Thursday Y&R Update 10/5/17

The Y&R Update Thursday 10/5/17


Written by Ellen
Pictures By Christine

Jack and Ashley reminisce in his office about the time Dad won the Innovator of the Year Award. Jack has a surprise for her. He just got the call: Ashley is this year’s winner.

At Brash & Sassy, Billy has second thoughts about taking on Jabot and in frustration tells Victoria to hold up. According to Billy’s sources, there’s a dearth of affordable talent for hire, and Brash & Sassy needs an experienced executive—now. Victoria floats the idea of rehiring Cane, but Billy shoots it down. Still, Victoria isn’t ready to give up the fight. They’ll beat Jack with their revamped men’s line and tap into the loan from Neil to hire someone.

Neil visits Lily at home. He’s sorry she’s suffering so over her divorce. Her main concern is for the kids. They need stability—and so does she.

In the gym, Hilary tries to light a fire under Cane. Can he just walk away from his marriage?

In his suite, Graham talks by phone to his mother. Myrna trashes Dina up and down and tells him to hang tough. He’s not to be swayed by Ashley and her sensitivity about her paternity. Graham must find a way to turn Dina’s children against her. There’s no time for further discussion. Dina knocks. Graham is greeted with a question: Who was he talking to? His “aunt” in Florida. He wanted to check on her. He averts further questions by changing the subject. Upon learning Dina intends to go to Jabot, Graham nearly has a fit. After the hell Jack has put Dina through? She’s reconsidered her opposition to Jack and Nikki’s relationship. With her past, she’s in no position to cast stones, and besides, her reason for coming to Genoa City was to make peace with her family. Graham offers to drive her, but she’s hired a car.

At Jabot: Jack means to throw a party for Ashley and hopes she won’t fight him. He rattles off a number of potential guests including Traci and Abby. Ashley notices he left out Billy and thinks it’s a bad idea for a number of reasons. Most important to Jack, if Billy isn’t invited, he’ll be suspicious. He tells Ashley to deliver the invitation in person and do a bit of investigating. There’s no way Billy could resist downloading the phony files from Jabot’s server.

At the Ashbys’: Neil has no sympathy for Cane and is proud of his baby girl’s strength. Lily says staying busy with work helps. She also needs to work to pay the bills. Her modeling has tapered off a bit, although she did a couple of photo shoots with Jordan. Neil notes that Jordan has been a good friend. She agrees.

At the gym: Cane refuses to fight the divorce and make things worse for Lily. Hilary continues to push. Cane should remind Lily of the good times, maybe take her on a romantic getaway. Cane sees past Hilary’s false concern. She just wants to separate Lily and Jordan. Cane sticks to his guns. He’s given Lily plenty of reasons to toss him out on his arse. He’s going to do the right thing and put others first for a change.

Ashley and Neil arrive at Brash & Sassy simultaneously. Victoria and Neil retreat to her office, leaving Ashley and Billy in the lab. Billy is genuinely happy about Ashley’s award, and although he doubts Jack would want him at the party, he’d be honored to attend and will be on his best behavior. Ashley half-heartedly asks what he’s working on these days. He won’t elaborate but promises a surprise. In the office, Victoria appreciates Lily’s position as family provider and wishes she could promise more work to her, but money is tight. Victoria vents a little to Neil about her need for an executive and gets a wild idea. She summons Billy.

In the athletic club foyer, Charlie runs into Juliet. She tries to make small talk, but he’s uninterested. He suspects she heard the news about his parents’ divorce—thanks to Juliet and her baby. Juliet doesn’t force the issue. She understands his animosity toward her but hopes it doesn’t extend to her child. He’s already halfway up the stairs and doesn’t hear her.

In the gym, Hilary tries a different tack. Lily is punishing Cane by cozying up to Jordan. Is he going to let her get away with that? Cane vehemently objects. Lily isn’t that kind of girl. Hilary rolls her eyes and tells him to go on fooling himself. She flounces off.

Dina sits across from Jack at his desk. Apology? he sputters. For what? Sending scandalous photos of Jack and Nikki to Victor? Dina offers no excuse but says she only wants what’s best for him and to heal the family. Jack admits he wants the same. Dina breathes a sigh of relief but knows Ashley will be a tougher sell. She still doubts Graham’s sincerity and thinks he’s hiding his mother in a senior living facility in Florida. He’s not; the woman in question is his aunt, so it was just a misunderstanding. Jack says she’ll get her opportunity to make her case at the soiree he’s throwing in Ashley’s honor. Dina registers a blank look when Jack tells her about the award and alludes to its significance. Dina doesn’t recall John’s winning it, but it figures Ashley would follow in his footsteps. Yes, Jack says, in this case nurture won out over nature.

Hilary’s audacious behavior knows no bounds. She returns to the gym to retrieve an item—wearing only a towel. Fortuitously, she encounters Jordan working out with the free weights. They chat about Cane and Lily. For the umpteenth time, Jordan says he’s not looking to move in on Lily. He’s OK to remain friends. Hilary thinks friends are nice, but some friends are nicer and come with benefits. She opens her towel to refresh his memory and then leaves without another word.

Billy meets with Lily at Brash & Sassy. He first offers his condolences and then delves into the amount of work to be done at the company. Lily is ready to roll up her sleeves. Billy is glad to hear it, but he and Victoria agree that with her managerial experience and integrity, she’d be valuable as more than just a model. Lily can hardly believe they want her to replace Juliet. She’s over the moon and filled with gratitude. In fact, she can’t remember the last time she smiled like this. She throws her arms around Billy.

Cane appears at Juliet’s suite to check on her. Last he saw her was in the hospital. She’s more concerned about him, but he doesn’t want to discuss his divorce, which everyone knows is due to the baby Juliet carries.

In the club dining room, Dina tells Graham about her meeting with Jack. Naturally he lashed out. Of the three children, she was always closest to Jack and she hurt him deeply. Ashley, on the other hand, was Daddy’s girl. Graham is ready to listen whenever Dina wants to discuss her relationship with Ashley, or anything else for that matter. In fact, if Graham may be so bold, why did Dina’s marriage to John Abbott end? Was it because of Ashley’s paternity? Heavens no! Dina didn’t have the heart to tell him. It’s a closely guarded secret and she means to keep it that way.

In Jack’s office, Ashley reports that things are busy at Brash & Sassy, but Billy provided no details. She thinks he took the bait, though. Jack practically rubs his hands together in anticipation. Ashley wishes he’d reconsider his plot of revenge, but nothing doing.

Hilary and Victoria meet by chance in the athletic club foyer. They may have been friendly at one time but no more. Victoria can’t forget the smear job Hilary did on her television show. “Brash & Looney” was how she referred to Victoria. Things get heated and it triggers another spell for Victoria. She tries to shake off the ringing in her ears while Hilary yammers. Finally Victoria yells for her to stop. Jordan happens upon them and intervenes. Victoria warns him against Hilary and wanders into the dining room to collect herself.

In Juliet’s suite: She can’t indulge, obviously, but she offers Cane a beer. Ultimately, he admits it wasn’t just the baby that torpedoed his marriage. It was a history of lies and deceit. Juliet isn’t offended. Life goes on for her in spite of everything, and she’s been busy planning. The other day Hilary suggested Juliet move back to Tokyo, and Juliet is seriously considering it. Cane, who once wanted her out of town more than anything else, now wants her to stay. How else can he be a part of their baby’s life? They end up nearly holding hands.

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