Monday Y&R Update 11/6/17

The Y&R Update Monday 11/6/17


Written by Ellen
Pictures By Christine

Jack, not Phyllis, picks up Billy at the hospital. Jack can’t help gloating a little bit. Does Billy really want to go to Phyllis’s apartment? He does.

Victoria bumps into Abby in the halls of Newman Enterprises and reignites Abby’s insecurities. Abby’s concerns are validated when Victor arrives and excludes Abby from his meeting with Victoria.

At the athletic club bar, Jordan prepares for a photo shoot. While focusing his camera lens, he lights on Hilary’s scowling face. She will never forgive him for using her and vows revenge. It will be fierce and he’ll never see it coming.

Nick picks through the charred remains of his nightclub and remembers better days—the encouragement he received when he opened it, teaming up with his son, starting open mic night, and planning to expand nationwide.

At Crimson Lights, Paul thinks it’s pretty unlikely that Zack drugged Scott and framed him for murder, and it’s not unusual for prostitutes to advertise on dating apps. Besides, Paul questioned Zack and found nothing amiss, but he remains on the case. Zack enters from the patio, sees Scott, Sharon, and Paul huddled together and leaves before being spotted.

Phyllis answers the door and obviously hasn’t cooled down. She’s glad Billy is OK, but he’s still a bastard. Billy is undaunted.

Again at Crimson Lights: Paul thanks Scott and Sharon for the info, tells them to leave the investigation to the experts, and then leaves. “Experts!” Sharon snorts. They haven’t done much so far. Noah and Tessa arrive. Sharon offers sympathy to Noah and takes Tessa aside to fill her in. Sharon now thinks Crystal might be the key to nailing Zack. At first Tessa is reluctant to put her sister in the hot seat, but Sharon persuades her. So many other girls are still suffering.

At the Hilary Hour studio, Hilary riffles through a rack of Chelsea originals as Chelsea looks on and listens to Hilary rant about Jordan. Hilary declares it her duty to expose such a low-down character and his shady past. Chelsea goes on the defensive, knowing that her own shady past is entangled with Jordan’s. Hilary offers Chelsea a chance to tell her side of the story first, to maintain control, but Chelsea doesn’t take kindly to threats. She has a good life now and aims to preserve it.

In Victor’s office, Victoria thanks him for keeping his bailout of Brash & Sassy under wraps, especially from Abby. This is to appear a merger, not an acquisition. Victoria has a number of other strong opinions about how things should proceed and a list of demands, which catch Victor off guard. She wants a title—COO to be exact—that reflects his unflagging confidence in her. Victoria drives a hard bargain, but Victor is intrigued. She leaves him to consider her proposal.

At Phyllis’s apartment: Jack occupies himself with his phone while Billy and Phyllis go back and forth. Billy has apologized for betraying her and is glad to do it again. She rejects it as insincere and hustles him, teetering on crutches, toward the door. After the door slams, Jack asks Billy where to next.

After Tessa gives Sharon the go-ahead, Mariah approaches the Crimson Lights counter and stops short. Sharon attempts to defuse an awkward situation by asking Mariah’s help in the back room, but Noah steps up, claps Mariah on the back, and suggests the three friends get a table.

Zack finds Abby in a foul mood at the athletic club. He gives her peck, takes a seat at her table, and pours on the charm. In no time, she feels better.

Billy hobbles into the Abbott home, where he’s been invited to stay. It’ll be a full house. Dina is in residence too. Jack is almost ready to let bygones be bygones but says Phyllis will always be an issue between the two brothers. In Jack’s humble opinion, Billy is better off without her.

Chelsea tracks down Jordan at the club bar and warns him: Hilary is on the warpath. Do whatever necessary to shut her down.

At a Crimson Lights table, Noah tells Sharon, Tessa, and Mariah that arson is suspected. He’s down but not out. They’ll rebuild and be better than ever. He’s so absorbed in his own drama that he doesn’t notice the looks between Tessa and Mariah.

Phyllis, with a dustpan in hand, finds Nick among the ashes. He’s done a lot of soul-searching and wonders whether somebody is trying to tell him something. Maybe club owner isn’t his calling. Is he quitting? What about Noah? That’s the rub, Nick says.

Victoria finds Billy at the Abbott home. He’s still fired, but she’s much more civil now. She thanks him for saving Reed’s life. Jack hovers nearby, silent until the subject of Brash & Sassy comes up.

At the club: Abby might have been momentarily distracted by Zack, but she can’t shake her bad feeling about Victoria’s intentions. Zack offers a sympathetic ear anytime. In fact, he upped his cell phone minutes just for her. This gets a laugh. Imagine the money they’d save on overages and gas if they were together all the time. . . . What is she saying? She proposes cohabitating. Zack’s coquettish response is surprising: It’s too soon.

At Crimson Lights: Mariah decides to end her misery and escape out the back door, but Noah catches her. Is she OK? She’s not herself, bantering with Tessa and so on. Mariah didn’t think such levity was appropriate given his loss of the Underground. Noah wonders whether it’s something else. Is Mariah jealous of Tessa? Mariah gulps. He knows he’s monopolized Tessa’s time. He didn’t mean to keep two best buds apart.

At the Underground: Phyllis understands being at a crossroads. She’s decided to call it quits with Billy. Chelsea arrives and is aghast at the scene. Phyllis leaves her and Nick to talk. Nick admits he might have unintentionally set the fire. He was playing with matches, lost in thought, and might have left one burning. Chelsea won’t consider it, but she supports his decision to reevaluate his wants.

At the Abbotts’, with Jack still listening in, Billy hits the nail on the head. Victor came to Victoria’s rescue, right? Victoria refuses to continue the discussion. She again thanks Billy for saving her son and leaves. Billy accepts a beer from Jack and reveals his intentions toward Phyllis. Even though Jack disapproves, Billy won’t give up on her.

Jordan marches into the television studio and issues a threat of his own. If Hilary exposes him, he’ll do likewise---and completely. Remember those nude photos he took of her? Well, a pro always keeps backup copies of his work.

Back at Newman Enterprises, Victoria presents her dad with a contract she had drawn up, based on the terms she outlined. Victor takes a look.

In the end, Paul decides Sharon’s plan has potential. If Crystal identifies Zack as the leader of the prostitution ring, they’ve got him. Meanwhile, at the club, Zack agrees to move in with Abby.

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