Wednesday Y&R Update 10/25/17

The Y&R Update Wednesday 10/25/17


Written by Christine
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Phyllis was in a bad mood due to the fight with Billy last night. She read a text from him and slammed the phone down. Phyllis started to make coffee, unaware that Billy was currently dangling from the balcony above hers. She whipped around when she heard a bump; Billy's feet hitting the ground. Phyllis rushed over and held the door closed, so Billy retrieved a key from the potted plant. Calling through the door, he asked if she knew how much it cost him to bribe the lady upstairs into letting him climb over her balcony. Phyllis didn't care, and she ordered him to leave. Billy noted that he'd already risked life and limb, so he wasn't giving up now. They struggled over the door, and Billy prevailed. Phyllis armed herself with plastic kitchen utensils and squared off against Billy. She threatened to take his head off after everything he'd done to her. Billy countered that they both lied. Phyllis argued that the difference was that she had been fighting for them. Billy took the serving spoon away from her and told her that he wasn't giving up.

Victoria was busy at work in spite of her headache. She arranged for a shipment for Brash and Sassy and mentioned that this was a big day. She left Billy an urgent voicemail because she hadn't heard from him since he called and said Jack set them up. She told him she needed him now. Chelsea walked in and caught Victoria using concealer to hide the bruises on her face. Chelsea realized Victoria didn't go to the doctor. Victoria insisted that she was fine. She was irritated that Chelsea told Nick about the car accident, but Chelsea didn't regret it. Victoria claimed she was putting on makeup so she could look good on television. Chelsea urged her to postpone the interview, but Victoria was adamant that it had to be today, due to the new product launch. Since Victoria refused to cancel, Chelsea offered to be her personal assistant for the day.

Phyllis poured a cup of coffee. Billy wanted some too, but Phyllis pointedly emptied the carafe into the sink. Billy refused to let Phyllis give up on them. Phyllis said that Billy no longer got a vote in how she felt or what she said. Billy said he cared about her. Phyllis said he gave up the right to care when he used her computer. She told him he was on his own, which wouldn't be fun. Billy reminded her of how much fun they had with Johnny and Katie, the contest in the sauna, late night burger runs, etc. Phyllis stated that the issue was about truth and honesty. She noted that all those fun moments happened before she knew what he was capable of. “And?” Billy asked. Phyllis was annoyed that he was treating it like an afterthought. She asked what was wrong with him. “Same thing that's wrong with you,” he replied. He reminded her that she showed up at the Top of the Tower last night in that dress even though she knew who he was and what he'd done. He thought that she'd been turning the tables and making sure he knew what was at stake. Billy said that they didn't choose each other because they were saints – they made rules then broke them. He told her that their days were dangerous, risky and sexy fun, and he didn't think she'd have it any other way. Billy's phone rang while it was on the tale. Phyllis assumed it was Victoria. She checked and it was. Phyllis took the phone out to the balcony and dangled it over the edge. Billy wanted to talk about this, but Phyllis dropped the phone.

Paul met with Jack and Ashley in Jack's office. Although Paul had done all he could about Dina leaving town in an official capacity, he was willing to offer his services as a former P.I. He asked if Graham or Dina ever mentioned a special vacation spot. Jack and Ashley said no. Jack thought they should think about where Graham would go to cover up Dina's death. Paul urged Jack not to jump to conclusions, but Jack was convinced that Dina was worth more to Graham dead than alive. Ashley agreed with Jack. She described Graham as a vindictive and bitter man who'd planned this attack for years. She didn't think he'd give up now. Paul implored them to let him worry about the worst case scenario and to stay optimistic. Paul left. Ashley felt guilty because she'd been so angry with Dina for revealing the paternity secret that she'd wished she'd never see Dina again. Jack comforted her. A courier delivered a package addressed to Dina, and Jack quickly opened it, hoping it was a clue. It was a vintage record – To the Moon and Back. The song Dina used to sing to Jack. Jack had ordered it as a surprise for Dina. Jack felt like a bad son because he'd been too focused on his grudge to protect Dina from Graham. Ashley told Jack that he'd been right to address his issues with Dina instead of sweeping them under the rug. She felt that Jack had developed a deeper and more meaningful relationship with Dina as a result of this. Ashley stated that she also developed a better relationship with Dina, and she had Jack to thank for that. They hugged.

Ashley confided that she'd gradually come to see Dina as a real person and not just a symbol of abandonment. Ashley was hurt and angry because Dina threw it all away in one moment. Jack didn't think Dina knew what she'd been saying or that she'd done it maliciously. He contended that the revelation didn't change Ashley's life; Traci and Abby knew the truth, but it didn't change the way they saw each other. Ashley asked what about Billy. She didn't want to discuss it anymore, but Jack thought they should talk. He was adamant that it made no difference to her family. Phyllis walked in. Jack said it wasn't a good time, but Ashley seized the opportunity to leave. Phyllis revealed that Victoria knew about the set up. Phyllis wanted to represent Jabot at the cosmetic convention in Dallas because she didn't want to be around when Victoria went ballistic. Jack said Gloria was going. Phyllis argued that Jack owed her after everything she did for him and the company. Jack said something snide about Phyllis's “noble effort” to save Billy from Victoria. Phyllis insisted that Jack show her some respect. Jack agreed to let her go to Dallas, but he said she had to break the news to Gloria. Phyllis said she'd consider that a perk.

Victoria and Chelsea arrived at Hilary's set, and Billy showed up. He took Victoria aside and explained that Jack had planted false information; Jabot had not scaled back their men's line. Victoria was alarmed, and Billy unsuccessfully tried to calm her. Hilary walked in, and Victoria played it cool. Hilary spotted Lily and tried to throw her out, but Lily revealed that Victoria wanted her to take part in the interview. Hilary was furious, and Lily taunted her about being Jordan's second choice after Lily put him in the friend-zone. Hilary tried to talk Victoria out of making Lily part of the episode, but Victoria refused to change her mind. Billy and Victoria talked again. She told him that Phyllis had to be in on Jack's scheme. Billy changed the subject – they were about to get a free national commercial on Hilary's show. Victoria was upset because they weren't going to be able to corner the market as they'd planned. She was afraid they'd default on their loans. Billy was sure Neil would understand. Victoria revealed that she took out some risky personal loans because she was so sure about this. She was scared they'd be forced to shut down if the product wasn't a hit. Later, Billy gave Victoria a pep talk while Chelsea looked on. Lily and Hilary traded barbs over Jordan as they waited for the show to start.

Back at Jabot, Jack asked Phyllis to watch Hilary's show with him. Victoria seemed distracted, and Lily stepped in to answer Hilary's questions about the line. Off stage, Billy silently signaled Victoria to introduce their facial mask. Victoria became more engaged as she discussed the mask. She noted that none of the Jabot products came close. They broke for a commercial, and Lily and Hilary began to snipe at each other again, while Chelsea and Billy gave Victoria encouragement. The show resumed, and at first Victoria was doing well, then she suddenly stared blankly into the distance while mumbling unintelligibly. Chelsea and Billy exchanged concerned looks, and Hilary and Lily did their best to cover, as the show was airing live.

Phyllis didn't enjoy the episode. She didn't want to look at Victoria, which was why she was eager to get to Dallas. Jack said that Victoria was handling her failure well, but sooner or later it would hit her hard. Ashley returned and asked Phyllis to excuse them. Phyllis was glad to leave for Dallas and stop watching the show. Ashley had a record player, and she said she brought Jack hope. They listened to the song, and Jack remembered how much Dina loved it. Ashley recalled that Dina and Jack sang it together that night at dinner. Jack said it was like no time had passed at all. Ashley leaned against him and kissed his cheek. Paul rushed in and revealed that they found Dina.

Back at GC Buzz, Victoria suddenly stood up. Billy rushed over to her just in time to catch her as she collapsed.

Phyllis was back at home, packing. She ran across one of Billy's shirts and cried into it and held it close.

Zack struck up a conversation with Scott at Crimson Lights about the investigation into the sex ring. Zack assumed Scott didn't have any leads, and Scott clarified that he actually made some progress. Zack suggested that they get a drink later, and Scott agreed to meet him at the Underground. Zack made a discreet phone call and warned someone that they had a problem. Later, they met at the bar and started talking about Abby. Scott didn't envy Zack. Scott said there was more to Abby than Scott saw. He explained that he developed DesignDate to keep people like Abby and Scott from wasting each other's time. Zack wondered if Scott was nervous about working with criminals and Scott noted that he used to work in a war zone. Natalia walked in, and Scott told Zack that she was part of the sex ring. Zack glared at Natalia, who turned and ran. Scott didn't realize Natalia was intimidated by Zack. Scott rushed after Natalia, but he couldn't catch her.

Scott told Zack how he met Natalia during his investigation. Zack never let on about his role in the ring. He asked seemingly innocent questions to figure out what Scott knew, and Scott was happy to talk. He mentioned that he was tracking an LLC and that it was just a matter of time before he linked it to the sex traffickers. Zack asked if he was really that close. Scott said people like the traffickers got cocky and always made mistakes. Zack spiked Scott's drink while he was in the bathroom. The drug worked as intended, and Scott looked like he was drunk. Zack offered to get Scott a cab and helped him out of the bar. Scott woke up in bed in hotel room. His hands and undershirt were covered in blood. He rolled over and discovered a bloody and seemingly lifeless Natalia lying next to him.

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