Monday Y&R Update 11/27/17

The Y&R Update Monday 11/27/17


Written by Ellen
Pictures By Christine

At Jabot, Jack calls for a transition meeting and then texts Nikki, asking her to call him.

Nikki sits alone at a table in the athletic club dining room, where she receives Jack’s text. Across the room, Victor and Michael briefly discuss the Design Date fiasco, but Michael can tell his client is distracted. Victor keeps glancing at Nikki. Chris approaches, flanked by two federal agents. Michael agrees to meet his client at the police station for questioning. On his way out the door, Victor is ambushed by the press. He’s innocent and intends to clear his name. He turns and sees Nikki smirking.

The revelers have returned from New Orleans, all of them but Billy wearing shades. They make a beeline for Crimson Lights for a caffeine fix.

At the station, Paul goes over the forensics report pertaining to the fire at the Underground. The conclusion: arson.

Over coffee at Crimson Lights, Chelsea and Nick talk about their wild weekend. Phyllis has never been one for moderation, and of course Billy’s reputation is legend, but he was in rare form on this trip. Nick shakes his head in disapproval and decides he must be getting old. Not old, Chelsea says, he’s just behaving like a responsible adult. In other words “old,” Nick maintains. When Chelsea announces her intention to get back to work, Nick is at a loss. He has no job to go to, so he’ll swing by the police station to check the status of the fire investigation and then ponder his next step.

Billy and Phyllis paw at each other in the Jabot elevator and then on Gloria’s vacant desk. Jack emerges from his office and rolls his eyes. He sees they made use of the company jet. Spare him the details. He advises Phyllis to check her e-mail. Changes have been made that will affect her.

Victor taunts Chris at the police station. She leaves him in Paul’s office to prepare for interrogation. Nick strolls in and asks what Victor is doing there. Damn fishing expedition, Victor mumbles and then takes a dig at his son. Not to worry. He’ll be back at the office tomorrow . . . unless someone burned it down.

At Jabot: Jack is taking a leave of absence because Dina needs him. Phyllis is stunned and doesn’t think it will last long. In any case, Jack would appreciate her playing nice with Ashley, who will be acting CEO. After Phyllis leaves, Jack thanks Billy for keeping Dina’s diagnosis a secret. No problem. It’s not Billy’s news to divulge, although he thinks Jack should. For the time being, Jack refuses. Billy passes Nikki on her way in to see Jack. In the privacy of Jack’s office, she’s ready to listen.

At the police station: Victor doubts Nick’s guilt but knows the game. The insurance company will do anything to avoid paying a claim. Paul takes Nick aside and agrees with Victor, although Nick appears to have a motive for setting the fire. Nick scoffs. Victor is just twisting Nick’s words to exert control. The insurance company isn’t the only one playing games.

At Jabot: Jack apologizes to Nikki for treating her so harshly in Dina’s presence. Nikki takes her share of the blame. She spoke ill of his mother. Jack confesses her comments hit a little too close to home. The fact is he feels protective of his mother. His voice breaks. She tenderly asks what the problem is, and he tells her Alzheimer’s. Meanwhile, Dina rambles around the Abbott home in a state of confusion.

At the station: Nick tells Paul what he remembers about Halloween night. He went to the Underground for a drink, alone---or so he thought. He saw no sign of the kids who were hiding inside, and he has no idea how the fire started. Perhaps they did it accidentally. Paul notes that Nick came and went twice, according to what Reed heard. Not true. Nick left and didn’t return. Then who came in after Nick? The culprit?

At Jabot: Nikki thanks Jack for his candor. It explains a lot about his recent behavior. She encourages to him use his leave of absence to interview and hire the best nurses for Dina but is dismayed to learn Jack plans to be Dina’s caregiver. It’s too much for one person, and especially for a family member. The disease takes a toll on everyone involved. Still Jack refuses to abandon his mother, and he refuses Nikki’s offer to help. In fact, he thinks it best they back away from each other. Nikki is crushed.

At the police station: Paul invites Nick to suggest suspects and to search a box of remnants from the fire. They’re both stumped over the photo of a man. Victor looms behind them and identifies him as Brent Davis, Dina Mergeron’s ex-lover. Victor and Michael repair to Paul’s private office to face Christine, who has ditched the two feds. She’ll conduct the interview on her own, and she won’t put up with any funny business. She fires questions at Victor about his relationship with Zack Stinnet, about whether Victor properly vetted him, and about his knowledge of the dating app and the amount of money it made for Newman. Michael tries to get Chris to tone it down, but she won’t.

At home, Dina isn’t at all receptive to Jack’s spending more time with her. She doesn’t need a babysitter for God’s sake! Why doesn’t he lavish that attention on his lovely wife, Patty? Jack gulps. That marriage ended years ago. Without missing a beat, Dina rises to make a cup of tea, which she’ll do by herself, thank you. The doorbell rings. Jack is surprised to see Nick. He invites him in and makes polite conversation, but things go south when Nick shows Jack a photo of Brent Davis and asks to speak to Dina about it. It might save Nick’s hide. Jack won’t allow it. Nick pushes harder and Jack pushes back. Eventually Nick is asked to leave, which he does, but he says he won’t drop the matter.

Billy returns to Jabot to escort Phyllis home. She had a tough day assuaging nervous Fenmore’s employees and is glad it’s over. Billy had a busy day too. He had lunch at Top of the Tower and looked over the side of the balcony at all the drones trudging off to work. He decided the corporate life is not for him. He’s more into living on the edge and keeping things fresh between him and Phyllis. She’s in favor of that.

Chris keeps at Victor, asking about money laundering, a murdered prostitute, and whether Victor engaged in sexual activity with any of Zack’s girls. Victor is annoyed with her line of questioning and so is Michael. Chris is exasperated with their refusal to take the matter seriously. When she provides solid proof of Victor’s wrongdoing, they’ll get serious, Michael says. Victor thinks Chris lacks objectivity. She’s gunning for the Newman’s. Chris knows Victor has been working the old boys’ network, but it won’t get him off the hook so easily this time. She’ll see to it.

Over more coffee, this time at the athletic club bar, Chelsea and Nick talk about the new developments in the fire investigation. They’re frustrated, and to make matters worse, they’re still suffering hangovers from their trip. Just as they prepare to call it a night, Billy and Phyllis bound up and order a round of bourbons. Billy proposes a toast to partners in crime, and . . . well, they won’t speak of it.

Again in the living room, with Dina in a more relaxed mood, Jack broaches the subject of Halloween, specifically Dina’s activities that night. Well, she’s too old for trick or treat! Jack asks leading questions. By any chance did she go to a bar called the Underground? Did she remove the record album from the player at home and take it somewhere? She begins to fidget in her seat. Jack rises and plays the record. She’s overcome with sad memories about Brent Davis and all the pain she caused Ashley. She tears up and eventually recalls striking a match and holding the flame to Brent’s photo. She realizes she might have started the fire that destroyed the bar and becomes distraught. She wonders aloud what’s happening to her. Words fail Jack. He pulls her close and holds her.

At the station: Victor and Michael declare the interview over, but Paul meets them at the door. Not so fast. He holds up a plastic bag containing the gun used to kill Zack. It belongs to a Newman.

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