Monday Y&R Update 10/2/17

The Y&R Update Monday 10/2/17


Written by Ellen
Pictures By Christine

Nick is glad to be home. He missed Chelsea, but it was a successful trip. Not only will he and Noah open an Underground club in Ann Arbor, Michigan, but one in Akron, Ohio, as well. He presents her with a gift. How sweet . . . a beer stein. He encourages her to look inside before passing judgment. It’s an eternity necklace, symbolic of their future together. Nick thinks of Chelsea and Connor as his family.

Kevin stands before Victor’s desk and explains the complexity of liquidating Nick’s diversified funds. Noah knocks and Kevin hides.

In the stable, Tessa and Mariah recover from the adrenaline rush. Mariah considers the case closed—Crystal is on her way home—but Tessa isn’t sure Alice will follow through. If that’s the case, Mariah will summon Cassie’s ghost to persuade Alice. Meanwhile, at Sharon’s house, Alice wakes on the sofa, disoriented and eager to leave. Sharon hovers nearby and tells her to relax. She’s not going anywhere until Crystal is safe. Alice is belligerent.

Cane lets himself into the house while Lily works in the kitchen. He apologizes for startling her. The divorce papers didn’t specify whether he was to knock or use his key.

Victor congratulates Noah on his successful trip. Noah is grateful for Victor’s help, but unfortunately that will be the last of it. Victor doesn’t want to antagonize Noah’s father. Kevin’s eyes widen as he listens from is hiding place.

While loitering at the athletic club bar, Zack gets a disturbing call from Alice. He’s still shaken when Abby shows up, ready to talk business. They have a big problem with the app.

In the stable, Tessa reflects on recent events. She was afraid Mariah would bail out. Not a chance. Mariah isn’t proud of impersonating her dead sister, but this time it was for a good cause. Tessa is overcome with emotion. Mariah really is like family. Mariah immediately disagrees and then scrambles to explain. Tessa is more than family to Mariah. Tessa will never be able to repay such a debt. Suddenly she decides she can’t sit around twiddling her thumbs and bolts. Mariah follows.

At Sharon’s: Alice and Sharon accuse each other of dishonorable behavior (Sharon kidnapped Alice; Sharon holds Alice’s phone, which contains incriminating records). Sharon tries to get Alice to focus on Cassie’s wish--to rescue Crystal--and then forces her to set up the meeting with Leon, the goon holding Crystal. Alice calls and talks lovingly to Crystal via speaker phone. She then makes arrangements with Leon. Sharon jots the name of the meeting place and flashes it at Alice. Is she kidding?! Tessa and Mariah burst in, which means the jig is up. Mariah confesses her true identity. Alice disbelieves the story about Cassie having a twin, but Sharon clears it up. She was heavily drugged the night she gave birth and didn’t know the truth until after Cassie’s death. In any case, everyone agrees that freeing Crystal from sexual slavery is the right thing to do. Tessa ups the ante: and the other girls too. Even in the face of all the evidence, Alice sticks to her original story and denies being a part of the sex ring. Sharon cuts her off. There’s no time for debate.

In Victor’s office: Noah insists his dad is grateful for Victor’s help too, but Victor says “resentful” is more like it. It’s too bad he doesn’t want to take advantage of his powerful name. Victor has a prime piece of real estate in St. Louis waiting for a new occupant. Noah becomes weak in the knees. St. Louis was one of the cities he had his eye on.

At the Ashbys’: Lily is sorry she let Michael deliver the unwelcome news to Cane. She also regrets it’s come to this, but she had to make the right decision for the children. How does Cane want to tell them? Together, he says without hesitation. Charlie and Mattie come through the front door a minute later.

While Sharon and Alice wait at Cassie’s gravesite for Leon and Crystal, Sharon apologizes for fighting dirty but feels justified. A young girl’s life is at stake. She bolsters Alice’s resolve by telling her she’s one of the good guys now, Cassie would be proud, and so on. She promises Alice no police involvement. Once Crystal is returned to her sister, Alice is free to go and make something of her life, other than being a madam. Alice can’t let go so easily. She maintains that she cares for the girls in her charge.

Nick and Chelsea linger, unclothed, on the sofa and talk some more about their decision to be together. It just feels right. The doorbell rings and they scurry for their clothes. Noah enters and apologizes immediately. No need to come back later, Nick says. What’s up? He’s soon sorry he asked and puts his foot down about accepting the St. Louis property. Chelsea listens objectively and thinks Nick should give Noah his say.

At the club: Abby is concerned about the gender imbalance in the dating app's subscribers. There are far more men than women, and they need to address that. Zack argues with her about it and she gets high-handed. This isn’t the way to impress her daddy. He snaps. What’s the big deal? They’re still making money. Abby won’t tolerate this kind of talk, even from him.

Despite the jocularity, Mattie’s misgivings about the family meeting are spot-on. Lily finally gets to the point, and Mattie and Charlie are at first shocked. Lily and Cane present a united front, and Lily encourages them to have an open discussion. OK, Charlie says. Why divorce now? Lily felt they all needed a resolution so that they could begin healing. Mattie wants to know the details of their living arrangements and visitation. Beyond that, she ventures to guess the real reason for the divorce: Jordan.

With Noah gone, Victor hounds Kevin to stop talking and finish up. Nick is spending Victor’s money as they speak, and Victor disagrees that by hurting Nick he is also hurting Noah. Kevin acquiesces and hunches over his laptop.

At the cemetery: Tessa and Mariah watch from afar as Leon hands Crystal over to Alice. Sharon hides nearby. Just as the transaction appears completed, Sharon rustles some branches and Leon yanks her from the shrubbery. He suspects foul play and pulls his gun. Alice covers, saying the boss knows about Sharon. Leon doesn’t buy it. A well-aimed rock thrown by Mariah buys them a little time. While Leon is incapacitated, Alice retrieves his weapon, but she’s still unsure which side she’s on. Eventually, Alice lets Leon escape, which upsets Sharon, but at least Tessa and Crystal are reunited.

At the Ashbys’: Charlie thinks Juliet and her baby are the reason for the split and he is hostile and disrespectful to Cane. Lily tries to maintain order. Charlie finally throws an arm around his sister in a gesture of solidarity. Lily is glad they have each other, but they still have two loving parents.

At the penthouse: Nick listens to Noah but knows there’s no free lunch when dealing with Victor Newman. Noah practically begs and tries to enlist Chelsea’s support, to no avail. Not to worry. Nick has plenty of money to make their dreams come true, or so he thinks. He gets a rude awakening when he attempts to transfer funds electronically. There must be some mistake . . . he has a zero balance.

At the athletic club: Zack quickly apologizes to Abby for his foul mood and blames work stress. Is he sure it’s not about last night, when she refused to go to bed with him? He laughs and protests. He’s not that kind of guy. Abby is starting to wise up [maybe] and asks what kind of guy he is.

At the Ashbys’: Before Charlie and Mattie escape to their rooms, Lily promises many more family meetings, and Cane offers to talk anytime they want to. Mattie readily hugs her dad, but Charlie takes some coaxing. Once the kids are out of range, Lily exhales. That was harder than expected. Despite everything, she thinks Cane is a wonderful father. She and Cane both shed tears before he walks out the door. Mattie emerges to comfort her mother.

At Newman Enterprises: Victor has no patience for the delicate operation Kevin attempts, but suddenly there’s a breakthrough.

At the club door, Abby tells Zack to relax. Everything will work out. He gets a call and takes it at the bar. Alice tells him they have big problems.

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