Tuesday Y&R Update 10/31/17

The Y&R Update Tuesday 10/31/17


Written by Christine
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At Brash and Sassy, Victor saw Victoria throw boxes of Sassy Mask away, then kick the trash can. He convinced her to go to Crimson Lights for a break. Once there, he asked her to bring Johnny and Katie to the main house in their costumes. Victoria admitted that Hannah bought the costumes and was taking the kids trick or treating. Victor urged Victoria to take some time off to spend with her kids. Frustrated, Victoria said she couldn't. She revealed that the FDA was investigating all of her products, and she put her own money into the mask. Victoria confessed that she ignored everything Victor taught her, and now she was in danger of losing it all. Victor took her hands and assured her that she wasn't alone. He asked why she didn't reach out to him. Victoria pointed out that he didn't ask for help either. She noted that she built Brash and Sassy into one of the country's fastest growing companies, so she wasn't going to run to Daddy for help. Victor said he only wanted her to be safe. Victoria revealed that he was her hero – the great and powerful Victor. Victor admitted he didn't feel so powerful when he couldn't help his children. Victoria confessed that she was afraid that he'd stop loving her if she disappointed him. Victor swore he never would. Victoria asked if he stopped loving Nick. Victor contended that it was a different situation. He noted that Victoria had always been sweet and acknowledged the help he gave her. Victor noted that he could've lost her the other day. Victor assured Victoria that she hadn't failed in business. He offered to buy Brash and Sassy back and let her run it as a division, like she used to. Victoria asked if he thought Jack sabotaged the masks. Victor had his people looking into it. Victoria appreciated the offer, but she wasn't ready to let him buy the company. She promised to make the night about the kids and to bring them by for a visit.

Gloria ordered Billy to leave, but he ignored her and barged into Jack's office. It was empty. Billy told her to tell Jack to come to Jabot, or Billy would go to the family home and let Dina know he'd poisoned the face masks.

At the Abbott mansion, Dina asked Jack or Ashley to take her to the Club so she could have breakfast with Graham. Jack asked Dina if she'd like to move into to the family home. Ashley took Jack aside and asked him to talk to her before making such a decision. Dina appreciated the offer, but she wanted to go back to the Club. Jack tried to convince her by suggesting that she'd be lonely there, but Dina countered that she had Graham for company.

Tessa arrived at Crimson Lights and greeted Sharon. Sharon geared up to say something. Tessa jumped to the conclusion that Sharon wasn't happy that Tessa and Noah had already moved in together. Tessa explained that Noah was a great guy, and she promised that she wouldn't hurt him. Sharon had actually wanted to ask about Zack. Tessa was thrown, because she thought Sharon didn't trust her and was looking for dirt on her past with Zack. Sharon clarified that she considered Tessa an important person to Noah, Mariah and Sharon. She explained that she was just curious about Zack. Tessa didn't believe Sharon. Sharon confided that DesignDate was a front for the sex ring that had that had been holding Crystal and that Scott had been framed for Natalia's murder. Tessa explained that she and Zack grew up in a seedy part of town, and he'd owned a couple of intimate massage parlors. Tessa revealed that Zack asked her to work there, and she was so desperate for money that she did it. Tessa added that Zack threatened her because she refused to sleep with the clients, so she quit. It was clearly a painful memory. Tessa wanted to hurt Zack the way he hurt Crystal and the other girls. Sharon stressed that Tessa must keep the secret and let the police handle it. Tessa wasn't sure she could. Sharon warned her that if she didn't, Zack would leave and they'd never be able to rescue the other girls.

Out on the coffeehouse patio, Zack noticed Scott walk in. Zack offered to let Scott look at his computer in order to prove that he wasn't involved in anything nefarious. Scott declined, and he tried to walk away. Zack stood and suggested that they clear this up here and now. Zack suddenly softened and said that he and Scott should try to avoid each other. Scott turned and noticed that Abby had just arrived. She thought Zack's idea was excellent. Abby informed Zack that Scott didn't think Zack was good enough for her. She thought that Scott was jealous because DesignDate was more successful than Hashtag. In a flippant tone, she asked what happened to Scott's expose on the sex ring. Scott stated that it was still in the works. Zack advised Scott not to jump to any erroneous conclusions in his research. Scott headed to the door and saw Abby and Zack share a deep kiss. Zack offered to get Abby a snack, but she said she had to go visit Dina. Zack wanted to tag along, but Abby said that they were only letting Dina visit family, due to her stroke. Zack noted that he wasn't family – yet.

Abby hugged Dina and they chatted about Florida. Abby was taken aback when Dina mentioned that Graham was probably worried because she wasn't back at the Club. She asked if Dina wasn't mad at him. Dina asked why she'd be mad at him. Ashley walked in and mentioned that the details of that night were a little fuzzy. Dina bristled at Ashley talking about her like she wasn't in the room. Abby tried to change the subject to keep the peace. Dina accused Ashley of being jealous of her relationship with Graham. Later, Abby came downstairs and told Jack and Ashley that Dina was resting. Jack was annoyed that Ashley upset Dina while she was recovering from a stroke. Ashley swore that she didn't say anything wrong. Jack said thought they should get Dina to a doctor to figure out what was causing her mood swings.

At Jabot, Gloria asked Jack what took him so long. Jack replied that he didn't jump for Billy. Jack and Ashley came face to face with their furious brother. Jack joked that he should've worn armor. Billy asked if he thought it was funny that he put Victoria in the hospital. Jack didn't think any of it was funny. Billy wanted to talk to Jack in private. Ashley protested because she didn't want them fighting, but Jack went into the office with Billy and shut the door. Ashley asked Gloria if she did this. Gloria resented Ashley bringing up her past as if she hadn't learned from her mistakes. Ashley didn't believe Gloria's denial. She asked if Jack ordered her to sabotage the masks. Gloria continued to insist that she and Jack were innocent. Ashley thought the guilt was written all over Gloria's face. She threatened to call the police. Gloria broke down and confessed. Jack had asked her to get one of the masks, so she'd sweet talked a Brash and Sassy employee into giving her a box. However, Jack left town before Gloria could give him the sample. Ashley made Gloria give her the mask so she could run some tests on it.

Jack said he was innocent. Billy demanded to know who did it, if not Jack. Jack argued that Billy was looking for a scapegoat instead of admitting Brash and Sassy screwed up. They were in each others faces as they argued. Jack noted that it was easier for Billy to accuse him than to admit that Billy was the spy. Jack thought it was low for Billy to use Dina and Phyllis, the woman he claimed to love, in order to screw with Billy and Jabot. Billy claimed he only spied because Jack kept coming at Brash and Sassy with rent hikes, with sending Benjamin after Victoria. Jack felt that he was only being competitive. Billy asked if he treated other competitors like this. Jack admitted that he didn't because he had nothing personal against the other competitors. Billy yelled that Brash and Sassy had other employees who relied on their jobs. Jack suggested that Billy help them out by quitting. Billy asked how long Jack was going to punish him because Phyllis chose him. Jack countered that she settled for Billy.

They argued again about who was at fault for the affair – Jack for not listening to Phyllis or Billy for not respecting Jack's marriage. Billy noted that Jack slept with Diane on the day he was supposed to marry Patty, he had John cut Gloria out of the will, and he betrayed their father with Billy's mother. Jack pointed out that Billy wasn't even born when Jack slept with Jill. Jack wondered when Billy would stop bringing up ancient history. Billy thought that Jack should stop comparing Billy to John and start comparing Billy to Jack. Billy felt that they should talk about what Jack did to him. Jack noted that he'd paid off Billy's bookies, gave him a job, a home and bailed him out of jail. Billy argued that Jack betrayed him by poisoning the masks and putting Victoria in the hospital. Jack reiterated that he didn't do that. Billy noted that he and Jack both lied, cheated and stole. He thought that he and Jack had more in common with each other than they did with their father, because they were brothers. Jack said they weren't brothers anymore and that he didn't want Billy to be part of his life. Jack ordered Billy to leave, and he did.

Back at the Abbott house, Dina asked Abby about her love life. Abby revealed that her relationship had progressed. She thought Zack was romantic and smart, and she never thought she'd find this kind of happiness again.

Back at Crimson Lights, Victor approached Zack to ask why he was working there instead of at the warehouse Abby owned. Zack explained that he needed a change of scenery. Zack asked Victor about Scott's expose and said he was glad Victor was supporting such a worthwhile endeavor. Victor replied that he couldn't wait for it to come out. Zack asked if he did something wrong. Victor revealed that he saw Zack's car parked at Abby's overnight a few times. Zack admitted he and Abby had gotten closer. Zack said Abby was a special girl, and he admired her relationship with her family. Victor said that if Zack hurt Abby, she would make him pay, then Zack would have to deal with Victor. Zack went inside and placed an order. Tessa and Sharon seemed rattled, and Zack asked Tessa what was wrong. Tessa made a quick exit. The nervous Sharon messed up Zack's order multiple times. She apologized, and Zack told her he had a meeting, so he left without the food.

Zack found Scott drinking at the Club. He told Scott what happened at Crimson Lights and he asked if Scott told Sharon and Tessa his theory. Scott gave a flippant response, so Zack told him to stop spreading rumors. “If I see any of your lies in print, it'll be the last thing you ever write,” Scott warned.

At the Club, Devon and Neil had a disagreement. It was almost time for Victoria to pay back her loan, and Neil wanted to give her a break, but Devon wanted her to stick to the terms of their agreement. Neil noted that he and Victoria were friends. Devon thought that was all the more reason why Neil shouldn't have given her a loan. Neil reminded Devon that people gave him a break while he was struggling. Victoria arrived for their meeting. She acknowledged that it was almost time to pay back the bridge loan. Devon thought she wanted an extension, but Victoria revealed that she wanted another loan. She proposed that Brash and Sassy continue to sell its top products, while Hamilton-Winters would maintain its goal of supporting companies owned by minorities and women. Neil was impressed, but Devon thought customers would be scared off by the toxic face masks. Victoria explained that there was nothing wrong with the other lines. Devon still didn't think it was a good idea for Hamilton-Winters to give her another loan. He added that he expected her to pay the original loan by the due date. Victoria thanked him for his time. She knew that if the loan wasn't paid back in time, Hamilton-Winters would own a stake in Brash and Sassy. She said she couldn't think of two better people to be partners with. Devon clarified that he had no interest in owning a cosmetics company, and if she defaulted on the loan, he'd sell off his stake. Victoria asked if he'd go to someone like Benjamin Hochman or Jack. Neil was adamant that they wouldn't, but Devon said that he'd sell to the highest bidder. After Victoria was gone, Neil suggested that Devon could've been more diplomatic. Devon saw no reason to. Devon hoped Neil was okay with the fact that Devon made the final decisions when it came to business. Neil said he enjoyed working with Devon and didn't want them to be at odds. Devon felt the same way.

Victoria and Billy both went back to work. He told her about confronting Jack, and he was still convinced that Jack lied. Victoria let him know what Devon said. She decided to use her own money to pay off the loan. Billy felt that he should be the one to buy into Brash and Sassy. Victoria received troubling news – the suppliers and distributors pulled out of their deals because the customers had been returning their purchases. Victoria thought Billy's offer was too late. She was near tears; everything she'd fought so hard to achieve was gone.

Jack and Ashley went back home. He complained that Billy always thought he was right. Ashley noted that Billy reminded her of Jack. They found Dina with her bag packed, and she demanded to go back to the Club with Graham. Ashley gently suggested that she stay so they could take care of her. Dina's temper flared. She was adamant that she wanted to be with Graham. Jack told Dina that Graham wasn't at the Club and he was never coming back. He added that Graham didn't want to see her again. Dina was so shaken that she had to sit down.

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