Thursday Y&R Update 10/19/17

The Y&R Update Thursday 10/19/17


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Traci, Jack and Ashley had just discovered that Dina wasn't in her hospital room. Jack assumed this was another one of Graham's games, but Traci thought Dina might be out for tests. She went to ask a nurse. Ashley tried calling Graham. Traci returned, and she was alarmed because none of the nurses knew where Dina was. Dr. Hummel arrived and informed them that although he wanted Dina to spend another night at the hospital, she'd been medically cleared to leave. According to the doctor, Graham requested that Dina be released, and Dina consented to it. Ashley was furious that Dr. Hummel didn't discuss this with her family first. Dr. Hummel countered that they weren't Dina's power of attorney. Jack started to rail at the doctor. Traci interjected that they should focus on figuring out where Graham took Dina. They raced off to the Club.

Hilary was glad when Neil showed up at the Club. She wasn't sure he would come. Neil told her that he wouldn't give her permission to air the video of him escorting Graham out of the party. Hilary clarified that she wasn't going to run a story on Ashley's celebration. Neil was surprised because she aired a story on Victoria's fight with Benjamin Hochman. Hilary explained that the video generated lots of buzz, but it alienated her from Victoria. Hilary wanted to align herself with the newsworthy citizens so that her show would be a success. She wanted Neil to convince Victoria to appear on the show to rebrand herself, just like Nick had. Neil thought it was just a ploy to get more viewers. Hilary swore she regretted destroying the mutual respect she and Victoria once had. Neil thought Hilary was sincere, but he still refused to talk with Victoria on her behalf.

At Top of the Tower, Victoria called Nick crazy, but Nick continued to stand by his decision to give away the money. Victoria wondered if Nick chose to meet her at Victor's restaurant because he wanted to antagonize Victor. Nick revealed that he and Victor declared a truce. Victoria was glad they made peace. Nick clarified that he and Victor hadn't forgiven each other and didn't like each other, but they'd agreed to go their separate ways. Victoria thought that was sad, but she took comfort in knowing that the war was over and that the rest of the family wouldn't be caught in the middle. Nick planned to focus on Chelsea, his kids and the Underground. He hadn't been this happy in a long time. Victoria missed how close the family used to be before they found out Victor set up Adam. Nick couldn't forget that Victor got Adam killed. Victoria wondered if Nick was upset that she could get along with Victor. Nick supported her choice, but he hoped Victor didn't hurt her. Victoria said she'd never fully trust or forgive Victor, but he'd been very helpful.

Hilary joined Nick and Victoria. She revealed that the audience loved Nick's story and had even increased their charitable donations. Nick was glad that not everyone thought he was crazy. Hilary was happy she was able to help Nick spread his message. Hilary offered Victoria a chance to come tell her side of the Victor story. Victoria declined. Hilary promised to give Victoria full control over what aired. Nick thought it would be a good way for Victoria to help repair the hit her reputation took thanks to the video of the fight with Benjamin. Victoria didn't want anything to do with Hilary. Hilary asked to talk to Victoria alone. Nick told Victoria that anger didn't do anyone any good. He advised Victoria to hear Hilary out. Victoria assumed Hilary was secretly recording them. Hilary admitted she had some of the waitstaff on payroll, and they gave her a call when someone interesting visited the restaurant. She'd also put a bug in the alcove outside the ladies' room. Hilary noted that she wasn't the only one who reported on the Newmans. Hilary apologized for airing the footage of the fight. The way Victoria went off on Hilary at the Club the other day made Hilary realize how much she'd hurt Victoria. Victoria didn't seem to remember confronting Hilary at the Club. She asked what Hilary meant, but Hilary thought Victoria took issue with the way Hilary described the confrontation. Hilary wanted to earn Victoria's trust back. Victoria said she'd seen Hilary go back on her word too many times to believe her. Hilary picked up the bill for Victoria, who started to leave. Hilary offered to sign a contract outlining everything they'd discuss in the interview and detailing strict penalties for violations. Victoria said there would be no discussion of her personal life. Hilary agreed. Victoria said she'd have her lawyer draw up the contract.

At Brash and Sassy, Phyllis gently asked Billy what he hadn't been honest with her about. Billy admitted it involved work and family. Phyllis was sympathetic; she knew it was hard on him to have divided loyalties. Billy stated that he'd had to put up walls and compartmentalize. Phyllis assured him that they were a team and that nothing he said would change that. Billy was glad to hear that because none of this had anything to do with how he felt about her. Billy noted that Phyllis had been encouraging him to fix things with the Abbotts. Phyllis asked if he thought she was a nag. Billy didn't. He said he tried to assure her that he wanted to be with her. She asked what was bothering him. Billy was about to say something when his phone rang. It was Victoria, and she was panicked. There was a flood at the warehouse that could affect their entire shipment. Billy calmly promised that he had put contingencies in place and that nothing would affect their shipment. Victoria apologized for freaking out, but she noted that they were taking big risks to outsell Jabot, and one glitch could ruin everything. Billy was adamant that he had it under control.

The call ended, and Billy kept his conversation with Phyllis on hold so he could do something for work. Afterward, he apologized for the interruption, but Phyllis said she was used to it. She felt that Victoria relied on him too much, and maybe Victoria was pushing him and making him feel uncomfortable. Billy said he'd put a lot into Brash and Sassy and was loyal to it, just like she was loyal to Fenmore. Phyllis thought it was more important that they were loyal to each other. Billy didn't think they were mutually exclusive. Phyllis asked what was bothering Billy. Billy said he was thinking about Ashley. He thought she was worried that people would think less of her now that everyone knew she wasn't an Abbott by blood. It made Billy think about his own alienation from the Abbott family. He wanted to reconcile with Jack, but he didn't think it would ever happen. Phyllis was taken aback. She was confused because Billy had just said he wanted to come clean. Billy said he was coming clean. He said that his feud with Jack affected his relationship with Phyllis. Billy said he loved Phyllis and didn't regret anything that happened between them. “That's it? That's what you wanted to be honest with me about?,” Phyllis asked. Billy sensed that she was expecting him to confess to something else. Phyllis dodged the question and announced that she was going to the gym. Billy asked if she was okay. Phyllis said she thought Billy was going to say he had issues with Victoria. She asked if Victoria's pushiness bothered him. Billy said he was fine. Phyllis forced a smile and started out. Billy stopped her and said he was there for her if she needed to talk. Phyllis hoped Billy realized how much she loved him. She hugged him and silently shed a tear.

Phyllis and Nick ended up at the gym at the same time. She asked if their daughter still had an inheritance. She thought he should've talked to his exes and his kids before he gave away his money. Nick said he wanted his kids to be financially independent instead of relying on his money. He brought up Victor's name, and Phyllis immediately understood and said no further discussion was necessary. Nick noted that he and Phyllis still understood each other. He could tell Phyllis was upset, and he asked what Billy did now. Phyllis bristled at Nick blaming Billy, but she admitted things were intense at Brash and Sassy. Nick wondered when Victoria and Billy would realize they were too good for Billy. Nick mentioned that he was there when Victoria called Billy with a work crisis. Phyllis asked what the crisis was about. Nick didn't know, but he said he'd never tell Phyllis because she was working for a competitor. Phyllis said everyone was trying to look out for Victoria, but she was capable of taking care of herself. Nick wasn't sure about that. He noted that Brash and Sassy was in trouble. Nick thought it would be a good idea for Victoria to agree to Hilary's interview.

Victor ran into Neil in the Club's dining room and they joined each other for a chat. Victor was curious about Ashley's party. Neil revealed that it was eventful, but he advised Victor to ask Ashley if he wanted details. Neil wondered how Victor felt about Nick's donation to the Abbott-Winters Foundation. Victor stated that it was Nick's money to do with as he pleased. Victor admitted he and Nick weren't getting along.

Jack, Ashley and Traci discovered that Dina's suite had been cleaned out. Jack found a ring on the floor and concluded that they were in a big hurry. They were all heading to Graham's room when Victor called Ashley. She stayed behind to talk. He congratulated her on the award and asked about the party. Ashley explained that she was busy because Dina had a stroke. Victor offered to meet Ashley at the hospital, but she told him that everything was under control. Jack and Traci returned. Graham's room was empty. Ashley ended her call. They assumed that Graham and Dina were on the way back to Paris where Graham would have full control. They rushed to the fenced in air strip. Graham had just helped Dina out of the car, and she was waiting in her wheelchair. Ashley, Jack and Traci yelled for Dina, but she appeared to be sedated, and she didn't react. Graham glared at the Abbotts, then he began to push Dina toward the waiting jet.

Back downstairs, Victor told Neil about Dina's stroke. Neil talked about Dina's relationship with her kids. According to Neil, Jack enjoyed working with Dina at Jabot. Victor and Neil could relate because they liked working with Abby, and Devon, respectively. Victor grew quiet, and Neil knew it was because the feud with Nick hurt. Victor thought the younger generation was very ungrateful. He wistfully remarked that he worked hard to spare his children and grandchildren from the poverty he endured. Neil said he always worked to make sure Lily, Devon and Moses knew that they were loved. Victor noted that Neil didn't sound like that awhile back. Neil admitted he'd made some bad choices due to his alcoholism. Victor respected Neil for overcoming his demons. Neil thought Victor would help Nick if he were in trouble, but Victor wasn't so sure. Neil said he'd never let anger get in the way of having a relationship with his (Neil's) kids. Victor didn't share that sentiment. The conversation with Victor spurred Neil to call Devon and ask him to hang out.

Victor went to Brash and Sassy and asked where Victoria was. Billy said she was gone, and he tried to dismiss Victor. Victor asked if Billy was at Ashley's dinner last night. Billy said yes, but he didn't have time to discuss it. Victor revealed that Dina had a stroke. Billy was shocked, and he started packing his things so he could be there for his sisters. Victor didn't think that Traci and Ashley wanted Billy to be there. Billy reiterated that they were his sisters, but Victor noted that Dina was their mother, not Billy's. Billy thought Victor made a good point, and he wondered why Victor was looking out for him. Victor clarified that he was looking out for the Abbotts he cared about. Billy promised to tell Victoria that Victor stopped by. Victor invited himself to sit down, and he noted that Victoria relied on Billy and that Billy had sided with her over Jack. Billy said he'd always choose Victoria over Jack. Victor asked Billy to persuade Victoria to trust Victor again. Billy didn't seem interested in helping. Victor promised to generously reward Billy if he helped out.

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