and struggled to understand it. The blood was flowing the wrong way through Sam's heart, and it had something to do with him being premature. Since Cane was overwhelmed, Lily offered to read the information to him. A tech came in and told Cane and Lily that they'd need to donate blood to their son. Cane clarified that Lily wasn't the mother. Lily decided to donate to other patients instead. She noted that since her cancer had been in remission for years, she was medically clear to do so. Cane assured Lily that she didn't have to do this, but she told him that Sam was all that mattered. Later, Cane told Lily that the tech said they were going to use her blood for Sam. Even though Cane was the father, Lily's blood had an antigen that would be beneficial to the baby. Cane said that if Sam made it through this it would be because of Lily.

At Newman, Nikki told Victor that she didn't appreciate being summoned. He countered that he didn't appreciate being summoned by the authorities about her gun. Nikki thought that was a non-issue since everyone knew who pulled the trigger, but Victor told her that the authorities wanted to tie him to the sex ring, and she'd just helped them. Nikki pointed out that Victor was the one who insisted that she get the gun. Victor asked if she had any idea how her gun came to be used in the homicide. Nikki dodged the question and noted that there was nothing she could say to change what happened. Victor said he was just trying to make sense of this; the authorities were on his back just because Abby brought a criminal outfit into the company. He refused to let his children's legacy be destroyed. Nikki confided that Tessa got into the safe at the ranch and stole the gun to give to Crystal, and now she was terrified of being questioned. Victor thought that Tessa deserved to be questioned, and he was upset at the way Tessa repaid them for welcoming her into their home. Nikki hoped Victor appreciated her honesty. She turned to leave. Victor brusquely asked if she came to the house on Thanksgiving because Jack cut her loose. Nikki didn't think it was a crime to want to see her family.

Nikki left, just as Ashley walked in and confronted Victor about pushing Abby out of her job. Victor didn't know what she meant, because he'd been out of town. Ashley spat that he must not have the control that he thought he did, because Victoria let Abby walk away. Ashley thought Victor had set this in motion when he played favorites with his daughters. She was disgusted that this was how he repaid Abby's loyalty. She sarcastically congratulated him for having a daughter who was just like him in Victoria. Victor said he made the decisions at Newman, and he vowed to fix things with Abby, but Ashley said she'd rather have Abby at Jabot where she'd be appreciated. Ashley stormed out and ran into Nikki by the elevator. Nikki gave Ashley her sympathies about Dina's Alzheimer's diagnosis. They discussed Jack and his refusal to get help looking after Dina. Nikki asked how Ashley was. Ashley said she was okay, and that Dina's condition made Ashley determined to live her life to the fullest.

At Jabot, Ravi brought Ashley some files she'd need to get up to speed with what was going on at Jabot. Ashley barely looked up from the files, but she murmured a thanks and noted that she was playing catch up because Jack kept her out of the loop. Ravi turned to leave, and Ashley stopped him and admitted she'd been rude. She complimented his new outfit, and he told her he appreciated last night. Ashley noted that last night she was able to forget about what was going on at work and at home, and live in the moment. Ravi was glad. Later, Ravi helped Ashley sync all her devices, then she brought up last night. Ravi said it was okay if she wanted it to be a one time thing, and he was surprised when she said she wanted to do it again. Ravi was looking forward about planning a special night out for the two of them, perhaps to the opera. Ashley clarified that wanted to keep things low key and impromptu, because she was so busy she'd likely have to cancel due to other obligations. Ravi looked disappointed, but he pretended that he felt the same way. Ashley announced that it was time for her to get to work. Ravi started toward the door, then he turned back, like he wanted to say something, but he changed his mind and left.

At the penthouse, Nick and Chelsea admired their first Christmas tree together. After a kiss, Nick went to get his ornaments, but Chelsea revealed that she'd bought knew ones so they could have a fresh start. She proudly showed off her modern decorations, but Nick wanted to use his more classic ornaments. They debated as to whether or not Nick's preferences for plastic bulbs and popcorn strings were kitschy. Nick pulled out mistletoe, and Chelsea opined that it was dusty plastic and that it's only use was for causing good kisses. She teased that Nick might not be up to it. After a deep kiss, Chelsea agreed to let the mistletoe stay. They played a card game to choose ornaments; the person who drew the highest card got to get rid of one of the other person's ornaments. They bantered and playfully insulted each ornament, but Chelsea's face fell when Nick pulled out a certain ornament to toss. She explained that it was from last year – one Adam gave her. Chelsea said it was okay not to hang it, since they were creating new memories, but Nick told her that they were going to honor Adam and hang it up. They kissed.

Nick and Abby ran into each other at Crimson Lights. He'd watched her press conference and was impressed that she didn't pull punches. She told him that Victoria and Victor weren't happy, but she wasn't worried about that since she quit. She called Nick her role model and they high fived. Nick invited her to his tree trimming party, which happened to be on the same day as Victor's tree lighting party. Abby thought it sounded like fun. She got a text and had to leave.

Sharon had called Nick to Crimson Lights because she wanted to talk about Scott. Scott's ordeal with Zack made Sharon realize how much she loved him. She wanted to ask him to move in with her and Faith. Nick noted that Faith liked Scott, but he was concerned that she'd be jealous about having to share her time with Sharon. Sharon was prepared to deal with that. Nick mentioned that Faith thought Scott had a cool job, prompting Sharon to load up Scott's live interview on her tablet.

Victoria arrived at Victor's office, and he asked about Abby's resignation. Victoria didn't think it was a problem, in fact she thought it was probably cleaner this way. Victor just stared, so Victoria rattled off a list of points; it was Abby's decision, she wasn't a team player, and if she wasn't a Newman, Victor would've fired her, Abby had quit in a huff instead of having a rational discussion, like Victoria wanted. Victoria said she didn't fight Abby on it, and she didn't inform Victor because she knew Abby would eventually come crying to him like a baby. Victor thought Victoria should've handled it differently, but Victoria countered that this was business, not a tea party. Victor asked if Victoria was jealous of Abby. Victoria didn't get a chance to react, because Victor got a phone call and authorized someone to come up to the office – Abby. Victor informed Abby that he refused to accept her resignation, but she told him it didn't work that way. She noted that working with family hadn't worked out for her. Victor there was a misunderstanding – wasn't there, Victoria? Victoria toed the line and agreed. Victor got a text from Devon telling him to turn on the television. Victor did so, and Abby was annoyed that he found that more important than their conversation.

Kelly noted that Newman financed Hashtag, and DesignDate and now they were under investigation. Was it awkward for Scott to publicize his company's troubles? Scott stated that an investigation was not the same as an indictment. He was adamant that Victor was an honorable man who was disgusted by Zack's crimes. He stated that Victor let Scott publish the article uncensored. Scott also noted that Victor's daughter was kidnapped. Scott explained that his time in the storage unit triggered reminders of being held hostage and said that he wouldn't have gotten through it without Abby's help. After this, Abby turned off the show. She said she wasn't there to see Scott get more press along with his bonus.

Victor thought that what Abby did during the press conference was reckless and stubborn, but he admitted he would've done the same thing. He respected the way she'd deflected blame both away from herself and away from the company. He told her that the company needed someone with her talents. Abby didn't think there was enough room at Newman for two daughters. Victor announced that Victoria would convince her otherwise, then he walked out. Abby smugly told Victoria that she was waiting. Victoria said she was watching Abby lap up Victor's compliments. Victoria thought that it was obvious that Abby was going to come back to Newman, because that was the only way she'd get the approval from Victor that she craved. Victoria thought Abby was only pretending she needed to be convinced because she wanted to make Victoria squirm. Abby admitted this was true, and she felt that Victoria deserved it. Abby agreed to return on the condition that she got a promotion, a raise, and an office in the same area as Victor and Victoria's. Victoria agreed. She also wanted to report directly to Victor instead of to Victoria. Victoria said she'd talk to Victor about it, but Abby said she'd do it herself. An insincere Victoria said it would be good to have Abby back. Abby thought they should be honest. Abby had been watching Victoria during the meeting, and she thought that every compliment Victor paid Abby had been like a knife to Victoria's ego. Abby said she'd never forget that Victoria let Abby quit and gave Scott a bonus.

Kelly told Scott he was a natural, and she thought he'd perfect for an open spot they had as an on air reporter. Scott was very interested, but confused – he'd work for a national show while in Genoa City? Kelly clarified that he'd have to move to New York.

Nick didn't like Scott, but he was impressed by the things Scott said about Abby. He gave Sharon his blessing to move Scott in.

Victor dropped by the penthouse to ask Chelsea why she hadn't RSVP'd for the party. Chelsea said she had a great time at Thanksgiving, but she thought it was time that she and Nick start their own traditions. Victor asked why it had to be either or. Chelsea stated that she was sure Victor's party would be a huge success, and Victor said it would be better with her and Connor. Chelsea smiled, but she didn't change her mind. Victor noted that it seemed that she and Nick were enjoying creating a family with his grandsons. He asked how Nick would react if he found out that the foundation of the family was based on a lie. Chelsea's smile faded. Victor pointed out that Nick thought Christian was his son, and he told Chelsea not to destroy that for him. Victor told Chelsea to come to the party, then he casually strolled out after making his threat. Chelsea picked up the ornament Adam gave her and cradled it in her hands.

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