Monday Y&R Update 10/9/17

The Y&R Update Monday 10/9/17


Written by Ellen
Pictures By Christine

In Jack’s office, Phyllis is in denial. There’s no way Billy would have used her laptop to steal Jabot files!

At Brash & Sassy, Victoria has second thoughts about ramping up the Dare campaign. Billy offers to do a little more digging, but she discourages him. Lily walks in and puts an end to their conversation. She’s eager to start her new job: What are they working on?

Colin is a welcome sight to Cane (for a switch). They embrace and take a table in the athletic club dining room. Colin is sorry to hear about the divorce. What’s Cane’s plan to win back his wife?

Hilary finds Mattie on the Crimson Lights patio, doing homework and obviously upset about her parents’ divorce. Hilary would offer a sympathetic ear, but she knows Mattie would rather talk to Reed, so she offers her phone instead. Mattie hesitates, but Hilary guarantees her secret is safe.

At Sharon’s, Mariah goes overboard congratulating Noah and Tessa on their decision to cohabitate, but after Noah leaves, she asks if it’s what Tessa really wants.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon tells Nick that Alice was the target of a hit-and-run driver. He’s astounded, but there’s more to the story: When Sharon went to the hospital to see her, she was gone without a trace.

At Brash & Sassy: Billy and Victoria give Lily lots of positive strokes. She’s well-suited to take over Juliet’s job and some of Cane’s responsibilities. She feels indebted to both of them, especially after the damage Cane did to the company, and she promises loyalty. They tell her the immediate goal is to beef up the men’s line and dominate the market.

At the club: Colin laughs when he hears Cane and Lily tried counseling. Cane admits it failed and he accepts defeat. Looking ahead, he wants to get back to work and has a proposal for Jill. She’ll be a tough sell. Like just about everyone else, she’s disappointed in Cane, but he’s determined to make amends and do right, especially when it comes to his new son. Colin is over the moon about another grandson, and when he learns that the brunette across the room is the baby’s mother, he waves her over and showers her with attention.

Hilary meets Reed at the Crimson Lights door and points him toward Mattie. He didn’t know Hilary was an ally and smiles and thanks her. He proceeds to patio takes Mattie in his arms.

At Jabot: Jack reminds Phyllis that she was the one who suspected a spy and tells her to take off her blinders. She knows as well as Jack does that Billy is capable of such chicanery.

At Crimson Lights: Nick tells Sharon she has no reason to feel guilty, although he’s concerned about her safety. He tells her to take extra security precautions. Noah bursts in with his good news.

At Sharon’s: Noah’s proposal took Tessa by surprise, but he made a strong case. He wants to be her confidante, as Mariah has been, and Tessa is ready to take steps in that direction. All is well with Mariah and Devon? Yes, they’re going to Chicago, just the two of them. Tessa laughs and promises not to tag along this time. Mariah has no regrets about San Francisco, and they reminisce about the good times the four of them had. Mariah can’t help wondering whether Tessa is moving out to get away---from the intensity of the ordeal with Crystal, from Mariah . . . Absolutely not! Tessa values Mariah’s friendship and wants her to be happy. Mariah feels likewise, and with that, Tessa nips upstairs to pack. Mariah is despondent.

At the club: Juliet tells Colin she plans to remain in Genoa City, which she now considers home, and she is candid about her circumstances. Although she didn’t plan to be in her present situation, she takes her share of the responsibility. Cane squirms in his seat but manages to pay Juliet a compliment. She’s the only person who has stood by him. That’s good enough for Colin. He pledges his support and gives Juliet a bear hug.

Again in Jack’s office: Even after Phyllis learns the details of Billy’s misdeeds, she’s slow to come around. Eventually, she recalls leaving her computer unattended and within Billy’s reach. But rather than blame Billy, she blames Victoria for putting him up to it and seems ready for a confrontation. Jack has a better idea, which is to beat them at their own game. Phyllis bolts without another word and immediately sends an upbeat text to Billy saying she’ll see him at home. Billy gets the message at Brash & Sassy and calls it a day. Knowing Billy as she does, Victoria warns him to be careful if he decides to use Phyllis’s computer again.

In the club dining room: Juliet becomes emotional. She dabs her eyes and blames hormones. It was nice to meet Colin, but she must be going. To Cane, Colin says she's not the type he had expected. Cane says she’s a good person. Father and son agree to reconvene at the Chancellor residence and then take a flight to meet Jill.

At Crimson Lights: Reed knows so much about divorced parents, he could write a book. Mattie still struggles with the idea and feels pulled in two directions. Then the worst happens: Victoria catches them together, and despite Reed’s pleas, she can’t ignore it.

Phyllis is working on her laptop in the living room when Billy comes home. They greet each other affectionately and talk about doings at Brash & Sassy. Victoria must be relieved to be out of the woods for the time being, Phyllis guesses. Yes, but he’s reluctant to give details.

When Lily comes home, she finds Charlie but no Mattie. Before they can figure out where she is, she appears, with Reed and Victoria. Lily asks how Mattie arranged their meeting at Crimson Lights. She borrowed a friend’s phone. Mattie is quick to defend herself and rails against the injustice of not being able to see Reed. To her surprise, Victoria agrees with her.

At Crimson Lights: Nick and Sharon think this is a big step for Noah, but they like Tessa. Noah moves on to business matters. By the way, did Nick ever resolve his banking problem? Nick says yes but little else. After Noah leaves, Sharon demands the truth. She’s outraged that Victor emptied Nick’s account. What is Nick going to do? It wouldn’t pay to report him to the police, so Nick is going to make adjustments.

Tessa reappears in the living room with one bag and her guitar case. All set. She and Mariah talk some more about how fond they are of each other, and when Tessa moves to leave, Mariah stops her. They embrace and say a tearful goodbye. After the door closes, Mariah breaks down.

Hilary comes to Jack’s office, at his invitation. He wants Hilary to cover the party for Ashley at Top of the Tower? That’s Newman territory, and the Newmans aren’t Hilary fans. Victoria is particularly hostile these days. Hilary laughs it off, but Jack tells her not to toy with Victoria. She’s cut from the same cloth as her father. Naturally, Hilary can’t turn down a challenge like this one, but Jack must allow her to report the story as she sees fit. He wouldn’t have it any other way.

After more cuddling on the sofa, Phyllis decides to draw a bath. She’ll let Billy know when it’s ready. She leaves the bait (i.e., her open laptop) on the coffee table and ascends the stairs to observe. Billy is tempted but resists. He goes to the fridge and cracks open a beer. Phyllis, with her phone, sweetens the pot by sending herself a message. The computer chimes, and Billy practically salivates. He tries to distract himself but can’t resist the sound of yet another incoming message on Phyllis’s computer. She watches as he prepares to log in, but before he can do so, she summons him.

Alone in the Ashbys’ kitchen, Lily and Victoria recall their experiences with “bad boys” and the grief they caused their folks. All in all, they agree their kids could do worse and decide to allow them to see each other, with ground rules. Mattie and Reed are thrilled to get the word.

Cane goes to Juliet’s suite to apologize for his dad—he comes on a bit strong—but Juliet found him charming. One more thing: Cane will be out of town on a business matter, but she can reach him by text if necessary. She and the baby are important to him. They say goodbye. She relishes the moment but then winces in pain.

Hilary enters the coffeehouse, sees Nick, and does an about-face. To her surprise, Nick calls her over. She’ll want to hear what he has to say.

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