Tuesday Y&R Update 11/28/17

The Y&R Update Tuesday 11/28/17


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Scott called out to Tessa, who was heading toward Paul and Nikki. She was upset about Crystal and afraid she'd be sent to jail if she were found. Scott promised that he and Abby would make it clear that Crystal saved their lives. Tessa asked Scott to conceal Crystal's identity when he published the story on the sex ring. He informed her that the story wasn't happening, thanks to Victoria. Scott felt bad because the story was meant to help Crystal and the other victims. Tessa was bothered that Crystal felt so trapped that she'd killed a man. Scott reminded her that Zack was a bad person.

Paul and Nikki got together for coffee at Crimson Lights. Nikki hoped Paul didn't ask her there to talk about the case against Dina, because she didn't want to discuss it; in fact, she wished the case would be dropped. Paul clarified that this was about Zack – he was shot with Nikki's gun. Nikki was shocked. Paul asked if Nikki brought the gun to the party, and Nikki explained that she hadn't seen it since before she moved out of the ranch. A skeptical Paul noted that Victor claimed he didn't know anything about the gun either. Paul was convinced that someone was lying, which offended Nikki. Paul asked why Nikki had a gun, and she explained that Victor insisted that she be armed for her own safety since they lived in a remote area. Nikki was surprised her gun was used to kill Zack, but she didn't feel bad that he was dead. Paul cautioned Nikki about talking that way, given her history. Nikki noted that Paul was alluding to her killing her father another man who took advantage of young girls.

Nikki noticed Tessa and narrowed her eyes in suspicion, but she maintained that she had no idea what happened to the gun. Paul warned her that she and Victor were suspects. Nikki thought it was absurd to think Victor was involved. Paul didn't think the feds would agree. He left.

Nikki confronted Tessa about stealing her gun. Tessa eventually fessed up, explaining that she took the gun and gave it to Crystal after Zack killed Natalia. According to Tessa, Nikki had accidentally given her some paperwork with the safe combination on it while they were working on the benefit. Tessa's curiosity got the better of her and she peeked into the safe and found two guns. She took one, not realizing it was Nikki's. Tessa asked if Nikki would tell the police. Nikki assumed the police would figure it out since Tessa once lived at the ranch and was Crystal's sister. Nikki thought it was possible that Tessa would be considered an accessory, and Tessa panicked. Nikki told Tessa to tell Crystal not to drop the gun the next time she killed a sex trafficker.

At the ranch, Victor asked Victoria to join him in toasting to the destruction of their enemies. Victoria opined that people were going after them because Zack was dead and a corpse couldn't be punished. She was confident that Newman would be cleared since they weren't involved. Victor revealed that Zack was shot with Nikki's gun. He stated that Nikki had made it difficult for the Newmans to distance themselves from this. Victoria blamed Abby for the scandal, and Victor chided her about being harsh on her sister. Victoria wondered if Abby had access to the gun safe combination. Victor argued that Abby wouldn't have taken a gun to the party. Victoria thought it would be best for the family if Abby claimed she killed Zack in self defense. She didn't think the public would blame her. Victor didn't think that Abby would agree with Victoria.

At Newman, Lily approached Abby. Lily had hoped to read about Abby's ordeal in Hashtag, but the site wasn't working. Lily mentioned that she admired Abby for coming out stronger after what she'd been through. Abby was glad to hear that since others, namely Victoria, were criticizing her for trusting Zack. Abby revealed that Victoria shut Hashtag down. Lily didn't understand Victoria's decision, but she thought the Newman employees should support her. Abby didn't think they should be good little soldiers, but Lily stated that she liked having a paycheck. Abby heard Lily had been demoted. Lily noted that Victoria said it was out of her hands. Abby pointed out that it didn't make sense for Victoria to claim to be in charge while also claiming things were out of her hands. Abby thought it was wrong for Victoria to blame her for not knowing what Zack was doing when Victoria had no idea what Billy, Cane and Juliet were up to at Brash and Sassy. Abby apologized to Lily, but Lily wasn't bothered by the mention. Lily thought Victoria seemed different now, more like Victor. Abby, on the other hand, felt that Victoria was exactly the same.

Victoria and Victor arrived and took Abby into the office. Victoria stressed the importance of mitigating the fallout from the sex trafficking scandal. Victor added that he'd been questioned by Paul. Abby was sorry to hear that. Victoria thought Abby should be willing to make a statement. Abby promised to write one up, but Victoria had already put something together, and she gave it to Abby. Abby balked at the statement, but Victor and Victoria were adamant that she read it at verbatim at the press conference, and they dismissed her.

Abby ran into Scott outside the office and gave him the statement. He read it and was stunned. Abby was furious. She said she was being ordered to play the victim and say that this all happened because of her inexperience. She was also supposed to assure the public that nothing like this would ever happen again because Victoria would be handling all future acquisitions. Abby refused to do it, but Scott had a different idea.

Hilary called Jack and asked if Dina would like to come on the show and update viewers on her life since selling Mergeron. Jack said that Dina had stepped away from the public eye. When Hilary kept pushing, Jack lied and said he had another call coming in. Later, Paul showed up at Jack's and told him that the DA was fast-tracking the charges against Dina. Jack wanted to call Nikki, hoping that would help, but Paul explained that there was nothing Nikki could do because the DA was filing the charges regardless to send the message that no one was above the law. Jack lashed out and accused Chris of doing this to help her future campaign. Paul noted that he was telling Jack this out of courtesy.

Paul thought Dina would have to do prison time. Jack apologized for what he'd said about Chris, then he revealed that Dina had likely set fire to the Underground. Jack showed Paul Dina's medical records, proving that she had Alzheimer's. Paul promised to recommend that the charges would be dropped, and he was confident that the DA would decline to prosecute Dina under the circumstances. Jack was grateful, and Paul said it was the right thing to do.

At the cottage, Mariah told Sharon that she and Devon had decided to just be friends. She admitted they probably never should've dated in the first place, but Sharon thought it was always good to take a chance. Mariah countered that it was good unless you got shot down and ended up looking like a loser. Sharon was sympathetic, but Mariah insisted that she was fine and that things turned out the way they probably should've. She didn't have a boyfriend or a girlfriend, but she refused to be a walking pity-party. She changed the subject and asked about Sharon's dinner. Sharon talked about putting together a big meal for Scott tonight.

Sharon shifted gears and urged Mariah to stay open because the right person could come along when she was least expecting it, just like it did for Sharon with Scott. Mariah marveled at how different she and her mother were; Sharon wanted to talk about feelings, while Mariah would rather eat glass. Mariah knew that Sharon was being a good mother, but she didn't think Sharon could ever understand how Mariah felt. Mariah thought Sharon had it so easy – all she'd done was pour Scott coffee and he fell for her. Sharon reminded Mariah that Sharon had her share of romantic misery, some of which Mariah had been witness to. Sharon noted that Scott had been different since he returned. Mariah assured Sharon that it it had nothing to do with her and that he was different because he was traumatized. Sharon urged Mariah to try to stay open. The right person could come along when you weren't even thinking about romance. That's what happened to her and Scott.

Victoria met with Lily to talk about the press conference. Lily had reservations about Victoria's plan. She noted that Abby would never intentionally hurt Newman's reputation. Victoria agreed, but she was adamant that the damage had to be fixed. Hilary found out about the press conference early, through a source, and she showed up at Newman, hoping to stream it on her website. Victoria was angry with Hilary for ambushing her at the Club, so she refused to let her attend the press conference. Hilary felt that Victoria should be grateful that she'd exposed Jordan. Lily hadn't heard about it, and Hilary told her to check the website for details.

Scott and Abby went to the Club and made edits to the statement. Abby told him she was sorry about Hashtag. Scott revealed that he had no intentions of letting the site go. Sharon texted, and Scott ignored it because he was focused on the statement. Abby found out Sharon was making dinner for Scott, and she urged him to go, but Scott insisted on going to the press conference. He noted that he'd used big words in the edit that he didn't want Abby to mispronounce. They bantered about that and Scott's ego.

Back at the cottage, Sharon figured that Scott didn't respond to her text because he was stuck in traffic. Mariah said that Scott would have to answer to her if he took Sharon for granted.

Jack and Victor ran into each other at the Club, and Jack took a shot at Victor about financing a sex ring. Victor told Jack to keep Dina away from Nikki. Jack said that wouldn't be a problem since he and Nikki broke up.

Lily was also at the Club, and she confronted Jordan about swindling people. Jordan countered that it was in the past. Lily thought Jordan was a hypocrite, since he'd been so critical of Cane. Jordan reiterated that he'd screwed up a long time ago, unlike Cane who broke her heart. Hilary arrived and was clearly pleased about the argument. Jordan accused Hilary of loving to hurt people. He thought that Lily must enjoy suffering. Jordan warned Hilary that he'd left her something to remember him by. He walked out.

Hilary, Mariah, Lily and Jack all ended up at the Club bar. Their phones all beeped at the same time – an alert from Hilary's website. They were stunned, and Hilary was horrified when they checked their phones and found several nude photos of Hilary on the website. Lily smirked.

Back at Newman, Victoria, Victor and Scott looked on as Abby took the podium to talk to the reporters. She blamed Zack for the sex ring and said that while others saw her and Scott as victims, they saw themselves as people who stood up to and exposed a violent criminal. Victoria and Victor watched in silent alarm as Abby continued to veer off-script. She revealed that Victoria and Victor blamed her for the impact the scandal had on Newman, and she stated that Victoria became the COO because her own company failed, due to Victoria's inexperience. Abby announced that they could read more about DesignDate's ties to sex trafficking on Hashtag, written by Scott. She closed by saying that the article would make it abundantly clear that there was no blame on her side of the podium.

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