Thursday Y&R Update 11/9/17

The Y&R Update Thursday 11/9/17


Written by Ellen
Pictures By Christine

While Cane dozes in the hospital waiting room, Juliet is rushed to surgery. Lily wakes Cane. Even in the throes of divorce, she can’t desert him.

Jordan confronts Hilary at her television studio. She knows very well what’s got him riled and she revels in it.

Victoria and Jack chat in the athletic club dining room. He fishes for information about Brash & Sassy’s fate and offers condolences. Being investigated by the FDA is something he wouldn’t wish on his worst enemy. She takes that small opening, throws her arms around him, and thanks him for understanding. In fact, she has a mutually beneficial proposal.

In Victor’s office, Nikki worries about Victoria. Billy was her sole support at Brash & Sassy. Now that Victoria has burned that bridge, what’s to become of her? Victor couldn’t care less about Billy Abbott, which is no surprise, but his lack of concern for Victoria unnerves Nikki. Does he enjoy seeing his children fail? First Nicholas and now Victoria. She leaves in disgust and passes Abby at the door. Victor has good news for Abby: Design Date is going gangbusters. He shows her the latest figures and thinks a bash in her honor at Top of the Tower is in order. They’ll show the world the Newmans are back on top. Abby lets the accolades go straight to her head.

At the club: Jack is puzzled. How does letting Brash & Sassy out of its lease help Jabot? Open lab space for Ashley. Jack sees her point and grants her wish. Before he learns about her plans, she rushes off. Scott intercepts her at the door. Any truth to these rumors about a bailout? As a professional journalist, he can’t reveal his source, but it’s reliable and the information probably came from someone on the inside. Uggh! Just what Victoria needs. She swears him to secrecy and hurries to Daddy’s office.

At The Hilary Hour studio: Hilary shrugs off her vicious character assassination and declares Jordan’s problem one of his own making. He should have known the multiple fake IDs would catch up with him. And man, oh, man are Hilary’s viewers filling in the details about “Jordan,” or whatever his name is. She shows him the pertinent Internet postings to that effect and calls him out on his empty threat to expose her nude photos. And she’s not finished with him yet.

At Newman Enterprises: The spotlight will be on Abby alone, the force behind the app, not on Zack. Abby has to pinch herself, things just keep getting better. When Victoria barges in demanding Victor’s attention, Abby can’t keep quiet about her success. Good for you, Victoria says, and shoos her out. After hearing Victoria’s news, Victor summons the entire PR staff, grills them to no avail, and then fires the lot of them. One by one they leave. Now what? Victoria asks. Well, Ms. COO . . . , Victor says as he signs her contract. Now what, indeed?

Knowing how Cane gets when he hasn’t eaten, Lily tries to tempt him with breakfast from the hospital cafeteria. He refuses and wants to know where the two of them stand. Before she can reply, Neil appears to offer support---to both of them. He doesn’t stay long, though. He’s been called to Victor’s office. Lily resumes the conversation with Cane. Under the circumstances, she’s willing to put the divorce on hold. Meanwhile, Juliet is prepped for an emergency C-section. As Juliet’s lone supporter in Genoa City, Cane takes it upon himself to call her father, with whom she supposedly has a good relationship. Wrong. Mr. Helton has no intention of coming to his daughter’s aid.

Again at the TV studio: Hilary taunts Jordan and laughs when he says he still has a life he’s proud of and a job. She suggests he catch up on his business news. Victoria’s company is clearly on its last legs. Jordan storms off, passing Nikki on his way out. Nikki isn’t intimidated by Hilary’s attempt at blackmail. For Hilary’s information, Victor has already seen the photos of Nikki making out with Jack, and she knows it was Dina’s doing. Perhaps Dina paid for it, Hilary says, but doesn’t Nikki want to know who was behind the camera? She implies that she and Nikki would make better allies than enemies.

Neil, rocking his new business casual look, arrives at Victor’s office. After he signs the nondisclosure agreement Victoria shoves under his nose, he’s told about the dire straits Newman is in. Can Neil help? Can he ever. Neil’s newly acquired PR firm is perfect for the job, but it will require some serious spin. Lucky for them Neil is ready to roll up his sleeves and pitch in. When he learns of the party to be held in Abby’s honor, he thinks it would be the perfect opportunity to play up Victoria’s new role as COO. Little thought is given to Abby’s reaction.

Dina and Abby meet at Crimson Lights and catch up. Dina is having trouble with her son, both on the job and personally. Abby advises her to work things out with Jack and then invites Dina to her party. Dina will be there with bells on. Now for some coffee and carbs. As Abby stands at the counter debating between brownies and croissants, she notices Dina stuffing sugar packets into her pocketbook. Abby returns to the table and asks if Dina is feeling OK. Never better! She’s going to take Abby’s advice and talk to Jack immediately. After she leaves, Scott walks in. He and Abby do their usual dance. She scolds him for attracting negative publicity to Newman Enterprises; he questions her professionalism. They part on hostile terms but not before she invites him to her party---if he’s not in jail, that is.

At Brash & Sassy, Nikki is frustrated by Victoria’s reticence. Victoria is moving the company but won’t say where to. The world will know soon enough. Nikki moves on to other disturbing topics. She repeats Hilary’s allegations against Brash & Sassy’s official photographer.

At Newman: Victor is glad to see Neil so pumped up about work. It’s been a long time. Neil agrees, and says it feels great. He and Victor are much alike in that respect.

After visiting with Victoria, and noticing Gloria’s absence from her desk outside Jack’s office, Nikki slips in for a visit. She steers clear of discussion about Brash & Sassy, Jabot’s chief competition, and focuses on Jack’s relationship with Billy. If the two brothers can find common ground, anything is possible. Dina walks in to find them behaving affectionately---nothing tawdry, but it makes no difference. Dina tells them to “get a room.” It takes one to know one, apparently. Dina and Nikki trade insults about being gold-digging floozies. Jack chides his mother and sends her home to concentrate on her recovery. He then apologizes to Nikki. He’s at his wits’ end. Dina seems to be getting worse, not better. He’s beginning to envy his father, whom Dina deserted.

Jordan arrives at Brash & Sassy and with a big smile asks the boss where “we” are headed. After Juliet, Cane, and Billy, Victoria is on a roll. She tells Jordan she can no longer trust him and fires him too.

Hilary makes an appearance at the hospital to show support for Juliet but she’s not welcome, according to Lily. Hilary leaves without much fuss but asks Cane to send updates. In the OR, it’s touch-and-go for both mother and baby. Eventually, the surgeon gives up and Cane, with Lily, is given some bad news.

As Dina waits for service in the athletic club dining room, she admires the silverware and then tucks it into her purse. The waiter takes her order for a Greyhound---and a set of utensils. She doesn’t seem to have any.

At Newman, Neil thinks Abby ought to be told about the program change at Top of the Tower, but Victor says no. Victoria returns, pleased to see Neil working his magic. Incidentally, does Neil know of any good photographers? She had to let hers go. Abby barges in and comments on how busy everyone is but is too self-absorbed to care what they’re working on. She invites Neil to the party in her honor. He plays dumb, congratulates her, and says he wouldn’t miss it.

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