Friday Y&R Update 10/20/17

The Y&R Update Friday 10/20/17


Written by Ellen
Pictures By Christine

Jack paces his living room and orders Michael to take action against Graham.

Victoria approaches Billy at Brash & Sassy and offers support. He admits he’s upset about Ashley, but he’s focused on making the Dare face mask a big success. Victoria had a good day too. She’s decided to make an appearance on the Hilary Hour. Billy is stunned.

At a table at the athletic club, Phyllis commends Hilary’s powers of persuasion but imagines she won’t be discussing the Newman family drama on the show. Guess again. Hilary has no fear. Phyllis bolsters Hilary’s resolve and looks forward to Victoria’s getting her comeuppance.

Tessa and Noah work out in the gym. When her song is piped in over the sound system, she nearly goes into orbit. Devon appears and says it’s true: her EP has launched. Time to celebrate! Meanwhile, alone at the Hilary Hour studio, Mariah listens to the tune through earbuds.

Cane finds Juliet in the club dining room and is eager to hear how she and their unborn child have been in his absence. She cries.

Again in the gym: Everything is coming up roses for Tessa. She’s on the verge of having the career of her dreams, her sister is safe, and she has a good man by her side. She couldn’t be more thankful. Noah proposes an impromptu party at the Underground, rather than at his and Tessa’s place. Sounds good to Devon. He’ll bring Mariah.

At Brash & Sassy: Billy needn’t worry. Victoria knows what she’s doing; she’s using Hilary. The interview will be on Victoria’s terms. Lily arrives and overhears. She’s all in favor of sticking it to Hilary but warns Victoria not to trust her. That woman will do anything for good ratings.

At the club: Juliet apologizes for letting her hormones get the better of her, but knowing Cane cares makes her emotional. Of course he cares, and he compliments her appearance. She’s glowing. She asks about his trip. It was productive, all right. She’s looking at the acting CEO of Chancellor Industries. She shrieks with joy and nearly jumps into his lap. Again she apologizes.

Devon meets Mariah at the TV studio. Change of plans. Before jetting to Chicago they’ll raise a glass with Tessa and Noah at the Underground. Mariah’s hesitation gives him pause. He thought Tessa was Mariah’s girl and that she’d want to celebrate all the good things in her life. Mariah musters up some enthusiasm and agrees.

At the Abbotts’: Michael urges Jack to proceed with caution, but Jack is impatient. His mother is incapacitated and in the hands of a sociopath---and need Jack mention she’s more valuable to Graham dead than alive. Michael isn’t resting on his laurels. He’s working to revoke Graham’s power of attorney, but in the meantime, Jack should focus on the positive. Graham and Dina probably returned to Paris, and her stroke was a mild one. Jack thanks Michael and apologizes for his combative attitude. Michael heads for the door and meets Phyllis there. He encourages her to distract Jack from his problems. Can do. She has good news about the war with Brash & Sassy.

At Brash & Sassy, Lily presents Victoria with her research. The cost of their planned campaign is exorbitant and not worth the risk, in her humble opinion. Victoria thanks her for her input, but they’ll move forward as planned. Billy has a change of heart and in a private meeting with Victoria suggests they move more slowly. Is he feeling remorse about snooping with Phyllis’s computer? No matter, her mind is made up.

Mariah and Devon walk into the Underground and interrupt Tessa and Noah’s private celebration on the dance floor. Tessa flies to Mariah when she sees her. She’s glad she came. Why? Mariah asks. Seeing Tessa’s puzzled look, Mariah quickly covers. She means why did they have the party in a bar instead of at Noah and Tessa’s home? No time to answer; drinks are served in the gold booth.

At the Abbotts’: Jack is indeed preoccupied. Phyllis has to spell out the advantage of having Victoria appear on the Hilary Hour. He hands her the reins and promises all the support and resources she needs to bury Brash & Sassy. Phyllis is surprised that he trusts her, but OK. Jack has one demand: that she not telegraph her move.

At the club: Juliet praises Cane’s business acumen and Jill’s foresight for putting him in such a lofty position. Perhaps it will become permanent. In any case, it’s a far better gig than Brash & Sassy. From what Juliet hears, Victoria is on the ropes. She hasn’t filled Juliet’s position or Cane’s. Cane has an update. She did fill Juliet’s job---with Lily. Juliet is amused.

Hilary and Lily taunt each other in the gym---about work, about romance, you name it. Hilary takes issue when Lily warns her not to cross Victoria.

Mariah and Tessa chat while they stand at the Underground bar waiting for their nachos. Why would Mariah be surprised that Tessa moved in with Noah? By Mariah’s own account, her brother is a great guy. Again the conversation is cut short, this time by the arrival of their food order. Back at the table, Devon and Noah talk about the outlook for their relationships. Noah notes Mariah’s independent streak, but Devon isn’t deterred. In fact, when the girls return to the table, he spontaneously kisses her to remind her how crazy he is for her. Mariah and Tessa exchange glances.

Phyllis approaches Billy’s table at Top of the Tower. She’s poured herself into sexy black dress and Billy feels like the luckiest man alive. What did he do to deserve her? According to Phyllis, he’s been either very, very good or very, very bad.

In the gym: Hilary nearly gets physical with Lily and wants to know who’s going to stop her from running her show as she sees fit. Lily says only that pissing off Victoria has dire consequences. Just ask Cane.

Victoria happens upon Cane in the club dining room as he wraps up a phone conversation with Ben Hochman. A scene ensues. She asks if he intends to finish the job, destroying her company. Cane finds it curious that Victoria’s policy against having sex with business associates doesn’t apply to her. She responds with a glass of water in his face. Juliet arrives to reinforce Cane and has words of her own with Victoria. Victoria concludes by pitying the child she carries, with the two of them for parents. After she storms off, Juliet winces, clutches her belly, and eases into a chair. Cane hovers. He can’t have the mother of his child living alone at a hotel. He invites her to live with him.

At the Tower: Phyllis continues to toy with Billy. Being bad can be fun, she says. He agrees.

More reason to celebrate: Devon just got a call from Irv, the morally dubious music promoter. He’s booked Tessa at clubs in Milwaukee and Madison. Tessa says if Devon trusts the guy, so does she. This calls for a refill. While they guys fetch it, Mariah and Tessa have a serious conversation about where they stand. Tessa apologizes for sending Mariah mixed signals. The timing is wrong. She’s committed to Noah, who makes her feel happy and loved. Mariah insists he’s not the only one who can do that. Tessa refuses to hurt him and urges Mariah to focus on Devon---starting now. Devon returns and tells Tessa and Noah to carry on. He and Mariah have a plane to catch. They say their goodbyes. Tessa hugs Mariah and tells her to be happy.

Michael returns to the Abbott home under the pretense of retrieving his prized pen, but Jack sees through him. He’s worried about Jack, but there’s no need. Jack has decided to let things take their course. He’s going to get some much-needed rest. His PI calls just then. No leads on Dina and Graham’s whereabouts.

In the gym: Lily tells Hilary that she and Cane are on good terms but have no plans to reunite. Hilary tells Lily that if she has designs on Jordan to forget them. Lily was just his rebound girl. Good one, Lily says. For Hilary’s information, Lily told Jordan she wasn’t interested in pursuing a romantic relationship, so it appears Hilary is his second choice.

As Billy and Phyllis dance at the Tower, they talk in circles about “opening up” to each other and not playing games.

Victoria drives through the city at night. She collides with something and her air bags deploy, leaving her bruised and disoriented.

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