Wednesday Y&R Update 10/18/17

The Y&R Update Wednesday 10/18/17


Written by Christine
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Traci and Ashley paced in the hallway outside Dina's hospital room. Graham was in with Dina, and he wouldn't let Traci and Ashley visit. Traci wondered how Graham convinced Dina to give him medical power of attorney. Ashley explained that Graham had spent a long time weaseling his way into Dina's life. Inside the room, Dina woke up. Graham explained that she had a minor stroke and he promised to stay by her side. Dina weakly told Graham that she remembered every word he said last night in her suite. Graham confessed that he'd been out of line. Dina didn't want Graham to pretend he gave a damn, now that she knew he'd hated her for years. Graham admitted that he might have hated her once, but he swore that he didn't anymore. Dina countered that his fury was still very much alive. Graham said that Ashley dredged up all of his old anger when she brought up his past. Graham stated that Brent tore their family apart, and to make matters worse, Dina didn't even want Brent. Graham explained that his mom tried to keep things afloat, but their lives were ruined when Brent left them. Graham admitted that he sought Dina out expecting to find a heartless monster, but instead he'd discovered a lovely woman who was smart and generous. Graham began to understand why Brent was drawn to her, and he grew to care about Dina. Dina asked why she should believe that. Graham said that Dina was so brilliant that she would know if he'd been faking his affection for her. Graham was adamant that he considered Dina family, and he vowed to be with her to the end. He was confident that her children wouldn't do that.

Traci and Ashley went to the waiting room, where they worried about what Graham was saying to their mother. Ashley noted that it could be worse – they could've lost her. Ashley was still in shock over Dina announcing that her father was Brent Davis. Ashley thought Traci, Billy and Abby cared even if they said it didn't matter. She remembered the looks on their faces when they heard the truth. Traci pointed out that Ashley loved them even though she knew she had a different father. Traci said they felt the same way about Ashley. Traci stated that they were all John Abbott's children. Ashley thought that was easy for Traci to say. Traci said it was true, and she vowed to keep saying it until Ashley accepted it. Traci noted that Dina had caused a lot of pain, but Traci believed Dina truly wanted to reconnect with them before it was too late. Ashley got emotional as she thought about what it was like to find Dina on the floor. Traci noted that it wasn't too late to work things out with Dina. Ashley wasn't sure she could forgive Dina.

At Jabot, Michael delivered bad news to Jack. The power of attorney paperwork was legitimate and binding. Jack wanted to fight it and throw Graham out of the hospital and Dina's life. Michael said that process could take months and in the meantime, the hospital had no choice but to follow Graham's wishes. However, Michael had drawn up a document naming Jack as the power of attorney. Jack wondered how he could get past Graham and have Dina sign it. Jack returned to the hospital and found Ashley and Traci making plans to force their way into Dina's room. Jack warned them that their idea would backfire. He had another plan in mind – be diplomatic with Graham so he would allow them to visit Dina, then have her sign power of attorney over to Jack. Graham walked out and announced that Dina had forgiven him. He stated that Dina was too tired to visit with anyone else. Traci implored Graham to allow them to let Dina know that they loved her and cared about her. Ashley promised that they wouldn't upset Dina, and Jack assured Graham that they understood that he was in charge. Graham wanted them to make it worth his while. Jack wrote Graham a check large enough to cover Myrna Bloodworth's expenses for a year. Graham found it poetic that Dina's son was helping Graham's mother. Graham took the check and left. Jack, Traci and Ashley were appalled that they'd had to pay to see their mother. Jack vowed to put a stop payment on the check. They rushed to Dina's room only to find an empty bed.

Phyllis and Hilary met for coffee and discussed the Abbott party. Phyllis wasn't an Ashley fan, but she still felt for Ashley and the rest of the Abbotts, minus Dina. Phyllis hoped Hilary wasn't going to release the video from the party. Hilary had no plans to air the footage. Hilary said that, present company excepted, Jack was one of her few friends. She didn't want to alienate him, or Jabot, especially because she was on the outs with Victoria. Phyllis thought Hilary was better off without Victoria, but Hilary was determined to work her way back into Victoria's good graces. Phyllis wondered when Hilary started caring what other people thought. Hilary explained that the stories she did on Brash and Sassy were popular with the audience. Phyllis stated that Victoria was a stone-cold bitch who'd never trust Hilary again. Hilary noted that people used to say the same thing about her (Hilary). Hilary revealed that Victoria had threatened her at the Club, and even Jordan thought it was over the top. Phyllis recalled that Victoria had been confrontational with her, too.

Phyllis ran into Michael, who was still in Jack's office. She seized the opportunity to get some advice and gave him a dollar to put him on retainer. Michael warily asked her what she did. Phyllis admitted that she set a trap for Billy and discovered that he'd been using her computer to gain unauthorized access to Jabot secrets. Phyllis blamed Victoria for convincing Billy to do it. Phyllis thought Victoria had exploited Billy's need to best Jack. Michael said he was sincerely sorry for Phyllis, but he felt that she should stop blaming Victoria for Billy's actions. He also urged her to confront Billy. Phyllis grumbled that there were complications that prevented her from doing so. Michael pointed out that Phyllis and Billy were lying to each other. Phyllis blamed Victoria. She spat that things would be fine if Brash and Sassy would just crash and burn. Michael warned Phyllis not to cook up some scheme to take Brash and Sassy down. He stated that besides the obvious legal ramifications, it would destroy her relationship with Billy. He told her that if she wanted a future with Billy, there had to be honesty.

At Brash and Sassy, Victoria told Jordan that Lily was the new marketing executive. Jordan was for happy Lily, but he wondered if he would be losing his muse for the men's line. Lily clarified that she'd be pulling double duty. Victoria had Jordan step out so she could talk to Lily. Lily thought Victoria had changed her mind about Reed and Mattie dating. Victoria clarified that she was happy that the teens had each other, and she thought everything would be fine as long as Cane didn't cause drama. They talked about Lily's divorce. It was hard for Lily, but she had her family and friends for support. Victoria got to the point. She noticed that Jordan was very fond of Lily. Victoria assured Lily that the company rule against employees dating their superiors didn't apply to Jordan because he was an independent contractor. Victoria encouraged Lily to pursue something with Jordan if she was interested. Victoria told Lily that they didn't have to discuss it further. Lily called Victoria a great friend and great boss. Lily left the conference room and approached Jordan in the lab. She apologized for sending him mixed signals by crying on his shoulder and with the kiss. She thought he was an incredible person, and she thought they could've possibly had something great under different circumstances, but she felt that she had to focus on herself and her kids. Jordan understood and appreciated her honesty. She hoped they could still be friends. Jordan assured her that they always would be.

At the gym, Cane called Juliet to check on her and the baby. He then made his way over Billy, who blew him off. Cane mentioned that he had an update on Jill. Concerned, Billy asked if it was her heart. Jill was fine; Cane was just back from visiting her and Colin. Cane revealed that Jill made him the acting CEO of Chancellor. Billy assumed Jill hired Cane out of pity, but Cane clarified that he'd presented Jill with a detailed plan for Chancellor. Cane noted that he was qualified since he ran the company in the past. Billy suspected that Cane played on Jill's sympathies to get the job, and perhaps he even called her mum for old times' sake. Cane countered that Billy got his job at Brash and Sassy because Jill wanted to reunite him with Victoria. Billy was adamant that he proved his worth at that company. Cane didn't think it was right to blame him for all of Brash and Sassy's troubles. He noted that the company was still floundering even though he'd been gone for a couple of months. Cane added that they hadn't filled his old position either. Billy revealed that they hired Lily. Cane didn't understand how she could replace him. He knew she was smart and talented but she didn't have financial experience. Billy noted that the last time Cane ran Chancellor, his job history consisted mainly of bartending. Billy explained that they revamped the role to focus on marketing, so Lily would essentially be replacing the other woman in Cane's life.

Cane ran into Hilary in the Club lobby. She urged him not to give up on his marriage. Cane found her investment in his marriage bizarre. He didn't think his marriage could be saved, so he planned to focus on his kids and running Chancellor. Hilary thought that Lily might give Cane another chance once she heard that he was employed. Cane told Hilary about Lily's promotion. Hilary thought it was hilarious. She stated that Victoria and Billy gave Cane's side chick's job to his betrayed wife. Cane pointed out that thanks to Lily's promotion, she'd be spending more time at Brash and Sassy which meant she'd be spending more time with Jordan. That wiped the smile off Hilary's face.

Lily and Jordan arrived at the Club, and she thanked him again for understanding. Jordan assured her that they were still friends and that it would never change. They parted ways. Lily spotted Cane at the bar and went to say hello. He invited her to join him. She did, and Cane told her about his job. She was happy for him. Cane was glad that he could help support the family. He mentioned that the amount he paid might change once the lawyers got involved. Lily said that a 50/50 split of the bills was fine, since she had a new job too. Cane was sure she'd do a fantastic job in her new role. Cane asked if they could work out a visitation schedule for the kids later. Lily was all for it. They chatted, and Cane admitted he couldn't help wondering what was going on with her and Jordan. Lily looked uncomfortable. She didn't think they should talk about their personal lives, whether it was Juliet or Jordan. Cane nodded, and Lily left.

Billy went to work and vented to Victoria. He was outraged that his mom hired Cane after what he did at Brash and Sassy. He complained that Jill always took Cane's side. Victoria didn't understand why Billy was so worked up about this. She noted that Cane had always been Jill's weakness. Billy explained that the Abbott party had made him think about what it meant to be a family. He said he wished he could undo what happened and spare Ashley the pain. He told Victoria about Ashley's paternity. Victoria felt bad that she wasn't at the party to support Billy. Billy still considered Ashley family, but he was bothered by the secrets and the lies. He admitted that he couldn't judge because he'd made a lot of mistakes over the years, including recently, when he betrayed Phyllis's trust. Victoria maintained that this was a different situation. She felt bad that he was second guessing himself, but she noted that he saved the company. Victoria told Billy that Phyllis wouldn't hesitate to use him to get ahead. Victoria had to go meet Nick. Before she left, she put a hand on Billy's arm to comfort him. Just then, Phyllis arrived. Victoria left. Phyllis noticed that Billy was tense. He said it was because of Ashley. Phyllis recalled that last night, Billy had said that some things were better left unsaid. She wondered if he still felt that way. Phyllis opined that keeping secrets from the people you loved only made things worse. She thought it was best to deal with the truth. Billy admitted he'd been keeping something from Phyllis.

Jordan ran into Hilary at the gym and offered to spot her even though she was lifting small dumbbells. Hilary surmised that it was an excuse to get close to her. They flirted and he brought up her “accidentally” dropping the towel in front of him. Jordan asked Hilary out, and she accepted.

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