Monday Y&R Update 11/13/17

The Y&R Update Monday 11/13/17


Written by Ellen
Pictures By Christine

Scott pounds on the elevator door at Top of the Tower to no avail. Zack, having practically kidnapped Abby from the party, sticks to his story. He loves her and would never hurt her.

Back in the Tower dining room, Crystal panics. She tells Tessa that Zack is now more dangerous than ever. He holds grudges and plays to win. Across the room, the Newmans tend to Nikki. She has a superficial stab wound to her arm, courtesy of Dina, and she seems to hold Ashley personally responsible. Dina’s desire to separate Jack and Nikki is well known, but Dina has disappeared, so no one knows for sure why she pulled a knife. Time to get the police involved, Victor says. No! Ashley says.

Scott and Sharon find a quiet spot in the dining room to discuss their next step. Scott is concerned about Abby’s safety. Things go from bad to worse when Tessa says Crystal has disappeared without a trace. Scott doesn’t believe her; he knows Tessa helped her sister escape. He decides to strike out on his own, leaving Sharon wringing her hands.

In his first act as Top of the Tower manager, Noah disperses the crowd. The remaining Newmans and Ashley argue about Dina’s motive for attacking Nikki. Victoria takes the liberty of calling the police, reasoning that there are two incidents to investigate: one involving Ashley’s mother and the other her daughter.

Zack drives through the darkness with Abby sniveling in the passenger seat. She demands the full story. Who was that girl? And why would she make such wild accusations? Zack tells a partial truth. The girl is Tessa’s sister. They all grew up together in a crappy Chicago neighborhood.

At the Tower: Neil tries to defuse the tension between Ashley and Victoria. The facts are insufficient to pass judgment, but Victoria begs to differ. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

Here’s where Zack gets creative with his story: He established a legitimate restaurant business and employed the Porter sisters. They stole from him, he fired them, and they’ve been out for revenge ever since. Even Abby can see through this lie and calls him on it. Zack becomes quiet and concentrates on the road and his next tactic.

Paul questions Nikki at the Tower about the attack. Victoria asks him to keep the matter quiet, but he must follow protocol and can’t make any promises. Victor is eager to get Nikki to the hospital and assures Paul that charges are forthcoming. To Ashley, Paul says it appears to be Nikki’s word against Dina’s, but Dina’s running is a bad sign. Now what about Abby . . . ?

Abby gets a little bolder. Why did Zack run if he was innocent? Why didn’t he point the finger at Tessa and Crystal? Furthermore, she’s no fan of Scott, but he’s a professional and wouldn’t make unfounded statements. Zack falls back on his story about his rough upbringing, about how he thought himself unworthy of a woman like Abby, about how she makes him a better person. Then he confesses that his business was not a squeaky clean restaurant but a massage parlor . . . but he was doing a favor for the girls he employed. He was giving them an opportunity to escape the same circumstance he had and simultaneously providing a valued service. Did Abby know that those sorts of businesses are legal in some countries? Save it, she says. She knows enough about the matter to know there’s nothing wholesome about it. She feels like a fool for falling for his lies. Well, he won’t apologize. That chain of events led him to her. He loves her. Scott drives a few miles behind them, in hot pursuit.

To Neil and Noah, Paul again makes no promises about containing the rumors. They’re inevitable. He then approaches Sharon and Tessa and scolds them for freelancing, and despite their denials he’s sure they know Crystal’s whereabouts.

Zack now makes the mistake of comparing his shady dealings to Abby’s dad’s. In desperation, he suggests that Abby knew all along the real purpose of Design Date. In any case, Newman Enterprises profited from the app and so Abby and Victor are complicit. She commands him to pull over and let her out of the car.

At the Tower: Tessa and Sharon fess up. Crystal left the safe house voluntarily. Paul is livid, but there’s no time to dwell on the matter. Scott calls Paul with an update. The connection is poor and Paul understands little of what Scott says. Sharon takes the phone and tells Scott to be careful; she loves him. The line goes dead and Sharon wells up with tears, not knowing whether he heard her.

Victor and Victoria cool their heels in the hospital waiting room, trying to make sense of recent events. Both are deeply worried about Abby. Victor admits in this case he showed poor judge of character. He actually liked Zack. Noah arrives, seeking information about Grandma. As there’s nothing to report, Victor changes the subject. He welcomes Noah back into the family business [but what timing!]. Victoria considers her next move as COO.

Ashley makes tracks for Jack’s office. He’ll never believe what happened at the party. He is stunned indeed and doesn’t know whom to worry about more: Abby, Dina, or Nikki. Ashley tries desperately to reach her daughter with no luck. That’s because Zack still has Abby’s ear---and her arm. He won’t allow her to exit the car. He again pledges his love and devotion and tries to get her to flee town with him. Why not? Her family screwed her over---publicly. No one cares for her as much as he does. After he hustles her out of the car, Dina emerges from the back seat and slips away unseen.

At the Tower, Paul is unable to make contact with Scott, and Sharon’s anxiety escalates. Not to worry, Paul and his people are on the case. They’ll attempt to pinpoint the location of Scott’s last call. They *will* find him.

From Jabot, Jack calls Nikki. She’s been treated and released. Jack apologizes on his mother’s behalf. Nikki doesn’t say much. She’s still in shock. She thanks Jack for his offer to come to her but there’s no need. She’s got her family. Speaking of family, has Jack heard from his mom? He has not and he has no idea how she might try to defend her actions.

Zack leads Abby to a storage unit filled with boxes of documents. He retrieves a single overstuffed envelop from one of them. Abby continues to beat herself up for falling for his lines, but he insists his feelings for her are real and is sure she reciprocates. Again he begs her to escape with him. Scott arrives. She’ll do no such thing. In one motion, Zack shoves Scott and grabs Abby.

Sharon wanders around the coffeehouse, alone and in the dark. She leaves one more voice message for Scott, begging for a reply to let her know he’s all right.

At Jabot, after another incomplete call from Ashley to Abby, Jack voices doubts about his niece. She’s always been impulsive. Paul arrives looking for Dina, but of course they have no information about her. Paul gives it to them straight. Dina is in a boatload of trouble. They are to call him if she makes contact. He leaves.

At the hospital, Neil takes his PR job very seriously. He tells Victor they need to get a jump on this negative publicity, but Victor can’t be bothered right now. Nikki and Abby are his priorities. Of course, of course, but leaks will spell big trouble for Newman Enterprises.

Scott attempts to reason with Zack. Obviously Zack has no choice but to leave the country. Abby will only slow him down. Zack considers this, pushes Abby into Scott’s arms, and says once more that he loves her. Then he closes them inside the storage unit.

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