Tuesday Y&R Update 11/7/17

The Y&R Update Tuesday 11/7/17


Written by Christine
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Jordan joined Hilary at the Club bar and informed her that he really did have copies of her nude photos. Hilary regretted believing Jordan when he assured her that she had the only copies. Jordan stated that a pro always had a backup plan. He threatened to release the photos and destroy her reputation if she kept digging into his past. Jordan left, and he forgot his phone.

Neil and Devon met up at the Club after Devon's business trip. They both had good news. Neil had acquired a new company for Hamilton-Winters and Devon had found some new acts for their recording label. Neil was envious of all the fun Devon was having with the business. Devon and Hilary's eyes met from across the room, but Neil drew Devon's attention back to him. Neil enjoyed working at Hamilton-Winters, but he admitted that he was bored. Devon was glad that Neil wasn't thinking of leaving. Devon asked about Neil's meeting. Neil talked about the PR firm that they'd just purchased. He explained that they'd need to find a new CEO. Devon noticed how enthusiastic Neil sounded and suggested that he head up the new company.

Phyllis and Chelsea finished their meeting, then they headed over to say hello to Devon and Neil. Devon offered them a seat. Phyllis spotted Hilary and took a rain check. Chelsea sat down. Devon told Chelsea that Neil would be running Power

Communications. Chelsea was surprised that Neil would be taking on such an edgy and progressive company. As they talked, Neil realized Devon and Chelsea didn't think he looked the part to be in charge of the company. Neil was a bit offended and thought they were calling him old. Chelsea and Devon explained that he couldn't wear three piece suits while he was the face of a youthful brand. Chelsea offered to be Neil's stylist. Devon thought it was a good idea, but Neil didn't want to change his look. Devon pointed out that this was Neil's chance to be passionate about something. Neil agreed to make a change.

Hilary and Phyllis came up with the idea to distract Jordan so Hilary could break into his room and steal the drive with her pictures on it. Hilary asked Phyllis to be the distraction. Phyllis thought Jordan was attractive, but she didn't want to get involved, because she was still getting over Billy. Hilary countered that she wanted Phyllis to distract Jordan, not marry him. Hilary noted that if Billy found out about Phyllis and Jordan, he'd be reminded of what he lost. Phyllis was sure Billy already knew what he lost, but she didn't think he understood why. Phyllis asked how to find Jordan. Hilary suggested using his lost phone to lure him down to the bar.

Jordan came downstairs after Phyllis called his room and told him she found his phone. She mentioned that Fenmore's needed a photographer and asked him to join her for drinks to discuss it. While they chatted, Hilary searched Jordan's room. Back downstairs, Jordan and Phyllis flirted. Jordan opined that Billy was an idiot for letting Phyllis go. Phyllis explained that she broke things off because he didn't make her a priority. Hilary sent Phyllis a text asking her to keep stalling. Jordan invited Phyllis up to his room. She hesitated, then she suggested her place instead.

When Lily came home, she was surprised because Charlie and Mattie seemed to have switched personalities. Mattie was blasting music, while Charlie was setting the table. Lily made Mattie turn down the volume. Mattie briefly entered the living room to complain, then she rushed back to her room. Charlie asked Lily to give Mattie a break. Lily thought Mattie was upset because she wasn't allowed to see Reed. Charlie clarified that it was because the divorce hearing was tomorrow. Lily sat the twins down and tried to get them to open up about divorce. Mattie contended that the divorce wouldn't affect her and Charlie because they were nearly adults. Lily disagreed, but Mattie stormed off to her room. Lily blamed herself for Mattie's bitterness, but Charlie faulted Cane. Lily revealed that the divorce was her decision because she couldn't forgive Cane. Charlie asked if she still loved Cane, and Lily admitted that she did. Charlie didn't see the point of the divorce if she and Cane still loved each other.

Lily ran into Devon and Neil at the Club and she confided in them about the divorce tomorrow. Lily wasn't sure that ending her marriage would make her happy, but she didn't know what would.

Billy entered the Chancellor mansion and startled Juliet. Juliet learned that Billy was moving in, and he learned that she lived there. Billy asked if his mother knew Juliet was living in her house. Juliet wasn't sure, and she decided to just move out. Billy assured her that Jill would let her stay, since she was pregnant. He thought there would be room enough for the both of them. Juliet pointed out that Cane lived there too. At that point, Cane came home. Billy asked why Cane hadn't moved out yet. Cane explained that he was looking after Juliet, due to her risky pregnancy.

Juliet decided to move back to the Club. She didn't think the tension between Cane and Billy would be good for her or the baby. Billy and Cane both insisted that she stay, and they promised to be civil. Juliet hesitantly agreed, and she went upstairs. Billy questioned Cane's decision to live with Juliet. Cane said he wasn't going to fight with Billy, because he'd never be able to repay him for saving Charlie and Mattie's lives. Billy asked if this meant Cane wasn't going to give him a hard time about screwing up the face masks. Cane grinned and said he'd stick to talking about Billy getting fired and kicked out of his house. They toasted to karma and bantered about which one of them had screwed up their lives more. Both thought they took the prize for causing the most damage. Cane admitted that they were a lot alike. Billy countered that he was a classier screw up than Cane.

Cane and Billy drowned their sorrows in alcohol and talked about their failed relationships. Cane had lied about Juliet and now he was getting divorced tomorrow. Billy had thought it would be easy to be Victoria's right hand man at Brash and Sassy and maintain his relationship with Phyllis. Billy had assumed Phyllis would take him back after she found out he ran into a burning building to rescue children. Cane assured Billy that Phyllis loved him. Billy said that Lily loved Cane, too. They both realized they were being pathetic and they decided to call some cabs and take action. Billy almost fell, and Cane caught him.

Jordan and Phyllis arrived at her place, and he tried to get close, but Phyllis kept making up excuses to move away from him. Eventually, Jordan pulled Phyllis to him and they slow danced. Just then, Billy yelled for Phyllis to let him in. He caused such a disturbance that a concerned neighbor called Phyllis, who promised to take care of it. Phyllis opened the door and told Billy to leave, but he came inside and confronted Jordan about making moves on his woman. Phyllis snapped that she wasn't Billy's woman anymore. Billy lunged for Jordan, who easily avoided him, and Billy fell. Jordan decided to leave, and Phyllis wasn't able to change his mind. After Jordan left, Billy told Phyllis that he loved her. The police arrived and took Billy away. Afterward, Phyllis went to the balcony door and looked out into the distance.

Back at Jordan's, Hilary found a box hidden in the fireplace. She opened it and smiled when she found the drive. She was startled to find a couple of drivers licenses with Jordan's face and different names.

Jordan was downstairs at the bar. He looked at a picture of himself with Lily.

Lily went home, and Cane showed up. His speech was slurred due to the drinking. He yelled tearful apologies through the door. Cane explained that he didn't mean to get Juliet pregnant and he didn't want to get divorced. They police also came for Cane, and he and Billy ended up in the same holding cell. After Cane was gone, Lily opened a drawer and pulled out her wedding photo.

At Jabot, Gloria told Jack that the west coast buyers kept calling because someone had increased Jabot's wholesale prices. Just as Jack wondered who did it, Dina came sweeping into the office and proudly took credit. Gloria was shooed out, then Jack confronted Dina about doing things that weren't in her job description. Gloria eavesdropped outside the door. Dina pointed out that she used to be a CEO. She harshly made it known that she didn't approve of the way Jack was doing things. Jack was stunned by the cruel way Dina spoke to him. Dina contended that Jack was spending time with Nikki while Jabot failed. Jack argued that the company wasn't failing. Dina spat that John would be ashamed of Jack for ruining his company. At that, Gloria burst in and defended Jack. Gloria revealed that she'd fielded numerous calls from sellers who were upset with the changes Dina made. Dina was dismissive of Gloria, because she was only a receptionist. Jack unsuccessfully tried to end the argument. Dina felt that the only thing Gloria was good at was sex. Gloria countered that at least she was loyal to the men she slept with, unlike Dina. Jack convinced Gloria to leave. Dina told Jack he was weak for letting someone like Gloria run his life.

Dina glared as Jack made phone calls and assured distributors that there would be no price hike. Afterward, he told her to go home. He admitted he probably brought her back too soon after her stroke. Dina was about to protest, but Jack was firm. Dina nervously asked if he was going to fire her. Jack told her they'd talk later. Later, Gloria found Jack staring at John's picture. Jack was conflicted. He knew that he had to fire Dina because she couldn't handle the stress, but he was afraid that she'd slip back into depression if she didn't have a job to occupy her. Gloria was more worried about the effect Dina had on Jack. Jack stated that loving someone always came with hurt.

Dina went home and sat alone in the living room.

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