Wednesday Y&R Update 11/22/17

The Y&R Update Wednesday 11/22/17


Written by Christine
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At the ranch, Victor lead his family in a Thanksgiving toast. Victoria, Chelsea, Faith, Noah, Abby Reed and Tessa listened as Victor gave thanks for Abby's safe return and Victoria and Noah's return to Newman Enterprises. Victor was pleased that the estrangement was over. Faith shot a glum look at the two empty chairs. Later, Victor made his way to Faith. He noted that she'd been upset with him, but he hoped they could past it because he missed her. Faith admitted she missed him too. Abby told Tessa that she wished she could thank Crystal for saving her. Tessa wasn't sure whether it would be worse to never see Crystal again or for Crystal to be arrested for killing Zack. Abby vowed to do anything she could to help Crystal if she were ever charged.

Victor talked with Victoria privately. Victoria felt bad about the rift with Abby and about throwing Abby under the bus in the press. Victor maintained that it was for the good of the company. Victoria wasn't sure Abby would see it that way, but she agreed that Victor was right. She thought that it was best for Newman to have experienced leaders and to put an end to experimental projects and inexperienced executives. Abby overheard and was offended. Just then, the waiters arrived with the food, and Victor seized the opportunity to change the subject to the meal. His plan failed, and Abby confronted Victoria over what she'd just said and over the press release. Victoria insisted that it was just a PR strategy and said that she was sorry if Abby's feelings were hurt. Abby didn't think Victoria's apology was sincere, and she stormed out. Victor and Victoria headed into the living room. Victoria felt bad about Abby, but she thought Abby should've waited and discussed things in private instead of running out. Victor thought Victoria should be more patient with Abby after all she'd been through. Back in the dining room, Noah checked on Faith, who said she was okay now that the fighting was over. Reed called Faith over to him and Tessa. Noah chatted with Chelsea about Nick, and he realized she was angry with Nick. Chelsea grumbled about Nick blowing the story about her past cons out of proportion. Noah assured Chelsea that no one cared about her past and suggested that she and Nick let it go. Chelsea wasn't sure Nick could get over it.

Nikki dropped by Nick's expecting to see him, Chelsea and the kids. Nick explained that he and Christian spent the day together because Chelsea, Faith and Connor were at Victor's. Nikki asked Nick about it, and he admitted that he and Chelsea had a fight because he didn't know she ran cons with Jordan. Nikki reminded Nick that Chelsea had always been very upfront about her past. Nick revealed that he was suspected of arson and the insurance company wouldn't pay out. Nikki theorized that Nick was upset about losing The Underground and was taking it out on Chelsea. Nick admitted Nikki was probably right. Nikki confided that she got into it with Jack over Dina and he disinvited Nikki from Thanksgiving. Nick noted that Dina was Jack's mother, but Nikki thought he could've handled it better. Nikki and Nick went to the ranch to spend the holiday with their family. Victor was happy to see Christian, but he told Nick and Nikki that they weren't invited. Just then, Faith walked in and was overjoyed to see her father and grandmother.

Victoria came downstairs after checking on the kids and was surprised to see Nick and Nikki. She joined Victor, who was lingering in the doorway, and told him that this could be a big step for the family if he'd let it. Nick told Chelsea, in front of everyone, how grateful he was to have her in his life. They talked privately later, and Nick apologized and admitted he had no right to tear into her about her past. He realized that he should've supported her since she was upset about being outed on television. Chelsea apologized for kicking Nick out of the bedroom instead of being sensitive to the fact that he was upset about losing the Underground. Nick suggested that they get a sitter and go out for a nightcap. They kissed. Back in the living room, Nikki wondered where Victor was. Victoria said he was making a business call. Nikki wondered if Victor really ducked out because he was annoyed that she and Nick were there. Victoria said that if Victor really didn't want them there, he would've found a way to get them to leave.

Tessa asked Nikki about her arm. Nikki said it was nothing. She was much more concerned about how Tessa was coping with the situation with Zack and Crystal. Tessa admitted she wasn't doing well. Nikki gently noted that she could've helped Tessa if she'd told her about Crystal earlier. Tessa said she trusted Nikki, but she hadn't been able to talk about it. Nikki understood, and she promised to be there for Tessa. Eventually, the family said their goodbyes to Victor. It left Nikki and Victor alone in the house. They recalled that the ranch had been full of life last Thanksgiving. Nikki asked if Victor thought they'd ever get back to that place again. Victor asked Nikki to leave. She did, and as she went to the door, she turned back for one last look at Victor, who was slumped in his chair and looking depressed.

Billy arrived at the Abbott mansion with a pie from a bakery that was a long way from Genoa City. He told Jack that he'd spent the morning with the kids, then driven out to pick up the pie. Jack surmised that Billy hadn't made progress with Phyllis, and Billy suggested that they not discuss it. Traci and Ashley greeted Billy warmly, and he admitted that he hadn't been sure they'd ever celebrate together again. Jack said he was determined to make this the best Thanksgiving ever, especially for Dina. Dina came downstairs and said that Jack thought this would be her last Thanksgiving. Billy and Traci assured Dina that she'd be around for years to come. Dina left the room in search of her glasses, and Jack geared up to tell Traci and Billy about Dina's Alzheimer's, but he was interrupted by the doorbell. It was Ravi, and Billy noticed that Ravi had also driven all the way out to the same bakery. Ravi thought Ashley had invited him to dinner. Ashley took Ravi aside and explained that there had been a misunderstanding – she'd told him about her plans the other day, but it wasn't meant to be an invitation. Ashley felt bad, but Ravi assured her that he understood. He left. Dina returned just as Ashley sent Ravi away. Dina accused Ashley of always making the wrong decisions in her personal life. Billy kept going on and on about what happened with Ravi, and Ashley asked him to stop. She insisted that it was a simple miscommunication and nothing more, but Billy and Traci, and Dina felt that Ravi had been devastated. Jack stated that Ashley had her reasons for asking Ravi to leave. Abby burst in, requested a drink and contentedly sighed about finally being at a peaceful celebration. Jack and Ashley exchanged a look. Dina went upstairs to rest. While Dina was gone, Jack and Ashley told the rest of the family that she'd been diagnosed with Alzheimer's a year ago and that she was already experiencing memory loss. Abby and Traci were upset, especially because they'd only recently connected with Dina. Dina returned and asked if Ashley and Jack had gotten it over with. Everyone was speechless, and Dina said that although she was losing her marbles, she wasn't stupid. She assured them that she wasn't dying and that they didn't need to talk about her behind her back. Dina lightened the mood by asking if dinner was ready. Later, Dina told everyone an amusing story about her past, but she mistook Abby for Ashley. Jack told everyone that he was grateful for all of them, and especially Dina. He assured her that they would all be there to take care of her. Jack announced that he was taking a leave of absence from Jabot so he could focus on Dina.

Phyllis baked a TV dinner while she chatted with Summer, who was on vacation in Belize. After the call, Phyllis turned up her music at full volume, hoping to annoy her next door neighbor, Billy. Later, Phyllis met Hilary at the Club. Hilary complimented Phyllis's haircut. Phyllis noted that the Club was supposed to be closed, and Hilary explained that she called in a favor. Phyllis asked for an update on Hilary. Hilary knew she was back on the outs with the Newmans after covering the sex trafficking story, but she felt that she'd just been doing her job. She also shared that Devon and Mariah broke up. Phyllis asked what that meant for Hilary and Devon. Before Hilary could answer, Ravi walked in, and Phyllis beckoned him over. He told her about his humiliating mix up at the Abbott's in front of Ashley's sister and brothers. Phyllis was caught off guard because Billy had been there. Ravi admitted that he had real feelings for Ashley and wanted to get serious with her, but he was hurt because he didn't know if she felt the same way about him. Nick and Chelsea arrived, and Chelsea warned Ravi that Hilary would pretend to be his friend and stab him in the back for ratings. She scoffed when Hilary offered to let her come on the show to tell her side of the story. Hilary said Chelsea couldn't blame it all on Jordan, and Chelsea said she only blamed Hilary.

Phyllis gave Nick a hug from Summer, and he asked if she was sad without Billy. Phyllis told everyone about Billy moving in next door, leaving takeout on her doorstep and turning up his television so they could binge watch shows together. Hilary and Nick couldn't tell if Phyllis was annoyed or amused by Billy's antics, and she swore she considered him a pain. At that point, Billy arrived and gaped at Phyllis's new haircut. Billy was uncomfortable because everyone else was so subdued. He suggested that they all go out and do something scandalous, like take the Jabot jet to New Orleans. Nick wondered if that was the best place for Billy, who'd struggled with drinking and gambling. Billy assured Nick that he'd be fine. Chelsea wanted to go, but she couldn't because of her job and the kids. Ravi declined because he'd promised Ashley he'd be at work tomorrow. Hilary couldn't take time off work either. Phyllis also refused to go. Billy admitted he messed up, and he said he was trying to make it up to Phyllis. He noted that he'd given her music, food and flowers. Phyllis asked if he really expected her to drop everything and run off with him on the spur of the moment. Billy grinned and said yes. “Hell yeah. Now that's my boyfriend,” Phyllis replied, and they kissed. Phyllis and Billy went outside. She noted that he was hard to live with, but even harder to live without. Billy was glad to hear that, because he wanted her by his side through everything. They said they loved each other and shared a deep kiss. Chelsea and Nick joined them and announced that the sitter had agreed to watch the kids for the weekend, so they could go to New Orleans after all.

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