Thursday Y&R Update 11/2/17

The Y&R Update Thursday 11/2/17


Written by Ellen
Pictures By Christine

The fire rages out of control at the Underground and tension rises among Reed, Mattie, and Charlie. Charlie opens the office door, faces a wall of smoke, and immediately closes it.

Sharon comes home and finds Mariah behaving strangely. Mariah clutches a bowl of Halloween candy, which she intends to occupy herself with while Sharon spends time with Faith and Scott. Not to worry. Faith and Scott aren’t coming. Why did Mariah bail on her friends tonight?

Jordan and Hilary run into each other at the athletic club. He wants to know when she intends to grant him that date she owes him. Hilary takes exception and heads for the door. He calls her back. She might be upset now, but he’s willing to wait. He knows she’s worth it. Well, according to Hilary it'll be a long wait. She’s no one’s second choice. Jordan is confused, so she explains: Lily rubbed Hilary’s nose in it. She concentrates on her martini and tunes out Jordan’s pleas.

From home, Cane sends a quick text reminder to Mattie about the twins’ 10 o’clock curfew and then dozes off in front of the TV.

Billy enters the deserted Brash & Sassy office. He flicks on the light and sees several boxes of the facial mask in the waste basket. Before he can do anything else, he gets a distress call from Reed. Mattie and Charlie place calls too, she to 911 and Charlie to their dad. Charlie is forced to leave a message, Billy is on his way, and Mattie is cut off but knows help is forthcoming. In the meantime, Mattie recalls every fire safety lesson she learned and tries to prevent the boys from fighting.

At Sharon’s: Mariah won’t talk, forcing Sharon to guess. She launches into a speech about the stages every relationship goes through. The early excitement can’t be sustained, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth pursuing. She’s way off base. Mariah becomes more agitated and sheds a few uncharacteristic tears. Devon isn’t the problem. In fact, no man has treated her as well as he has. Sharon is alarmed, but Mariah attributes her shaky emotional state to too much candy . . . or the flu. Sharon begs her to open up, but Mariah “can’t.” She was brought up to keep her feelings to herself. She berates herself for being disingenuous. Sharon disagrees; she’s the most forthright person Sharon knows. Is Mariah feeling guilty? Undeserving? Yes, all that and more. Mariah is tired of pretending to be someone she’s not. Then stop, Sharon says.

At the Underground: Charlie continues to blame Reed for the fine mess they’re in, but then they hear the sirens. Cane obviously got Charlie’s message because he’s now outside the building trying to get in. It takes a firefighter and a police officer to restrain him.

At home: Sharon continues to inquire about Mariah’s feelings for Devon. Mariah dances around the issue, leaving Sharon more confused than ever. Finally, at a loss for comforting words, she assures Mariah she’ll meet the right person someday. In fact, Mariah already has. Really? When does Sharon get to meet him? Her, Mariah corrects. Oh . . . Sharon doesn’t rush to judgment and continues with the questions. Who is she? Tessa. Noah’s Tessa? Now Sharon asks a moment to gather her thoughts. Poor Noah. He’s been burned so many times. Mariah is fully aware, which makes things all the worse. She knows she has to suppress her feelings for Tessa. On the contrary, Sharon urges her to be herself and to tell Tessa how she feels—now.

Billy rushes into the burning building, searching and calling out for Reed. In the office, Mattie instructs the boys to dampen towels for them to breathe through, and they need to stay hydrated. She catches Charlie about to take a swig from a beer bottle and confiscates it to pour on a towel. Does he want his first beer to be his last? Cane manages to get a call through to Mattie and distracts her with stories of her childhood while the rescue operation continues. When he loses the connection, he again has to be restrained from running into the flames.

Tessa sits alone on the Crimson Lights patio, paging through pictures on her phone and lingering on one of Mariah. Mariah appears. Tessa is glad to see her and hopes she feels better. Clubbing was no fun without her. Mariah steels herself and takes a seat. Can they be honest with each other? Of course. Mariah manages to get her meaning across but isn’t satisfied with the response she gets. Tessa admits there was something to the kiss they shared, but it can go no further. It’s complicated.

The teens huddle on the office floor, coughing almost constantly. They begin to lose hope and join hands. Meanwhile, Billy continues to make his way through the smoky bar. Eventually he breaks through the door and hustles the kids out. He’ll be right behind them.

At the GCAC: Jordan chuckles and admits he kept his romantic options open, but Hilary needs to get over herself. One minute she projects confidence and the next insecurity over another woman. Hilary fails to see the humor. She demands respect. No, Jordan corrects, she demands control. Why does she think Devon bought her a television show? So that she’d have an outlet for her vanity and self-righteousness. He shakes his head and says under his breath that the sex just isn’t worth the effort. Hilary tosses a drink in his face. Jordan wishes her a good evening and makes his escape.

At Crimson Lights: Tessa also wrestles with identity issues and has difficulty communicating her feelings, leaving both girls frustrated. Each wants the other in her life, but not in the same way. Mariah leaves in tears.

Outside the Underground, Cane leaves a frantic voice message for Lily. Shortly after, Mattie, Charlie, and Reed stumble toward him. After a brief hug, Cane asks the twins who saved them. Billy, Reed says. He should be along any minute now. Just then there’s an explosion inside the building and the roof collapses.

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