Friday Y&R Update 10/6/17

The Y&R Update Friday 10/6/17


Written by Ellen
Pictures By Christine

At Jabot, Abby is excited about her mother’s winning the Innovator of the Year Award and the party to celebrate. The whole family is invited, including Dina, who has accepted. Dates are included, Ashley says, so that means Zack is welcome. We’ll see, Abby says under her breath.

Victoria approaches Phyllis at the athletic club bar, ostensibly to offer an olive branch. She prattles about the kids’ raffle at school, which Phyllis agrees to buy a ticket for, and their preparations for Halloween. Billy will be included, of course. Does Phyllis have a problem with that? Victoria knows she’s monopolized much of Billy’s time lately, and she regrets any tension it might have caused at home. She smiles big and says that’s the last thing she wants.

Billy ventures into enemy territory (Jabot) to discuss a personal matter.

Mariah meets Devon for a meal at the club. She gives few details about her project with Tessa, but they got the desired result. Tessa and Crystal were reunited. Devon has news of his own. He ran into Kevin and had an interesting conversation. Kevin gave Devon the impression that he might have competition for Mariah’s affections.

At Sharon’s, Tessa has an emotional phone conversation with Crystal. As soon as she hangs up, Noah enters and Tessa flies into his arms.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon and Scott discuss recent events. Scott gives her props for her part in rescuing Crystal. Sharon is modest, but he’s learned not to underestimate her. She admits she and Tessa and Mariah took a risk. Thank goodness it worked out. Paul arrives with an update. The house that Alice occupied with the girls was empty when his officers raided it, but Alice’s location is known. She’s at Memorial Hospital, unconscious. Apparently she was the target of a hit-and-run driver, possibly someone trying to prevent her from leaving town. Sharon is overcome with guilt.

Zack talks on the phone in a dark corner of the athletic club. He’s not happy about the latest development, but he’ll deal with it.

Graham spies Ashley across the club dining room and presumes to take a seat at her table. He’s polite, even though she is not. Across the room, at the bar, Phyllis and Victoria go back and forth about Billy. Phyllis asserts that Billy has spent so much time with Victoria because he pities her.

At Jabot: Billy would like to put all differences aside for Ashley’s sake. OK with Jack. Being angry is a waste of energy. In fact, he told Victoria as much when they called a truce. Billy seems doubtful. Is he calling Jack a liar?

At Crimson Lights: Paul and Scott tell Sharon she’s not to blame. Although Paul isn’t happy with her methods, she got the job done. Sharon has a soft spot for Alice. Her intentions were good—and she’s had a tough life, which Sharon knows firsthand can force a person to make unwise choices. Paul will post security outside Alice’s hospital room until he gets a chance to question her. In the meantime, any light Sharon can shed on the situation would be a great help.

At Sharon’s: Noah wishes he could have been with Tessa in her hour of need, but he was out of town. Although she sloughs it off, he persists. He backed off because he didn’t want to overwhelm her, but frankly he feels shut out. Tessa apologizes. She’s been consumed with rescuing her sister, and Mariah has been a godsend.

At the club: Kevin isn’t interested in Mariah—Devon knows that for sure—but he sure was acting strangely. Mariah writes it off as Kevin’s way of protecting her. Devon is glad to hear it, because he wants Mariah all to himself. He proposes a spontaneous trip to Chicago, just the two of them. When? she asks. How soon can she be ready? Back at the bar, Victoria thanks Phyllis for pushing that snake Ben Hochman on her. The encounter gave her perspective on the qualities of a good man. She goes on to describe Billy. This riles Phyllis and she declares Billy her man. Phyllis’s rare show of insecurity amuses Victoria, who predicts that Billy will be hers again. It’s only a matter of time.

At Jabot: Billy doesn’t expect to be buddy-buddy. He and Jack are business competitors, after all. But they agree to bring their best manners to Ashley’s party. As soon as Billy leaves the area, Jack snags Ravi for a conference. Go ahead with the enhanced computer security, and change Dina’s password. Billy has all the information Jack wants him to have. Ravi is on it. And by the way, Ashley won a prestigious award and Jack plans to fete her. He wants Ravi’s input since he seems to know what pleases her these days.

At the club: Ashley has no intention of discussing her father with Graham. Graham is hurt by her continued hostility and suggests they might have more in common than she thinks. For instance? They’re both businesspersons and care for Dina. Alluding to her relationship with her mother, Graham acknowledges that some betrayals are nearly impossible to get over. Ashley sarcastically wonders whether this is something else they have in common. To be clear: Ashley won’t give up on her mother, and she hopes Graham returns to Paris alone.

Abby and Devon catch up in the gym, about business and about romance. He’s happy with Mariah. And how are things with Zack? It’s complicated. He and Abby were getting close and then he showed a disturbing side of his personality.

At Crimson Lights: Sharon tells Paul all she can remember of her conversations with Alice, which isn’t much. He thanks her and tells her not to insert herself in the investigation anymore. He and his team have a few leads such as fingerprints left at the house. To Scott he promises publishable information for his article. Media exposure may help catch the bad guys. Scott is ready, willing, and able. After Paul leaves, Sharon tells Scott she wants to be with Alice when she regains consciousness. Despite Paul’s warning, he tells her to lead the way.

Again at Sharon’s: Noah wants the same kind of close relationship with Tessa that she has with Mariah. He knows Tessa has an issue with his upbringing compared with hers, but he hopes she can get past it. She admits she got the warm-and-fuzzies at his family dinner the other night. He promises her she can have that all the time. Impulsively, he invites her to move in with him. Surprisingly, she says yes and they seal it with a kiss. A long kiss, which Mariah walks in on. She responds to Tessa and Noah’s announcement with forced enthusiasm.

In the gym: Abby gives Devon a few details about Zack’s behavior. Devon listens objectively and suggests she give him the benefit of the doubt. He and Mariah are living proof that friends and colleagues can become much more to each other. His point is that fireworks aren’t necessary for a good relationship. He had passion aplenty with Hilary and look how that ended. Abby admits she likes passion. Well, then, give Zack another chance. He may surprise her.

Ravi surprises Ashley with a bouquet on her return to Jabot. Jack told him about the award and made him part of the party-planning committee. He wants the night to be perfect, so they’ll have to discuss particulars. Ashley smiles and thanks him for boosting her spirits. When she first walked in she was in foul mood, thanks to Graham. Ravi is sorry to hear it and shifts to a more pleasant subject: the guest list. Ashley has one specific request at this time—that Ravi attends as her date, in front of all the Abbotts. Is he up for that? Yes. Is she? Yes.

In Jack’s office, after he and Phyllis go over business notes, she tells him about her run-in at the club. Victoria made no secret of her intentions toward Billy. Jack suggests Phyllis ask Billy about it, unless she’s afraid of his reply. . . . Billy has a reputation for desiring the unattainable and going after it, consequences be damned. For the second time today, Phyllis finds herself on the defensive.

At Brash & Sassy, Victoria’s daydream about her romantic interlude with Billy is interrupted by Billy himself. Good news, he says. Lily is on board as an executive. Victoria tells him her news. She had it out with Phyllis at the club. Billy is exasperated. They agreed to keep business and personal separate. For him, Brash & Sassy is business and Phyllis is personal. Furthermore, why would Victoria risk tipping their hand to Jabot now that Brash & Sassy has the edge?

At the hospital, Alice isn’t allowed visitors other than family. Sharon fudges that rule and proceeds through the door with Scott on her heels, but the bed is empty. Zack looms in the corridor and watches them through the window.

In his office, Jack fumes. He’s not exactly objective about Phyllis and Billy, and he’s bitter about all that went before, but he has to tell her that Billy is using her. Specifically, he’s using her computer to sabotage Jabot. Phyllis is speechless.

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