Friday Y&R Update 11/3/17

The Y&R Update Friday 11/3/17


Written by Ellen
Pictures By Christine

Outside the Underground, Reed blames himself for Billy’s predicament. Mattie, Charlie, and Cane can’t completely disagree but don’t pile on. Next Reed apologizes to Nick, who watches his bar go up in smoke. Sure Nick is po’d that Reed and friends sneaked into his place, but now is not the time to discuss it. Billy’s safety is priority 1. Things look grim, says the fire chief.

At Brash & Sassy, Victoria tells her dad she destroyed every last one of the toxic facial masks, but Victor is more concerned about her personal health than that of her company. She outlines her options: file for bankruptcy, throw more of her own money at the problem, or sell the company to her dad. Victor has second thoughts about buying her out. Say what?

Lily, just back from her business trip, arrives at the scene of the fire. Phyllis shows up shortly after and gets the word from Nick. Billy is trapped. Inside the building, debris rains down and smoke billows. Billy lies on his back, unable to move. He yells for help repeatedly. Back on the street, Reed can’t leave well enough alone. He assures Nick he didn’t start the fire. Nick believes him. He orders Reed to call his mother and tell her about Billy.

At Brash & Sassy: Victoria wonders if this is another of Victor’s tests. Heavens, no! He just wants her to be sure about her decision to join forces with him again. Nick gets a call through to Victor and asks to speak to Victoria. She and Victor make tracks for the Underground.

Jack works from home and calls Phyllis to demand crucial e-mail files from her trip. Exasperated, she says she sent them. For now she and Jack have a bigger problem. Billy. Jack scoffs. Figures. What did little brother do this time? Learning of the dire situation, he drops everything.

Billy’s rescuer, Tom, makes contact. It’s going to be a tricky operation. Billy is in an inaccessible part of the building, and Tom needs backup. Before he goes, Billy asks whether the three kids are safe. They are. Tom tells Billy to sit tight and above all to make no sudden moves. The structure is unstable.

On the street, Charlie and Mattie are remorseful. Their parents count their blessings but warn the kids of the inevitable police investigation. Breaking and entering is a crime. Charlie says there was no break-in; they had a key. Whose key? Uh, . . . Reed’s. Tom gives Phyllis an update and she sends back a message: Billy needs to get his butt out of there so they can finish their fight. Or she’ll kill him. And Tom is to deliver it verbatim. Will do, he says.

Nearby, Victoria is relieved to find her son safe and sound and calls the incident nothing more than an accident. Oh, but it is, Lily says upon overhearing. She and Cane fill in the details for Victoria. Reed admits he wanted to party with his friends inside the empty bar, but he never meant for it to end like this. Good intentions aren’t enough, though.

Steps away, Nick tells Victor to gloat if he must; this is just what he wanted. But he shouldn’t expect Nick to ask for help. Jack arrives, eager to rush into the blaze. Not recommended, the chief says. The rescue is complicated by Billy’s condition. His leg is pinned under a piece of debris and it might require amputation by a surgeon. Phyllis and Victoria seem to forget their animosity and cling to each other in fear, and Victor of all people offers bottomless resources to rescue Billy. Jack says nothing doing. Billy is his brother. He’ll foot the bill.

Afterward, Nick approaches Victor and compliments his magnanimous gesture, but Victor is still Victor and can’t resist a dig at the Abbott family. He doesn’t stop there. No longer able to contain his rage, Victor screams at Nick for accusing him of arson and then says not to expect any help (completely forgetting that Nick already refused to ask for it).

Inside the building, Billy begins to panic. He calls out for Tom and is relieved to finally hear his voice, particularly his message from “a hot blonde.” Getting serious again, Billy asks what his odds are of getting out alive. They aren’t great.

On the street, Jack begs the fire chief to let him go inside, but it’s too risky, even for the pros. Nick and Phyllis support Jack’s request and eventually Jack is handed a helmet and told to be careful. Everyone, including Victor, offers encouragement.

Lily and Cane are ready to take their children home, but Mattie and Charlie want to say goodbye to Reed first. Reed apologizes for screwing up, and they readily forgive him. Mattie tells him to text with news. Nearby, Victor frets about Victoria’s stress level and gives her something to smile about. He’ll buy Brash & Sassy and breathe life into it. How about that? She visibly relaxes, hugs him, and thanks him.

Billy asks Tom to deliver a final message to his loved ones, but Jack, not Tom, hears him and commands Billy to hang in there. Billy wouldn’t believe the scene outside: Victoria and Phyllis holding hands and Victor offering a blank check to save Billy’s hide. Billy smiles and says hell must certainly have frozen over. Back to business, he makes a request. Will Jack take care of Johnny and Katie if Billy doesn’t make it? Jack discourages such negative talk but eventually says he will. Billy continues, now confessing his many sins. He especially regrets the way he stole Phyllis from Jack. Jack admits he never learned to forgive like dear old Dad—until now. They’re brothers now and forever.

At the Ashbys’, Lily demands on thing from her kids before they head off to bed: a hug. She and Cane take turns blaming themselves for the turn of events but ultimately agree they dodged a bullet, and it’s given them new perspective. Cane is pleased and has renewed hope for their marriage, but that’s not what Lily had in mind. She just thinks their demonstrated ability to pull together when necessary will make the divorce easier. Cane hangs his head.

Billy emerges from the fire, supported by Jack on one side and a firefighter on the other. Victoria and Phyllis stand side by side before him and he makes a beeline for Phyllis. Victoria is crushed. She hightails it back to Daddy and announces that Brash & Sassy will again be part of Newman Enterprises. They hug to seal the deal. Then she returns to Billy, who is being lauded a hero by Reed. She asks a moment alone with Billy. First she thanks him for saving her son and then asks how he’s feeling. Not too bad, considering . . . Victoria lets go with a slap to his face. Victor’s “people” discovered that Billy is responsible for the tainted face masks. And by the way, Billy is fired. She leaves with her dad and Billy is helped home by Jack.

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