Wednesday Y&R Update 11/15/17

The Y&R Update Wednesday 11/15/17


Written by Christine
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Scott awoke to Abby banging on the door of the storage unit at Roadside Storage. He told her it was no use; they were in the middle of nowhere and no one was coming. Abby argued that her family and his mother wouldn't rest until they were found. She was sure that their disappearance was the biggest news in Genoa City. Abby began to search the unit hoping to find something to help them escape. She found immigration visas and was upset to think about the women who arrived looking for a better life, only to be forced into prostitution. She assumed Scott blamed her for their predicament, and she told him that she already hated herself as much as he did. Abby continued to berate herself for trusting Zack until she noticed that Scott was currently a trembling ball on the floor. Their circumstances had dredged up memories of being held hostage. Abby sat next to Scott and held his hand as she assured him that they'd escape and make Zack pay. Later, Abby touched Scott's face, and they shared a long kiss.

Sharon read the news paper and the top story was about Newman Enterprises' sex ring scandal. Paul walked into Crimson Lights and preemptively informed Sharon that there was no news and he was only there for coffee. Sharon angry because the top headline was about Newman and not Scott and Abby. Paul explained that there was no new news to report, but his answer didn't satisfy Sharon. She was worried for Scott, Crystal and Abby. Paul asked Sharon not to give up, and she promised she wouldn't.

Phyllis walked into Jack's office and celebrated about Newman's scandal. Jack was more subdued. He wanted to assure Abby that the Abbotts didn't hold her responsible for the DesignDate fiasco, but first he had to find her. Phyllis hadn't heard, so Jack told her everything that happened at the party. Jack was stressed out. As the head of the family, he felt responsible for his mother and his niece. Jack was upset that the media wasn't reporting on the ten million dollars he and Victor were jointly offering for Abby's safe return. He thought that they were running the story because they weren't sure if Abby was involved in the sex ring operation. Phyllis suggested that Jack go to Hilary and ask her to get the story out. Jack liked the idea. He decided to have Ashley look in on Dina while he went to talk to Hilary. Phyllis offered to talk to Hilary so that Jack could check in on his mom. He gratefully accepted.

At Newman, Neil and Victoria discussed the story about the sex ring. Neil was doing his best to fix the PR crisis. Victoria noted that the only person making allegations was some prostitute who'd since disappeared. Neil stated that with stories like this, people would believe what they wanted to, whether it was true or not. Lily dropped in and wanted to know if she still had a job. Victoria gave Lily her new contract to read on her own time and turned her attention back to Neil. Victoria attempted to send Lily away, but Lily insisted on staying and discussing the contract. Lily was dismayed because she'd essentially been demoted. Her benefits and pay had been cut, and she had fewer responsibilities. Victoria said there was no reason for Lily to handle marketing now that Victoria had Newman's entire marketing team at her disposal. As for the benefits, Victoria coolly explained that this was the standard package for a new employee. Lily protested that she wasn't a new employee. Neil suggested that Victoria give Lily credit for the time that she worked at Brash and Sassy. Victoria flatly informed them that they had to follow Newman protocol, which meant Lily would be treated as a new employee.

Lily signed the contract. Victoria's tone was more warm now, as she acknowledged that the new normal might seem like a big hurdle, but she noted that she and Lily gotten past bigger things in the past, like the situation with Cane and Juliet. Victoria noticed Lily and Neil exchange glances and asked what was wrong. Lily revealed that Juliet died and that little Sam was in the NICU. Victoria offered to let Lily take a few days off, but Lily declined. Victoria went to make arrangements for Lily to start her new job. Lily told Neil that at Brash and Sassy, she and Victoria were friends, but Victoria had been very cold while discussing the contract. Neil agreed, but he explained that Victoria was trying to save face and prove that she was just as tough as Victor.

Lily learned about Abby and Scott going missing. Victoria thought it would be best to issue a press release explaining that Abby was the only one who worked closely with Zack. Lily was shocked that Victoria wanted to throw her missing sister under the bus. Lily was adamant that Zack had deceived Abby, but Victoria said that Lily didn't know that was true. Neil suggested that they release a statement saying that Abby was a victim of a sexual predator who needed rescue. Victoria said she was worried about Abby too, but they couldn't make announcements without having facts to back them up. Victoria instructed Lily to close DesignDate's website. Neil walked Lily out. Lily urged him to convince Victoria to do right by Abby. Back in the office, Victoria stared at a family portrait on Victor's desk. She sent Abby a text saying she was worried. Later, Victoria told Neil to tell the press that Abby took full responsibility for DesignDate and that the rest of Newman had no idea what she was doing. Victoria said to let everyone know that as COO, she would make sure Newman was never involved in anything like this again. Neil asked if Victor supported this. Victoria said Victor gave her full authority to handle it.

Hilary and Cane went to the Club after Juliet's funeral. Hilary thought it was quite sad that they were the only two people at the service. Juliet's father didn't attend. Cane thought about all Juliet had been to him – coworker, enemy, mistake and mother to his child. He vowed to be there for their son. Hilary asked how the twins took the news about Juliet and the baby. Cane said they were distant, which he understood. Hilary asked if there was a chance for reconciliation with Lily. Cane didn't think so. Hilary got a text from Phyllis. She didn't want to leave Cane alone, but he convinced her to go. Hilary walked away. She called Mattie and said that Cane was in a bad place and needed her and Charlie.

At the Ashby house, Mattie told Charlie about Hilary's call. Mattie didn't want to see Cane, because she wasn't sure how to process everything that happened, and she didn't know how to make him feel better. Charlie thought it was important for them to support Cane because he'd always been there for them. Cane was pleasantly surprised when the twins showed up at the Club. He mentioned that he was just heading to the hospital. Mattie asked if he'd eaten. Cane didn't have an appetite. Charlie encouraged Cane to let them take care of him. During the meal, Charlie blamed himself for Juliet's death - if only he'd gotten help sooner instead of listening when she said it was okay. Mattie and Cane assured Charlie that it wasn't his fault. Later, it was time for Cane to go check on Sam. He let the twins know how much he appreciated them checking on him. Lily was about to walk into the Club dining room, but she changed her mind when she looked in and saw Cane hugging the kids.

At Top of the Tower, Hilary agreed to do the story on Abby and Scott's disappearance. She said she'd do anything for Jack. Phyllis was surprised that Hilary didn't do a story on DesignDate's sex ring. Hilary explained that she'd been at Juliet's funeral, and Phyllis was surprised that Juliet died. It bothered Hilary that Juliet had been alone in the end. She noted that Cane only tolerated Juliet because of the pregnancy. Hilary felt guilty for treating Juliet like a pawn, then ignoring her. Phyllis assured Hilary that Juliet wasn't some innocent manipulated by Hilary. According to Phyllis, Juliet was a calculating woman who made every decision based on what could help her get ahead. Hilary and Phyllis admitted that this described them, too. They toasted to Juliet. Hilary said drinks were on her, since she still owed Phyllis for distracting Jordan. While Hilary didn't find the pictures, she found the fake IDs and the episode she aired on them was a huge success. Phyllis explained that she took Jordan back to her place, and Billy came by and threw a jealous fit. Phyllis was pleased because she'd helped Hilary and sent Billy the message that she wasn't taking him back. Hilary thought Phyllis might be willing to forgive Billy now that he was no longer under Victoria's spell. Phyllis explained that she and Billy thrived on drama, and she wasn't sure their relationship would be interesting without it. Hilary recalled creating drama while she was married to Devon because she was afraid that their relationship would get boring, and in the end, that's what caused its demise. Hilary urged Phyllis to learn from Hilary's mistake.

Jack brought Dina to Crimson Lights and she grumbled about the venue and her ankle bracelet. Dina was unhappy about being subjected to a medical exam yesterday. Jack explained that they were trying to find a medical cause for her recent behavior. Dina insisted that she acted in self defense after Nikki called her an old bitch. Jack countered that Dina didn't have to stab Nikki. Sharon came over and asked if Jack had any news on the search for Abby and Scott. Jack tried to shush Sharon, but she didn't get the hint. Dina asked if Abby was missing. Sharon felt bad for spilling the beans, but Dina put the blame on Jack for not telling her. Jack explained that he didn't want to worry her, but Dina felt that she had a right to know.

Paul told Sharon that they had a lead – the GPS coordinates from Scott's last phone call. Sharon wanted to go check it out, but Paul wouldn't allow it. He assured Sharon that the police would handle it. Paul suddenly realized that Dina had been found in the same general area as Scott had been in. They wondered what that meant.

Back on the patio, Dina was distraught about the possibility of losing Abby after they'd just reconnected. Jack encouraged Dina to stay positive. Dina insisted that they weren't doing enough to find Abby. Jack agreed, and he went and asked Paul to issue a missing person's report on Abby and Scott. Paul agreed. While Jack and Paul were talking inside, Sharon joined Dina on the patio. They had a friendly chat, and Sharon asked where Dina had been when the police picked her up. Dina said she'd been walking away from Roadside. Sharon asked if she meant the side of the highway. “No. Roadside,” Dina said. Sharon asked if Dina saw Scott. Dina said she never went inside.

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