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Written by Christine
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At Crimson Lights, Mariah and Sharon watched a live episode of The Hilary Hour. Hilary promised the fans some behind the scenes footage. Although Mariah worked on the show, she had no idea what the episode was about.

At the Club, Victoria offered to smooth things over with Victor so that Nikki could spend Thanksgiving with the Newmans. Nikki declined, because she'd accepted Jack's invitation. Nikki rubbed her bandaged arm and hoped Dina would be carving the turkey or the guests. Victoria began to frantically take care of Newman business on her cellphone, which distracted her from Nikki's attempts to have a conversation. Nikki asked Victoria not to let work get in the way of her personal life. Victoria had to leave. Hilary and a cameraman met her in the lobby. Hilary asked Victoria to comment on the sex scandal, the investigation and Zack's death. Speaking on behalf of the company, Victoria said that they were saddened by the events, but they'd come out of it stronger than ever. Victoria tried to leave, and Hilary asked if Victoria was traumatized from her last experience in front of the camera. Victoria announced that she had better things to do than deal with Hilary. After Victoria left and the cameraman stepped away, Nikki walked over and suggested that Hilary should be empowering women instead of ambushing them. Hilary believed her viewers had a right to know that Newman Enterprises had links to an organization that exploited women. Nikki accused Hilary of using Newman to plug herself. Hilary noted that Nikki had been clinging to her marriage like a bottle of vodka, even though she'd walked out on it. Nikki noticed Jordan's arrival and decided to leave so he could deal with Hilary. Hilary waved the cameraman over and they made a beeline to Jordan.

Back at Crimson Lights, Sharon and Mariah decided that was enough Hilary Hour for the day. Scott came in and kissed Sharon hello. Speaking from her own experience being locked in a storage unit, Mariah assured Scott that the nightmares would subside. Sharon asked if Scott had been experiencing nightmares and that was why he hadn't been staying at her place. Just then, Abby arrived. Scott and Abby sniped at each other, and Abby snapped at Sharon for botching her order. Mariah asked Scott how Tessa took the news about Crystal. Scott stated that Tessa had been shocked and terrified about Crystal killing Zack and relieved because Zack was out of the picture. While Crystal was justified in shooting Zack, Scott thought the cops might try to arrest her because she ran. According to Scott, Tessa was okay with never seeing Crystal again if that's what it took to ensure her freedom. Once Abby was served, she apologized to Sharon. Scott suggested that Abby take the day off and pamper herself, but Abby said she had a score to settle.

Mariah helped tidy up. Sharon accused her of staying at the coffeehouse to avoid telling Devon how she felt. Mariah had changed her mind about talking to Devon. Sharon encouraged honesty and noted that every time Sharon lied in relationships, it always came back to bite her. Mariah didn't want to hurt Devon, but Sharon said he deserved the truth. Mariah promised to do it today. After Mariah left, Sharon went over to Scott, who was working on his article. She blamed herself for his ordeal and said she was the one who should've been trapped with Abby. Scott assured Sharon that he was fine. Sharon wanted to get Scott home and give him an all over body massage. Just as she said that, Scott was summoned to meet Victoria. He told Sharon that the massage would have to wait.

At the Abbott mansion, Ashley came downstairs and reported that Dina was resting. She found Jack holding one of Traci's childhood projects, and they remembered Dina helping put it together. Jack wondered how to tell Dina that her life as she knew it was over. Ashley arranged to pick Traci up at the airport. Jack thought it would be best to tell the entire family about Dina's diagnosis at the same time. However, he wondered if it might be most compassionate to shield Dina from the news. Ashley contended that Dina had a right to know so that she could make arrangements for her care while her faculties were still intact.

Nikki showed up unannounced to make sure Jack and Ashley weren't planning to sweep what Dina did under the rug. Ashley began to explain that Dina wasn't herself and that they took her to the doctor. Nikki interjected that Michael cooked up the exam to elicit sympathy from the judge. Ashley was about to tell Nikki about Dina's diagnosis when Jack interrupted to promise that Dina wouldn't get off scot free. Nikki wasn't going to be satisfied with a slap on the wrist. She felt that Dina should pay for what she'd done to both of their families. Nikki alluded to Dina lying about Ashley's paternity for years and said it proved Dina was a bitch. Jack refused to let Nikki come in uninvited and talk about his mother that way. Jack took Ashley aside and asked him to give her a minute with Nikki. Ashley reluctantly left, but she warned Jack that she'd throw Nikki out herself if Nikki upset Jack further. Jack apologized to Nikki. She asked if he knew who he'd sounded like earlier. Nikki was shocked when Jack admitted he understood why Victor had such a short fuse. Nikki argued that she was the victim. Jack noted that she kept saying that, but she'd found the strength to taunt Ashley about her paternity. Nikki said she just wanted them to realize that Dina was evil and vicious and shouldn't be walking the street. Jack was about to tell Nikki the truth, but he changed his mind. He threw Nikki out, withdrew his invitation for Thanksgiving and told her not to come back for the foreseeable future.

While talking to Ashley, Jack wondered how he was going to tell Dina about the Alzheimer's when he couldn't even tell Nikki. Dina walked in. Ashley and Jack were stunned when Dina and announced that she found about her diagnosis a year ago when Graham took her to a doctor. They asked why she hadn't said anything to them and why she'd subjected herself to another round of tests. Dina didn't remember her recent exam, and she got upset when questioned about it. She went upstairs. Jack and Ashley were disgusted that Graham didn't tell them. Ashley noted that Graham had taken advantage of the vulnerable Dina, and now he was her main beneficiary. Jack recalled Graham wishing them luck with her and saying they'd need it. Jack wasn't sure what the future held, but he vowed to make Dina's quality of life as good as possible. He got choked up as he promised to make this a Thanksgiving to remember.

Devon met with Tessa at the Club so that they could discuss the impact that the scandal would have on her album. Tessa couldn't focus on that. She could only think of how desperate Crystal must've been to take someone's life. They were interrupted by a phone call. Devon learned that Tessa's music sales had risen. He told her that people loved a scandal. However, he was afraid there would be blow-back, so he wanted Tessa to do some charity events and speak out about sex trafficking. Tessa was on board because she wanted to make a difference.

Mariah had words with Hilary when she arrived at the Club, then she headed in to see Devon. Tessa left. Devon asked if Mariah and Tessa had a falling out. Mariah said no. Mariah admitted she needed to talk to him about their relationship, but she wasn't sure how to say it. Devon assured her that she could tell him anything. Mariah confessed that she wasn't sure they should be together. Devon was surprised because she”d said she loved him. Mariah explained that she didn't have a firm grasp on the concept of love, due to growing up in a cult, where they used the word love to manipulate and control. She said she didn't do warm and fuzzy, and she thought something was wrong with her. Devon insisted that Mariah was more than capable of loving and being loved. Mariah noted that although Devon's line would make anyone else's heart melt, she just wanted to crack a joke about it. Mariah said she'd wanted them to work, and he'd made her happy, but he deserved more. She felt that Devon hadn't said that he loved her because he knew deep down that they weren't meant to be. Devon hoped they could still be friends, and Mariah assured him that they would.

Hilary paid for Jordan's drink as a peace offering. She admitted that exposing his fake IDs was a low blow, and she asked why he kept them. Jordan spotted the cameraman and called her out for taping the conversation. When Jordan realized they were airing live, he revealed that Hilary Curtis was an alias and that her real name was Ann Turner. Alarmed, Hilary quickly pulled the plug on the live episode, then she shoved Jordan. Jordan wished he'd been able to go public about Hilary conning the Winters family. Hilary snarled that Lily must've given Jordan her take on ancient history. Jordan observed that “little Annie” could dish it out, but she couldn't take it. He accused her of being a hypocrite. Devon came over to check on Hilary. Jordan told Hilary that if she wrecked someone's life, she could expect them to wreck hers. Hilary asked if that was a threat. “It better not be,” Devon stated. Later, Hilary found Devon drinking at the bar and she thanked him for helping out with Jordan. She asked why he seemed sad, and he told her about the breakup. Hilary said she was genuinely sorry and they hugged.

Mariah walked into Crimson Lights, but she changed her mind when she saw Tessa. Tessa stopped Mariah from leaving and asked her to sit down and talk. Mariah said told Tessa to get the gory details from Devon, then she left.

At Newman, Victoria hugged Abby and said she was glad to see her. Abby wondered where Victoria's concern had been the other day. Victoria explained that the press release was necessary to protect Newman. Abby knew that Victoria suspected she'd been pulling another stunt or that she knew what Zack was up to. Victoria didn't think it was that far fetched, given Abby's history. Abby swore she had no idea what Zack had been doing. Victoria thought this meant Abby was either incredibly naive or just plain clueless. Abby was offended, but Victoria felt that she was being lenient. She said that if Abby wasn't a Newman, she'd be fired. Victoria was sure they could find a division for Abby where she wouldn't cause anymore trouble. Victoria contended that she was protecting Abby, but Abby said she'd rather be in the storage unit again. Abby stormed out, where she ran into Scott and told him about her demotion.

Scott headed into Victor's office, where Victoria informed him that she was shutting Hashtag down because it wasn't profitable and it was off brand. Victoria planned to keep Scott on and find another role for him at the company. Scott insisted that his story on the sex ring could turn Hashtag around, but Victoria said that the story wouldn't be published because it could cause a lot of damage to the company. Scott implored her to set aside her concern for corporate image and greed. Victoria explained that she had to consider the image of their employees. Scott argued that his expose could prevent other companies from making the mistake Newman did and could save other women from exploitation. Victoria told Scott that his article wasn't going to change the world. Scott tried to make a counterargument, but Victoria ended the meeting.

Scott ran into Abby in the hallway and told her what happened. Abby admitted that Hashtag had merit. Scott was surprised she'd read the articles. Abby complained that Victor was so desperate to have Victoria back that he was letting her do whatever she wanted, even though she'd turned her back on him in the past. Scott ranted about Victoria ignoring the hard work he and Abby put into Hashtag and DesignDate. Abby suggested that she and Scott team up to stop Victoria, and he agreed. They shook hands, and the handshake lasted a bit longer than one usually would. After letting go, Scott noted that they were teaming up to take down a common enemy again. Abby said that was the only reason she'd consider teaming up with Scott.

At the cottage, Sharon commiserated with Scott, because she'd been on the receiving end of Victoria's attitude when Sharon used to work at Newman. Scott was upset because they'd put their lives on the line for that story. Sharon noted that there were other outlets. Sharon pulled Scott onto the couch and they kissed. Scott was startled when he saw Abby staring back at him instead of Sharon.

Back at Newman, Abby reminded Victoria that she'd come crawling back to Victor after her company failed. Abby predicted it was only a matter of time before Victoria failed again.

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