Monday Y&R Update 10/16/17

The Y&R Update Monday 10/16/17


Written by Ellen
Pictures By Christine

At the Abbott house, Jack comforts Ashley. Traci and Abby return from the kitchen with refreshments and try to ignore the elephant in the room. Jack focuses on the one good thing that came of the evening: Dina plans to write Graham out of her will. Ashley can’t see beyond her public humiliation, though, and Abby blames Dina for it.

At the athletic club: Graham stands over Dina’s motionless body. He tosses her phone down, hangs the Do Not Disturb sign on the suite door, and leaves.

In the club dining room, Scott notices Sharon barely touched her food. She’s preoccupied with Alice and her sudden disappearance. Without her, it will be nearly impossible to track down the sex traffickers. At that moment, Zack appears in the doorway.

Tessa surprises Mariah at the Hilary Hour studio. Sharon wants to meet them both there. While they wait, Tessa would like to finish their earlier conversation, but Mariah insists there’s nothing to talk about. Why is Mariah afraid? Who, Mariah? She fears nothing. Tessa misread her.

At the club: Sharon rises from the table to attend a meeting about the case and comes face to face with Zack. She and Scott make small talk with him and then she excuses herself. Scott teases Zack about being dateless. Zack confesses things aren’t great. Abby is sending mixed signals. He changes the subject to Hashtag, Scott’s online magazine. He likes it and proceeds to give a detailed review. What about that sex ring story? It hasn’t appeared yet. Is there a problem? Did Scott’s leads peter out? Nearby, on the stairway, Graham is on the phone making arrangements for a flight to Boca Raton.

At the Abbotts’: Ashley and Jack have known for decades that Brent Davis was her father but they kept it quiet. Traci is hurt about being shut out. Honestly, Ashley kept the secret out of shame and to protect the man she considered her father, John Abbott. Abby stands by, struggling with similar identity issues. Ashley confronts her with a photo of John and declares him her grandfather, without question. Still, there’s no ignoring that the word is out and will spread like wildfire. Ashley curses Dina for spilling the beans, when she promised she wouldn’t.

At the TV studio: Tessa can’t understand Mariah’s distant—borderline rude—behavior. Sharon arrives and gives them the news about Alice. She’s flown the coop, but with her injuries she couldn’t have gone far, implying foul play. Tessa’s mind turns to Crystal’s safety. Sharon assures her that Crystal is in protective custody. But what about the rest of them? Mariah asks. That goon in the cemetery saw all of them.

In the club lounge, Scott tells Zack that he wants to get the details right before he publishes such an explosive piece. Zack suggests he abandon it for a more accessible subject. He could write about Abby and the dating app, for instance. Scott cites conflict of interest. Zack scoffs and says rules are made to be broken.

At the Abbotts’: Jack defends Dina’s loose lips. She was under a great deal of stress after Graham’s betrayal. Ashley sneers at the irony of being punished for trying to protect her mother from that conniving so-and-so. Oh well, Jack says. By tomorrow Graham will no longer be their problem. Jack, Traci, and Abby try to reassure Ashley of her place in the Abbott family, but she’s inconsolable. Against their wishes, she “goes out for air.”

At the club: Not that he’s a fan of Abby, but Scott will pass along the story idea to another journalist. Zack agrees that’s mighty big of him, but he can’t leave well enough alone and ends up insulting Scott, who rescinds the offer. Across the room, at the bar, Graham tells his mother he’ll fill her in in person. It’s not the sort of thing to discuss over the phone.

At the TV studio: Sharon isn’t concerned about their safety. She and Tessa and Mariah know nothing of the operation, so they’re not worth pursuing. Tessa disagrees. Sharon is the one who put the pieces together and got the authorities involved. Revenge would be the motive for coming after them. Sharon admits as much but as they are powerless, they shouldn’t dwell on it. Tessa sighs and decides to pick up some dinner before heading home. Mariah gives her the bum’s rush. Sharon notices and after Tessa is gone asks Mariah what’s going on.

At the Abbotts’: Traci and Jack discuss Dina’s affairs, with Brent and who knows who else. Poor Daddy, she says. Abby is sure her mom is strong enough to bear up under the stress, but Jack cautions her. Years ago, when Ashley learned the truth, she suffered a mental breakdown. He and Traci don’t expect a relapse, but it’s probably best not to overwhelm Ashley when she returns. Abby gets the message and leaves. Before she goes, she says she’s always felt caught between the Newmans and Abbotts and now more than ever.

At the TV studio: Mariah doesn’t know what “tone” Sharon refers to and denies any problems. Ashley wanders in, dazed. Mariah offers to help, but Ashley mumbles an apology and leaves. Back to Tessa: She’s with Noah and Mariah couldn’t be happier. Sharon seems unconvinced and probes. Sometimes a romance can put a strain on a friendship. Not this time, Mariah insists.

Tessa runs into Zack on the Crimson Lights patio. By the way, Crystal is safe, thanks to an insider. Zack is glad to hear it and would love to meet this woman---this heroine---but it’s not possible. Tessa tells him what she knows about the woman’s disappearance. No good deed goes unpunished, Zack muses. Tessa is stunned. What a crass thing to say. He apologizes. Tessa hopes to see the whole lot of those traffickers behind bars and will do what she can to make it happen.

Scott sits alone at the Top of the Tower bar. Abby walks in and surveys the scene of the crime, and he approaches her. She’s not in the mood for his gibes about Zack---her business partner, she says, pointedly. Seeing her pain, Scott attempts to reach out. She babbles about his commitment to accuracy; perhaps she should follow suit and stop calling herself an Abbott.

In the Abbott dining room: Traci is amazed that Dina considered someone else’s feelings for a change and concealed Ashley’s paternity from John. Jack apologizes again for leaving Traci out of the loop, but she’s beyond that. Ashley is her main concern. How stable is she, mentally, and how can they help her?

Ashley knocks repeatedly on Dina’s hotel room door and calls to her but gets no answer. Eventually Graham appears. Ashley badgers him into opening the door with his key and rushes inside, where Dina lies unconscious.

At the TV studio: Sharon offers a bit of unsolicited advice: Don’t let Noah and Tessa’s relationship affect Mariah’s choices. Mariah is caught off guard until she realizes Sharon means Mariah shouldn’t rush things with Devon just to keep up. All relationships develop at their own pace, Sharon says and prattles on until Mariah stops her. It’s all good. Mariah just wishes things could be simple. Sharon is intrigued: And what would complicate them? Nothing . . . Mariah says.

At the Tower bar, Abby opens up a little to Scott. There was a big blowup at the Abbott dinner party. Scott offers to handle the business meeting in Madison tomorrow alone, but she won’t be patronized or pitied. She’ll be there. She gathers her things to go home for some rest. Scott opens his arms to her and she accepts a hug and a shoulder.

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