Friday Y&R Update 11/10/17

The Y&R Update Friday 11/10/17


Written by Ellen
Pictures By Christine

Abby meets her mother at Jabot. She bubbles over about her big night and possibly a much bigger role at Newman Enterprises.

Victor, Victoria, and Neil convene at Top of the Tower. Neil reiterates the focal points of the evening: the merger of Brash & Sassy with Newman, renewal, Victoria’s being named COO, and the Newmans’ bright future. Let’s do it! Victor says.

Cane and Lily hold vigil at the hospital. Lily can’t help thinking about the birth of her miracle babies and her recovery from cancer. Juliet wasn’t so lucky, and little is known about the baby’s condition.

Tessa checks in with Crystal at Crimson Lights before heading for her gig at Top of the Tower. Rest assured, Zack will pay for his crimes. Crystal isn’t convinced. On the patio, Scott and Sharon discuss their plan to publicly expose Zack. Meanwhile, Zack shows up at the Tower and sucks up to Abby’s dad.

Again at the hospital: Lily pities that motherless boy and feels guilty for having once wished Juliet would just disappear. Cane knows she didn’t mean for things to end this way. Mattie calls in the middle of their conversation. First she asks for news about Juliet and the baby. They’ll talk about that later, Lily says. That’s not Mattie’s only concern. She’s at home, already in her party frock, and asks to be ungrounded for the night. She and Reed will be adequately chaperoned. Lily consents.

Ashley confirms Dina’s firing from Jabot. It turns out she wasn’t ready for the workload or the stress. She muddled through a couple of assignments, but unbeknownst to Jack and Ashley at the time, she got help from Graham. Now they’re all on the outs again. At least Abby still has a good relationship with her grandmother. Abby fuels Ashley’s concern by telling her about Dina’s stealing multiple sugar packets from Crimson Lights yesterday. Maybe things are worse than Ashley imagined.

At the Tower: Victor promises that the evening is bigger than Abby and Zack’s dating app. It’s about the Newman Dynasty, which Zack is fortunate to be a part of. Across the room, Nikki fusses over Victoria and chats with Neil about his acquisition of Power Communications, a PR company Nikki is well acquainted with. Neil is in charge tonight and asks Nikki to cooperate in presenting a united front. Can she play the matriarch? Victor sidles up. Of course she can; she’s done it before. Do it for the good of the family, he says. It doesn’t sound like a request. OK, she says with a sigh. Just tell her what to do.

At Crimson Lights: Scott and Sharon tell Crystal about one of the “suits” Tessa will be performing in front of tonight---her old boss, Zack. They don’t want to pressure Crystal, but now would be the ideal time to confront him, and they need her to do it. She considers it a moment and then says she’ll need a suitable outfit.

Reed picks up Mattie. They've missed each other and cherish this opportunity to be together.

At the receptionist’s desk, Ashley rummages through a box of Dina’s things, which includes an odd assortment of items, and multiples of each one. Dina catches her and is incensed. She seizes the box and says she won’t be the one to make them late for Abby’s party.

Abby arrives at the Tower, decked out in a look-at-me outfit: a shapeless bright green mini dress and fuchsia pumps. Zack approves. Neil swoops in and steals her for family photos. In passing, Abby tweaks Victoria. Victoria agrees it will be a night to remember. Reed and Mattie arrive. She waits off to the side while he takes his place among the Newmans. Neil positions Victoria next to and slightly in front of Abby. Abby bristles. Nikki, who stands as far away from Victor as possible, is asked to move closer and to hold his hand. Along with Noah, they all say “cheese!”

At the hospital: Cane is stunned. He called Juliet’s dad to tell him she died and got the same kind of reaction as before. He’s not interested---not in her funeral arrangements and not in the baby. It hits Cane that he’s all the child has. He pages through paperwork and pauses at the birth certificate. The baby has no name. He and Juliet discussed it a few times but never decided on one. Lily suggests Sam, in honor of Cane’s departed sister, Samantha. He loves the idea, not least because it’s hers.

Ashley and Dina schmooze with Neil at the party. He recalls the last time they all gathered at the Tower, to honor Ashley. A night they’ll not soon forget, Dina remarks before she wanders away. Seriously, Neil would like to properly toast Ashley’s accomplishment and to catch up. They’re long overdue. How about a drink later? She’s amenable.

While the photographer takes individual shots of Abby and Victoria, Victor corners Noah. He’s sorry to hear Noah’s dreams of running the Underground are dead, but he has an idea. The manager of Top of the Tower is moving on and the job is open. Victor tries to entice him, saying he’d again be part of the family business, but that’s precisely what deters Noah. He politely refuses and goes to greet Tessa.

Zack presents Abby with a glass of bubbly and strokes her ego some more. Scott stands across the room, shooting daggers at Zack. Victor takes the mic and tells the crowd about his tenacious daughter Abby and her super-successful dating app. She’s part of the next generation of Newmans, ready to conquer the world. [Applause] But there’s more. The prodigal daughter has returned. Victoria Newman is joining forces with her dad. She’ll not only run her own company under the Newman umbrella, but she’ll be COO---Victor’s right hand. Abby’s face falls, but as she is standing on stage, there’s little she can do. Her admirers---Zack, Ashley, and Dina among them---ache for her.

At the hospital: Lily brings Cane sustenance. She’s so good to him. He thanks her not just for the food but for the support. It was an emergency, she says humbly. It was the least she could do. Now she must go home, though. Before she leaves, she tells Cane he’s a good dad and his son is lucky to have him.

At the Tower: Abby eventually runs for cover near the bar. Zack pursues her and tries to console her. Victoria was given that title to help her save face. Abby, on the other hand, delivered a business success that impressed the hell out of her dad.

Scott approaches Victor and Victoria and asks whom he’s to report to. Victor says still to him, but Victoria is no mere figurehead. She demands a full report on Scott’s projects ASAP.

Tessa is introduced and she beings to sing. Crystal and Sharon lie in wait.

Victoria catches up with Noah and pressures him to accept Victor’s job offer. Eventually she wears him down and he does. They’ll talk more tomorrow. Abby, at Zack’s urging, attempts to take the high road by congratulating her sister. Victoria doesn’t make it easy. As Victoria did with Scott, she reminds Abby that she’s COO. That makes her Abby’s supervisor. Abby can take no more and lashes out. Victor saunters up and tries to placate Abby, but it can’t be done. She flees. Just then, Zack catches sight of Crystal and panics. He goes to Abby and suggests they leave, but it’s too late. Scott, Sharon, and Crystal approach. Crystal accuses him of unspeakable acts. It appears poor Abby is to suffer another blow tonight. Zack denies running a prostitution ring under the cover of Design Date. Abby demands the truth. In the meantime, Crystal commandeers the mic and tells the crowd the real reason they’re gathered: to celebrate the success of a “dating app” used to exploit girls like her under threats of violence, bankrolled by Newman Enterprises. Cameras flash and Neil goes into damage-control mode.

Dina mutters something about “typical Newman sleaze,” which Nikki overhears. She confronts Dina and is assaulted. Nikki cries out, and in the confusion Zack seizes Abby and spirits her away.

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