Thursday Y&R Update 10/26/17

The Y&R Update Thursday 10/26/17


Written by Christine
Pictures By Christine

At the Abbott mansion, Jack prepared to fly to Florida, where Graham had taken Dina. Jack and Ashley figured Graham wouldn't give Dina up without a fight, but Jack was prepared to do whatever it took to bring her home. Ashley insisted on going along. They headed to the jet. In the car, Ashley asked Jack about the plan. Jack noted that they tried diplomacy and it didn't work. He intended to grab Dina and run. Ashley was glad she never had the chance to confront Dina for revealing the paternity secret. She decided to move past the old secrets and pain, because she was determined not to lose her mother. They arrived at a luxurious hotel, prepared to bribe the clerk into telling them what room Dina was in. Jack and Ashley heard peals of laughter coming from the hotel restaurant. They were stunned by what they saw. Dina was the life of the party. She was the picture of health, and she entertained the women at her table between drinks.

Billy followed as the unconscious Victoria was wheeled into the hospital on a stretcher. The medical team made Billy wait in the hallway, so he shouted some uplifting words to Victoria. Victor, Nick and Nikki arrived. Victor blamed Billy for Victoria's state. Billy intercepted the doctor and asked for an update. Victor interjected that Billy was no longer a member of the family. Victor instructed the doctor to give all updates to him, as Victoria's father and as the man who'd donated two wings to the hospital. The doctor explained that they weren't sure what was wrong, but they were exploring the possibility that this had something to do with the car accident or the concussion. Billy noted that the concussion happened months ago, and Nikki was shocked, because she was learning about this for the first time. Victor couldn't believe he'd become so distant from Victoria that he didn't know about any of her recent health issues.

Scott woke up next to Natalia's body. Panicked, he paced around the dimly lit motel room and stripped off his bloody shirt. He put the do not disturb sign on the door and called Victor, who didn't answer. Scott's phone rang, and he dove for it, but he didn't answer once he saw who it was.

Sharon was at Crimson Lights. Since Scott didn't answer her call, she left a message saying she hoped everything was okay. She'd expected to hear from him last night. Abby came in to pick up some food to take to the hospital. She brought Sharon up to speed. Abby asked Sharon to tell Scott to come to Newman and fill in for Abby and Victor at meetings. Sharon said she didn't know where Scott was, and she added that he liked to work outside the office. Abby countered that he could work from the office today because they really needed him.

Back at the hospital, everyone had moved to the waiting room. An annoyed Victor asked Scott why he kept calling incessantly. The frantic Scott filled Victor in. He swore he'd been set up, and he asked Victor to make this problem go away. Victor didn't want to get involved, because he was at the hospital with Victoria. Scott begged and promised his undying loyalty to Victor. Victor told Scott to call his stepfather, but Scott declined, because Michael was an officer of the court, and Scott didn't want the police to be involved. To Scott's relief, Victor promised to handle it. Victor made a phone call, then he went back inside the hospital. Abby arrived with breakfast. Victor told her that Victoria's condition might be a result of her fall at Nikki's concert. Abby blamed herself because she was the one who threw the drink in Victoria's face, which caused her to fall and hit her head. Victor assured Abby that she wasn't to blame, and Nikki snidely called him Dr. Newman. Victor reiterated that it wasn't Abby's fault. Billy thought it was more likely due to the airbag hitting her in the face. Nikki was angry that no one told her about the accident. Victor felt like Victoria chose to exclude them for some reason. Billy didn't think Victoria intentionally cut anyone out. He explained that she'd prioritized her company over her health. Nikki blamed Victor for teaching Victoria to put success above everything else.

Abby implored everyone to put the animosity aside and focus on Victoria. They all agreed. Abby noted that Victor wasn't the enemy. Billy agreed that he wasn't, this time. Victor told Billy not to talk about him or to him. Billy told them all to take their anger and fear out on him instead of each other. Billy noted that everyone in the room had lost a child. Reed arrived, and his grandparents took him to Victoria's room, but they weren't allowed to go in. Reed was in tears, and Victor and Nikki comforted him.

Back in the waiting room, Abby told Nick about Dina's kidnapping and about Jack and Ashley flying to Florida last night. Nick noted that Abby was torn between Abbott and Newman dramas again. Abby said that today she was going to be a Newman, and Nick took her hand. Abby asked about Victor and Nick's truce. Nick clarified that he hadn't forgiven Victor. Abby conceded that Victor had his flaws, but she noted that he was worried about Victoria and he was their father. Nick didn't consider Victor his dad anymore. He changed the subject and asked Abby to distract him. She told him about DesignDate's success and that she was seeing someone.

Victoria woke up, and everyone was allowed to visit. Victoria felt bad for making everyone worry. She got chided by various relatives for not putting her health first. Abby hoped she wasn't the reason Victoria was in the hospital. Victoria didn't blame Abby for making her fall. Victoria wanted to talk to Billy about Brash and Sassy, but he refused, because he wanted her to focus on her health. Victoria thought Victor would back her up, but he also urged her to put the business stuff on hold. The doctor returned with the test results. They showed that Victoria's skin and lungs had been exposed to poison for a long period of time. Billy thought it was something at Jabot, but Victoria pointed out that no one else was sick. The doctor believed it was something Victoria had been putting on her face. Victoria realized that Sassy Mask must be toxic. She'd been using it at home and at work for months. Nick didn't understand why she put a toxic chemical in her mask. Billy said they didn't. He thought someone must've changed the formula after he and Victoria signed off on it.

Abby was just glad that she wasn't the reason Victoria collapsed. Her remark got a chilly response. Reed got Abby out of there by asking her to go to the vending machine with him. Victoria was alarmed because the masks could no longer go on the market as planned. It would be a catastrophe for Brash and Sassy. Billy promised to make sure the products weren't sold. He vowed to go to every store and take the masks off the shelves if he had to. Victor urged Victoria to calm down. Victoria didn't see how her company would survive without that profit. Billy and Victor shared a look.

Scott got dressed and waited for Victor's help to arrive. The police suddenly broke down the door and forced Scott face-down on the floor at gunpoint. While two officers watched Scott, Paul checked Natalia. Scott pleaded innocent, but Paul said they'd be more likely to believe that if he reported this last night himself. Scott thought the real killer had called the police to set him up. Paul revealed that Victor turned Scott in.

In Paul's office, Scott admitted things looked bad, but he explained that he drank and blacked out. Scott pointed out that Paul had known him since birth, and he insisted that he was trying to help the women. Paul noted that some would theorize that Scott's interest in the sex ring was more than professional. Scott countered that he was a writer who was an activist for oppressed people. Paul explained that this wasn't his call; he had to operate within the system. Scott noted that Paul was Lauren's oldest friend. Paul didn't want anyone to think that Scott received special treatment. Scott understood. Paul asked Scott what he did yesterday. The last thing Scott remembered was having a couple of beers at the Underground with Zack. Paul decided to get a statement from Zack. Scott seemed to think he and Paul would find Zack together. Paul clarified that Scott wasn't going anywhere.

Zack was at his car outside the park. He told Leon that they were leaving town to set up shop elsewhere. Zack said to pack up all the girls, except Natalia, because she wasn't going. Paul arrived just after Zack got into his car. Paul asked Zack about last night. Zack mentioned that he'd gone out drinking with Scott. Zack claimed Scott had too much to drink, so he put him in a cab. He asked Paul if Scott was okay. Paul said he was fine. Paul asked if Scott mentioned where he was going. Zack lied and said that Scott asked the cabbie to take him to a club with beautiful women. Zack pretended to be reluctant to say more, because he didn't want to cause trouble for Scott. Paul encouraged him to open up. Zack said that Scott had flipped out when he saw a blonde woman and chased after her. He added that the woman looked scared when she saw Scott. Paul pulled up Natalia's mugshot on her phone. Zack confirmed that she was the woman from the bar.

Paul went back to his office. Scott got tense when Paul questioned him about the things Zack said. Paul asked if Scott remembered flipping out when Natalia walked in. Scott asked if Zack said that, and Paul barked that Scott hadn't answered the question. Scott wondered what else Zack had said to make Paul treat him this way. Paul said he was trying to help Scott. Scott sensed that he needed a different sort of help – a lawyer. Sharon arrived at the station, and she saw Scott in the office. She walked in and saw Scott's bloody shirt. He assured her that he was fine. Paul escorted Sharon out and told her to leave. She demanded an explanation, but he said he couldn't tell her anything. Sharon stared at Scott through the window, then she left. Scott asked if they could speed this up so he could talk to Sharon. Paul refused to let anyone rush him through a murder investigation. Scott was adamant that he told Paul everything he knew. Paul said he'd have to hold Scott until they had a clean timeline or the truth. Scott insisted that he was innocent. Paul hoped that was true.

Back outside the park, Zack broke up with Abby over voicemail. He told her that he was broken, and she deserved better. He said he was leaving so she could find someone worthy of her.

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