Monday Y&R Update 10/30/17

The Y&R Update Monday 10/30/17


Written by Christine
Pictures By Christine

Victoria woke up with a start. She looked around in confusion at the hospital room and the health monitors. She called for Billy, then Victor, then she pulled the sensors off her body and grabbed her clothes out of the closet.

At Brash and Sassy, a frustrated Billy told a caller that Brash and Sassy's products were safe. He refused to address the rumors that said otherwise. Victoria arrived, and Billy had reservations when he learned that she left the hospital against medical advice, but Victoria was determined to stay and deal with the crisis. Billy said he'd been doing damage control, but the public had connected her collapse to the recall of the facial masks. Victoria wanted to be honest with the public, but she needed to know why the masks were toxic first. Billy suspected that Jack and Gloria did it. Victoria thought it made sense. She wanted Billy to use Phyllis's computer to get proof. Billy revealed that Phyllis had come down on him hard for that, so he wasn't going to do it again. Victoria hoped that Jack wouldn't turn them in for corporate espionage.

Victoria was surprised when Billy told her that he discussed Jack's involvement with Victor. Billy said that once Victoria got hurt, he decided he was finished protecting Jack. Victoria vowed to go after Jack so hard that he'd wish he was fighting Victor instead of her. She came up with the idea to spread rumors to damage Jack and Jabot's reputation. Billy helped her make a list of reporters to contact with the rumors. The FDA called. Victoria was near tears when she hung up. The FDA wanted to test all of Brash and Sassy's lines and if there was any contamination, they'd be forced to pull all their products off the shelves. Billy insisted that the Feds would quickly run their tests, declare the brand safe and everything would be fine. Victoria ordered him to shut up. She didn't think that the Feds were going to rush the tests. Victoria yelled that the company had been dealt a death blow.

Ashley was ready to leave Florida, because she thought it was clear that Dina chose Graham over them. Jack refused to go. Dina walked into the hotel lobby and was delighted to see them. Ashley and Jack were thrown by Dina's sudden change of heart. Dina shrugged and said she'd had a long day yesterday, and she asked them to forgive her, which they did. Ashley didn't understand why Dina was traveling with Graham, of all people. Dina asked who else she'd be traveling with. Jack stopped Ashley from saying something. Dina mentioned that she'd catch up with them later, because she was meeting a friend. After Dina left, Jack theorized that Dina didn't remember the party because the stroke affected her Dina's short term memory. Ashley didn't think they should remind Dina about what happened, because they weren't sure how she'd react. Jack didn't want to leave without Dina. Jack acknowledged that this must be especially frustrating for Ashley, because she'd been victimized by what happened at the party. Ashley admitted that might be why she was so eager to leave Florida. However, Ashley agreed with Jack – they couldn't leave without their mother. Jack got a text from Michael that made him happy. He sent Ashley to get Dina.

Graham arrived. In a disapproving tone, he asked why Jack was still in town. Jack revealed that Graham's power of attorney paperwork was only valid in Wisconsin, the state where it was signed. It was worthless in Florida. According to Jack, Graham had abused his authority by taking Dina to Florida before she recovered from her stroke, just to stop her from changing her will. It was elder abuse, according to Michael and his former roommate, who happened to be the district attorney in this city. Graham admitted that Jack won, and he decided to leave before the authorities arrived. Jack threatened to have Graham arrested if he returned to Genoa City, and he told him to find another revenue stream, because they'd be changing Dina's will. Graham wished Jack luck with Dina and said he was going to need it. Graham left.

Ashley told Dina that they needed her expertise at Jabot. Dina said she came to Florida to rest. Ashley said it would mean a lot to her and Jack if she came back. Jack walked over, and he also encouraged Dina to return. Dina agreed to go, but she wanted to wait for Graham. Jack assured her that Graham could catch up with them later. Dina was hesitant to leave him behind. Ashley thought fast and told Dina that the pilot said they had to flight out now or they'd be caught in a storm. Dina bought it, and they left.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon put on a mask and came up behind Scott. He barely reacted. She explained that she was trying to distract him because he'd been up all night. Scott had been digesting the revelation that DesignDate was a front for prostitution. Sharon thought Scott should tell Paul that Zack had Natalia murdered and framed him. Scott said it wasn't that simple, because of Abby. Scott looked over at Abby and Zack, who'd just arrived. Scott stopped Sharon from approaching them. Sharon thought Abby deserved to know what kind of man Zack was. Scott explained that they didn't have enough information to go to the cops yet. He warned Sharon that Zack was dangerous. Sharon was scared that Zack would escape and leave Scott on the hook for murder. Scott promised Sharon that she wouldn't lose him.

Scott knew Abby would be devastated when the truth came out. Sharon urged Scott to focus on himself right now. Scott thought it was best to keep an eye on Zack without letting him know they were on to him. Since Scott wanted to pretend nothing had changed, Sharon asked him to help her decorate for the Halloween party. Scott wasn't a fan of Halloween. Sharon thought it was the best holiday ever, and she planned to try and win Scott over. Sharon wanted Scott to meet Faith at the party. He wondered if the timing was right. Sharon refused to let Zack control her decisions. Scott confessed that kids didn't like him. He suspected that they sensed that he was afraid of them. Sharon assured Scott that he and Faith would hit it off and he'd learn to love Halloween all in one night.

Abby was on cloud 9 because she and Zack finally talked and took their relationship to the next level. Abby and Zack went over to Sharon and Scott. Abby sniped at Scott because he wasn't in the office, then she informed him that everyone at work was gossiping about him and a prostitute. Scott admitted he woke up next to a dead woman. Shocked, Abby asked if he killed her. Scott clarified that he was being framed. Scott looked at Zack and said he was confident that the real killer would be caught soon. Zack didn't flinch. Abby and Zack went back to their table.

Sharon was surprised Scott brought up his arrest in front of Zack. Scott explained that he'd wanted to see Zack's reaction. Scott thought it was telling that Zack seemed unfazed. Scott said he'd dealt with some vicious people over the years, but Zack was one scary guy.

Abby complained that typical Scott had pursued a story without regard to Newman's reputation or his own safety. Zack reminded her that Scott had been held hostage once. He told her that Scott knew what he was doing and he'd be fine. Abby assumed Scott was close to breaking the case. Zack countered that if that were true, Scott probably would've known he was about to get framed. Zack's phone rang. He said it was the app. Abby told him to put it on speaker, but he said he'd handle it. He stepped out. Scott walked over and asked Abby if she was sure about DesignDate. Abby sensed that Scott had a problem with Zack, based on the way Scott acted around Zack earlier. Scott denied it, but he confessed that he was worried about Abby. Abby demanded answers. Scott felt that she could do better than Zack. Abby didn't care what Scott thought. She stormed off. Zack returned and asked about Abby. Scott said she went to work. Scott said that Zack never returned his calls, and he mentioned that he'd asked the cops to talk to Zack. Zack claimed he never got Scott's messages, but he said he told the cops what little he knew. Scott accused Zack of setting him up. He revealed that he found Natalia's picture on DesignDate, and he confronted Zack about using Abby. Zack played the sympathetic friend and said that Scott was jumping to the wrong conclusions because he was under stress. Zack noted that lots of prostitutes used dating apps. He offered to help Scott in any way he could, but he swore he had nothing to do with what happened to Scott. Zack left.

Abby told Sharon that Scott was a piece of work. After Abby left, Scott told Sharon that he made a mistake.

At the Ashby's, Charlie planned his Halloween costume. Cane began to reminisce; he and Lily used to make the twins' costumes. Charlie abruptly noted that those days were over now that Cane and Lily were getting divorced. Cane assured Charlie that he was going to try and save the marriage. They hugged. Mattie walked in and announced that she found Cane's phone in the den. Mattie had read a text Juliet sent Cane about the printer at the Chancellor mansion. Mattie was angry that Juliet was living with Cane and that he didn't tell them. Cane sat the twins down and explained that Juliet only moved in so he could help her out during her difficult pregnancy. Mattie felt that Juliet should use her settlement to pay for help so that Cane wouldn't be involved. Cane said he'd made the decision to be involved. Charlie asked if Lily knew, and Cane said yes. Mattie was still sullen, and Cane hoped that they wouldn't lose progress. He noted that he was letting her invite Reed over for dinner. Mattie countered that it hadn't happened yet, and Cane pointed out that Reed was busy because Victoria was in the hospital. Cane promised that he wasn't giving up on the family. He walked out. Charlie urged Mattie to cut Cane some slack.

Mattie thought about dressing up as Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and she was appalled when Charlie didn't know who that was. They were disappointed that Reed had to cancel his party, due to Victoria's illness. Mattie suggested having it at their place instead. Charlie didn't think Cane would let them, but Mattie was sure she could persuade him to allow it. Mattie got Cane alone and told him that she wanted to step up and take over the party. Cane didn't think it was a good idea because Lily would be upset if something got broken. Mattie pretended she understood, and she noted that things would've been different if Cane still lived there. She turned to leave. Cane called after her. Mattie smiled slyly. Charlie returned and found Cane and Mattie negotiating the size of the guest list. They settled on ten, and Cane promised to take care of the food and decorations.

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