Tuesday Y&R Update 11/14/17

The Y&R Update Tuesday 11/14/17


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At Newman, Victor told Victoria that he'd instructed security to step up the search for Abby. Victoria thought it was possible that Abby chose to leave with Zack. Victoria revealed that she and Neil managed to keep the stabbing and the revelation about the prostitution ring out of the news. She tried to tell Victor about the good press the merger was getting, but he wasn't in the mood to talk business. He apologized and told Victoria how much he appreciated the way she handled the situation. He was glad he'd made her C.O.O. Victoria encouraged Victor to go rest, but he refused to leave until Abby was found. He also vowed to get revenge on Zack. Victoria informed Victor that Nikki was fine. Victor was glad, and Victoria was happy that he still cared about Nikki. Victor checked in with security again; there was no sign of Abby. Victoria wanted to discuss the allegations Crystal made about DesignDate, but Victor said not now. Victoria thought Abby had just run off with her boyfriend because she was angry that Victor promoted Victoria instead of her. Victor confided that Zack had likely killed a prostitute to frame Scott. When Victoria learned that Zack was dangerous, she became concerned.

Michael arrived at Crimson Lights just as Sharon dropped a glass. She claimed it was no big deal, but Michael knew she was distracted because she was worried about Scott. Sharon admitted she'd called him multiple times with no response. She cut herself cleaning up the glass, and Michael insisted on tending to her wound. Sharon asked if he'd heard from Scott. “No. We haven't,” Lauren spat as she entered the coffeehouse. On the patio, Michael said Scott would reach out as soon as he could and until then, there was nothing they could do. Lauren argued that they should be proactive, and Michael agreed. Lauren got up to get coffee, but Michael insisted on going because he didn't want her to get into a fight with Sharon. Lauren said she wouldn't fight with Sharon because right now they had a common concern – they both wanted Scott home safe. Lauren made a snide comment about Michael comforting Sharon earlier. Lauren and Michael had a disagreement about whether or not Sharon was responsible for Scott's disappearance. Michael pointed out that Scott chose to go after Zack and Abby. Lauren argued that Sharon belonged in prison for passing off Sage's baby as her own. Michael noted that Scott was resourceful and used to getting out of dangerous situations. Lauren was upset that Scott hadn't reached out. Michael suggested that Scott was so wrapped up in tracking the story that he neglected to call Lauren. Michael had to leave. They kissed goodbye, and Lauren assured him that she'd be fine.

Nick met Nikki at the hospital, where she was waiting for the doctor before her release. He felt bad that he wasn't at the party. Nikki didn't think there was anything Nick could've done to prevent the stabbing. She thought Dina would've come after her eventually, even if it wasn't at the party. She hoped Dina would be put away for a long time.

Paul came into the coffeehouse and assured Sharon that the police were working on Scott's case. He was sympathetic to Sharon, but he told her that her constant barrage of calls and texts about Scott was distracting him from his other cases. Sharon promised not to contact Paul about Scott anymore. Paul got a text, and he left. Lauren walked in. Sharon expected a verbal attack, but Lauren said she was only there for milk. After Lauren poured her drink, she said that none of this would've happened if Sharon hadn't seduced Scott. Sharon said she refused to rise to Lauren's ridiculous accusations. Lauren argued that Sharon had thrown the journalist an interesting story and made sure she was involved so he'd get hooked on her. Lauren noted that Sharon was the one who told Scott about the prostitution ring. Sharon countered that Scott chose to get involved out of concern for the women. Lauren wanted Sharon to stay away from Scott, but Sharon contended that he should get to make his own choices. Nick came in and broke up the argument. Lauren left. Nick brought Sharon a coffee and she thanked him for taking care of her. Nick assured her that Lauren was out of line. Sharon braced herself for Nick to gripe about Scott, but Nick said he was going to show restraint. They talked about Nikki's theory that Dina stabbed her because she disapproved of Nikki and Jack. The topic of mothers and sons prompted Nick to recall that Nikki disapproved of Nick and Sharon. Sharon was glad Nikki only had a minor scratch. Nick noted that he would've been at the party if he hadn't cut ties with Victor. He was upset that neither Victoria, Abby, nor Noah called to tell him Nikki was hurt. He said he didn't realize that he'd lose contact with his other relatives when he cut Victor out. Sharon asked if he regretted his decision. Nick didn't want to reconcile with Victor, but he refused to lose touch with the people he loved.

Nick asked how things with Scott were, and he was caught off guard when Sharon burst into tears. She confided that she was afraid something happened to Scott because he hadn't called or texted all day. Nick suggested that he was just busy, but Sharon explained that Scott was very attentive. Sharon admitted that her feelings for Scott were a lot stronger than she realized. She said that she didn't think she'd find anyone again after Dylan, but Scott broke down her defenses. Sharon thanked Nick for not being negative when she opened up to him. Nick said he couldn't stand Scott, but he was a lucky guy. Sharon reminisced about her early years with Nick. She noted that things had never been easy, but they had each other. Nick and Sharon promised that they'd always be there for each other.

At Jabot, Ashley was on edge, worried for Abby and Dina. An officer suddenly escorted Dina into the office. Ashley was shocked that Dina had been found a long way from Genoa City. Dina explained that she'd gotten into an unlocked car to hide from Nikki, and later some people got in and drove away. It was clear that she had no idea she'd been in the car with Zack and Abby. Ashley noted that the only reason Dina wasn't under arrest was because the police officer was from another jurisdiction and didn't know there was an APB on Dina. Dina revealed that she expected Jack and Ashley to help her escape to Paris. Jack and Ashley stepped into the hallway to confer and concluded that they had no choice but to turn Dina in. They hoped that Dina's age and poor health would be taken into consideration.

Jack asked Dina what she was going to say about the stabbing. Dina said she was going to tell the truth – that she was provoked and stabbed Nikki in self defense. Jack urged Dina not to blame it all on Nikki. Dina argued that they all knew about Nikki's shady past and what kind of woman she was. Dina insisted that she feared for her safety. Paul and Michael arrived. Michael advised Dina not to answer any questions. Jack wanted Dina to get a medical exam, since she was recovering from a stroke. Paul placed Dina under arrest, but he didn't cuff her. He told Jack that Dina could go to the hospital after she was booked and appeared before the judge.

At the hospital, Dina, Michael, Ashley and Jack crossed paths with Nikki. Dina snarled that Nikki got what she deserved. Nikki asked why Dina wasn't in jail and was outraged when she learned that Dina was out on bail. Dina announced that she did a world a favor by stabbing Nikki. Nikki called Dina a crazy old bat. “Now do you see why I stabbed her? This woman is out of control,” Dina stated. Jack took Nikki aside and apologized, but he asked her not to bait Dina. Nikki ordered him to keep her away from Dina.

At Newman, Nikki was horrified to hear that Abby had been kidnapped by a murderer. Nikki thought Ashley and Jack should know about this, but Victoria was against it. Victoria explained that Victoria and Ashley got into it last night over DesignDate. According to Victoria, Ashley wasn't being rational about Newman's role in Zack's business. Victoria felt that involving Jack and Ashley would only hinder the investigation being conducted by the GCPD and the security firm. Nikki insisted that Ashley had the right to know. Victor agreed to make the call.

Back at the hospital, Jack stated that Dina's behavior was so out of character that it had to be caused by the stroke. He bristled when Ashley suggested that Nikki really did provoke Dina. Michael noted that they had two defenses lined up; if Dina got a clean bill of health, they could argue self defense. Jack was adamant that Nikki wasn't to blame, but Michael said he had to present the best defense he could for Dina. Victor called Ashley and the conversation shook her up so badly that the phone slipped from her hand.

At Newman, Ashley feared that Zack had hurt Abby. Victor hoped Zack was too smart for that. Jack suggested that Zack might think Abby was useful. Victor thought Zack might be planning to ransom Abby. Ashley noted that Victoria thought Abby knew DesignDate was a front for the prostitution ring. Ashley was adamant that Victoria was wrong. Victoria argued that Abby had worked closely with Zack and that she must have had some idea what he was doing. Jack defended Abby. Ashley tried to throw Victoria out of the office, but Victoria refused to leave. She stated that she was COO of the company. Victoria reminded them that Abby could be impetuous and immature. Jack suspected that Victoria was using Abby's situation to divert attention from her own recent scandals. Victor didn't think Victoria was in the wrong. “And Abby is?,” Abby challenged. Victor noted that he never said that. Victoria and Ashley argued about whether Abby left the party by choice. Victoria pointed out that Abby had been surrounded by family and could've asked for help. “And asked for your help? After you and her own father yanked the rug out from under her?” Jack yelled. Nikki urged them to calm down. Ashley was furious at the way Abby had been humiliated. Jack contended that it was typical Newman behavior. Victor pointed out that Jack had tried to use underhanded means to take Newman Enterprises and that he was gallivanting around with Victor's wife. Jack brought up the things Victor did to him, Phyllis and Jack's father. Jack blamed Victor for John's heart attack. Nikki ordered them to stop rehashing old problems. “Abby belongs to all of us . . . it is our duty to find her and bring her home safely,” Nikki yelled.

Nikki took Victoria aside and asked if she really thought Abby would be involved in prostituting women. Victoria wondered when the Naked Heiress became St. Abby. Victoria noted that love could make people irrational. She admitted that she'd spent a long time being married to and disappointed by Billy. Victoria thought Abby must be very naive if she didn't know what Zack was up to. “You don't have enough love in your heart to give your sister the benefit of the doubt?,” the disapproving Nikki asked. Nikki told Victoria not to let what happened with Billy affect her feelings toward Abby. Nikki also warned Victoria not to let her return to Newman destroy her soul.

Jack and Victor debated their next move. Victor wanted to offer a reward, but Jack was concerned that it would invite too many false leads. Ashley thought they should all stop arguing and do something. Since Jack didn't have a better plan, he signed on to Victor's idea. They both agreed to put up five million dollars apiece. Jack made a call to get his half of the ten million in place. Just as Victor finished making his own arrangements, an FBI agent walked in and presented Victor with a warrant. Due to the claims about Newman's involvement in sex trafficking, the FBI was there to freeze Newman's assets and seize their computers.

Back at the hospital, Michael left Jack a message letting him know that it would take a couple of days for Dina's test results to come back. Michael asked if there was anything Dina wanted before he took her home. She asked for hot chocolate, and Michael agreed to get her some. Michael noted that she'd been found a long way from Genoa City, and he asked where she'd been. He seemed perplexed when she said “Roadside,” then he noted that it was true that she'd been found on the side of the road.

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