Wednesday Y&R Update 10/11/17

The Y&R Update Wednesday 10/11/17


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At Jabot, Ashley admired the flowers Brash and Sassy sent to congratulate her for the award. Jack griped about Brash and Sassy's corporate espionage until Ashley reminded him that they were supposed to set that aside for now. Jack promised to be on his best behavior. Jack hoped Ashley was okay with him bringing Nikki to the dinner. Ashley decided not to quibble with Jack because he'd been kind enough to arrange the dinner in her honor. She revealed that she was letting Dina bring Graham. Ashley hoped that tonight would be the night that Dina saw through Graham's lies. Jack wanted Ashley to forget about Graham for the night and focus on her accomplishments instead.

Dina and Graham were at the Club dining room. Dina was surprised that Ashley invited Graham to the dinner. Graham cryptically predicted that there were more surprises to come. He suggested that Dina might enjoy this family dinner as much as the one she'd attended when she returned to Genoa City. Dina was just glad Ashley invited her. She noted that things were tense between her, Ashley and Jack. Graham thought it was a shame that her kids refused to accept the new Dina. Dina noted that they also wouldn't accept Graham, who was a key part of her life. Graham urged her to let the guilt go. Dina couldn't do that, because she felt guilt every time she saw Ashley. Abby arrived and announced that Jack asked her to pick Dina up and bring her to Jabot.

Phyllis dropped by Ravi's office, and he was nervous until she revealed that she knew everything; Jack told her about Billy using her laptop to access Jabot's files. An apologetic Ravi explained that he'd been sworn to secrecy. Phyllis announced that she'd be keeping her laptop under lock and key from now on. Ravi felt bad for Phyllis. Phyllis thought Victoria pressured Billy to do it. Ravi countered that Billy was the one who betrayed her trust, then he quickly apologized because it was none of his business. Phyllis said her relationship with Billy was complicated, but worth it. Ravi hoped that her relationship became blissful soon because he considered her a friend and wanted her to be happy. Phyllis felt the same way about Ravi. He told her about Ashley asking him to be her date tonight. Ravi didn't know where it would lead, but he was enjoying the moment. He noted that Ashley had a lot on her plate. Phyllis wondered how Ashley and Jack put up with Dina. Ravi stated that Dina could be challenging, but she was their mother.

Traci arrived at Jabot and was surprised to see Gloria at her desk. Traci admitted she didn't understand why Jack hired her. Gloria said she and Jack were happy with the arrangement and she wasn't going anywhere. Ashley popped out of the office when she heard Traci's voice. Traci said Jack summoned her to Jabot. Jack came out and sent Gloria to fetch Phyllis and Ravi. Traci told Ashley that she had something to show her later. Just then, Abby and Dina arrived. Jack called everyone into his office, and Ashley and Abby went in, leaving Dina and Traci alone. They hugged, and Traci apologized for not emailing more often. Dina confided that things had been a little rough at Jabot. Traci was confident that Ashley, Jack and Dina could work things out. Dina hoped so.

Jack explained that he wanted to honor Ashley for her award at Jabot, their father's company and the place where Ashley made a name for herself. Jack made a glowing speech about Ashley, as the Abbotts, Phyllis, Ravi and Gloria looked on. He talked about her rise from a young chemist, who'd first used a fake name at Jabot so that she could be judged on merit, to the head chemist, president and head of R & D. Jack praised Ashley's business skills and her kindness and called her beautiful inside and out. He said he was honored to thank her. Ashley was touched. She stated that both she and Jabot both had an extraordinary year, thanks to the efforts of the Jabot family. She was also grateful for the support of the Abbott family. Jack said he'd see everyone tonight at Top of the Tower, then he hurried off to his meeting.

Gloria congratulated Ashley, then everyone stepped out of the office, except Ashley and Dina. Dina stated that she was very proud of Ashley. Dina thanked Ashley for inviting her and Graham to her in the celebration. Ashley admitted that she hadn't changed her mind about Graham. Dina appreciated her candor. After Dina left, Ashley went to Ravi's office at his request. He'd discovered that Graham's mother worked at Walnut Grove for awhile. Ashley noted that private school employees sometimes received a stipend to send their children to the school. She wondered if Graham had gone to Walnut Grove.

Nick and Chelsea chatted at the Club before his big interview with Hilary. Nick said he was going to show Victor what he was made of. Hilary called to check in with Nick. After the call, Chelsea acknowledged that it was going to be hard for Nick to put his private life out there. Nick admitted he couldn't have done any of this without Chelsea. They kissed. Victor walked in, and he greeted Chelsea. Nick accused Victor of hiring a hacker to steal his money. Chelsea thought Victor should be ashamed. Victor contended that the money belonged to him. Nick swore he wouldn't let this stop him from expanding the Underground with Noah. Victor figured that Nick would use the money in his other accounts; money Victor earned so that his kids wouldn't have to struggle the way he had. Victor griped that Nick paid him back by turning his family against him and poisoning Faith against him. “There's nothing you have that I can't take,” Victor stated. Nick challenged Victor to do whatever he wanted. Nodding toward Chelsea, Nick replied that he had everything he cared about. Nick and Chelsea left.

At the Hilary Hour, Nick told Chelsea that he'd wanted to wipe the smug look off Victor's face, but he'd kept his cool. Nick was confident that the interview would solve everything. Hilary greeted them and gestured toward her outfit, noting that it was a Chelsea 2.0. Nick asked for a few minutes to gather his thoughts before the interview, but Hilary said she was pressed for time because she had to get to Ashley's party. Chelsea kissed Nick, then he joined Hilary on stage. Nick was nervous, and Hilary tried to put him at ease. The interview started, and Nick stammered through his response, so Hilary took a break. Chelsea privately assured Nick that he could back out. Nick said he wanted to do this. Chelsea stepped off the set, and the interview resumed. The episode picked up after Nick made what Hilary thought was a mind-blowing revelation. The interview was over, and Nick hugged Hilary and Chelsea. Chelsea was stunned by whatever it was Nick shared, but she supported him fully. Hilary thought it took guts. She told him that the show would air soon.

At Brash and Sassy, Billy conceded that they owed Neil a lot, but he wasn't sure it was necessary for Victoria to be his plus one at Ashley's dinner tonight. Victoria thought it would help sell the illusion of friendly competition with Jabot. She added that she genuinely respected Ashley's career, so her congratulations would be sincere. A skeptical Billy thought Victoria was really going to the party because she wanted to rattle Phyllis's cage. Victoria swore that she wouldn't try to needle Phyllis anymore. Billy admitted that Phyllis nearly caught him on her laptop. Alarmed, Victoria reminded Billy that she told him not to push his luck. Billy thought Victoria had been speaking in code and that she wanted him to try one last time. Victoria insisted that wasn't what she'd meant. Billy said that Phyllis didn't find out and she didn't suspect a thing. He hoped that if Phyllis ever did find out, she'd understand that he did it for the business and that it had nothing to do with his feelings for her. Billy decided not to risk using the laptop again. They agreed that Jack and Phyllis could never find out the truth.

Billy was annoyed when Victor showed up unannounced, but Victor ignored him and gave Victoria the paperwork transferring the skin care line over to her. Victoria thanked him for the generous gift. She revealed that they planned to revamp it and market it to both men and women. Victor didn't understand why they'd revamp a line that didn't need expanding. Victoria explained that they were going after male consumers because Jabot had cut the funding on their own men's line. Victor thought this was a reckless choice, but he noted that Victoria wasn't obligated to take his advice. Victoria appreciated that, but she was adamant that she'd never do anything reckless with her company. Billy added that this was a chance for them to grab a portion of the market that Jabot was abandoning. Victoria planned to use Neil's loan for her ad campaign. Victor thought it was too risky, but Billy was confident that it would pay off. Victor mused that Billy sounded like a true gambler. He didn't think they should trust Jack. Neither Billy nor Victoria thought Jack suspected that they read the secret documents. Victor said he had total faith in Victoria's judgment, but he cautioned them to keep their eyes open.

Jack called Phyllis to his now otherwise empty office and apologized for going off on her earlier. He acknowledged that they were on the same side. He admitted that he took his resentment toward Billy out on her. Phyllis confessed that she overreacted, and she apologized too. Jack wanted assurance that she'd be able to keep her game face on tonight with Billy by her side. Phyllis thought it would be fine. She noted that she was positive during the toast earlier. Jack felt that she'd been a bit too positive. He noted that he knew her better than most people. “As does Billy,” Phyllis quietly added. At that moment, Billy appeared in the doorway and stated that Gloria said it was okay to come in. Jack nodded. Billy asked if Phyllis was ready to go. He spotted the champagne bottles and realized that the rest of the Abbotts had celebrated without him. Jack confirmed that they had a little gathering for Ashley. Billy made a sarcastic comment about not receiving his invitation. Phyllis smoothed things over by telling Billy that he'd be at the most important celebration for Ashley. Billy agreed. Phyllis told Billy to wait until she saw the dress she was wearing tonight. She glared back at Jack as she and Billy left the office. In the hallway, Billy asked if that was for his benefit or Jack's. Billy wasn't proud of the way he'd acted this morning and he wanted to know if he and Phyllis were okay. Phyllis assured him that they were golden and that she wouldn't let Jack, Victoria or anyone else come between them. They kissed.

Back at Brash and Sassy, Victoria and Victor talked about Ashley's dinner. Victor assumed Nikki would be there. Nick texted them and told them to watch The Hilary Hour.

Abby walked into the Club and stopped at the bar when she noticed her brother on the television screen.

Graham spoke to his mom by phone. He told her that tonight was the perfect opportunity to expose Dina's lies and blow her world apart, just like she'd done to them. “After tonight, no one in that sick spoiled family will ever want to speak to her again,” Graham crowed. Dina entered the suite just after Graham hung up. She told him he looked gorgeous in the suit. Graham adopted his gracious act again, and Dina had no idea what he had in store for her.

At the Abbott mansion, Traci showed Ashley the yearbook photo of Graham Davis. Traci didn't think this was the Graham currently in their lives. Traci vaguely remembered Graham Davis being pulled out of school in the middle of the year. Ashley stared intently at the picture, and didn't respond when Traci asked if she remembered a Davis family.

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