Friday Y&R Update 11/17/17

The Y&R Update Friday 11/17/17


Written by Ellen
Pictures By Christine

While Scott waits in the car for Abby, he seems to be on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Abby returns with the motel room key. She sweet-talked the desk clerk. She still thinks they should wait for the police, but Scott has no such intention. He wants her to wait in the car while he searches Zack’s room. Abby hesitates for a moment but then follows Scott. There’s evidence of Zack, but no Zack. Eventually he does show up and he’s not a happy camper.

At Crimson Lights, Ashley and Ravi await news about Abby. She thanks him for his calming influence, but apparently it’s no match for her hostility toward Victoria. She marches up the to the counter and accuses Victoria of covering her own behind with that press release showing Abby in an unfavorable light.

At the Abbott house, Dina complains about her ankle bracelet and about the doctor’s house call. At her request and with the doctor’s consent, Jack remains in the room for her cognitive test.

Nick acts as though it’s business as usual at the penthouse, but Chelsea can’t ignore the elephant in the room. Doesn’t he want to talk about what happened on the Hilary Hour? Doesn’t he think they *should* talk about it? Why? he asks. He can’t believe anything she says. She’s a con artist, and now everyone knows it. He leaves; she sighs.

Paul meets Victor at Newman Enterprises. It appears Abby escaped the storage unit, but she and Scott are still missing. Paul won’t rest until they’re found, but he has to follow protocol, which includes investigating Newman Enterprises’ role in the prostitution ring. Victor explodes. He has a business to run and employees to pay! And his assets are frozen! He has no patience for police procedure and threatens to sue Paul, Christine, and the entire GCPD.

At Crimson Lights: Victoria defends herself to Ashley, which is an exercise in futility. Believe it or not, Victoria is worried about Abby too. Ashley believes it not.

At the motel: In Zack’s twisted mind, his meeting Abby again is fate. See? They’re meant to be together. As Zack gestures wildly with a gun, neither Abby nor Scott disagrees with him.

At the Abbotts’: Dina is alternately charming and acerbic as she fields the doctor’s questions about what year it is and what season (cashmere sweater, she jokes, before correctly answering “autumn”).

Nick greets Ashley and Ravi at the coffeehouse. Ashley thanks him for his compassion regarding Abby---at least one of her siblings has a heart. Nick loves his sister Victoria but admits she comes on a bit strong. He apologizes on her behalf.

Victoria strides into Victor’s office as Neil tries to persuade Victor to soften the company’s stance on Abby. Victoria thanks Neil for his input, but she stands by her original statement. Victor supports his COO and Neil throws up his hands in defeat. Victor has decided that *when* Abby returns, he’ll blame the whole incident on her impetuous nature.

Chelsea tracks down Nick at Crimson Lights. They need to finish their conversation---in private. She tries to nudge Nick away from Ashley and Ravi and toward the patio, but he’s not interested. Ravi recognizes her as the “bride” on the Hilary Hour and soon everyone in the place is gawking at her. She admits it---at the top of her lungs---makes a small scene, and leaves in shame.

At the Abbotts’: Dina is doing well on her test and they’re nearly finished. She easily repeats the three objects the doctor asks her to remember. The next one’s not so easy: count backward from 100 by 7’s. She struggles and changes the subject slightly. She remembers numbers only as they pertain to her stock portfolio. No worries. He asks her to repeat the three objects again, and this time she falters. She curses, and Jack declares it time for a break.

At the motel: Abby’s survival instinct kicks in and she pretends to play along with Zack. He is at first skeptical about her change of heart, but she says he’s right about her family. They don’t care about her and they proved it. For an astute journalist, Scott seems not to understand Abby’s tactic and is left scratching his head. Eventually, Abby gets to Zack. He becomes emotional and asks her again to run away with him. Yes, she says, let’s go! Just one loose end to tie up, Zack says, pointing the gun at Scott. Abby thinks fast again. If Zack wants her, Scott must be allowed to live.

Back home at the penthouse, Chelsea considers the collateral damage: her career . . . her relationship with Faith. Oh, well. Faith has grown up Newman, so she’s no stranger to scandal. She’ll get over it. Perhaps, Nick says, but she shouldn’t have to. Unfortunately, with Chelsea exposed and Nick under suspicion for arson, there’s certainly more trouble to come.

Victor gets a disappointing phone call. There’s been no progress on Abby’s case and he wants to be alone. Neil and Victoria exit the office together, but she’s not finished with him. Her decision is final, and she doesn’t appreciate Neil’s undermining her. Hold up, Neil says defensively. He was just doing his job. Victoria needs to relax and recognize that they’re on the same team. But she keeps up her guard and cites that old double standard: If she were a man, no one would question her assertiveness. Victoria was taken advantage of and played a fool by Billy, but no more. Neil appreciates her situation, but she should be bit more circumspect. She has a lot to lose. He steps onto the elevator and leaves her with that thought.

Dina can’t recall the three objects and blames her anxiety about Abby. The doctor notes this and will take it into account when he scores her test. Now he’d like her to draw a simple clock face showing 9 o’clock. Dina becomes belligerent and sarcastic again. Jack watches while she draws and is alarmed. He snatches the paper and rushes the doctor out the door, apologizing for wasting his time. He returns to Dina’s side and assures her everything will be OK from now on. She thanks him and they both tear up a little.

Abby tries to get Zack to just turn his back on Scott, saying he’s no threat to them. But Zack caught a glance between Abby and Scott and he doesn’t like the implication. He asks directly whether they had sex---and don’t try to fool him. Sex is his business and he recognizes meaningful nonverbal exchanges when he sees them. Abby protests too much. Zack grimaces and now points his gun at both Abby and Scott.

Ashley comes home and finds Jack and Dina having tea. They talk briefly about Abby and then Ashley asks how the doctor’s appointment went. Awful! Dina says, before fleeing upstairs. Jack is just as vague and makes excuses for Dina’s poor performance on the cognitive test. Ashley finds the crumpled paper on which Dina attempted to draw a clock. They need to face the truth so they can deal with it. Eventually Jack admits their mother has Alzheimer’s disease.

At the penthouse, Chelsea continues to do damage control. She was never married to Jordan. It was just a dumb scam, which she regrets more than Nick will ever know. Nick won’t let up and she takes issue. By Nick’s own admission, the Newmans haven’t been angels. She storms off and returns with a wad of bedclothes, which she hurls at him. Message received.

At the motel: Zack becomes enraged, calls both Abby and Scott low-down cheaters, and tells them to say their goodbyes. Then he pulls the trigger.

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