Tuesday Y&R Update 10/3/17

The Y&R Update Tuesday 10/3/17


Written by Ellen
Pictures By Christine

Nick placed a call to the bank about his missing money, then he met with Nikki at the Athletic Club. Nikki noticed that something was wrong, and Nick said it was just a banking error. Nikki thought it was about Victor. Nick admitted he was annoyed that Victor kept inserting himself into Nick's life. Nikki told Nick how Victor revealed that he knew about her relationship with Jack. Nikki grumbled that Dina had gotten involved too. Nikki was grateful that Nick supported her relationship with Jack. Nick felt the same way about Nikki's support for his relationship with Chelsea. Nick's bank called – they had no idea why his bank account had been wiped out. Nick brought Nikki up to speed, and she decided to cancel her date and stay with him while he waited for news, but he insisted that she keep her plans.

Gloria and Kevin chatted in the Jabot lobby after Gloria's outing with Bella. Gloria was disappointed that Kevin and Bella were going back to Portland tomorrow. Kevin explained that he had to get back to work. Gloria noticed an inner glow in Kevin that made her wonder if he had someone special back in Portland. Kevin denied it. He asked about Gloria's love life. Gloria revealed that Jack dumped her for Nikki, and the other guy she was interested in only seemed to want friendship. Gloria moped about her grandchildren, Fen and Bella, being so far away. Kevin assured her that she'd find companionship, and he promised to visit again soon.

Kevin and Nick ran into each other at the Club. Nick apologized for showing up at Chloe's funeral. Kevin spat that Nick should feel worse for driving her to commit suicide and hunting her down after the wedding. Nick tried to walk away, and Kevin blasted him for always walking away instead of accepting the consequences of his actions. Nick didn't want to hear Kevin's rant, so he left.

Dina arrived at Jabot to pick up her laptop. Jack icily informed her that Ravi had it and he was gone for the night. Dina knew Jack was angry with her about the pictures, but she thought he'd be relieved to know that Victor promised her that he was plotting revenge. Jack snarled that she was a fool to believe that. Dina countered that Jack was the fool for getting involved with Victor's wife. Dina thought Nikki was just trying to get Victor jealous. Jack maintained that Nikki had changed and wouldn't take Victor back. Dina disagreed, and she was worried that Jack would be shattered when Nikki left him. A skeptical Jack asked where Dina's concern was before. Dina fought back tears as she insisted that she'd changed too. She said she cared and she loved him. Jack said he almost believed that until she hired a private investigator to follow him. Jack acknowledged that Graham had hired the investigator on her behalf. Jack thought Graham wanted to drive a wedge between her and her children. Dina was irritated that Jack always blamed Graham. Jack argued that Graham fit the bill. He noted that Graham got her to sell her company and change her will. Dina was fed up and decided to leave. Just then, Gloria showed Nikki in.

Nikki sweetly thanked Dina for the surveillance pictures of her and Jack and suggested that they'd make good Christmas cards. Dina didn't appreciate Nikki's joke. She predicted that Nikki and Jack would be very sad when they saw how this ended. Nikki didn't intend to end the relationship. Dina asked if Nikki's marriage was worth so little that she'd openly cheat on Victor. Nikki stated that her time with Victor had taught her how to punish people who interfered in her life. Jack backed Nikki up. After Dina and Gloria left, Jack praised Nikki for her take down. Nikki hoped she wasn't to hard on Dina. Jack was confident that Dina could take it. Nikki pitied Dina – she'd pursued her own happiness instead of watching her children grow up. Jack didn't think Dina ever really achieved happiness. Nikki was glad she (Nikki) still had her children's love and support. Jack said she had his, too. He promised to protect her from Victor. Nikki told Jack that she wasn't the vulnerable, weak, woman Jack married so long ago. She didn't need him to protect her from Victor. Jack said she'd officially gotten her mojo back. Jack liked the strong and confident Nikki, but he thought they should be prepared for Victor's revenge. Later, Jack told Nikki that he made dinner reservations at a restaurant the next town over so they wouldn't run into Victor. Nikki was pleased. She wished Victor would move on.

Abby and Victor met in his office. She was thrilled when he put her in charge of the Bancroft deal because he'd been so impressed with her work. Victor asked about Zack. At first, Abby said she enjoyed spending time with him, but then she admitted that was a lie. Abby explained that sometimes Zack was the perfect boyfriend, while other times she sensed that he was keeping something from her. Victor noted that mixing business with romance could cause trouble. Abby knew that, which was why she was taking things slow, but she didn't want to break up with Zack. Victor stated that Abby was beautiful, smart and wealthy; if things didn't work out with Zack, hundreds of other men would be ready to date her. Abby smiled. Abby asked if there was a chance for Victor and Nikki. Victor thought it was doubtful. He claimed he didn't miss Nikki, but Abby didn't believe him. Abby thought Victor needed companionship, and she suggested that he try to find someone else.

Nick ran into Victor at the Athletic Club gym. Victor congratulated Nick on his successful trip to Michigan. Nick thanked Victor for not offering Noah a great deal on Victor's place in St. Louis. Victor said he wouldn't do that because he didn't want to anger Nick. Victor noted that Nick seemed very relaxed. Nick stated that everything was fine; there was nothing to stress about. Victor advised Nick to be careful because every state had its own business regulations. Nick already knew that. Victor accused Nick of being too stubborn to admit it when he failed. The comment got under Nick's skin. Victor stated that Nick should be careful, because if the smallest thing fell through the cracks, he stood to lose everything.

In the dining area, Kevin gave Victor the passwords to Nikki's cell phone and email address. Kevin promised to continue to work to steal the rest of Nick's money. He said he wouldn't stop until Victor had the entire $500,000,000 back. Kevin had an early flight to catch in the morning. He'd enjoyed working with Victor and said to let him know if he had any more assignments.

Gloria was also at the Club. She ordered champagne, and Victor swooped in and told the bartender to put it on his tab. Gloria noted that Victor was brightening a lousy night. She told him about having to say goodbye to Kevin. Gloria mentioned running into Nikki at Jabot. Victor opined that Nikki and Jack deserved each other. Victor felt that Gloria deserved a better boss than Jack. Gloria asked if Victor was trying to hire her. Victor chuckled and ordered a drink. Across the room, Nick observed Victor and Gloria. He called his bank and told them that he knew who hacked into his account.

Sharon gave Alice a ride. In the car, Sharon thanked Alice for bringing Crystal back to Tessa. Alice was still rattled after all she'd been through – the kidnapping, meeting Cassie's twin and standing up to Leon. Now she was worried about explaining things to her boss. Sharon assured Alice that she was a good person because instead of turning on them when she had the chance, she'd kept her promise and brought Crystal back to her sister. Alice quietly said she did it for Cassie. Sharon thought Cassie would be proud. Alice felt that Sharon was lucky to have Cassie's twin. Sharon agreed. Sharon wished the twins had the chance to meet, but she was glad she had a second chance to raise another brilliant daughter. Sharon wanted Alice to have a second chance too, so she hadn't called the cops yet. Sharon urged Alice to start over far away. Alice wasn't eager to start over again after all she'd invested in her girls. Sharon sharply stated that her girls were victims of ruthless people who didn't care about them or Alice.

Mariah and Tessa lead Crystal into the cottage. Crystal insisted that they leave town immediately. Tessa insisted that Crystal was safe now. A panicked Crystal stated that the people running the ring were evil. Later, Sharon let Paul in. He had a team on the way to Alice's house. Mariah and Tessa entered the room and were alarmed by Paul's presence. Mariah took Sharon aside and asked why she called him. Sharon stated that this was a police matter. Crystal came downstairs and shrank back when she saw Paul. Tessa assured her that Paul was a friend. Paul asked Crystal to help him with the investigation. Crystal didn't know much – she'd only seen the boss once, and she wasn't sure how many girls were involved. Crystal mentioned her friend, Natalia, and Sharon told Paul about Alice's role. Paul assured Crystal that she could trust him. Paul planned to send Crystal away. He wanted her to have police protection because she'd eventually have to testify against the people running the ring. He wasn't sure how long she'd have to stay in hiding. Tessa didn't want Crystal to go, but Crystal thought it was for the best because she didn't want to endanger Tessa, Sharon or Mariah. Tessa announced that she'd go with Tessa. “No!,” Mariah blurted out. Crystal didn't want Tessa to put the amazing things in her life on hold by going with her. Tessa insisted on giving Crystal some outfits to wear while she was away. Tessa, Crystal and Mariah went upstairs. Sharon was near tears, and Paul knew it was because it reminded her of what happened with Dylan. Sharon admitted she was trying not to think about it. Paul hugged her. Tessa and Crystal shed tears as they said goodbye. Tessa promised to give Crystal the better life they talked about. Crystal thanked everyone for what they'd done for her.

Zack was driving somewhere while he talked to Leon. Leon apologetically explained that he thought Zack signed off on bringing Crystal back. Zack stated that Alice played them both. Zack had put together a contingency plan. He cryptically told Leon to start putting things in motion.

Alice arrived at her house and answered her phone – it was Zack, who was still in his car. She quickly explained that she'd been kidnapped and tricked into bringing Crystal back to Genoa City. Alice promised that Crystal wouldn't reveal anything about the operation. Zack said it didn't matter since, as she could see, he'd already moved the girls to another location. Alarmed, Alice asked how he knew she was at the house. Zack directed her to a hidden camera in the book case. Zack observed that Alice had packed her bags. Alice said she needed to take a break, if that was okay. Zack assured her that it was. He told her that they left something for her outside. Alice stepped out and found an envelope. She promised that she'd only be gone for a few days because the girls were her life.

Later, a pair of police officers burst into Alice's home, but she was already gone. Alice sat in her car and opened the envelope. She panicked when she realized what she'd assumed were stacks of money were just blank pieces of paper. Leon suddenly jumped into the passenger seat and grabbed Alice. Alice leapt out of the car, and into incoming traffic. She screamed, then collapsed, after being hit by a car.

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