Wednesday Y&R Update 11/1/17

The Y&R Update Wednesday 11/1/17


Written by Ellen
Pictures By Christine

Cane promised his kids a Halloween party at home and did he go all out with the decorations, the food, and the movies. Mattie, appropriately dressed as Little Red Riding Hood, and Charlie, as the Big Bad Wolf, arrive with Reed, whom Cane guesses is dressed as a slacker. Good one, Reed says. And Cane would be . . . a corporate drone? They all laugh, although a bit nervously. The kids appreciate Dad’s efforts, but they just want to hang out with their friends and listen to music. Message received. Cane will be in the study. Moments later, Cane watches from an unobtrusive spot as all the guests arrive at once. He furrows his brow at Charlie’s enthusiastic embrace of a certain young woman.

Victor and Billy meet up in the Jabot elevator. For once they agree on something. Jack is behind the tainted Brash & Sassy facial masks and he must pay.

Michael Jackson (Devon) and Madonna (Mariah) arrive at the Crimson Lights party and raid the candy bowl. They’re soon joined by a couple of vampires, Noah and Tessa. Tessa makes a provocative remark that gets Mariah all hot and bothered.

At home, Sharon prepares to introduce Scott and Faith. He’s as nervous as can be and ends up trying too hard. Faith is cool, though, and takes an interest in Scott’s work. She asks questions far more sophisticated than he would have expected from an eleven-year-old and they hit it off from the start. Faith learns that Scott met Sharon at Crimson Lights, where he offered to help her with her homework. So, Faith asks point-blank, is he Mom’s boyfriend? Without hesitation Sharon says yes.

Jack and Ashley pace the living room of the Abbott home, wondering what to do about their mother. Dina has ensconced herself in her room since learning that Graham abandoned her. Ashley gets an urgent call from work and has to run. The lab results on the Brash & Sassy face mask are in. Jack doesn’t let her see his concern.

Victor and Billy sit down in the Brash & Sassy office. Before acting, Victor needs all the facts. Billy, on the other hand, wants to act first. He has all the “facts” he needs and is ready to pony up the money for a lawsuit against his brother Jack. Victoria returns and the subject of the conversation shifts. How will the company survive financially? Billy will help with that too. Who needs Victor? Right Vicki . . . ?

Mattie surveys the room and declares her party “lame.” Reed looks on the bright side: At least they’re together. But she knows he’d rather be at Crimson Lights with the rest of his friends. Reed gets an idea. When Cane passes through, he frames the idea of the kids going to the coffeehouse as an advantage to Cane. It doesn’t work. Cane insists they stay, but Reed isn’t ready to give up. They all leave anyway, and Mattie sends her dad a cheerful text saying they’ll be home by 10. Cane settles in to watch a horror film on TV.

At Crimson Lights: While Noah and Devon pair off to talk about Tessa’s scheduled gigs at the Underground, Mariah and Tessa catch up. How about some girl time later in the week? Tessa hesitates. Much as she’d love it, she can’t. She’s been working like a fiend so that she can take a weekend off with Noah. He’s whisking her away to some quirky treehouse hotel.

Jack rattles around the house alone. He slips the record containing the song Dina used to sing to him out of its sleeve and puts it on the phonograph. Then he pours himself a drink [not whiskey, surely, but that’s what it looks like] and steps out of the room. Moments later, Dina comes down from her room, removes the record from the player and walks out the front door with it. Jack returns and is perplexed by the empty record player.

Tessa and Mariah agree to get together when Tessa returns. Reed and the gang arrive at Crimson Lights. He leaves them on the patio and puts his plan into motion. He left his guitar at the Underground and needs to retrieve it in order to entertain his friends. Tessa persuades Noah to cough up the keys, but he says make it quick. Nick and Chelsea and the boys arrive next. Nick sees Faith fawning over Scott, and he doesn’t like it. Billy and Victoria are there too, with Johnny and Katie. Victor looms like a specter, smiling at his daughter and scowling at his son. He approaches Nick to taunt him. He hears Nick is working with a new distributor. Guess who owns it? Newman Enterprises. Nick shouldn’t expect any discounts. Nick walks away in disgust and finds Chelsea on the patio. He tells her about his problems---first with Scott and then with his old man. Victor is setting up Nick for failure at the Underground so that Victor can swoop in and play the hero. Well, Nick would rather torch the place than have that happen. He needs some alone time. Would she mind taking the kids home? Of course not. He takes off. Back inside, Mariah isn’t ready to go clubbing; in fact, she feels physically ill. Sharon watches her run out the door, leaving Devon, Noah, and Tessa behind.

Reed assures Mattie that they won’t get caught at the Underground. The place is closed for the night. The two of them and Charlie scope it out while the other kids wait in the alley for the all clear. It’s not forthcoming. Someone enters the bar and the three kids take refuge in the office. It’s Nick, and is he in a foul mood. He lights the jack-o’-lantern on the bar and cracks open a cold one. As he broods about Victor, he lights match after match, in a near-catatonic state.

Ashley slips into the party at Crimson Lights and gets Billy’s attention. On the patio, she reveals the results of the mask analysis. The formula contained a highly toxic chemical, the likes of those used by foreign manufacturers employed by American companies looking to cut costs and rush products to market. Inside, Victor is glad to see Victoria took his advice and chose to focus on her family tonight rather than on work. Make no mistake, though, business still weighs heavily on her mind.

Near the Crimson Lights counter, Scott reconsiders Nick’s position. He’s right. Scott is a threat to Sharon's and Faith’s safety. As Scott forges ahead with his expose, Zack and his cronies are sure to target those who are most dear to Scott. Not so fast, Sharon says. Can they just revel in their good fortune so far? Faith seems to adore him.

Nick finishes his beer and hurls the bottle across the bar. He stalks out, leaving the jack-o’-lantern burning. Reed emerges from the office to investigate. The place is empty, but not for long. Dina toddles in and takes a seat at the bar. While the kids remain hidden, with Mattie becoming more anxious by the minute, Dina removes the record from its sleeve and smiles at the memories it brings. Then she pulls out a picture of her ex-lover Brent Davis and in her maneuverings knocks over a bottle of alcohol, which floods the bar. She strikes a match and holds it to the photo; then she leaves, oblivious to the inferno she leaves behind.

Still in her jammies and slippers, Dina reenters the Abbott home and replaces the record on the player in the living room. She ascends the stairs to her bedroom just before Jack reappears, talking on the phone with Traci. He notices the record back in its place. Meanwhile, smoke and flames engulf the Underground.

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