Monday Y&R Update 11/20/17

The Y&R Update Monday 11/20/17


Written by Ellen
Pictures By Christine

In his motel room, Zack holds Abby and Scott at gunpoint. He accuses her of cheating on him and Scott of cheating on Sharon. He tells them to say goodbye. Scott makes a dive for Zack and a shot rings out. Zack collapses to reveal Crystal standing in the doorway, wielding a gun. She looks terrified and flees without a word.

Mariah lingers at the coffeehouse with Sharon, waiting for news about Scott and Abby. Paul calls and summons Sharon to the police station.

At the Abbott home: While Dina sleeps upstairs, Jack tells Ashley that Dina’s neurologist confirmed the diagnosis: Their mother has Alzheimer’s disease. How could this happen to such a capable woman? They decide work is the best distraction, from both Dina’s ailment and Abby’s disappearance. Jack can’t bear to leave their mother alone, though, so he’ll work at home. Paul calls Ashley to his office.

At the police station, Sharon enters Paul’s private office and finds Scott and his mother locked in an embrace. Michael and Abby stand by. Paul tells them the status of the investigation and associated charges. Zack is dead, but the search is on for Crystal, his killer. The DA will decide her fate. Lauren is grateful to have her son back, but she’s also angry with him. Would he quit with the heroics? Sharon clings to Scott and without taking her eyes off of him says that’s one of the things she loves about him. Figures! Lauren snorts. Abby interjects that everyone is OK, and that’s what counts. Ashley and Victor arrive and smother their daughter with attention. Even though the murder charges against Scott have been dropped, the bickering continues. Would Sharon and Lauren consider a truce? When hell freezes over, Lauren says. Sharon agrees with her---wonders never cease.

In Paul’s office, Victor tells Abby how proud he is of her. After he leaves, Ashley encourages Abby to move into the Abbott home. Abby appreciates the offer, but no, thank you. She’s off to Newman Enterprises to do damage control. Must she? Ashley asks. Yes, Abby feels responsible. Ashley would like to come along for moral support. Abby will need it when she faces Victoria. No, again. Abby needs to do this on her own.

Mariah gets off the phone with Devon just as Sharon reenters the coffeehouse. Mariah backed out of Thanksgiving with Devon in order to spend it with Sharon. Sharon accuses her of avoiding Devon, but she has something more urgent to discuss: Crystal.

Scott catches Abby alone at the police station. He’d like to speak with her, but Victor intrudes. He thanks Scott for taking care of his girl, but Scott says it was the other way around. Abby looked after him. Abby agrees to wait in the car while Victor has a word with Paul. Paul understands Victor’s concerns, but he can’t discontinue the investigation of Newman’s connection to the sex trafficking ring. It’s in the hands of the feds. Then talk to Christine, Victor demands (meaning strong-arm her into dropping the case).

On the Crimson Lights patio, Mariah is stunned. Crystal was obviously afraid of what Zack might do to her if he found her. Mariah senses that Sharon has known about Crystal’s movements since she disappeared, but Sharon denies it. In any case, Tessa must be told the most recent developments. She’s on her way over. Suddenly, Mariah has to get to work. Sharon wonders why the rush.

In Victor’s office, Abby berates herself for falling for such a scumbag as Zack. Victor attempts to comfort her. He gets emotional too, sometimes. Oh, yeah? Could have fooled her. He was pretty cold when he used Abby’s party to announce Victoria’s triumphant return to the company. Nothing personal, Victor says. He praises Abby and assures her a prominent role at Newman, but the truth is she lacks Victoria’s experience. Abby isn’t placated.

Neil pays Jack a visit at home. Jack pretends to have an ailment that prevented him from attending the foundation meeting and from going to the office. Ashley returns, exchanges pleasantries with Neil, and catches Jack in his white lie. After Neil leaves, Ashley tries to get Jack to come to terms with their mother’s illness and their responsibilities to her.

Again at Crimson Lights: Mariah had a heart-to-heart with Tessa, as Sharon advised, and it was a disaster. Tessa wants to be friends only; therefore, Mariah thinks it best for everyone if she just keeps her distance. Sharon disagrees. Devon deserves her honesty. She doesn’t have to disclose anything about her feelings for Tessa, but it’s unfair to lead him on. As distasteful as that sounds, Mariah realizes Sharon is right. She’ll talk to him tomorrow.

In Victor’s office: Abby defends her record. Unlike Victoria, she didn’t bankrupt a company and go running to Daddy for help. Victor gives it to Abby straight: Her association with Zack resulted in the confiscation of Newman computers and the freezing of its assets. Abby won’t accept all the blame. Victor said he vetted Zack. She leaves in a huff.

At Crimson Lights: Sharon delivers the news to Tessa. It shocks and worries her, as expected. Scott joins them, lauds Crystal a heroine, and speaks the harsh reality: Tessa may never see her sister again.

At home, Jack is thrilled that Abby is safe. Ashley didn’t think it was the time or place to tell Abby about her grandmother, but it will have to be done sooner or later. Jack isn’t through grasping at straws and won’t listen to Ashley’s reasoning. She thinks they should adjust to their “new normal” and begin searching for places for Dina to go as her disease progresses. Jack is horrified at the thought.

Scott sits alone on the coffeehouse patio. Abby walks in and he again attempts to engage her in conversation, specifically about their “tryst.” Don’t call it that! she says. She at first makes light of it and then becomes very mean-spirited. Scott retaliates, verbally, until Sharon finds them thus and puts a stop to their sniping. Abby apologizes. They just rub each other the wrong way. She leaves, and Sharon fusses over Scott. How is he? In a word, traumatized, and it caught him off guard. Then he tells a fib. Throughout the ordeal, he thought of Sharon and about being in her arms. Really? She thought of him constantly too. She prattles on about how good their relationship is until she sees he’s overwhelmed. He recalls his last phone call from the road. The connection was bad and he couldn’t hear what Sharon wanted to tell him. She remembers very well that she told him she loved him, but she doesn’t tell him that now. She says she just wanted him home safe.

Neil takes the bull by the horns and goes to Paul’s office. He wants Paul to make a public statement exonerating Newman Enterprises. No can do. The investigation is ongoing, and for now the facts show a flow of cash from Newman to Zack’s prostitution outfit.

Jack comes downstairs after checking on Dina. Business as usual: She’s reading and complaining about her ankle monitor. It’s scary to think that although she seems right as rain at times, her mind is slowly deteriorating. How cruel. He and Ashley agree that the next step is to tell the family about Dina’s disease, including Dina herself.

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