Tuesday Y&R Update 10/10/17

The Y&R Update Tuesday 10/10/17


Written by Christine
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At the Abbott mansion, a wistful Ashley had a flashback. John gave her credit for Junior Jabot's success. In the present, Jack walked in and informed Ashley that Dina would be at Ashley's dinner, but Graham would not. Ashley was glad since she wanted to be surrounded by people who cared about her. Ashley admitted she wasn't sure Dina qualified. Ashley wished John could be there to see her get her award. Jack assured her that their father would be there in spirit. They reminisced about John, and Jack noted that Ashley was John's favorite. Ashley wondered if that ever bothered Jack. It didn't. Jack admitted he'd caused a lot of trouble in his youth that John probably wanted to disown him on several occasions. Ashley was sure that John never would've done that, and Jack agreed. She mentioned that Jack and Dina were close before she abandoned them. Ashley was glad that John never found out about her true paternity. Jack thought John would've been heartbroken, but it wouldn't have affected his feelings about Ashley. Ashley and Jack agreed that Brent Davis, Ashley's biological father, was wrong to tell Ashley the truth. Ashley recalled that it almost destroyed her life, and Jack chimed in that Dina nearly killed Brent for telling Ashley the secret. Ashley wasn't impressed. Jack cut off Ashley's rant about Dina and put a positive spin on it – he noted that Ashley overcame the painful secret and it made her stronger.

Ashley turned down Jack's offer to give her a ride to work, because she had something else to do. Jack surmised that she planned to continue digging into Graham's past, and he advised her to let it go. Jack revealed that he had a surprise – he was having her celebration filmed for the Hilary Hour. Ashley wondered if he was doing this for her or to promote Jabot and Parker beauty. Jack stated that there would be no Jabot or Parker Beauty without Ashley's creations. Traci arrived and had a joyful reunion with her siblings. Jack asked Traci to tell Ashley to focus on what was important, then he left. Traci asked what was going on, and Ashley told her how Graham lied about his mother dying when she was actually alive and living in Florida. Since Graham's mother was from Genoa City, it was likely that he was too. Traci was happy that Ashley and Graham were investigating Ravi, but she asked Ashley to take a break for the day and enjoy her accomplishment. Ashley agreed. After Ashley left, Traci spent time with an old friend from high school. Traci asked if the woman remembered a Graham Bloodworth. The full name didn't ring a bell, but she remembered a Graham from their school. According to Traci's friend, this Graham was a bit younger than them and a bit of a loner and an oddball. After the friend left, Traci flipped through her old high school year book. She found a boy named Graham Davis.

Graham visited Dina in her suite. She was frustrated because she couldn't log into her Jabot account. She told Graham that Jack was still angry with her and wanted to hurt her. Graham took over on the computer, then he told Dina that there was something wrong with the password. Dina thought her suspicions were confirmed – Jack had shut her out of the company. Graham said he was sorry Jack was still angry about the pictures of him and Nikki. Dina wondered if Jack would uninvite her from the family dinner. Dina assumed the dinner would be uncomfortable, due to the tension between her Jack and Ashley, and she dreaded going. Graham asked if she'd feel better if he were there. Dina confirmed that she would, but she didn't think Jack and Ashley would allow him to attend. Ravi came by, and Dina thought Jack sent him there to fire her. Ravi cleared things up when he changed her password. Graham asked why everyone was getting new passwords when when it turned out that the breach was a false alarm. Ravi said that Jack wanted to step things up. He was sure Dina did similar things at Mergeron. She confirmed that she did. Graham asked about the company-wide adjustment – were they looking for something specific? Ravi said he was always interested in other company's systems. “So you can uncover their secrets?” Graham asked. Ravi noted that it depended on how tightly they were locked down. Ravi mentioned the party, and Dina asked him to excuse her. She told Graham to walk Ravi out. Ravi asked Graham if Dina was okay. Graham explained that Dina was feeling uncomfortable about the party and would feel better if Graham accompanied her. Graham asked Ravi to run it by Ashley. Ravi reluctantly agreed, but he noted that it would be Ashley's choice.

At Crimson Lights, Chelsea expressed reservations about Nick's plan, but he was convinced it was the right thing to do. Hilary arrived and joined them. Nick revealed that although he didn't care for Hilary's reporting tactics, he wanted to appear on her show to talk about Victor. Surprised, Hilary asked what Chelsea thought. Chelsea admitted that it didn't matter because there was no changing Nick's mind. Hilary warned Nick that she was going to ask the tough questions. Nick was ready for that. Later, Nick unleashed a number of jabs on the punching bag at the Club's gym, and Chelsea told him to save that for the interview. Chelsea felt that Nick had every right to be mad at Victor for draining his checking account, but she thought he should deal with this in private instead of on Hilary's show. Nick noted that Victor had done several horrible things to his children. It bothered Nick that the public didn't know the real Victor. Nick said his life would never be his own until he cut all ties to his father, and this interview would do that. Chelsea understood.

Devon went to The Hilary Hour set looking for Mariah because he wanted to ask her to go to Ashley's dinner with him. Hilary explained that Mariah wasn't there yet, then she revealed that she'd be at the dinner too. Hilary stated that she'd be covering the party for Jack and doing an interview with Nick. Devon was impressed. Hilary said it was just part of the job, but Devon told her not to sell herself short – getting Nick to come on the show meant she must be doing something right. Hilary smiled and said to tell her more, but Devon laughed and noted that she already knew how good she was. Hilary admitted she made mistakes, like the Victoria segment. Hilary didn't think Victoria would ever forgive her for airing that video. Devon knew Hilary felt bad because she respected Victoria. Later, Hilary told Devon that she'd talked to Jordan and was convinced he was still interested. Devon thought Hilary was finished with Jordan. He recalled Hilary saying she didn't want Lily's castoffs. Hilary admitted she said that out of anger and jealousy. Devon noted that Lily was getting a divorce. Hilary didn't think Lily would go through with it. Hilary knew people thought of her as a cynic, but she stated that the sort of love Lily and Cane had never went away.

At their home, Phyllis remembered seeing Billy using her computer. Billy said good morning, and sensing something was off, he asked if everything was okay. Phyllis urged Billy not to go to Ashley's dinner. She thought Jack might be planning to publicly embarrass Billy tonight. Billy kissed Phyllis and assured her that he and Jack had agreed to set aside their differences for Ashley's sake. Billy missed his relatives and hoped that attending the dinner would show them that he wanted to be part of the family again. Phyllis opined that Billy could get back into Jack's good graces by quitting his job at Brash and Sassy. Billy flatly refused. He didn't think that Jack was upset because of his job. “Jack thinks that every breath that I take is a personal insult,” Billy contended. Phyllis countered that Billy was making things worse by working for one of Jack's biggest competitors. She thought that quitting would go a long way in showing where his loyalties were. Billy didn't see why that was his responsibility. He argued that Jack was the one who kicked him out of the family business and wouldn't let him visit his childhood home. Billy didn't think it had anything to do with business. “Jack's grudge with me is because you chose me,” Billy yelled. He spat that Jack was going to have to get over it and realize that family was more important. Phyllis snapped that Billy could be the bigger man and put love above everything else for his children and his sisters. “You choose. Family or business,” she said. Billy admitted he admired Phyllis for maintaining a relationship with him while remaining in a working relationship with Jack. Billy decided to follow her example. He left.

Phyllis strode into Jack's office, where he informed her that she was late. He asked if Billy accessed her computer. “Damn you Jack,” Phyllis hissed. Jack read Phyllis's reaction and realized Billy had gone for the laptop. Phyllis wished Jack never told her about Billy using the computer. She admitted that he'd tried to do it again, but she stopped him before he could get any more information. She said he didn't know Jack was on to him. Jack wanted to keep it that way. He revealed that Ravi had changed the passwords, and he instructed Phyllis not to let the laptop out of her sight. Phyllis couldn't believe Billy would do this. Jack felt that Billy did what he wanted no matter who it hurt. Phyllis noted that Jack accused her of the same thing. Jack stated that, unlike Billy, Phyllis was loyal to Jack. Phyllis admitted that wasn't easy. Jack asked why she'd remained loyal. Phyllis yelled that she wanted Billy away from Victoria. Jack told Phyllis that getting Billy out of Victoria's orbit wouldn't help. He maintained that Billy wasn't going to change. Jack stated that Billy wanted to beat him and that was more important than his relationship with Phyllis. Phyllis didn't agree. Jack countered that Billy was using her to spy on Jack. Jack hoped Phyllis didn't think Victoria put Billy up to this. Phyllis maintained that Victoria did it, and she stomped her foot for emphasis. Jack told her to stop being a victim. Phyllis was adamant that she wasn't a victim. She brought up Victoria again, and Jack told her to stop blaming Victoria and face the facts. Phyllis continued to insist that Victoria manipulated Billy. Jack argued that even if that were true, that would mean Billy would do whatever Victoria told him to, even if it hurt Phyllis. Jack said Phyllis was so busy trying to convince herself that Victoria was the only thing standing in the way of her happiness with Billy that she was ignoring the fact that Billy chose to use her to steal proprietary information. Phyllis was near tears. Jack said that if Phyllis wouldn't face that, she'd find herself hurt in ways she wouldn't imagine. Jack noted that Phyllis was lying too – she hadn't told Billy that she was was on to him or that she was helping Jack bring down Brash and Sassy. Phyllis said she could love Billy while keeping certain things to herself. Jack told her to take off the blinders. Phyllis asked why Jack wanted her to loathe Billy as much as she did. “He's a liar and a cheat and he is not worthy of the Abbott name, and when I am done with him, he will have nothing left!,” Jack bellowed. “He'll have me,” Phyllis quietly countered.

Ashley and Ravi walked into Jabot. Ravi revealed that Dina thought he'd come to fire her on Jack's orders. Ashley said she and Jack would never do that. She wondered if Graham planted that idea in Dina's head. Ravi explained that Dina was worried that they were angry with her. Ashley admitted Dina was right about that, at least where Jack was concerned. Ashley told Ravi that Dina sent compromising photos of Jack and Nikki to Victor, and she wouldn't acknowledge Graham's lies. Ravi told Ashley about Graham's request. Later, Ashley finished up a phone call with someone. Ravi offered to deal with Graham for her and tell him that he couldn't come to the party. Ashley thanked him, but she said it was her responsibility. Dina was delighted when Ashley called and told her it was okay to bring Graham. After the call ended, Ravi asked what changed her mind. Ashley said she wanted to see Graham try to lie his way out of the information they'd found about him.

Neil dropped by Brash and Sassy and thanked Victoria for giving Lily a promotion. Victoria was confident that Lily would be a great addition to the executive team. Victoria had Neil try the new anti-aging mask. Neil gushed about how it made his skin feel, and Victoria was concerned he was just being kind, so she reminded him that she needed his honest opinions. Neil assured her that he was being sincere, and he invited her to feel his face. Victoria touched his cheeks, and she was impressed. Billy arrived as Neil was leaving. Victoria explained that Neil came by to thank them for hiring Lily. Billy noted that they should thank Neil for giving them the idea. Victoria felt the same way and marveled that it was like she and Billy were the same person. Victoria revealed that Neil loved the product, then she began to go over their itinerary for the day. Billy was distracted, and Victoria asked him about it. Billy told her that Phyllis encouraged him to quit. Billy thought Phyllis had a point, but Victoria argued that Phyllis had an agenda. Victoria contended that Phyllis wanted Billy to quit because she was mad that Victoria disparaged Phyllis and Billy's relationship. Victoria promised not to say anything like that to Phyllis again. Billy was glad he knew what set Phyllis off so that he could work on fixing it. He decided to send her roses to convince her that there was nothing to be jealous of. Billy pulled out his phone, but Victoria asked him if he could do that later so they could get to work. She mentioned that they were both leaving early. Billy asked if she had a hot date and she said yes – she was going to Ashley's party with Neil. Billy asked if she thought that was a good idea.

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