Wednesday Y&R Update 10/4/17

The Y&R Update Wednesday 10/4/17


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Jack and Victoria shared an elevator at Jabot. Jack set a trap by bragging about having big plans for his company. He announced that he and Ashley had developed phase two of their new project. Victoria acted as if she were indifferent. She mentioned that she had a strategy for Brash and Sassy that would take it to new heights. Jack warned her that she was in for a fight. Victoria replied that she was looking forward to it.

At the Athletic Club, Phyllis tried to entice Billy into another race to the spa. Billy stated that she didn't have time. He revealed that he'd booked her a massage at the spa because she'd been so stressed out last night. Phyllis thanked him, and they kissed. Victoria arrived at work, and she called Billy and told him that Jack and Ashley had developed phase two of Jabot Junior. Victoria wanted Billy to come to the office and work on Brash and Sassy's strategy. Billy said he was already on it. He told Victoria that he was with Phyllis. “And her laptop?,” Victoria asked. As Phyllis stood next to Billy, Billy stated that he'd made plans with Phyllis and he wasn't going to break them. Victoria ordered Billy not to log onto Phyllis's laptop. Billy hung up. Phyllis praised Billy for telling Victoria to back off. They kissed. Phyllis was going to put her bag in her locker, but Billy convinced her that she didn't have time, and he took it instead. As soon as Phyllis left, Billy called Victoria back. She noted that he hung up on her. Billy said he had time to talk now. Victoria surmised that this meant Phyllis wasn't pouting in the corner because Billy was talking to Victoria. Billy told Victoria not to go there. He revealed that he had the laptop. They debated over their next move. Billy thought it was smart to check the server and find out the rest of Jabot's plans. Victoria was afraid of what would happen if he got caught. After the call, Billy flashed back to another argument he and Victoria had about him stealing Jabot's secrets. Billy had told Victoria that one day Jack would wake up and find himself in last place. Billy logged into Phyllis's computer. Later, Billy put the laptop back into Phyllis' bag. She returned and thanked him for the massage.

At the penthouse, Chelsea finished up a phone call for work just as Nick came home from his run. They kissed, and Nick playfully tried to hug her, but Chelsea wanted him to take a shower first, and she also considered joining him in the shower. Chelsea felt guilty that Nick had to get the boys ready on his own this morning because she overslept. Nick assured her that there was no need to feel bad. He noted that she'd worked late, and he'd been up early. Chelsea asked if he'd been thinking about the mistake at the bank. Nick was adamant that it was no mistake; it was Victor's doing. Nick had a feeling that Kevin was also involved. Nick told Chelsea how Kevin railed at him for going to Chloe's funeral and pursuing her after she left town. Nick added that Victor had hinted that Nick could lose everything if he was careless. Nick thought that was Victor's way of gloating about what he'd done. Chelsea told Nick she was so sorry, and she comforted him. Nick noted that Victor took back the money Nick won in the lawsuit against Victor. Chelsea didn't understand why Victor was mad at Nick and not Abby. Nick explained that Abby was the golden child, this month, because she hung on his every word. Nick thought Victor was on his way to a successful reconciliation with Victoria, but Nick refused to back down or forgive Victor for everything he'd done. Chelsea realized that Victor helped out with the liquor license and dangled the property in St. Louis because he wanted to prove that Nick couldn't be successful without Victor. Nick admitted he was partially to blame for the cycle of fighting with Victor and forgiving him. Nick vowed to do it differently this time. Chelsea was concerned about the fallout. Nick assured her that Victor wasn't going to go after her or the grandchildren. Nick thought that emptying his account was just the start of Victor's plans. Nick knew what he had to do next, and he said Victor would never see it coming.

Ashley paused before knocking on Dina's door and remembered arguing with her about Graham. Dina opened the door and wondered if Ashley was there to admonish her like Jack had last night. Ashley didn't understand why Dina would sabotage Jack by sending provocative pictures of him and Nikki to Victor. Dina vowed to do whatever it took to make Jack realize it was a mistake to be with Nikki. Dina told Ashley to leave, but Ashley refused because she'd come there to apologize. Ashley returned Dina's laptop. She explained that there was no data breach and that she was wrong to accuse Graham. Ashley wanted to make it up to Dina, who replied that she could do so by apologizing to Graham. Ashley argued that Graham was a liar even if he wasn't a thief. She wondered if Dina asked Graham why he was pretending his mother was dead. Dina contended that Ashley had no proof that Graham's mother was alive, and Dina refused to insult him by asking him about something so ridiculous. Graham arrived. Dina prodded Ashley, who grudgingly said that there were no confidential files stolen from Jabot. Graham noted that Ashley seemed disappointed that nothing was stolen and that she wouldn't be able to blame the theft on him. He reminded her that he told her she was wrong, then he announced that he forgave he for the false accusation. Ashley commented that Graham was more smug than usual. Graham suggested that he and Ashley had more in common that she realized. Ashley countered that she was honest and trustworthy, unlike Graham. Dina told Ashley to leave. After Ashley left, Graham wondered if Ashley would finally drop her campaign against him. He noted that Dina never bought into the lies Ashley told about him. Dina hesitantly told Graham about Ashley's claim that his mother was still alive. Graham said Ashley was lying. Dina told him about the woman who lived at Boca Pointe retirement community. Graham claimed the woman was his aunt, his last living relative, whom he wasn't close to. Graham said he checked in on her from time to time and helped with expenses. Dina asked why Graham never mentioned this before. Graham replied that he didn't think it mattered. Dina maintained that it mattered because his aunt was his family. Graham clarified that his aunt was a relative, but Dina was his only family now. Dina smiled. She thought that the real reason Graham didn't mention his aunt was because he didn't like to take credit for his good deeds. Graham said that his aunt helped him and his mother when they were struggling, so now he helped her to honor his mom. Dina wished that her children could see Graham the way she did. It bothered her that Ashley couldn't even give Graham a proper apology. Graham said that Ashley could treat him however she wanted because the truth would always come out in the end.

Jack called Ravi into his office and said to let him know the next time there was an unauthorized log in to the server. Jack was confident that Billy wouldn't be able to resist. After Ravi left, Ashley and Jack talked about Dina. They didn't understand why Dina didn't realize that they were asking questions about Graham because they cared about her and were trying to protect her. Ashley noted that everything about the family seemed to be one big struggle these days. She still couldn't wrap her head around Billy's betrayal. Jack wasn't surprised – if Billy would sleep with Jack's wife, he'd steal from Jabot. Ashley didn't approve of Jack's scheme. She thought it was sleazy to plant false information so that Billy would read it and use it to adjust his plan for Brash and Sassy. Jack thought his plan was brilliant, and he cajoled Ashley into listening to his fake memo. Jack wrote that the production of the men's line would be reduced significantly and the funds saved would be diverted to Jabot Junior. He went on to say that they'd find a place for displaced employees and that a company-wide announcement would be made soon. Ashley warned Jack that if anyone from Jabot saw this it would cause a panic. Jack was sure that wouldn't happen. He'd already had Ravi take care of that. Jack couldn't wait to see the look on Victoria and Billy's face when they realized that Jabot had actually doubled the budget on the men's line. Jack crowed that Brash and Sassy didn't have the money to compete with that.

Ashley didn't approve of Jack going after the Dare consumers, because that was Billy's pride and joy. She thought that Jack should've blocked Billy's access to the server and defused the war instead of intensifying it. Jack insisted that he couldn't quit since Billy wasn't going to. Ashley suggested that Billy might realize he made a terrible mistake and never log in again, causing Jack's plan to be a waste of time. Jack thought Ashley was living in a fantasy world if she thought their brother was going to grow a conscience. Ashley thought Jack lacked a conscience. Jack reminded Ashley that he didn't start the battle. Ashley argued that he was keeping it going. Jack maintained that he was defending their legacy. Ravi burst in with the news that someone had used Dina's login. Ashley suggested that it was Dina who logged in, but Ravi explained that the sign in wasn't from Dina's computer. Jack felt vindicated. Ravi apologized to the disappointed Ashley. Ashley appreciated Ravi's sensitivity. Jack admitted that he shouldn't be gloating while Ashley was upset. Ashley didn't understand why Billy couldn't stop himself. Jack thought Billy felt compelled to prove that he was just as good at business as Jack was. Jack noted that Victoria was trying to prove herself too. He warned Ashley that Victoria and Billy weren't going to stop. Frustrated, Ashley snapped that she hated this. Jack knew that Ashley felt torn, but he told her that this was the time to stand up for their father's company. Jack asked if Ashley was with him. Ashley felt that she didn't have a choice since Billy couldn't be trusted. Phyllis arrived for a meeting, and Ravi looked alarmed. Ashley announced that she and Ravi were just leaving.

Jack looked over Fenmore's promos and noted that Lauren did a terrific job. Phyllis clarified that she worked on the promo too, but Jack stayed mum instead of complimenting her for her contribution. Phyllis shifted gears and vowed to keep searching for proof that Brash and Sassy manipulated their sales figures. She wanted to nail Victoria to the wall. Jack told Phyllis that she could stop searching because he'd decided to go in a different direction. Phyllis offered to help, but Jack said he didn't need her help. Phyllis reminded Jack that she'd helped Jabot over and over again. Jack pointed out that she had an ulterior motive. Phyllis admitted she wanted Billy out of Victoria's orbit, but she maintained that she'd been an effective resource. Jack said this wasn't about Phyllis. He explained that he'd come to realize that Brash and Sassy's stunt with Fenmore didn't matter because Victoria's company was sinking. Phyllis warned Jack that Victoria and Billy were going to fight to the end. Jack said to let them. He stated that he had more money, more customers and superior products. Jack said he knew Victoria and Billy's strengths and weaknesses and he knew they couldn't win the race.

In the hallway, Ashley commented that Ravi didn't feel comfortable with the spy games. Ravi admitted he got nervous when Phyllis came in. Ultimately, Ravi felt that he was doing honorable work because he was protecting Jabot. Ashley thanked Ravi for being her rock. He promised to help Ashley with Jabot, Graham or whatever she needed. Ravi mentioned that he hadn't found Graham listed in the Genoa City public school records. He wondered about private schools, and Ashley noted that Graham claimed his family was dirt-poor. She wondered if Graham had used his father's last name back then. Ashley pondered why he began using his mother's last name? Was it because he was angry with his father or did it have something to do with his obsession with Dina? Ashley instructed Ravi to try and find out where Myrna Bloodworth used to work when she lived in town.

Billy went to work, and Victoria was dismayed when she realized he'd broken into Jabot's server again. She reminded him that he was in charge. Billy told her to look at the file. Victoria refused at first, but Billy insisted. Victoria read that Jack was spending less on the men's line. Billy was glad, because that meant Brash and Sassy could go after that demographic. Victoria thought Billy wanted to dump all their money into Dare, and she told him that would be too risky. If it failed, they'd be through. Billy didn't think they should drop the other products. He thought that they should re-purpose the women's mask and the anti-aging line into a men's line. Billy explained that they could come up with new branding and target men and the women who bought products for their men, running a simultaneous his and hers campaign. Victoria said that would cost a fortune. Billy was confident that the risk would pay off. Victoria wasn't sure this was the best use of the loan Neil gave them. Billy said they could pay Neil back once the money started rolling in. Billy said that Jack wasn't going to stop coming for them. Victoria noted that it would kill Jack if his loss was their gain. She decided to implement Billy's idea.

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