Friday Y&R Update 10/27/17

The Y&R Update Friday 10/27/17


Written by Christine
Pictures By Christine

In Florida, A confused Jack and Ashley peered into the hotel restaurant and watched Dina have an animated conversation with Graham. Dina appeared to be enjoying herself, and they wondered if she was faking. Ashley had expected Dina to seem lethargic, not energetic. Jack didn't understand how Dina could be so at ease with that money-grubbing manipulator. Ashley suggested that Dina had forgiven Graham. Ashley hated to give Graham credit, but she was happy to see Dina acting like her old self. Jack thought that something was off. He decided to approach Dina the instant she was alone.

Billy did damage control at Brash and Sassy. He made numerous phone calls assuring stores that their products were safe. Lauren walked in and asked Billy to explain an article called “Brash and Sassy goes Toxic CEO Poisoned by Product.” She wondered why she had to find out about this online. Billy explained that he'd prepared a statement for her PR department assuring the customers that the mask hadn't been sold. Lauren asked about the other Brash and Sassy products. Billy said everything else was safe. Lauren asked how Victoria was. Billy said she was stable, but she was still at the hospital.

Billy asked if Lauren heard from Phyllis. Lauren had. Phyllis said the convention was going well. Billy admitted he and Phyllis were on a break, but it wasn't serious. Lauren replied that it was very serious, according to Phyllis. Lauren thought Billy would have to pull out the big guns if he wanted Phyllis back. Billy noted that he was a bit swamped right now. Lauren raised the possibility that one of Brash and Sassy's competitors sabotaged the mask. She wondered who'd that the company enough to do that. She trailed off as she and Billy reached a conclusion.

Billy stormed into Jack's office. Gloria informed him that Jack and Ashley were out of town. Billy accused Jack of tampering with Sassy mask. Billy alluded to the time Gloria poisoned Jabot's face cream. Gloria resented the insinuation. Billy noted that she and Jack were friends with benefits. Gloria insisted that they were business partners. Billy suggested that she and Jack had discussed poisoning the face mask during pillow talk. Gloria slapped Billy and threw him out. She called Jack and asked if he'd poisoned the mask. He said no, and asked if she did. Gloria said no. Gloria wondered who it could be. Jack didn't have time to discuss it. He told her not to talk to the press, then he hung up. Graham walked over and told Jack and Ashley that Dina left of her own free will. They didn't believe him, so he took them over to her table. Jack smiled and reached out to Dina, but she slapped his hand away and told Graham that she despised Jack and never wanted to see him again. Dina stormed off. Graham said he tried to protect Jack and Ashley from her true feelings.

Jack and Ashley talked privately. Ashley wondered if Dina really felt that way, but Jack was convinced that Graham had manipulated her. He decided to stay in Florida until he figured out what was going on.

Billy returned to Brash and Sassy and found Victor going through some paperwork. Victor and Billy both thought Jack tampered with the face masks. Noting that Victoria could've died, Billy admitted he could strangle Jack with his bare hands. Victor vowed to do worse. He planned to go after Jack and Jabot. Billy promised to help.

At Crimson Lights, a worried Sharon left Scott another voicemail. Mariah asked what was going on. Sharon explained that she saw Scott in Paul's office with blood on his shirt. Sharon decided to go back to the station. Mariah suggested that Scott got into a fight and was arrested. Sharon thought Mariah was jumping to conclusions, but Mariah noted that Sharon didn't really know much about Scott. Sharon was adamant that Scott was brave and honest. Mariah admired Sharon's loyalty, but she noted that Scott had seen and been through a lot while reporting in war-torn countries and when he was held hostage. Mariah thought Scott could be concealing a lot of emotional damage. Sharon didn't believe it. Mariah urged her to remember what she'd learned in psychology – maybe Scott got overwhelmed and snapped.

In an interrogation room, Scott had flashbacks to waking up next to Natalia's body. Michael walked in and asked Scott what happened. The last thing Scott remembered was trying to catch Natalia at the Underground. Scott was distraught over Natalia's death and he blamed himself. Michael thought Scott was holding something back. Scott swore he couldn't have killed her. Michael asked if Scott had been paying Natalia for sex. Scott explained that he met her through his work on the expose. Michael asked what they talked about. Scott was reluctant to talk, because he didn't want this getting back to his mother. Michael said he hadn't even told Lauren that Scott was in custody. Scott thought someone in the sex ring killed Natalia in order to frame Scott and stop him from exposing them. He wept and blamed himself for her death. Michael was sympathetic, but he told Scott not to repeat that to anyone else. Scott asked if Michael could get him released. Michael thought it was a good sign that Scott hadn't been charged. He planned to talk to Paul. Scott didn't understand how Paul could suspect him of murder. Michael explained that Paul had to abide by the law. Scott refused to be silenced. He vowed to write the expose from jail if necessary.

Michael went to Paul's office and argued for Scott's release. Paul stated that he had the legal right to hold a suspect for 72 hours. Michael pointed out that this was Scott. Paul noted that Scott was found covered in the victim's blood, and he didn't call the police. He confided that Scott would be charged soon. Michael asked about Zack's statement. Paul revealed that Zack said Scott was plastered and that he'd asked the cabbie to take him to another club. Paul thought Scott went looking for Natalia. Michael argued that Paul was reading into it. Paul said that if Michael could find any proof to clear Scott, he'd be happy to release him. Paul got a phone call and told Michael it was bad news – there were traces of roofies in Natalia's system. Michael theorized that the same person drugged both Scott and Natalia and put them in the hotel room. Paul countered that Scott was clean. Michael argued that there were drugs that quickly left a person's system, which was consistent with what happened with Scott. Paul clarified that it was consistent with what Scott claimed. He noted that Scott also claimed he only had a few drinks, but Zack said Scott was drunk. Michael asked if Paul really thought Scott was guilty. Paul avoided the question and said he had work to do. Michael left.

Victor met with Scott. Scott accused Victor of throwing him under the bus. Victor was sure Paul would would realize Scott wasn't capable of murder, which was why Victor called Paul. Victor told Scott to be careful, because the person who framed him wouldn't rest until he spent his life behind bars.

Paul brought Scott into the station, where he came face to face with Michael and Lauren. Lauren insisted that her son was innocent. Paul said that Scott was only being charged with solicitation for now. Michael told Lauren that Scott met with the victim while he and Sharon were searching for a missing girl. Lauren rolled her eyes. Scott swore that this wasn't Sharon's fault, but Lauren argued that none of this would've happened if it weren't for Sharon. She started out, ignoring Scott's pleas not to get involved.

Lauren burst into Crimson Lights and accused Sharon of being the reason Scott was arrested. Sharon went from shocked to defensive, as Lauren accused her of using Scott. Lauren was furious that Sharon was safely at the coffeehouse, oblivious to the fact that Scott was being framed for murder. Sharon started saying that Scott would never do that, but Lauren cut her off and blamed her for screwing up Scott's life. Lauren contended that Sharon had caused trouble for all of her other exes – Nick, Jack, Adam, Dylan, even Victor. Sharon understood where Lauren was coming from, as a mother. Lauren argued that Sharon didn't know anything about being a mother. According to Lauren, when Sharon wasn't walking away from her children, she was stealing someone else's. Sharon lunged for Lauren, and Mariah jumped in between them. Sharon insisted that she loved her kids. She accused Lauren of being an overprotective mother who was jealous of Sharon and Scott's relationship. The insults kept flying until Mariah started recording them on her phone. She threatened to put the video on the Hilary Hour if they didn't stop fighting.

Lauren met up with Michael and Scott at the Club after his arraignment. Scott hoped Lauren knew he was innocent. She did. Sharon arrived. Lauren and Michael frowned as Sharon and Scott passionately kissed. Lauren was disappointed when Scott decided to leave with Sharon. Lauren and Michael got a table. She vented about her day and admitted she didn't understand what Scott saw in Sharon. Michael suspected that no woman was good enough for Scott in Lauren's eyes. Lauren conceded that he might be right, but she regretted staying out of Scott's relationship with Sharon. She was scared that Scott would be charged with murder or found guilty.

Scott and Sharon went to Crimson Lights. Scott felt that he owed it to Natalia to pursue the case. He told Sharon that Zack wasn't returning his calls. Scott used Sharon's computer to run a search on Natalia. They were shocked when they found her picture on the DesignDate site – Zack and Abby's company.

Abby was depressed, and she'd just binged on a carton of ice cream. She came downstairs and threw the empty container in the trash and heard a knock on the door. It was Zack. Abby promptly shut the door in his face. He returned with about a dozen balloons that hid his face. Abby opened the door, and he walked in and refused to leave. Abby threatened to call ranch security. Zack urged her to speak her mind. She shoved him and railed at him for breaking up with her by voicemail. She told him she received that message while she was worried about her sister and she needed him. Zack tried to say something, but she ordered him to shut up. She said every time he talked, he lied and fed her a romantic speech. Zack wished he'd never left the voicemail. Abby wished she'd never met him. She started to call security. Zack announced that he loved Abby. Abby decided not to get security involved, because she didn't want Victor to find out about this and think badly of her for hiring Zack. Zack was near tears. He swore that he wanted, needed and loved Abby, but he was scared that she would find out who he really was. She asked who he really was. Zack said he didn't deserve her, but he wouldn't tell her why. Abby's eyes were filled with tears. She explained that she fell for Zack even though she was afraid of being hurt again. She was worried that he was going to break up with her again. Zack promised that he'd rather risk everything and be with her than to not be with her and have nothing. Abby pulled Zack into a kiss. Things heated up and they started to undress.

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