Friday Y&R Update 10/13/17

The Y&R Update Friday 10/13/17


Written by Ellen
Pictures By Christine

Confusion follows Dina’s bombshell at Top of the Tower. Graham moves to protect her, but Jack orders him to leave immediately.

Mariah is distracted at the television studio. She finally takes a call from Tessa and makes excuses for not responding to her texts. It’s nothing personal. She even backed out of a date with Devon tonight. She’s been busy. Tessa is disappointed. They’ll hang out another time then.

At the penthouse, Chelsea wants to know what Nick and his dad discussed at Brash & Sassy. They’re a team, so whatever affects Nick affects her too. Before he can say a word, Victoria rings the bell, barges in, and calls her brother a lunatic for giving away his trust fund just to spite Dad. Nick disagrees. His money will be appreciated by the charities that receive it, and Nick will be forever free of Victor. Victoria defends their dad. He’s been good to her—especially lately—bailing her out and giving advice. Take it from Nick, that sort of arrangement never ends well. He questions her motives for trying to broker peace between Nick and Victor. Victoria becomes so agitated that she suffers another spell. Over the ringing in her ears, she barely hears Nick ask about her well-being. She storms out.

Tessa surprises Mariah at the studio and she brings sustenance. Nothing busts stress like cheap red wine and chocolate. Mariah puts up little resistance. They chat about Nick’s stunning on-air announcement. Mariah is surprised Tessa watched the show. She assumed Tessa would be wrapped up with Noah, her new roomie. Not true. Tessa watches the Hilary Hour, and never misses any of Mariah’s segments.

At Top of the Tower: Graham demonizes Dina’s children. He’s the only one in her corner, despite her ruining his childhood. Ashley lets Graham have it with both barrels. Dina did him and his mother a favor by removing Brent Davis from their lives. Then she encourages the other party guests to join her in mock applause for Graham’s performance. Dina quivers from the shock and finally says “Enough!” Ashley orders Graham out of the building and threatens to call security if he fails to cooperate. He extends a hand to Dina, who refuses it. She no longer trusts him. Graham persists and calls Ashley unhinged. She might very well suffer another mental breakdown. At this, Neil and Jack escort Graham to the elevator. Jack attempts to resume the festivities, but Abby wonders aloud whether it’s possible. Billy asks everyone to give Ashley, Jack, and Traci a moment of privacy with their mother, but first Neil calls for attention, praises Ashley for her business accomplishments (the reason for the evening), and proposes a quick toast. As the guests file out, Dina sits shell-shocked at the bar. Privately, Jack asks Hilary to refrain from airing what she captured on tape. It’s good stuff, she says wistfully, but because he’s a friend, she’ll do as he asks. He owes her. Back at the bar, Dina wails that Ashley will never forgive her.

At the television studio: Truth be told, Tessa is having trouble settling in at Noah’s. She misses her bestie and thinks they have unfinished business. As she prepares to be completely honest, Hilary walks in and sizes them up. Devon is right behind Hilary. He greets Mariah and senses something is off. He and Neil are off to the club for food—the party ended before they could eat. Mariah and Tessa are invited to come along, but Tessa declines. By now, Neil has arrived. While Devon and Neil take a conference call, Tessa and Mariah say goodbye. Mariah gives off a strange vibe, which doesn’t go unnoticed by Hilary.

Michael accompanies Phyllis and Billy to their apartment. Over beers they try to make sense of what just happened. Brent Davis is a mystery to all of them. Billy comes to the realization that he shares neither a father nor a mother with Ashley. Even so, she’ll always be his sister.

At Top of the Tower, Abby is reeling. Would someone please fill her in about Brent Davis? Ashley approaches Jack, Dina, and Abby and puts a stop to the conversation. Dina apologizes but it makes no difference to Ashley. The secret is out.

Later, in her suite, Dina is nearly speechless. She’s ruined Ashley’s life. It’s bad, no doubt about it, Jack says, but they’ll sort things out tomorrow. First on the agenda is dealing with Graham, that liar, and writing him out of Dina’s will. From the corridor, Graham overhears. Shortly after Jack exits, Graham enters. He’s worried about Dina, but she’s no longer taken in by his false concern.

At the Abbott home, Traci and Abby tread lightly. They scurry to the kitchen to fetch cookies and tea for Ashley.

At the penthouse, Nick and Chelsea watch Christian play on floor and they talk about aftereffects. Nick will have to tell Noah that plans to expand the Underground will be scaled down, but overall Nick has no regrets. It’s time to prove he’s not just another rich kid. Chelsea stands by him.

Ravi starts toward the athletic club bar but reverses course when he sees Victoria there, nursing a glass of champagne. She spots him and calls him over. Just because they’re competitors doesn’t mean they can’t have a friendly drink. She asks about the party, which obviously ended early. She was to attend as Neil’s date but backed out at the last minute. That’s no reflection on Ashley; in fact, Victoria admires her. Ravi gives no particulars about evening. He just says it was ugly, and he feels bad for Ashley. Victoria observes that he and Ashley have become close and that he’s made himself quiet valuable at Jabot. Imagine if Victoria had interviewed him first. . . .

Jack comes home to Ashley. Mom is a wreck. Ashley isn’t much better off. She explains that she hadn’t planned to confront Graham publicly, but he pushed her to and the situation spiraled out of control. Jack makes one thing clear: DNA or no, Ashley is John Abbott’s daughter.

In Dina’s suite: Graham continues to denigrate Ashley and Jack, which doesn’t win him any points. Dina knows Graham is motivated by money and revenge. He got the revenge, but he won’t get the money. They continue back and forth until he forces her to get physical. She slaps him across the face and begins to dial her lawyer. Graham seizes the phone and she collapses.

At the TV studio: Mariah begs off dinner. She’s exhausted and Devon understands. He’ll pick her up tomorrow. She looks at him blankly for a moment but then swears she didn’t forget their trip to Chicago. She can’t wait! They kiss and hug and say goodnight. Hilary watches from a distance and then approaches Mariah. It’s plain as day that Mariah isn’t that into Devon. She doesn’t elaborate.

Michael thanks Phyllis and Billy for the suds and the chitchat and says goodnight. Phyllis listens as Billy unloads. He wishes he could have helped Ashley come to terms with her parentage, but he had no idea until tonight. He’s not angry with her for not confiding in him, but Jack obviously knew and never told Billy. Phyllis tests the waters: So does Billy think there should be no secrets among family? On second thought, Billy thinks some secrets are best kept.

At the Abbotts’: It’s small consolation to Ashley that Dina has agreed to change her will. Her immediate concern is facing the world as a non-Abbott.

In her suite, Dina is unresponsive. Graham holds the phone but makes no move to use it.

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