Thursday Y&R Update 11/30/17

The Y&R Update Thursday 11/30/17


Written by Christine
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Lily tracked Charlie down at Crimson Lights and told him that she knew he left early to avoid her. She'd revealed that Devon told her that he'd been ogling Hilary's photos. Charlie swore his friend was the one who searched for them. Lily knew that, but she'd also heard that Charlie had been laughing about them. Lily explained that when the pictures were released without Hilary's consent, she was violated, and every time someone viewed those photos, they were violating her rights again. Charlie asked why she was defending Hilary. Lily said that this wasn't about Hilary, it was about Charlie. Lily understood that he was curious, but she told him that the women in those online pictures were human beings. She asked if he'd look at photos of Mattie if she'd ended up in that position. Charlie was repulsed by the very thought, and Lily smiled knowingly as Charlie swore he'd beat someone up if they passed around nude pictures of Mattie. However, Charlie didn't think Mattie would let anyone take advantage of her like that. This prompted Lily to tell Charlie how she'd been taken advantage of by an older guy she met in a chatroom. Lily revealed that she gave this man her virginity and got an STD from him. Charlie grimaced about the TMI, but Lily said she'd rather he have too much information than not enough. Charlie regretted viewing the photos and not standing up to his friend. Lily told him to apologize to Hilary in person. Later, Charlie entertained Lily with a story about a mishap with the frogs in biology lab, and she told him that Cane's favorite food as a boy was potted frog meat. Lily was glad that Charlie had been spending time with Cane. She mentioned seeing him, Cane and Mattie at dinner, but she didn't join them because she didn't want to interrupt. Lily asked how Cane and the baby were doing, and Charlie suggested that she ask Cane. They hugged, and Charlie left.

Later, Cane met Lily at the coffeehouse, and she told him how she handled things with Charlie and the photos. He approved. She asked about Sam. Cane wasn't sure when Sam would be removed from the incubator, but Esther had helped put together a nursery at the Chancellor house. Cane had been very busy at Chancellor Industries, and the company had shown an uptick in profits. He felt relieved to have a job again. Time flew by while they talked, and Cane couldn't believe it was already so late. He received a phone call from Sam's doctor, and it didn't sound good. He left. Lily showed up at the hospital. Cane explained that the medication that was supposed to help Sam's heart wasn't working anymore. The doctor had told Cane to prepare for the worst.

Hilary called Jabot hoping to set up a lunch date with Jack. She stressed that it was urgent. At first, Gloria pretended not to know who Hilary was. Gloria agreed to pass the message on to Jack, then she mentioned Hilary's “hot” photos. Hilary hung up on her. Mariah joined Hilary on the set and let her know that another sponsor pulled out because of the photos. Hilary tried to deny that it was due to the photos, but Mariah thought it was highly unlikely that the sponsor, along with today's guest just happened to drop the show. Hilary got another blow; the company behind the her dessert ad called to say that they were pulling her commercial from the airwaves. Their company had a moral's clause and customers had staged a boycott. Charlie arrived, so Mariah walked away. He apologized and Hilary accepted. She was surprised when he revealed that Lily lectured him about it. Hilary admitted that she shouldn't have posed for the photos and that it was a mistake to trust Jordan. After Charlie left, Hilary called Barry and asked if any of his clients would like to appear on the show. Hilary vehemently denied it when Barry said he heard rumors that the show was through. After the call, Hilary lashed out at Mariah for eating the complimentary snacks provided by the show. Hilary thought it was time to cut costs and stop providing free food and vacation time; perhaps she should let some employees go too. Mariah asked if the show was in trouble. Hilary insisted that things were just fine and that Jabot would kill to sponsor her. Mariah said okay and went to try and book some guests for the upcoming episodes.

Ashley watched Jack directing the two movers carrying a massive Christmas tree into the living room. Dina came downstairs and admired the tree. Jack cheerfully informed Dina that they were going to decorate it together, while listening to Christmas music and drinking eggnog, just like they used to. Dina was not interested. She told Jack that she never liked decorating for Christmas and that she always let the staff do it. She breezed into the kitchen to get breakfast, leaving Jack disappointed. Ashley told him not to get his hopes up, but Jack wasn't deterred. He was still determined to make Christmas special for Dina. Later, Jack showed Dina an ornament he decorated as a kid. He smiled as he remembered Dina and Mamie joking about the glitter he got everywhere. Unimpressed, Dina noted that Jack had spelled his name wrong on the ornament; he was Jackie, not Jacky. Jack thought the important thing was that he and Dina made it together, but Dina told him that Mamie helped him, not her. Jack insisted that it didn't matter because Dina could be part of the traditions now. He showed her the ornament Ashley decorated as a child, and a bird ornament that had been Dina's favorite. Dina somberly confessed that she didn't remember them. Jack tried to keep things positive by having her hang it up. She did, but she wasn't interested in continuing to decorate.

Jack strung the tree with lights, but a critical Dina pointed out that most of the bulbs were blown. Jack finally snapped about her constant complaints, and Dina told him not to say he was doing this for her benefit, because she couldn't care less. She stormed off. Jack accidentally broke his boyhood ornament. Later, Dina returned to the room, and Jack apologized, but Dina said she had it coming. She admitted she wasn't a good mother when he was young, and she wasn't much better now. Dina asked if she could have a little alcohol with her meds, and Jack agreed. They began to reminisce about John, but Dina lost her train of thought and forgot who they were talking about. Jack recalled getting married to Phyllis in the living room. At first, Dina thought that she'd been at the wedding, then she realized she wasn't, and she felt bad that she wasn't there for Jack. Jack was surprised that Mamie did all the decorating, since he remembered everyone pitching in. Dina thought Jack might be remembering the way he wanted it to be. Jack thought realized his lack of experience explained why he was so inept at decorating. Dina assured him that he did his best. Jack sent Dina upstairs to rest while he fixed things. Dina came downstairs and marveled at the beautifully decorated tree and living room. She asked how Jack did it, and he told her it was Christmas magic. Later, he slipped into the dining room and gave Mrs. Martinez a wad of cash and thanked her for bringing her family by to decorate. They agreed to keep it between them.

Things got off to a rocky start for Ashley as acting CEO. Gloria took issue with Ashley using Jack's office. Ashley clarified that it was the CEO's office, and she was CEO. Ashley suggested that Gloria find another job if she didn't like it. Ashley wanted to make some changes, and she delivered instructions to Gloria at a rapid-fire pace. Gloria suggested that they call Jack first, but Ashley told Gloria to deal with the fact that Ashley was in charge. Ashley set about trying to locate files and complained about Jack's poor organizational skills. Gloria defended Jack's filing system, but Ashley argued that it wasn't a system, it was a mess. Ravi appeared. Since he'd helped Jack upload everything to the cloud, he was able to help Ashley track down what she needed. She had Ravi pull up all the files related to Fenmore's since the date of the merger. He did, and Ashley called him a lifesaver.

Later, Ashley called Phyllis in to discuss Fenmore's. Ravi offered to stay in case she had tech issues, and a grateful Ashley admitted she sometimes felt like he was the only person in the company who knew what she needed. Gloria returned to take notes for Jack. Ashley didn't want Gloria to stay, but Gloria took a seat, because Jack had insisted. Ashley griped about Jack not knowing how to let go. Phyllis asked about the transportation issue, and Ashley had no idea what she meant. Phyllis explained that Fenmore's contract with the trucking company was about to expire, and Jack had promised to look into expanding Jabot's shipping agreement to cover Fenmore's merchandise, but he never told Phyllis and Lauren the outcome. Ashley saw this as proof that Jack was so distracted with Dina that he'd been neglecting his work before the leave of absence. Gloria spat that Ashley didn't have all the facts. Ashley countered that she knew Jack had been making big decisions without consulting her. Ashley texted Jack, who promised to handle it. Ashley was annoyed; she didn't think Jack should be handling anything while on sabbatical. Gloria suggested that Ashley let Jack take care of it, and Ashley exasperatedly noted that the problem was that he hadn't already taken care of it. Ashley didn't think she'd be able to run things properly if Jack was withholding information. Gloria offered to coordinate with Jack, but Ashley ordered her not to since that wasn't her job. Gloria argued with Ashley. Ravi calmly assured Ashley that they could track down the information Jack withheld so that she could run things her way. Ashley agreed to take Ravi up on the offer to help. Phyllis inadvertently set Ashley off again by offering to contact Jack. Ashley stressed that there was to be no more consulting with or deferring to Jack. Ashley was furious when she realized Gloria had been texting Jack and keeping him informed about everything going on in the meeting. Gloria snarled that Jack was the CEO, not acting CEO, so he outranked her. Ashley ordered everyone out, then she left.

Gloria griped to Phyllis about Ashley, calling her insecure, but Ravi opined that Gloria had been disrespectful and unprofessional. Gloria walked away. Phyllis thought Ravi had been sexy when he calmed Ashley down in the meeting. Ravi didn't think Ashley saw it that way. Ravi had been patient, but Ashley still hadn't made her feelings clear. Ravi was about ready to throw in the towel. Later, Ravi noticed that Gloria was leaving for the day. She asked about his plans. Ravi didn't have any, besides marathoning a television show. Gloria bragged that she had a packed social calendar.

Ashley went home and confronted Jack about keeping business information from her. Jack reminded her that he didn't resign, he just took a leave of absence. He planned to keep checking in with Gloria from time to time, which irritated Ashley. Dina ordered them to stop bickering and have some eggnog because it was Christmas Eve. Jack and Ashley exchanged glances, and Jack immediately went with Dina's mistake and asked if they should open a present. Dina wanted to wait for Traci. Jack and Dina began to laugh and talk. Ashley looked uncomfortable, and she left the room. She tried to set up dinner with Abby, but Abby was busy. Ashley thought about it and pulled out her phone again.

Dina suddenly remembered that she did help Jack make the ornament and that she'd told him to spell it Jacky, just like he did. Jack smiled, because that was how he remembered it too. Dina teared up. She admitted that her memory would come and go, mostly go. She said that when she got too terrible for Jack to handle, she wanted him to remember that she loved him now and always. Jack said he loved her too, and they hugged.

Back at Jabot, Ravi received a text from Ashley. It was a room number to a suite at the Club, along with instructions not to pack anything but a toothbrush. Ravi arrived at the room, which was opened a crack. He went inside, and Ashley was behind the door, wearing lingerie and holding two drinks. She told him not to talk, just get undressed.

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