Tuesday Y&R Update 10/17/17

The Y&R Update Tuesday 10/17/17


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Tensions ran high as Graham and Ashley followed the unconscious Dina's stretcher into the emergency room. Graham announced that Dr. Hummel, Dina's private physician, would be handling her care. Ashley didn't want anyone associated with Graham treating her mother. The two argued until Dr. Hummel assured Ashley that he was familiar with Dina's health and could give her the best care. The paramedics wheeled Dina away. Graham and Ashley debated over whether or not he could stay at the hospital. Traci and Jack rushed in, and Jack also ordered Graham to leave.

Night turned to day, and a bleary-eyed Jack stumbled out of his office and gave Gloria a document to deliver to Michael. He mentioned getting back to the hospital, and a concerned Ravi asked if Ashley was okay. Jack clarified that it was Dina. After Jack left, Gloria called some friends who worked at the hospital. She didn't get any specifics, due to confidentiality laws, but she learned that Dina had fallen unconscious and Ashley found her. Ravi theorized that this had something to do with the fallout from the party. Gloria pumped Ravi for details, but he said it was a family matter. Gloria stated that she was married to John Abbott, but Ravi wouldn't bend. He asked Gloria to make sure that nothing that was sent to Dina couldn't be signed for by Graham. Gloria wanted to know what Graham had to do with it. Ravi got a phone call, and he rushed out, escaping Gloria's interrogation.

Traci woke up in a waiting room chair. Ashley admitted she hadn't slept; she'd been pacing all night. Traci was very concerned for Ashley. Ashley was grateful that Traci had been so protective, but she was adamant that she was fine. Jack returned and learned there was no news. Ashley didn't trust Dr. Hummel. Traci announced that she'd checked into Dr. Hummel, and he had a solid record. She learned that he'd been treating Dina since she returned to Genoa City. Ashley was surprised Dina had been seeing a doctor since she returned. Graham appeared with information on Dina – she had a minor stroke and would make a full recovery in time.

Graham wanted the Abbotts to go. He promised to call when there was news. They declined to leave. Jack decided to call his friend, the chief of staff, for information on Dina. Dr. Hummel returned. Jack wanted to know what Dina had been treated for in the past. Dr. Hummel explained that it was nothing major; high blood pressure management and routine check ups. Dr. Hummel asked if Dina displayed any warning signs last evening – slurred speech, facial drooping. Graham started to answer, but Jack snapped at him because he wasn't family. No one had noticed any symptoms. Dr. Hummel said that Ashley had saved Dina's life by finding her when she did. He explained that the first few hours were key to survival. Jack and Traci thanked Ashley for getting Dina help. Graham clarified that he was there too, but no thanks were necessary.

According to Dr. Hummel, Dina would be monitored and tested in order to prevent another stroke and determine what caused this one. Jack asked if stress could be a factor, and Dr. Hummel said that it could, since stress caused the blood pressure to rise. Jack informed the doctor that Dina had been under a great deal of stress last night. Dr. Hummel asked for details. The Abbotts glared at Graham as Ashley explained that Dina discovered that she'd been betrayed by someone she trusted. Graham suggested that they leave the diagnosis to the professional. After the doctor left, Ashley suggested that Graham get a lawyer. Graham asked why. Ashley said he was going to be brought up on fraud charges.

Everyone went up to Dina's room. Jack insisted that no one, including Dina, wanted Graham there. Graham disagreed. He noted that he'd been escorted out of the party before he got the chance to explain things to Dina. Ashley was adamant that Graham would never see Dina again. Graham contended that he cared about Dina more than her children did. Ashley argued that Dina was finished with Graham. Graham predicted that Dina would want to see him when she woke up. He didn't think Ashley was genuinely concerned for Dina. Graham loudly accused Ashley of being out for blood because the world knew that she wasn't John Abbott's daughter. He spat that her father was a pathetic loser, just like her. Ashley lunged for Graham, and Traci and Jack pulled her back.

Graham crowed that Dina had told him about Ashley's paternity before she blurted it out at the party. He said Dina confided in him because he treated her with empathy. He gleefully added that Dina told him that Ashley became unstable when she found out the truth. Ashley was disgusted. She felt that Graham had revealed himself to be a pathetic liar last night and that it was too late to pretend he was something else. Jack said Jack was the last one to see Dina before she collapsed, and at that time, she wanted nothing more to do with Graham. Jack was adamant that Graham's scam had come to an end. Graham insisted that he and Dina had a deep relationship that the others couldn't understand. Dr. Hummel appeared and said that Dina was sedated, but she could have one visitor at a time. Traci told Jack to go. Graham announced that he was going first. Traci refused to allow it, but Graham said they didn't have a choice. He pulled out paperwork proving that Dina had made him her medical power of attorney.

Nikki walked into The Top of the Tower. She steeled herself, then she joined Victor at his table. Nikki refused to leave until Victor agreed to coexist with Nick. An annoyed Victor spat that she could've said that over the phone. He reminded her that he didn't start the fight. Nikki acknowledged that, but she thought that Victor was the only one who was strong enough to end the feud. Victor felt that Nick had gone on air to humiliate Victor. He was angry that Nick had given money Victor earned to Jack's foundation. Nikki tried to pacify Victor by noting that that the real recipients of the money would be needy people. Nikki also noted that Nick could've pressed charges against Victor. Victor denied stealing the money. He said that if Nikki wanted to put the family back together, she should move back to the ranch. Nikki accused him of blackmailing her. Victor didn't see it that way. He thought that if she moved back into the ranch it would give the rest of the family hope. Nikki was surprised he wanted her to move back in. Frustrated, Victor yelled that he never wanted her to leave in the first place. Nikki admitted it was possible that she and Victor would get back together in the future. She asked if he'd rather it happen due to fate or because she gave in to his demands. Nikki left. Ravi arrived – Ashley left her award behind, and the restaurant staff called to have it picked it up. Ravi ran into Victor and explained why he was there. Ravi mentioned that something had happened to Dina at the party. Victor asked if it involved Ashley. Ravi wondered why he'd ask that. Victor noted that he'd knew Ashley well and that they used to be married. Ravi stated that Ashley would need as many friends as possible right now. He left.

Nikki went to Jabot and was pointedly ignored by Gloria. Eventually, Gloria acknowledged Nikki and revealed that Jack was out of the office all day. Nikki was surprised because he didn't mention it. Gloria said she thought Jack and Nikki told each other everything. Nikki suggested that Gloria get a life and stop worrying about what Jack and Nikki did. Gloria countered that she did have a life, in fact, she'd had drinks with Victor. Gloria asked if Nikki was jealous. Nikki said she wasn't. She tossed some money on the desk and told Gloria to have dinner with Victor on her next time. Gloria thought Nikki was being sarcastic, but Nikki insisted that she was sincere. Nikki noted that the marriage was in limbo and it would be hypocritical for her to be upset about Victor having an active social life when she was doing the same. She offered Gloria tips on getting Victor's attention. Gloria asked what was in it for Nikki. Nikki said she wanted the father of her children to be happy. She told Gloria to call her if she wanted advice. Nikki left.

Sharon dropped by the penthouse to check on Nick. She announced that she wanted to see how the newest philanthropist was doing. Nick explained that he got the idea to give the money away after Victor took some cash out of Nick's bank account. Nick thought it was time to do something good with the money, because it wasn't doing anything but sitting there, generating more money. Sharon was upset that he gave away his children's nest egg without even consulting her, the mother of two of his children, first. Nick assured her that he had enough money to provide for the kids. He'd invested the half a billion dollars, during the six years that he had it, and there would be enough money to go around, even long after he was gone. Sharon wasn't placated. She accused him of acting on impulse. Nick pointed out that he'd simply gone back to the way things were before he won the lawsuit. Sharon argued that the kids might need more money than he'd set aside for them.

Nick felt that there was no point arguing because the decision had been made. Sharon suggested that he call Neil and Jack and explain that he was making a smaller donation. Nick reminded her that he'd already made the public announcement. He joked that he wanted to hold onto his integrity since he was already 500 million dollars poorer. Sharon didn't think it was funny. She noted that he didn't grow up like she did – scraping together enough money to buy groceries or pay rent. It had brought her comfort to know that her children would never experience that. Sharon wanted her children to have the freedom to follow their heart and to have a safety net to provide for them. She noted that Scott was alive because Victor paid his ransom, which Lauren couldn't afford even thought she was very wealthy. Nick admitted he didn't have a ransom fund. Sharon was frustrated by Nick's cavalier attitude. She snapped that you don't win the lottery and give away the jackpot. Noah showed up after having read an article about Nick's donation. Noah conceded that this was Nick's decision. However, Noah thought the money could've come in handy since they were taking the risky step of expanding the Underground. Noah also didn't think it was a good idea to further alienate Victor, who could've been a valuable asset. Nick thought that he and Noah could be successful without the trust fund and without Victor. Noah was optimistic about their chances, but he thought the war with Victor put them at a huge disadvantage. Nick scoffed and asked what Noah wanted him to do? Make peace with Victor? Sharon thought that would be a start. She decided to leave, and Noah went with her.

At Crimson Lights, a remorseful Noah told Sharon that he'd been disrespectful to Nick. Sharon disagreed. She thought that Noah had spoken like a business partner with legitimate concerns. Noah pointed out that the money wasn't even his, (Noah's), and it was going to the less fortunate. Sharon noted that the money never would be Noah's, thanks to Nick. Noah clarified that he never thought about his future inheritance. Sharon pointed out that Noah would have kids one day. Noah said that Nick taught him to be independent, which was a lesson that Noah wanted to pass down to his own children. Sharon hoped, for Noah and Nick's sake, that the donation went exactly as Nick wanted it to.

Nick showed up at the Top of the Tower. Victor joked about giving Nick the family discount for his meal, since he'd need to save money. Nick announced that he'd just signed the paperwork transferring the money. Victor was sure that made Jack happy. As Victor turned to leave. Nick revealed that he'd earmarked a large portion of money for orphans around the country. Victor asked about Nick's motives. Nick admitted he'd been trying to be a wiseguy, but while he was preparing instructions for Jack and Neil, he thought about the hard life Victor had growing up. Nick thought that Victor's childhood might've shaped their father-son relationship. Nick noted that they'd been fighting for a long time. Nick wasn't sure if either of them remembered who started it. He admitted he gave the money to Jack to spite Victor. However, Nick hoped that this would end the war and cause Victor to focus on another rival. Victor clarified that he never saw Nick as a rival. Victor was impressed that Nick was willing to spend so much money to find peace. Nick suggested that they call a truce for the good of the family. Victor agreed, and they shook hands.

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