Wednesday Y&R Update 11/8/17

The Y&R Update Wednesday 11/8/17


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In the courtroom, Lily was somber about her marriage ending. Michael noted that she'd stood by Cane longer than most women would. Lily told Michael that this isn't what she wanted, but after last night, she knew Cane wouldn't give up hope until the divorce was finalized. She didn't think it was healthy for her family to be in limbo. Cane's lawyer arrived alone, prompting Michael and Lily to wonder where Cane was. Lily was pleasantly surprised when Neil and Devon showed up for moral support. Neil gave Lily a pep talk. Lily wondered if Cane wasn't there due to a last-ditch effort to save the marriage.

Cane begged Paul to let him out of the holding cell. He noted that Billy left ages ago. Paul pointed out that someone paid Billy's bail. Cane had called Esther, but she hadn't gotten back with him. Paul suggested that Cane call Lily, but Cane didn't want her know about this. Cane asked to call someone else, but Paul said no, because Cane already had his one call. Paul left. Cane lamented to an officer that he had no one to turn to anymore. At that moment, Juliet arrived and assured him that he'd have her, and one day he'd have their son. Juliet explained that Esther had decided to let Cane stew in the holding cell and thing about his actions, just like Katherine would've wanted. Juliet brought Cane a suit for court and sympathized about his rough day. Cane thanked her and left.

Back at the courthouse, Lily dreaded telling the kids that the divorce didn't happen because Cane didn't show up. Michael assured her that they could proceed without Cane. Cane burst in and apologized for being late. Devon thought Cane had disrespected Lily by not arriving on time. Neil asked where Cane had been, and he dodged the question. Lily didn't want to discuss it. She just wanted the hearing to start. Charlie showed up, even though he was supposed to be at school. He urged his parents to try one more time. Lily gently refused. Charlie said he thought he'd never forgive Cane, but on the night of the fire, the only thing that mattered was the four of them, and he wanted it to be like that again. Cane said Lily and the kids were his world and they'd survived worse. He begged her to fight for them one last time. Neil interjected that Lily had the right to stop fighting. Cane promised to fight for the both of them. Devon accused Cane of guilt tripping Lily. Charlie continued to argue for saving his parents' marriage, and Neil told him that Lily deserved peace.

Just as Lily suggested postponing the hearing, Juliet walked in. Appalled, Lily asked if Cane really invited her. Cane insisted that he didn't want Juliet to be there. Lily wasn't surprised that Juliet thought it was okay to come, since Cane had moved her in with him and she was carrying his child and would be a part of his life for the next fifty years because he slept with her and lied about it. Michael asked about the postponement, and Lily snapped that she'd changed her mind. Charlie was upset, but Lily said this was how it had to be. Cane asked Juliet why she was there. Juliet came to apologize to Lily and ask her to give Cane another chance. Lily couldn't believe Juliet thought she had the right to ask her for anything after what she'd done to her marriage. Lily suspected that Juliet was really there to get a ringside seat to the end of the marriage.

Lily vowed to pretend Juliet didn't exist after the divorce was granted. Cane snarled that Juliet had just ruined the progress he'd made with Lily, just like she ruined his marriage. Juliet countered that it took two. She continued that Cane had no right to yell at her, especially after she bailed him out of jail. Lily was shocked. Juliet apologized and swore she never meant for any of this to happen, then she ran out. Cane insisted that it wasn't as bad as it sounded. He explained that he'd been drunk and come to the house to beg her to take him back. Lily spat that she knew, because she heard him. Cane was surprised she didn't open the door. Lily was annoyed that he'd made a scene and caused one of the neighbors to call the police. The judge arrived.

Charlie joined Juliet in the lobby and she was caught off guard when he assured her that the divorce wasn't her fault. He noted that Cane lied, in addition to cheating, and that it was easier for him to blame her for the divorce than to take responsibility for his own actions. Juliet told Charlie that he was a good kid. She was in the process of hoping the baby would turn out like him when she was hit by a cramp. Charlie was concerned, but she insisted that she was okay. She stood to leave and suddenly fainted. Charlie caught her, and he noticed that his hand was covered in blood. Back inside, the judge was just about to finalize the divorce when Charlie ran in looking for help. Everyone streamed outside.

Elsewhere in the station, Paul blasted someone for blowing the lead on the sex trafficking case and possibly putting Crystal in danger.

Later, Jordan dropped by Paul's office. He asked why Cane was locked up, but Paul didn't answer. Jordan reported that someone burglarized his room. Paul noted that the Club had its own security. Jordan revealed that they claimed that their cameras didn't catch anything, which made him wonder if it was an inside job.

A mysterious person walked around the coffeehouse. Later, Sharon and Mariah arrived to open up. Hilary called Mariah and ordered her into work, so she left. Sharon entered the building. She realized she wasn't alone, so she armed herself with a glass container. It was Crystal. Sharon wanted to call Paul to take Crystal back to witness protection, but she refused to go. She thought she saw Alice outside the safe house, and she saw the same car parked outside a few times, which she feared was Leon or the boss. Crystal was terrified, and she said she didn't trust anyone except Sharon and Tessa.

Nick met with Noah and Tessa at the Club. The mood was grim, due to the fire. Noah wanted to rebuild, but Nick didn't. Tessa got a text from Sharon and left. Noah kept trying to talk Nick into it, but Nick said he was finished with the Underground and its expansions. Noah argued that Nick couldn't do this to him. Nick apologized and said his heart wasn't in it anymore. He noted that this was the second time something bad happened at the Underground, and he took it as a sign from the universe. Noah felt that it was just a fire. He urged Nick to rebuild, but Nick wasn't interested in owning a club anymore. Noah didn't think they should give up on the other locations. Nick also thought that Victor would continue to try and sabotage the business. He noted that Victor bought their liquor distributor and that he'd blocked them from buying several spots to put new clubs in. Nick was tired of spending his life reacting to Victor. He wanted to be his own man. Nick offered to give Noah the insurance money and let him go ahead with the expansion and the rebuild. Nick didn't think Victor would target Noah. Noah protested that he didn't want to do this alone. Nick said that Noah was the brains and the heart of the operation, and Nick was just the wallet. Noah pointed out that he didn't have the experience, but Nick thought the best way to learn was to jump in. He suggested that Noah could even get another partner. Disappointed, Noah said he already had one. Nick had enjoyed working with Noah too, but they were on different paths now. Noah wasn't sure what he wanted to do. Nick promised to support Noah no matter what, but Noah was skeptical. He felt like Nick was pushing him away, like he did to the rest of the Newmans. Nick insisted that he didn't want to distance himself from Noah.

Back at the coffeehouse, Tessa worried that Zack would find out Crystal was back. Sharon showed Crystal a picture of Zack, and she recognized him as the boss. Tessa told Crystal about her past with Zack at the massage parlor. Sharon asked if Zack recruited Crystal. Crystal said that it was Alice. Alice pretended to be her friend and manipulated her. Tessa was worried that Zack sent Alice to target Crystal after Tessa took off from the massage parlor. Sharon assured Tessa that it wasn't her fault. Crystal blamed herself for being stupid enough to talk to Alice, but Tessa insisted that Crystal wasn't stupid. Sharon wanted to tell the police that Crystal identified Zack, but Crystal was too afraid because the sex ring had informants everywhere. She wanted to keep moving so they couldn't find her. Tessa agreed with Crystal, because of what happened to Natalia. They broke the news that she was murdered, and she mourned for her friend. Paul happened to arrive, and Sharon let him in. He asked why the place wasn't open yet. Sharon made up a cover story about a plumbing problem. Paul informed Sharon that Crystal was gone, and Sharon pretended it was news to her. She promised to let him know if she heard from Crystal. Paul hoped to be able to ask Crystal if she could ID Zack. Paul left, and Tessa and Crystal emerged from their hiding place behind the counter. Tessa thanked Sharon, noting that Paul was like family to her. Sharon said Tessa and Crystal were like family now too. Sharon promised to keep Crystal's secret and to do everything she could to protect her. Sharon wondered when the nightmare would be over.

At the set, Mariah asked why they were suddenly doing a live show. Hilary said she had a juicy time-sensitive story about dating someone who was leading a secret life. Mariah noted that some people kept secrets because the truth caused pain. Hilary sensed that she hit a nerve, and she asked if Mariah was lying to Devon or Devon was lying to Mariah. Mariah started to respond, but Hilary said it was a rhetorical question, and she didn't actually care. The show started, and Hilary asked the audience what they would do if they found out their boyfriend had a deep dark secret. Mariah stated that she wouldn't know because her boyfriend was honest. Hilary reminded her audience about Jordan, while a picture of him flashed on the screen. Jordan was at the Club watching the episode. Hilary held up Jordan's fake IDs and revealed that he was also known as Jason Hightower and Marcus Jones. She wondered if Jordan Wilde was even his real name. She implored the audience to contact the show if they knew anything about Jordan's past.

After the show, Jordan rushed toward the exit. He bumped into Paul, who promised have someone contact him about the burglary. Jordan stated that there was no theft; it was all just a misunderstanding.

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