Monday Y&R Update 10/23/17

The Y&R Update Monday 10/23/17


Written by Christine
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At the Abbott mansion, Jack told Abby that Graham kidnapped Dina. Jack assured the outraged Abby that they would find her grandmother. Jack had hired someone to locate the flight plan, and he said Ashley and Traci hired a Parisian P.I. to watch Graham and Dina's homes in Paris. Abby asked how Ashley was. According to Jack, Ashley was still angry with Dina, but she was channeling that energy into the search. Jack asked how Abby was. She wasn't sure. She wanted a relationship with Dina, but she was bothered by the way Dina blurted out the truth about Ashley's paternity. Abby recalled that Ashley always seemed proud when she told Abby that she was John's granddaughter. Jack assured Abby that she was still John's granddaughter, because blood wasn't everything. Jack stepped out so Abby could answer her phone. It was Zack. He invited her to the Underground on a date. Abby explained that she wasn't in a good mood, due to some bad news. Zack didn't mind. He urged Abby to come anyway, because he cared about her and wanted to be there for her.

Zack was pleased when Abby joined him. He ordered her favorite wine and encouraged her to open up. Abby explained that the family dinner turned disastrous when family secrets were revealed. She added that Ashley was heartbroken. Abby regretted bringing it up, because it made her emotional. Zack thought she should give herself a break. He told her that this would take time to sort through, especially because it was about Ashley. Zack had observed the close relationship between Abby and Ashley. He was sure that Abby and Ashley would be fine, because they were strong women with a good support system. Abby was grateful, because those were the words she needed to hear. Zack noticed that Natalia, the prostitute, was interacting with an older man. He made up an excuse to leave the booth. Zack found Natalia in the hallway. He grabbed her arm and reminded her that he told her not to work in Genoa City anymore. Terrified, Natalia explained that Leon was the boss now, and he'd sent her on this job. She moaned that he was hurting her. Zack let her go and ordered her to convince her date that she wanted to go back to his room. Natalia rushed off. Zack left a message for Leon saying that they needed to meet. He went back to the bar, and shot Abby a smile. He returned to the table with food. Abby noted that Zack had been supportive and attentive. She was impressed by this different side he was showing tonight, and she said she'd never felt closer to him. Abby admitted she'd been wondering where things stood between them – was this relationship important to him? Zack's phone rang, and Abby was stunned when he apologized and walked away to take the call in the middle of their talk.

Zack blasted Leon for sending Natalia back to town. He hissed that there were people in this town looking for connections to Crystal. Leon promised it wouldn't happen again. Zack ended the call just in time to catch Abby, who was leaving. Zack apologetically explained that he couldn't help taking the business call. Abby was unsympathetic, because she took work seriously too, but she didn't take work calls in the middle of personal talks. She told him that he couldn't treat people that way. Zack agreed, but he explained that this job was his first big break and he didn't want to do anything to screw it up. Abby told Zack that he needed to figure out where his priorities were. Zack said he didn't want to lose her. He swore she could count on him. He told her she was the most incredible woman he ever met. Abby leaned in and gave him a peck on the lips. Zack convinced her to go back to the table.

Scott helped Sharon close up Crimson Lights. Then, she slipped up behind him and wrapped her arms around him. They kissed. Later, they got re-dressed, and Scott said he missed this while he was out of town. They promised to make time for each other, no matter how busy their lives got. Paul arrived with news on Alice. They had footage of her leaving the hospital and getting into a cab. According to Paul, Alice seemed to be in a great deal of pain and terrified. Scott noted that Alice was the one person who could identify the traffickers. Paul revealed that they had another lead. The traffickers used an LLC called County Connect to rent the house the prostitutes were living in. Sharon was excited to have a lead. Paul reminded her to let the police handle it. He also explained that there were likely to be a string of shell companies connected to the name. He thought it would take awhile before they connected anyone to the LLC. Scott wanted to pursue the lead for his article. He promised to be discreet. Paul was okay with that. Paul left. Scott thought he could unravel the lead more quickly than the police could. Since he worked for Newman, he planned to have Victor put his legal team on the case. Scott said they could use their ethically gray skills for good for once.

Chelsea found Victoria after her car accident. Victoria came to, and Chelsea wanted Victoria to go to the hospital, but she insisted that she was fine, just embarrassed about taking her eyes off the road. Victoria asked for a ride to work, and Chelsea reluctantly agreed.

Lily was at her place. She called Cane to set up a visitation schedule for the kids, but he didn't answer. Later, Lily went to work and found Victoria putting concealer on her bruises. Lily asked what happened, and Victoria laughed and said she'd just been a klutz. Lily helped Victoria with her makeup. Victoria asked Lily to represent the company at the cosmetics convention in Dallas tomorrow. Lily didn't feel ready to do this on short notice, especially since she was new at the job. Lily admitted that Juliet had been scheduled to go, but it fell through the cracks in all the chaos. Victoria felt that it was important for the company to have a presence at the convention, and she thought Lily would be able to handle it. Lily agreed to go. Victoria took a call from Hilary.

Phyllis and Billy swayed to soft music at The Top of the Tower. Billy said he didn't want the moment to end. They shared a deep kiss. Later, they flirted after dessert, and Billy wanted to order some brandy, but Phyllis wanted to go, so she could have him all to herself. She stated that they'd been living together for the past few months, but she felt like their minds were a million miles apart. She thought that they'd failed to appreciate what they had in front of them. Billy couldn't agree more. Victoria walked in and apologized for interrupting, but explained that something came up. Phyllis grumbled that it always did. Victoria explained that Hilary had a cancellation, so she wanted Victoria on the show tomorrow. Billy asked if she said yes with no prep time. Victoria said yes. Phyllis said she was going to the ladies' room, but she stepped away and called Jack to let him know Victoria's plans. Jack asked if Victoria was going to promote the men's line. Phyllis said yes. Phyllis told Jack that they had to get Jabot's new men's line out of the warehouse and delivered to Fenmore's immediately. Jack said to take care of it. Phyllis promised to do so.

Billy didn't think Victoria should go on the show tomorrow. He didn't think they should promote products, like the face mask, before they had enough of it on the shelves to sell. Victoria disagreed. She wanted to catch their competitors off-guard. Billy protested about the line's production schedule. Victoria conceded that revealing the product tomorrow would cause things to be even more hectic, but she thought they could handle it. Billy agreed. Billy noticed the bruises on Victoria's face and asked about it. He was alarmed when she told him about the fender-bender, but she insisted that it wasn't a big deal. She just hoped it would be gone by the time she was on television tomorrow. Phyllis returned and asked if they were finished. Victoria said yes, and she told Billy she'd see him bright and early tomorrow.

Phyllis and Billy arrived at their apartment and hurriedly removed their coats and began to kiss. Phyllis stopped to read a text – Lauren had just learned that new Jabot products were on the way to Fenmore's. She asked if Phyllis was aware. Phyllis said yes and that they needed to go on the shelves immediately. Phyllis promised to explain later, then she went to get champagne. While she was away, she got another text, and Billy read it. It was from Jack. He said Lauren called and wanted to know why she wasn't informed about Jabot's men's line launch. Jack was annoyed because Phyllis was supposed to be handling this. Phyllis returned and caught Billy with her phone. Billy asked if Jabot was launching a new men's line, and Phyllis admitted they were. Billy was furious that Phyllis didn't tell him. Phyllis was unapologetic. She angrily reminded Billy that he hadn't told her everything either. Billy pretended not to know what she was talking about. Phyllis demanded to know why she should tell Billy anything when he was more than willing to help himself to her phone and computer. “I know that you've been using me,” Phyllis growled, punctuating her point by jabbing Billy in the chest with her finger. She confronted him for using her and lying to her and demanded to know why he did this to her.

Cane showed Juliet into her new home – the Chancellor mansion. Juliet asked if he was sure about this. Noting that Juliet had a high risk pregnancy, Cane said that he wanted to keep her and his son close. Juliet was touched that Cane asked her to move in. just then, Esther walked in, shocked by what she overheard. Cane did introductions. Juliet wanted to lie down, and Cane gave her directions to the guest room. He was going to help her upstairs, but she said she could manage. As soon as Juliet went upstairs, Esther asked Cane why on earth he did this. Cane explained that Juliet needed their support. Esther didn't think Jill would approve. Cane reported that Jill made him CEO of Chancellor, so he didn't think she'd mind him having a house guest. Jill asked how his wife would feel. Cane said he hated to admit it, but his marriage was over. He said he had to take care of the baby, and Lily would have to accept that.

Esther walked out just after Lily arrived. She asked him to stay with the kids while she was on her trip. Cane was hesitant, and Lily demanded to know why. She thought he'd love spending several days with the kids. Cane said he did want to, but the timing wasn't good. At that point, Juliet yelled downstairs about how much she loved living there. She came downstairs in a robe. Cane explained his reasons for moving Juliet in. He hoped Lily understood. Lily did understand, but she told Cane that they were getting divorced so he didn't owe her an explanation. Juliet insisted that this was all about the baby and that there was nothing going on between her and Cane. Lily noted that Cane didn't want to stay with the twins because he wanted to be with Juliet instead. Cane clarified that he never said that. He said he didn't get a chance to answer because he'd been trying to tell her about Juliet. Cane agreed to stay with the kids and let Esther look after Juliet. He added that Juliet could call if she needed him. Juliet felt that Cane should be with the kids, and she assured him that she would call if necessary. Juliet excused herself. Cane acknowledged that this was a shock for Lily. Lily didn't want to discuss it anymore. She told Cane that he had to tell the kids about his new living arrangements. Cane said he would when the time was right. Lily noted that they needed their father. Cane said he'd always be their father, irrespective of the fact that Lily was the one who asked for the divorce. Lily stated that Michael hadn't received Cane's copy of the divorce papers. Cane said he'd been too busy with his job to sign it. Lily snapped that he'd been moving on in other ways, so she didn't know what was holding him back. She left.

Back at the Abbott house, Jack told Paul that he highly doubted Graham had Dina under a doctor's care anymore. He didn't think Graham had any incentive to keep Dina alive since he only wanted her inheritance. While Paul felt for the family, he explained that as power of attorney, Graham was legally entitled to take Dina out of the hospital and to leave town with her. Jack asked Paul to pull some strings and find the flight plan. Paul didn't immediately agree, so Jack implored Paul to think about his devotion to his own mother, Mary. Paul admitted he would've done anything for her. Paul agreed to help, but he didn't make any guarantees.

Back at Brash and Sassy, Victoria dabbed more concealer on her face, then she opened a box of Sassy Mask.

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