Thursday Y&R Update 10/12/17

The Y&R Update Thursday 10/12/17


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Jack smiled as he surveyed the lavish display at Top of the Tower. A screen played a montage of pictures of Ashley and her family. Flowers decorated the room, and tables held food and champagne. Nikki joined him and admitted she was surprised he chose Victor's restaurant. Jack explained that Ashley's favorite chef worked here. Hilary walked in, and Nikki blanched when Jack revealed that he asked Hilary to cover the event. Nikki warned Jack that Hilary would be on the prowl tonight, looking for disasters. Hilary explained that she ran the story on Nick and Victor's fight because they were public figures. Hilary added that neither Nick nor Victor were upset about that; in fact Nick joined her for an interview that would air later today. Alarmed, Nikki rushed off after saying she had to see what Hilary had done to her family. Michael, Phyllis and Billy arrived. Michael explained that Lauren was away on business. Jack extended a hand to Billy, who locked eyes with Jack. The cameraman rushed over and filmed as Billy eventually took shook Jack's hand.

Dina and Graham were in her suite. Dina was nervous – how could the party go well when Ashley accusing Graham of lying. Graham suggested that it was insulting that Ashley refused to trust Dina's judgment all because of a mistake Dina made years ago. Dina admitted it was much more than that, but Graham disagreed. He argued that Ashley had exaggerated about the trauma she'd experienced after learning that John Abbott wasn't her biological father. Dina informed Graham that Ashley suffered a severe mental breakdown after learning the truth.

At the Abbott mansion, Ashley asked Traci what she remembered about Graham Davis. Traci didn't recall much; only that he'd seemed to be an unhappy kid. Ashley had a flashback. She warned Graham that they'd find out if he was the one who broke into Jabot's servers. “I welcome the truth coming out. Then you'll realize that I'm not the bastard in all of this,” he had replied. Ravi came in, and he noted that Ashley was using her problem-solving expression. Traci assumed Ashley was wishing their dad was there. “More than you know,” Ashley admitted. She stated that John always knew exactly what to do and what to say.

At Brash and Sassy, Victoria wondered if Hilary had blackmailed Nick into appearing on her show. She and Victor watched the interview. Meanwhile, Nikki streamed the interview on her phone, Abby watched from the Club, and Nick and Chelsea watched from the set of the Hilary Hour. During the interview, Nick admitted that he rightfully received a lot of hate from the public after the fight with Victor aired. He knew that the fight made him look ungrateful, and he admitted that Victor had given him a lot. Victoria thought Nick was trying to make up with Victor, but Victor wasn't convinced. Back to the show, Hilary asked if all was forgiven between Nick and Victor. Nick admitted that there was a lot to forgive on both sides. He explained that he and his sisters had sued Victor for mishandling their trust. Nick stated that he won and was awarded half a billion dollars. Nick emphasized that Victor, not Nick, had earned the money. Nick felt that too much money could tear a family apart, so he decided to give his trust fund away so that it couldn't hurt his family. He announced that he intended to give the bulk of the money to the Abbott-Winters foundation. Nikki, Victoria and Abby all looked stunned. After the episode, Nick told Chelsea that he didn't regret his decision, even though he knew there would be repercussions. Chelsea assured Nick that he'd done a great job and shown that his decision was about finding his own inner peace.

Dina and Graham walked into the restaurant and Dina greeted Jack warmly. Neil and Devon arrived at the party. Neil explained that Victoria couldn't make it. Billy asked what was wrong. Neil replied that it was some sort of Newman family crisis. Phyllis privately told Billy she was surprised that he shook Jack's hand. Billy said Jack didn't mean it and neither did he. “Or maybe you're feeling a little more confident that you have a leg up on Jack, and you can afford to be generous” Phyllis suggested. Billy thought Phyllis was making too much of the handshake. He believed he was only at the party because Ashley felt obligated to invite him. Billy decided to go get a drink, since it was on Jack's dime. He kissed Phyllis's cheek and walked away. Hilary sidled up and said she saw the explosion behind Phyllis' eyes when Billy asked about Victoria. Phyllis called it a minor setback. The crowd broke into applause as Ashley, Ravi and Traci arrived. Nikki let Jack know she had to leave due to a family emergency. Dina told Jack that it seemed that Nikki suddenly remembered what family she belonged to. Jack went to walk Nikki to her car. Ashley and Dina had a friendly conversation. Graham joined them and thanked Ashley for allowing him to escort Dina to the party. Ashley claimed that she was happy Graham was there. Graham and Dina went to mingle just as Ravi walked over. Ravi urged Ashley not to let Graham put a damper on her night. Ashley thought she knew how to handle Graham, but she admitted she could use a drink first. Devon joined Hilary. She asked about Mariah, and he explained that Mariah had been too tired to come. Hilary laughed and asked how old Mariah was to be going to bed this early. It got a chuckle out of Devon. Abby arrived and told Dina about Nick giving away his trust fund. Dina told Abby not to follow in her brother's footsteps. Abby made it clear that she had no plans to give up her own trust fund. They laughed and talked as Graham watched with a cold expression.

Billy kissed Traci hello. She was delighted to see her brother and was pleased that he and Jack were in the same room. Billy clarified that it was only for Ashley's sake. Traci thought that their dad would appreciate the effort they were making. She hoped that if they faked forgiveness long enough, it would eventually turn real. Billy didn't think so. Traci said that all of John Abbott's children operated on the same philosophy – what would dad do? Everyone sat down and began to chat. Graham told Traci that he was happy to be at her table because Dina told him so much about her. Traci said that as a writer, she preferred to observe and figure out what made a character tick. Michael made an offhand comment about Ashley keeping Jack honest in business. This lead Phyllis to wonder if companies valued honesty anymore. Billy thought it depended. Jack pointedly changed the topic to Ashley. Traci noted that Ashley was the apple of their father's eye. Traci read a poem that she'd written about Ashley when she (Traci) was a child. Jack made a toast to Ashley and handed her the Innovator of the Year award. Graham urged Dina to speak. He told her that she could use this moment to make amends. Dina announced that she was proud of Ashley and grateful that she'd let Dina back into her life. Dina tearfully admitted that she'd made a terrible mistake when she abandoned her children. Ashley assured her that it was water under the bridge, but she, Traci and Jack appreciated her sentiment. Graham sharply told Ashley that Dina wasn't finished. Ashley disagreed. Graham said he'd yet to see Ashley's gracious side. Jack tried to defuse things, but Ashley said she didn't need protection from Graham. Graham wondered why Ashley was so nervous about Dina speaking form the heart. Ashley snarled that she'd had several private conversations with Dina, and she ordered Graham to stay the hell out of it. Dina defended Graham. Ashley yelled that Dina had no idea who Graham really was. Graham asked if she really wanted to do this here. Ashley confirmed that she did.

Ashley told Dina again that Myrna, the woman in Boca, was Graham's mother, not his aunt. Dina shrugged and said it wasn't a crime. Michael piped up that it might be a crime in certain cases. Ashley exposed Graham's real identity – he was Graham Davis, who'd once lived in Genoa City with his mother, Myrna. At first Graham denied it. He claimed Ashley was drunk and not making sense. Billy noted that Ashley seemed sober to him. Ashley continued to lay into Graham for deceiving her mother. “You're right, Ashley. I needed revenge. You have no idea how your mother has destroyed my life,” Graham bellowed. Dina was shocked and hurt. Graham revealed that Brent had been his stepfather, the only father he'd ever known. They'd been a family until Dina tore it apart. Graham wondered how she did it. He barked that she was always on the prowl, ready to steal someone else's man. “Brent left us to go back to Dina,” Graham told everyone. Graham's voice cracked in pain as he recalled that Brent had left his wife and the kid who worshiped him to go back to a woman who didn't care about him. Graham growled at Dina that she didn't even want Brent, but she took him anyway. “I don't understand. This is all about Brent Davis? Ashley's father, Brent Davis?” Dina asked. Several jaws dropped at Dina's revelation. Graham raised a glass to Ashley and called her the untrue Abbott.

Back at Brash and Sassy, Victoria thanked Nikki for coming. Victor commented that it took Nick's financial ruin to rip her away from Jack's side. Nikki clarified that no one was ruined yet and that her kids always came first. Nick and Chelsea arrived. Nikki and Victoria complained about Nick going on Hilary's show. Victoria asked if this was Chelsea's idea. Chelsea said it was Nick's money and his decision. Nikki wanted an explanation. Nick told Victor to explain what drove him to this. They sniped at each other, and Victor pretended not to know what Nick was talking about. Nick revealed that Victor had stolen the money from his checking account. Victor asked why he would do that. Nikki didn't buy Victor's innocent act. She thought Victor did it to punish Nick. A disapproving Nikki asked Nick if he was giving the money away for spite. Victoria joined in, calling Nick's decision a stupid knee-jerk reaction. Nick explained that thanks to Victor kicking him off the ranch and stealing his money, he'd come to realize that money was an obstacle.

Nikki supported giving to charity, but not his entire trust fund. Nick reminded her that he wouldn't be broke – he'd still have the money he earned and his kids would always be taken care off, but the trust would be gone. Nick was sure Jack and Neil would put it to good use. “You've always believed I was nothing without it, so I guess in your eyes officially now I am nothing,” Nick said to Victor. Victor asked to speak to Nick alone. The women thought that was a bad idea, but Nick agreed to the private talk. Everyone else streamed out of the office leaving them alone. Nick wondered if Victor thought Nick would let him steal the trust fund money back. Victor felt that Nick had thrown away his legacy. Nick noted that he'd been entitled to the trust fund as Victor's son, but now he'd been disowned. “I got rid of the last connection between us,” Nick said. Victor thought it was foolish. He noted that Nick had thrown away a lot of protection. Nick asked from what. “Yourself, son,” Victor replied.

In the lab, Nikki was upset that Nick and Victor kept fighting. Chelsea contended that Nick had cut Victor off at the knees and ended the war. Nikki argued that Nick had just escalated the war.

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