Wednesday Y&R Update 11/29/17

The Y&R Update Wednesday 11/29/17


Written by Christine
Pictures By Christine

At the Top of the Tower, Victoria seethed. She told Noah Scott had reopened Hashtag, even though she'd shut the site down, and Abby had hijacked the press conference. Noah countered that it was understandable for Abby to set the record straight after Victoria and Victor took a shot at her. Noah was more surprised at the way Abby talked about Scott like the two of them were a team. He'd thought she hated Scott.

At the cottage, Sharon told Scott about Faith's friend's parents taking the kids to Milwaukee. Scott admitted that Sharon gave him a warmer reception than he expected or deserved last night. Sharon blamed Abby for dragging Scott into her drama at the press conference. Scott contended that Abby just stood up for herself. Sharon was concerned that Scott had gotten on Victor and Victoria's bad side. She felt that he should distance himself from Abby. Scott felt bad about ruining the special dinner Sharon planned last night, and he decided to take her to Top of the Tower to make it up to her. Sharon cheered up and they kissed.

Sharon's good mood didn't last long, because Abby dropped by to visit with Scott. Sharon kept her distance while Abby sat on the couch with Scott and complimented his article. Sharon had to leave for work, and Abby asked if it was okay for her and Scott to hang out at the cottage. Sharon agreed, then she gave Scott a long kiss goodbye. After Sharon left, Abby commented on Sharon's demeanor and wondered if she suspected Abby and Scott had sex. Scott was adamant that she didn't. He explained that Sharon thought Abby was a bad influence on him. Abby scoffed and contended that Scott was too stubborn for her to influence. They shifted gears, and Abby talked about the press conference. She found it liberating to set the record straight instead of taking the blame and letting the public think Scott was a victim.

At Crimson Lights, Hilary fielded a call from an upset sponsor who thought she posted her nude photos on her site. They pulled their ads from her show. Chelsea came over and taunted Hilary about getting exposed. Hilary pretended she wasn't embarrassed, but Chelsea saw through the lie. She called Hilary an amateur porn star and celebrated Jordan's revenge. After Chelsea left, Hilary ordered a coffee, and Sharon noted that she looked tired. Hilary said she'd been up all night dealing with a personal matter. Sharon gently revealed that she saw the photos. Hilary assumed Sharon was going to weigh in on the matter and told her to keep her opinions to herself. Sharon followed Hilary to her table and chided her for speaking to Sharon that way in her restaurant. . Next, Sharon stressed that what happened to Hilary was wrong, and said she was sorry. Hilary was surprised Sharon was being so nice. Sharon didn't approve of a lot of things Hilary did, including the way she treated Mariah, but after getting a look at the sex ring, Sharon felt for any woman who'd been exploited. Sharon offered to connect Hilary with resources that could help her. Sharon had gained this information through her work at the hotline. Hilary was adamant that she was no one's victim and she had everything under control.

At the Club, Devon saw Hilary's nude picture on his phone. Charlie arrived and asked for an internship at Hamilton-Winters, specifically on the music side of things. Devon agreed, but he sensed that this wasn't the only reason Charlie wanted to meet. Charlie admitted he was still out of sorts because of everything that happened at his house. He'd gone from having the perfect family to Lily kicking Cane out, Juliet dying and Sam's birth. Now Sam was fighting for his life. Charlie felt torn between his parents and like he was betraying his mother by visiting Sam and supporting Cane. Devon assured Charlie that Lily didn't want him to choose sides. Devon told Charlie not to let everything overwhelm him and to focus on being a good person. Later, Devon let Charlie hear a new music track and promised to let him come to the next recording session.

Hilary called Devon and could tell from his tone that he saw the photos. She assured him that she was fine, then she asked to meet. Devon and Charlie arrived at the coffeehouse. Devon ordered coffee from Sharon and things were a bit awkward due to the breakup. Devon asked about Mariah, and Sharon said she was fine. Sharon said that Devon was a good man and she wished him the best. Devon replied that he wished the same for Mariah.

Charlie went to visit with his friend, while Devon sat with Hilary at her table. Hilary suggested that Hamilton-Winters sponsor the Hilary Hour. She framed it as a good deal for both of them; she could feature his artists on her show and give them national exposure. Devon noticed Charlie and Jason snickering and glancing over at Hilary. Hilary asked Devon to leave it alone, but he went up to the boys and caught them looking at Hilary's pictures on a phone. Devon scolded them for embarrassing Hilary in public. He was disappointed in Charlie, especially after the talk the just had. Charlie protested that it was Jason's phone. Devon countered that Charlie should've told his friend to stop. Devon revealed that the photos had been posted without Hilary's consent and delivered a lecture about respecting women, then he made the teens leave so that Hilary wouldn't have to be around them anymore. Devon went back to Hilary and told her he was passing on her offer because her gossip show wasn't in line with his company's values. Hilary was outraged, and she railed about Devon and Neil judging her even though they had their own pasts. She tried to push past him, but he stood in her way and hugged her. Hilary began to sob, and Devon comforted her.

At the penthouse, Paul informed Nick that Dina started the fire, but she wouldn't be going to jail. Nick ranted to Chelsea and Paul about Dina getting a pass due to her last name. He thought Dina stabbed Nikki and burned down his club because Jack's animosity toward the Newmans had rubbed off on her. Paul clarified that Dina had Alzheimer's and that was why she wouldn't be prosecuted. Nick regretted everything he'd just said. Later, Nick was in a better mood after he and Chelsea played with Connor and Christian. Nick thought about how he'd feel if he were in Jack's shoes, with a parent who had Alzheimer's. Nick said he couldn't stand Victor, but he still loved him. Chelsea received a card from Victor – an invitation to a tree lighting. It was specifically addressed to her and the kids, no mention of Nick. Chelsea felt bad that Nick's feelings were hurt, but he said it was okay. Nick admitted he'd been foolish to think Victor would change his mind about Nick. Chelsea decided not to attend. Nick encouraged her to go, because he didn't want to keep the kids away from Victor. Chelsea felt that they'd seen enough of him at Thanksgiving. She told Nick that they'd have their own Christmas celebration.

Devon accompanied Hilary to the Club. She noted that he'd held her hand the whole way there. Devon stated that Hilary didn't often let her guard down and get emotional like she had earlier. He reminded her that she'd said she was genuinely sorry for his breakup, and he said he felt the same way toward her now. Through tears, Hilary admitted she felt deeply violated. She said she was a control freak and it was paralyzing that she couldn't do anything about the pictures. She deleted them from her site, but they were still available, and she'd have to explain them to her kids one day. She was hurt that she'd been betrayed by a man she'd trusted. She knew some would call it Karma for exposing other people's secrets. Hilary regretted ever making anyone feel as bad as she felt right now. Devon suggested that she could make it up to people by using her show for good. Later, Hilary was in a better place, but she felt embarrassed about confiding in Devon, since it wasn't his job to take care of her. Devon assured her that he was happy to be there for her, and Hilary thanked him for being a friend. She headed up to her suite.

Abby and Scott arrived at Newman armed with a plan for dealing with Victor. Victoria revealed that Victor was out of town, so she'd be meeting with them instead. Abby was called into the office, where Victoria began to chew her out for what happened at the press conference. Abby interjected that she was sure Victoria planned to fire her. Abby announced that she was quitting.

Next, Victoria called Scott in. she assumed that, like Abby, he also planned to quit. Scott confirmed it. Victoria gave him his final check, along with a severance – as thanks for helping Abby. Scott said he didn't need to be paid to do the right thing, so he decided to consider the money a payment for the article. Just as Scott was about to walk out, Victoria took a phone call about him. It turned out that the article was a hit with the public and Scott and Newman had received praise for stopping a sex ring. Victoria decided not to close Hashtag and to give Scott a bonus. Scott agreed to stay on.

Scott met Abby in the hallway and let her know things didn't go as planned. Abby asked if her name came up during the conversation, and Scott said it didn't. Abby was hurt and angry. She felt that she played just as big a role as Scott did, and he got a raise while she got kicked out by her own sister. Scott clarified that Abby quit, and Abby reminded him that they'd both agreed to quit. Abby swore she'd never forgive Scott for being a traitor.

Sharon walked into the Top of the Tower in a sleek gold dress. Noah was happy to see his mom all dressed up. Scott arrived and told Sharon she could order whatever she wanted because they were celebrating his raise. Abby walked in, and Scott explained that he needed to talk to her since they parted on bad terms.

Abby gave Scott the cold shoulder. He told her she deserved to be rewarded, and he urged her to go rescind her resignation. Abby said she had too much pride to do that, and anyway, Victoria would never rehire her. Scott explained that he kept the job because he could use Hashtag to fight injustice. He was sorry that he couldn't do anything about the injustice Abby faced – the way her family treated her. Abby forgave him.

Meanwhile, Sharon stared glumly over at Scott and Abby. Noah came over, and she asked if he got the feeling that Abby had a thing for Scott. Noah thought Abby despised Scott, and he said that even if she liked him, Scott was crazy about Sharon. Sharon thought it was time to show Scott how crazy she was about him.

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