Tuesday Y&R Update 10/24/17

The Y&R Update Tuesday 10/24/17


Written by Christine
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In their apartment, Phyllis confronted Billy about using her computer and Dina's password to steal Jabot's files. She conceded that there was a perverse brilliance in him using Jack's ex wife and his mother against him. Phyllis felt that Billy's devotion for Victoria and his desire to get revenge on Jack overruled his love for her. Billy insisted that she was wrong. Phyllis slapped him and ordered him not to lie to her again. She grabbed her laptop and ran upstairs. Billy went to the mirror and checked out his lip. Phyllis returned. Billy admitted he understood why she smacked him, but he swore that he didn't mean to hurt her or make her feel second best. Phyllis told him that he put her work reputation at risk by using her computer. Billy confessed that he didn't think she'd get in trouble because he didn't think anyone would find out. Phyllis snarled that he downloaded restricted files. Billy explained that he compartmentalized their relationship from what he did for Brash and Sassy. Phyllis wasn't impressed with his explanation. Billy assured her that he felt guilty and that he tried to come clean a couple of times. Phyllis softened. Billy apologized for betraying her trust. Phyllis pretended she accepted his apology. Billy looked hopeful until called him insane. “No apology you give me is ever gonna work . . . if you felt guilty, you would've stopped!” she yelled.

Phyllis's eyes filled with tears, and she asked Billy why he betrayed her. Billy snapped that he could ask her the same thing. “I'm not the only liar standing in this room,” he yelled back. He asked why she didn't confront him the moment she found out what he did. Phyllis said she wanted him to man up and confess. She also said she knew that if she confronted him, he'd get defensive and run into Victoria's arms, just like Victoria wanted. Billy didn't understand how someone so outwardly confident could be so insecure. Phyllis argued that she wasn't insecure, she just knew the competition played dirty. Billy contended that Phyllis was the one who played dirty; she'd let this fester then she attacked Victoria and Brash and Sassy. Billy felt that when she attacked Brash and Sassy, she was attacking him and everything he worked for. He thought it was clear that she didn't care about what he'd accomplished there. Phyllis thought that he could be just as successful somewhere else, away from Victoria. Billy realized she was trying to save him from working there, and he spat that he didn't need her salvation. Billy said he understood why she sent Benjamin Hochman to Victoria; the same reason she buddied up with Jack. Phyllis started to blame Victoria, and Billy ordered her to stop. He said this was about Phyllis ripping everything he accomplished out from under him. Billy recalled that he defended Phyllis when Victoria warned him that Phyllis was colluding with Jack. He sarcastically thanked Phyllis for making him look like an idiot. Billy noted that while he'd apologized, she wasn't showing an ounce of remorse. He was angry that she'd teamed up with Jack to hit him where it hurt the most – by helping with the Jabot men's line which was in direct competition with Billy's pet project. Phyllis clarified that she didn't work on that project – she only figured things out after Jack set a trap for him. Billy looked ill when he realized Jack hadn't cut the funds on the men's line. He asked how big Jabot's launch was. Phyllis said it was big and it was happening tonight.

At the Ashby's, Reed and Mattie cuddled and watched a movie. Mattie was glad that they didn't have to sneak around anymore. They kissed just as Charlie entered the living room. He was disgusted and didn't want to hear his sister talking about kissing. Cane arrived. He flipped on the light and started to lecture Reed about being there. Mattie clarified that Lily gave them permission to date.

Victoria and Lily were at Brash and Sassy. Victoria explained that she'd tried Sassy Mask to alleviate some of the bruising and swelling from the accident. Lily thought it worked well. Lily was taken aback when Victoria asked her to join her on Hilary's show tomorrow. Lily wasn't sure that was a good idea, given Lily and Hilary's dynamic, plus she had to go to Dallas tomorrow. Victoria thought Lily could be professional on the show, as she had in the past, and that she could leave for Dallas after the taping. Lily and Victoria got texts from their kids at the same time.

At the Underground, Nick told Chelsea he had news. She thought it was about Victoria. He didn't know what she meant, so she told him about the car accident. Back at Brash and Sassy, Victoria massaged her bruised forehead. Nick called and asked about the accident. Victoria was annoyed that Chelsea didn't keep it to herself. Nick was glad Chelsea told him. He encouraged Victoria to go to the doctor, but she insisted that she was fine. Reed arrived, and Victoria hung up. Victoria asked if Cane touched or said anything to him. Reed assured her that everything was fine and that he left because Mattie asked him to. Reed was glad that Victoria was being so cool about everything. Victoria said that Lily went home to talk to Cane and get things sorted out. Reed was worried that Cane would talk Lily into barring him from seeing Mattie.

Back at the Ashby's, Mattie begged Lily to talk to the “unreasonable” Cane. Cane argued that he was the only reasonable person in the room. He insisted that this would be the last time he walked in on Mattie and Reed together. Mattie asked what part of them having permission to hang out didn't he understand? Cane told her not to speak to him that way, and he reminded her that he forbid her to see Reed. Mattie looked to Lily to tell Cane about the new guidelines. Cane noted that Lily made the decision without consulting him. Lily explained that it happened while Cane was out of town, then they'd both been so busy that it slipped her mind. Lily apologized to Mattie and Cane for not telling Cane sooner. Lily continued that she and Victoria agreed to let the teens date. Cane was angry that Lily didn't let him know. Cane blamed Reed for Mattie skipping class. Lily contended that it was one mistake. Even Charlie admitted Reed wasn't that bad. Lily maintained that it was unfair to keep Mattie and Reed apart because Cane didn't like Victoria. She asked if Cane could at least be reasonable about that.

Cane apologized for losing his temper and explained that he'd just been excited to come over and make plans for things to do while Lily was out of town. The twins didn't realize she was leaving. She brought them up to speed, and they got mad about Cane staying over. They argued that they didn't need a babysitter. Lily said that they could stay alone once they were eighteen. Charlie accused them of not trusting him and Mattie. Cane explained that it was about potential emergencies, not trust. Charlie snapped that he'd call 911. Lily said it wasn't up for debate. Cane asked the kids to leave the room.

Back at Brash and Sassy, Reed said Mattie texted and said it didn't look like Cane would let them keep seeing each other. Victoria urged Reed to stay positive. She was sure Lily could change Cane's mind. Victoria said that if Cane caused any more trouble for Reed, he'd have to answer to her. Reed didn't want Victoria fighting his battles. He was wary of Cane and he wasn't sure what Cane would do if pushed. Victoria told him not to worry about Cane.

Cane asked Lily to stop undermining him in front of the kids. He felt like Lily was trying to drive a wedge between him and Mattie. Lily protested that she would never do that. She said she was going to tell him when she saw him earlier, but she got distracted when Juliet made a grand entrance down the Chancellor staircase. Lily noted that they both got unpleasant surprises tonight. Cane argued that this wasn't about Juliet. Lily refused to let Cane question her motives about the kids. She reminded him that she'd worked hard to maintain the status quo. She felt that Mattie should be allowed to see Reed, and she said Cane couldn't change her mind. Cane insisted that he was only trying to have an open dialogue as parents, but Lily disagreed. She accused him of taking his dislike for Victoria out on Reed. Lily said that if Mattie skipped again, Reed would be off-limits. Cane was irritated that Lily had made this decision on her own. Lily was unapologetic. She told Cane that he could repair his relationship with Mattie by showing her that he could be an understanding father. She added that the same went for Charlie. Cane said he'd love to spend time with Charlie, but Charlie was too mad at him.

Lily suggested that they talk with the kids together before Cane moved back in, temporarily, but Cane said he didn't need her help. Lily headed to the door so he could talk to the kids on his own. She told him not to ever say this wasn't about Juliet. She said that they were in this place because he slept with Juliet and then lied about it. After Lily left, Cane apologized to Charlie and Mattie and said he wanted their relationship to be like it used to be. “Before you wrecked our family?” Mattie spat. Charlie told Mattie to chill, but Cane said Mattie could speak her mind. He promised not to get mad. Cane said he loved them and wanted them to be proud of him. He revealed that he was running Chancellor. Charlie thought that was great. Cane assured the twins that they wouldn't have to choose sides – both he and Lily only wanted them to be happy. Mattie said that if he meant that, he'd let her see Reed. Cane admitted he'd been a bit irrational when it came to Reed. He said that he thought the Newmans were self-entitled. Charlie countered that Nick gave millions to Grandpa Neil's charity. Mattie asked Cane to give Reed a chance – have him over for dinner this week. Cane agreed, and Mattie gave him a hug.

Billy called Victoria and warned her that they'd been set up. Phyllis was furious that Billy called Victoria, and she took his phone away. Billy took the phone back, so Phyllis opened the front door, then grabbed Billy and shoved him into the hallway. She spat that if Victoria was his priority, he could go live with her. Victoria called Billy back and got his voicemail. She asked what he meant. Meanwhile, Billy told Phyllis that he loved her and begged her to open the door. The door opened and Billy was glad until he got hit in the face with a pile of clothes. Phyllis slammed the door shut again.

At Crimson Lights, Scott thanked Victor and hung up. Victor. He told Sharon that Victor didn't hesitate to let him use Victor's team for the investigation. Sharon admitted Victor had his moments. Sharon and Scott discussed the best case scenario – if Victor's team could find out who was behind County Connect, the LLC that rented the house where the prostitutes used to live, they would know who was behind the sex ring. hey passed the time and waited for Victor's team to get back to them. Sharon admitted that she'd pictured this ending with the police storming a building, not waiting for an email. Scott said the big bust would come later. Sharon couldn't believe how callous the traffickers were. She thought about how terrified Crystal had been. Scott got an email. He learned that the LLC was founded in Wisconsin and that the company also owned a pizza place, a car service and a beauty salon. Scott explained that these sorts of businesses were under the radar and tended to do a lot a cash transactions, making them perfect for laundering money from the sex ring. Scott and Sharon were optimistic about using this lead to find the head of the organization.

Back at the Underground, Nick worried that Victoria was more hurt that she let on. Chelsea didn't think Victoria would go on the show tomorrow if she wasn't at her best, because that would give Hilary ammunition. Nick agreed. Nick served Chelsea a new drink he'd created – called the Armistice in honor of the truce between him and Victor. Chelsea was shocked that the war was over. She wondered if Victor was sincere about the ceasefire. Nick thought so, but he had a feeling Victor had an ulterior motive. Nick suspected that Victor wanted to end the feud because it would help him win over Nikki and Victoria. Chelsea was glad to see Nick so relaxed. They toasted to the next chapter of Nick's life. Lily arrived and saw them giggling. She asked about the drink, and Nick told her it was the Armistice. Lily chuckled and said she'd just left the battlefield. She ordered an Armistice after making sure it was strong. Lily vented about Cane making her out to be the bad guy. Nick didn't know all the details, but he was sure Cane was the bad guy, given what he'd done to Victoria and Lily. Chelsea was sympathetic. She went to call the sitter. Nick commiserated with Lily about how hard divorce was, especially when kids were involved. Lily said she'd been taking the high road, but it was exhausting. Lily talked about how humiliated she'd been when she realized Cane lied. She thought she should've broken up with Cane when she saw the video of Juliet going into his hotel room. Lily wished she could take a break from playing it safe. She wanted to have one night free of her responsibilities. She fantasized about having revenge sex with a hot uncomplicated guy like Nick. Nick was caught off-guard. Lily clarified that she meant someone similar to him. Chelsea returned and asked what they were talking about. Lily said they were talking about being reckless. Chelsea could see the appeal, and she thought it could be nice every once in awhile.

Nikki arrived at the Abbott mansion and found Jack looking despondent. She hugged him and asked what was wrong. Jack brought her up to speed on the Abbott's issues. Jack asked her not to tell anyone. She said she wouldn't. Nikki felt bad about Ashley having her paternity secret exposed in front of everyone. Traci called, and Jack got his hopes up, but it was for nothing – the PI hadn't found Dina. Jack blamed himself – maybe if he'd been less judgmental of Dina she wouldn't have needed Graham's companionship. Nikki argued that Jack had gone above and beyond for that woman. Jack countered that he was Dina's son. He felt that he was responsible for taking care of the family. His eyes watered as he admitted he wasn't sure what else he could do to find Dina. Nikki suggested that he stop looking. Maybe Dina left of her own free will and didn't want to be found. Jack didn't believe that. He asked why Dina would leave. Nikki reminded Jack that Dina had a history of hurting her family and leaving. Nikki thought Dina had good reason to leave after sending the compromising photos of Nikki and Jack to Victor and publicly humiliating Ashley. Nikki wondered if Jack was angry with her. Jack wasn't, and he assured her that he never wanted her to censor herself around him. Jack understood Nikki's theory, but he was convinced that Dina had been kidnapped. Jack said that Dina was worth more to Graham dead than alive. He vowed to do everything he could before it was too late and to make Graham pay.

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