Thursday Y&R Update 11/16/17

The Y&R Update Thursday 11/16/17


Written by Ellen
Pictures By Christine

Sharon is frazzled and spills Mariah’s coffee all over the Crimson Lights counter. No biggie. Mariah knows Sharon is stressed out about Scott’s disappearance. Would she like Mariah to skip work and keep her company? Hilary has ego to spare and wouldn’t miss her in the co-host chair. Sharon says no. It’s best to stay busy. At least Hilary is using her powers for good this time. She’ll publicize Scott and Abby’s disappearance and the reward being offered. The whole time, Sharon can’t keep her eyes off Dina Mergeron, who sits alone on the patio. Sharon anticipates Paul’s arrival. She may have a promising lead for him.

Billy strolls into the patio and takes a seat at Dina’s table. She’s ashamed that Jack sent Billy instead of coming himself. He’s terribly upset with her right now. Billy understands; he’s been in that position with Jack plenty of times. He and Dina have that in common and more. They laugh.

Inside the storage unit, Scott and Abby lie unclothed under what is presumably a filthy moving blanket. They face away from each other and Abby is in no mood to acknowledge what just happened let alone analyze it. She commands Scott to avert his eyes while she dresses. Why? he asks. He’s seen it all.

At the TV studio, Hilary scrutinizes herself in the mirror. The black mini dress is a little tight, she complains. Chelsea mutters under her breath. Her specific problem with Hilary involves Jordan. Why drag Chelsea into their drama?

Jordan confronts Phyllis at her apartment. She’s not up for visitors. Her new neighbor is a pain, playing bad music at all hours and just plain getting on her nerves. He wants to discuss her collaboration with Hilary. He knows Phyllis flirted with him at the club bar while Hilary tossed his room. Phyllis plays dumb and tries to put him off. Perhaps they can get together another time, but he wants to make time now. She maneuvers him out the door and then slams it.

Nick invites Noah into the penthouse. No news about Abby, but Nikki is recovering nicely from her stab wound. Noah’s visit has another purpose: He accepted a job from Grandpa. Nick remains calm. OK. He doesn’t feel betrayed by Noah but reminds Noah of what to expect. Victor is Victor. Nick partially blames himself for pushing Noah back into the Newman fold, but he shouldn’t. Noah’s eyes are wide open.

Hilary issues orders to everyone on the set and tweaks Mariah when she finally appears. They go over the program schedule, which Mariah sees contains an empty seven-minute block. What are they going to do, sit and smile at each other? Hilary has something up her sleeve but won’t discuss it. Jordan bursts in and has words with Hilary about her hatchet job. He demands a retraction---or else. Chelsea busies herself nearby, hanging on every word. Mariah tries to defuse the tension, but Jordan politely asks her to mind her own business. Hilary makes a concession. She’ll let him come on the air to tell his side of the story. He refuses. Well then, she says, it’s not slander if it’s true. Chelsea snags Jordan and tells him to run while he still can. No. He’ll stand his ground.

Sharon tells Paul her theory about Dina. According to a conversation Sharon had with her, Dina was near Scott’s last known location at the time of his call. And the way she described the place was odd. Paul attributes Dina’s language difficulties to her recent stroke, but Sharon persuades him to follow up. The two of them approach Dina and Billy’s table and try to coax more information out of her. She becomes agitated, bordering on combative, but Billy calms her and eventually they all learn that Dina was in a car with other people. She recalls voices. Suddenly she remembers Abby’s voice, and Sharon’s hopes rise.

Meanwhile, in Zack’s storage unit, Abby rummages around for resources---bottled water, a jackhammer . . . She can barely stand the sight of Scott or the sound of his voice. He’s starting to get a little stir-crazy and tries to center himself. Abby finds an intriguing document and calls him over for a look. Zack’s property records. Abby is nauseated by the thought of all those houses Zack owned for the purpose of exploiting young women and flogs herself for being so gullible. Scott tries to comfort her with no success.

At the penthouse: Noah says he accepted the offer in order to be closer to the family. Also it’s a cool job with lots of opportunities to make his mark. Nick sighs. He understands wanting to be close to family at this particular time. Nick feels like a real outsider. Not to worry. Noah will keep him up-to-date. But what are Nick’s plans otherwise? Personally, Nick intends to spend lots of time with Christian and Faith, but professionally, he’s not sure.

On the air, Hilary makes an appeal for Abby’s safe return and dangles the $10 million reward before her followers. Mariah makes sure to mention Scott Grainger too. During the commercial break, Hilary silently reads a memo. A smile spreads across her face, and Mariah senses trouble. Hilary calls it “breaking news.”

Dina’s irritation reaches its limits when she repeats for the umpteenth time that she was “by the roadside,” but not in it. Paul thanks her for her time and heads inside the coffeehouse with Sharon to brainstorm. They scour the Internet for businesses with the name Roadside and turn up a storage company. Paul intends to investigate solo, but Sharon insists on coming along. He puts his foot down. She reminds him that she knows the address and will just go on her own. Recalling her many refusals to obey his orders, he relents and they leave together.

Scott’s instincts tell him that one particular location mentioned in Zack’s files, a motel, might have been his destination after shutting Scott and Abby inside the unit. That doesn’t help a bit, Abby says. They have no way of getting out. They can’t tunnel out or break through the walls---or go through the roof. Scott looks up and gets an idea.

Chelsea contacts Nick and tells him Abby’s case is being discussed on the Hilary Hour, so Nick and Noah tune in. Meanwhile, Phyllis does the same and turns it up loud to drown out her neighbor’s din. At the studio, Hilary welcomes back her viewers. Offstage, Jordan tells Chelsea to brace herself, and with good reason. Hilary blows the lid off the story with a phone interview of one of Jordan’s victims. Connie is a mature widow. “Justin” charmed her all the way to the altar, and she and nearly married him until a woman claiming to be his wife showed up at the courthouse and made a scene. Other women Connie spoke to after the fact relayed similar experiences. Clearly this woman was not his wife but his accomplice. Connie kindly sent a photo of her fateful wedding day, which shows the two perpetrators. The image of Jordan and Chelsea engaged in a struggle with another individual appears onscreen. At the penthouse, Nick gasps. Back on air, Mariah plays devil’s advocate, saying photos can easily be edited, but Connie sticks to her story and provides further details about the theft and humiliation she suffered. Hilary takes her victory lap, thanking her viewers for providing a public service. Once off camera, Chelsea lights into Hilary, verbally.

At the penthouse, Noah is prepared to give Chelsea the benefit of the doubt, but Nick had no delusions. He knew Chelsea had a checkered past. His phone rings and he groans. It’s bound to be the press wanting a comment, but it’s not. It’s the insurance company denying the Underground’s claim until after an arson investigation, and Nick is the prime suspect.

Phyllis downs the last of her aspirin and then decides to go out for some peace and quiet. She runs into Billy in the corridor. He has a key in his hand, but it’s not to her place. Hi, neighbor! he says. So sorry she was bothered by his music. He must have forgotten to turn it off.

At the TV studio, Chelsea takes her rack of designer clothes and says the deal is off. She will no longer outfit Hilary in exchange for on-air publicity if this is the kind of exposure she’ll get.

While Paul and Sharon wait for the security guard, Paul locates the unit that belonged to Zack. He flings open the door and finds the remains of a fire intentionally set. Sharon finds Scott’s necktie, but there’s no other sign of him or Abby.

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